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How could you prove equality?

The manosphere lured me with it’s contempt for women. Yet I was lazy. That contempt stems from knowledge I didn’t have; I want to despise women in a healthy dose, but that privilege has to be earned. To surpass the pretense of contempt, the judgment has to become my own and it has to be one of conviction, not one of wishful thinking. In other words: To be confident, I need to despise the actually despicable, not those I want to despise. Reality must not be faked.

And to harden a belief, you actually have to challenge it. To strengthen conviction, you must let it go.

Are women stupid? Inferior? Different? Are gender roles social constructs? If so, what consequences does that have?

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The red pill: The truth about man’s quest for truth

All Forms of Feminism Are Anti-Male. Feminine values lead men to suppress aggression.

Men Need Feminism. Yeah, it’s tough to beat yourself up over not being man enough.

The world is full of contradictions – or, rather, the mind can be full of confusion. Growing up without a father or other trusted male role model leaves you with infinite possibilities on how to deal with your dick. This confusion can lead you on a path for the search for truth, to expose lies and find hidden secrets that will finally explain everything. But what is truth? Why do you crave it and how does it serve you?

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Women don’t fart

I know your blood is already boiling from reading the headline above, but read me out. Have you ever heard a woman fart? (Your mother doesn’t count.)

Consider the following viewpoint that has been concealed from you during your entire life: the female colon. Had you tried to consider it earlier, you would have found out that it’s not possible. That’s right, they don’t have one!

Did you ever get your dick dirty after fucking her in the ass? See!

The truth is: Women are heartless robots. Oh, wait. That’s not the movie I want to talk about. The movie I want to talk about is one I produced. One that will unfortunately never be exposed to the light of day. Just like the female colon. (Except in porn.)

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What is self-respect and how does it help your game?

What is self-respect and why is it important?

Self-respect is a social word means dignity. With dignity, you can look another man in the eye. Self-respect is to not let another man carry your weight. Likewise, a man who respects you acknowledges that you do not expect him to do so.

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You were a hero before you were a victim

A victim is angry. A victim fights against that which oppresses him.

A hero accepts whatever unfairness he encounters. He cries out in pain and his soul is prone to be shattered. He sobs at the sight of the damage life has done to him. But he never allows himself to wish for revenge. He never allows himself to hate that which life has not allowed him to gain.

His eyes are bright and look towards a place of light, a place where he wants to be. A place from which no wish for revenge must distract him.

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Shy girls are not a safe bet – Part 1: Romeo & Juliet

Learn game? What do these people know. I’d rather be myself. I don’t need to be a man for I am sensitive. And I will find a sensitive girl who likes me. One who will appreciate me for my gentleness and intellect. These fuckers are wrong, because I have seen it happen and … oh, right.

I never was in a relationship and I never had – as much as I wish I had – a father to teach me these things, but a great thing about life is that you can learn from other people’s mistakes.

Two years ago I had been unshakably convinced of the necessity to be a man to a woman, and to be a to be a self-respecting man at all times. That one should strive to be able to satisfy a confident woman. Then I forgot why.

Now I remember and I want to share with you two stories I witnessed, the first of which I will narrate today. I swear by my sanity that they are true.

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Fat kid, I am your sweet chocolate, women, I’m your nice guy

Words hurt me because school taught me that those words hurt others. If people say something is dangerous and very damaging, you tend to believe. Especially when they are so fucking grown up and should know, right.

Grown ups. Hey, you fucking grown ups. I am big now and I’m no better. Will you not tell me how to grow up, finally. But you don’t know it yourselves, do you. No one told you how to be grown up, but somebody gave you the right to educate me.

Now I am to be self-responsible for a life full of your mistakes.

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Why SJWs hate beauty

This was originally meant to become an article about why a narcissist finds it hard to enjoy the company of confident men or, as he would call them, assholes. I grew up without a father, with a mother who would give me anything I wanted, and more. I score very high on covert narcissism tests and I exhibited a lot of SJW traits a few years ago, so I can tell you from experience rather than from observation, what makes someone like that tick.

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One day, you will make a woman very happy

Oh, that’s wonderful. One day, a girl will love me just the way I am. Wait, what? What the fuck do you mean, one day I will make a woman happy? Fuck you. What do you think I live for, wanton witch? You make me happy, girl, or you leave.

I am to search for the woman that I will make happy? Hell, no. Why did I hate women? Because every time I see them, I feel the need to prove how great I am. My mother brought me up to make a girl very happy. She and the other old hags, her friends, would say what a great man I had become. Hell, I was proud of that.

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