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Feminism and gaming: Far Cry 3 writer says the player’s character should have been castrated

Spoiler warning. Don’t read if you don’t want to read about Far Cry 3’s ending.

I remember playing Far Cry 3 and wondering why the fuck I have to be playing hero for some stupid indigenous tribe led by some stupid bitch whom I could not care less about other than that she was kind ahot.

I also remember wondering why I, the hapless and untrained American tourist, am chosen over literally every other male in the game for this task.

Either way, the whole story was kinda weird and the bossfight you actually look forward to is even weirder and rather disappointing.

In the end of the game, you are encouraged to make a choice:

  1. Kill your friends and stay with the stupid but hot bitch who proclaims her love for you.
  2. Save your friends and kill the bitch.

If you choose the first option, the bitch will fuck and then kill you.

Turns out, Far Cry 3 writer Jeffrey Yohalem wanted to make a feminist statement with this, to mock the “princess saving complex”. To punish the man for his “misogyny”, he suggests he actually should have been castrated. Here’s the excerpt from the linked article (Spoilers!):

In one ending, Jason chooses to live out his days with Citra, where he – being the ultimate badass that he is – will continue to protect the island. Only Citra has other plans and decides to murder the oblivious bloke instead.

As it turns out, Citra never really needed to be saved and the whole thing is a commentary on the princess rescuing complex that permeates the medium. “Jason conjures up this whole idea that Citra needs saving and he’s gonna save her, when in reality it was all a ritual she created to find a sperm donor, and she kills him,” Yohalem explained.

“Sex, violence, and the player is killed. Here are the things that satisfy our animal side as men, but they’re subverted because it’s a female doing it.” Yohalem likened the ending to Princess Peach stabbing Mario. “Now that I’m thinking about it, that final scene should have been Citra castrating Jason. Seriously, that’s the point! It is like, ‘You win, motherf*****!’ It’s totally like, ‘F*** you, you misogynist idiot!’”

For reference, here is the original article that this article quotes from on archive.org. Apparently it has been deleted since, but you can find this old version of it, so it’s all cool.

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Stop intellectual objectification

Feminism claims it is for … what, equality? Humanity? Whatever. What it is not, is humane. Not humane enough, anyhow.

Feminists are bright vanilla when it comes to being non-judgmental. They think they are on to something big, but they are really just a controlled opposition of the still rampant patriarchy.

They are so vanilla that they aren’t even really vanilla. They are more like water with a homeopathic amount of vanilla flavor and their fragile mental immune systems have a tough time dealing even with that.

29cab9199591170f15873c66a441f519No, my friend. They are blind. They scream “Stop sexism! Judge me by my skills and intellect instead!”

Yes, my friend, you heard that right. They actually think it is okay to judge a human being by her skill or intellect.

Mindlessly, feminists spread extremely intellectistic memes (and more) that advocate to “choose an intelligent woman over a beautiful woman”, for instance because you can “fuck with her mind” or indeed claim that “intelligence makes true beauty”. Slightly off-topic, they sometimes say “personality makes true beauty”; I will talk about this in a separate article about personalityism.

‘Stop judging me by my body. Judge me by my brain!’, they scream.

Not only do they still hold on to patriarchial concepts like “beauty” and, in fact, “desirability”, but they openly and bluntly discriminate against dumb people. Well, dumbness is of course a social construct, as we all know, but still, absolutely unacceptable! This “intellectual girl” fetishism has to stop.

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Black lives matter – to whom?

When you assert that something matters, you are expressing a value. But a value does not exist as an objective truth in a vacuum. Rather, a value is something that is held by a person capable of judging.

You can not talk about what matters without talking about the individuals that it matters to.

When you tell me that black lives matter, then I must ask: To whom?

To be realistic, I would expect this to be followed by the loaded question: So you think black lives do not matter?

And I would say: Not to me, no.

And I would expect to be guilt-tripped and shamed a little, back and forth, blah blah yada.

But seriously, why should I – me as an individual – care about black lives? What does that even mean?

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The pseudo-intellectualism of contemporary discussions about homosexuality

Liberals usually claim that homosexuality is inborn. Religious people and manospherians usually claim that homosexuality is a mental illness. Both commit the same fallacy, an appeal to nature based on personal bias. Both assumptions, when declared doctrine, are potentially harmful.

If we declare that homosexuality is inborn, we take all hope away from those who truly suffer from emotional disturbances and developmental setbacks. They are left in a desperate situation and when trying to reconcile the conflicting voices in their heads, they feel forced to support the voice that urges them into homosexuality, inflicting strong pain on themselves from even thinking about it.

On the other hand, I think it is plausible to make room for the assumption that some people are truly homosexual at their core and suffer gravely from having to repress that. Telling them that homosexuality is a mental illness hurts them just as much as those who experience the dilemma from the other perspective.

To make a little analogy, there may be a man who truly enjoys photography and art. And there may be another man who truly enjoys hard work and carrying around big bricks at the building site. Now let’s assume that each of them thinks that his profession is the only true and natural thing to do for a real man. They get children. The artist’s kid would secretly love nothing more than to be a hard worker. The hard worker’s kid would love nothing more secretly than to be an artist. Let us assume that both shame their kids for not doing what they think is the right way. Both kids suffer for having to be something they do not truly wish to be, feeling guilty towards their parents for not truly wanting to be their narcissistic mirror image. And yet, the fact that the kids suffer from having to live a life that does not fit them does not mean that this life would not perfectly fit somebody else.

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Your mother is a whore

Your mother is a stupid cocksucking whore. Why would she not be? If no woman will ever love you like mother, is it not time to stop wondering why no girl is like momma and start wondering why your mother should really not be the same stupid bitch? What a strange irregular woman!

Is it really that implausible to believe that – at least metaphorically -, you were covered with the cum of dozens of men when your mother shat you out?

But nature here provided you with the mother-son bond. A genetical benefit of the doubt. A mythic spiritual tunnel for convenient bullshit-feeding.

It is undeniable that the archetype of the mother in its purest form has intense healing power and is a source of love and strength. Yet it must not be forgotten that during childhood, the person who is our mother becomes a mere carrier of that archetype. A mask we put on her, so that we can trust blindly. The person itself is, of course, as flawed as everybody.

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U.S. Navy: The false dream of serving the country

Do you consider joining the Navy to become a man? Or a patriot? This is the story of a dude who became a Submarine Warfare Officer at the U.S. Navy and grew disillusioned about the organization.

Like me, he is a dude without a father, if in a different way. I only know him from the internet, but I like his writing, thus I asked him to write down this story.

I can not vouch for the accuracy of the story and neither can he, as he wants to stay anonymous. Thus, take this with a grain of salt. I am inclined to trust him, as I can empathize with his perspective, the perspective of an unflinching refusal to sucker up to authority. This makes it an interesting read for me and maybe for you, as it allows one to see past the usual blindfold.

Having no personal experience with the military, I will just leave the rest of the story uncommented and open for your personal judgment.

Despite the compact writing style, it is quite lengthy, so you may want to set aside some special time for this read.


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Discrimination is good: Treat stupid women stupid

Indiana Jones in The Temple of Doom treats his female companion like an idiot. Does Indie treat her like an idiot because she is a woman? Or because she is an idiot?

And if most women are idiots, does that not justify treating them that way?

But let us not take women. Let us take idiots per se. Let us define Idiocy as an official personality trait and let us imagine that Idiots now demand not to be treated like idiots. How silly would that be?

Now let us imagine that people without arms form the Armless group and say they do not want to be treated as if they had no arm.

In other words: The only complaint you can have about a group is if you are seen as a part of it despite being fundamentally different, e.g. if you are a woman and seen as woman, but lack fundamental female traits like stupidity. Then it would anger you that you are seen that way. But if you are a typical female, the typical female stereotype should actually harm you the very least.

Now, an idiot can become less idiotic.

And a woman probably can become smart if she is very dedicated to it.

And yet if she is not, and if she decides to stay stupid through inability or unwillingness, there is no reason to not treat her like she is stupid.

Likewise, most women are weak. Therefore, it is appropriate to treat them like weaklings. Not because they are women, but because they are weak.

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I am not a slave of old ugly bitches

I stand at the cash desk and the clerk puts a bank note on the counter for an elderly lady on my left. It falls down before my feet. I ignore it, because it does not concern me. The old lady at my right bows and picks it up.

She gives me a sinister glance. I become angry and fucking stare the bitch down.

Who do you think you are, hag?

Let me tell you.

You are old. You are ugly. You are fucking weak. I can probably kill you in a heartbeat.

Let me tell you more.

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Misogyny: Why you should hate single mothers of boys

First of all, let me tell you something about hatred. You think that hatred is equal with calling a woman a silly bitch? No, that is just banter, with a cup of grains of truth. It is humorous. Well, friend, hatred is nothing like that.

Hatred is poison. Do you know how death feels? Have you ever experienced sheer terror while running for your life and sanity? Have you ever caught a big moth with your bare hand and squeezed the life out of it? Did you ever take a walk through a museum of modern art and open yourself up to the works of the most miserable losers of life?

Have you taken your time to study the underbelly of human life, confronted darkness with nobody at your side?

Have you suffered quite enough, I wonder, to understand the deep and intense nature of hatred?

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A mother’s love is selfish

I sit at the lake and watch my birthday card burn. The part with the message is already gone. No way to know what grandma and my mother wrote me. My gut aches with guilt and sentiment, but I am consciously too cruel to acknowledge it. I sent them away months ago and now I must be firm. I need to learn to live without their support. Totally.

Some time later, I get a letter from my mother. I hesitate to read it, but curiosity gets the best of me.

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