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Equality is ridiculous

I want to try and express a sentiment that has been preparing inside me for weeks.

For over a year now, I have lived a very isolated life. There are good and bad sides to it. One aspect of the way I chose to live is that I virtually ignored all media. Newspapers, television, it all went by me. I had no friends, nothing, nobody to taint me with any kind of preconception about the world, especially in the last six months.

As I make my way back into society, there is one thing that strikes me: The ridiculousness of equality.

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Who am I: How to find yourself

Who am I? Am I a soul inside a body or am I a body that has a soul? What the fuck. Finding your self can’t be that difficult, can it. I need to know who I am! Wait. Why do I need to know it? When did I start to ask this question and who gave it to me? Is there some divine thing that has cruelly decided to torture me with incomprehensibly complex mazes? If there is a god, wouldn’t he want life for me to be simple enough to be able to live?

I’m slowly getting tired of debunking nonsense. No, it’s not your fault, you didn’t ask for it; it’s just me growing up. Three months ago I was obsessed with all kinds of seemingly deep questions. I thought that if I answer them all, I’ll find peace. Figures that they weren’t even relevant and merely a procrastination of pursuing my goals.

To find my self, to know who I am. One of those questions.

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There is a soul. Or not.

Is there a soul? Well. What is a soul? It’s a word.

You know the fact that you see the world from your perspective. You call it consciousness. You know this perception exists.

Now, if you stop childishly playing with words for a minute and simply call that perception soul, you have your answer. Does it change anything? No. Now move on to something more interesting.