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A mentor’s fallacy: Acquisition of beliefs

The concept of false beliefs is probably as old as religion. Jokes aside, it is a common wisdom of the self-improvement gurus that it is often your false beliefs that hinder you. Like “I am worthless” or other meaningless stuff like that.

Yet if this is such a common wisdom, how come not everybody is on their way to be a superstar? Let’s take a positive belief like “there is no reason to fear girls”. Indeed, a belief like that can make all the difference between a successful player and someone who doesn’t even go out.

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Women don’t fart

I know your blood is already boiling from reading the headline above, but read me out. Have you ever heard a woman fart? (Your mother doesn’t count.)

Consider the following viewpoint that has been concealed from you during your entire life: the female colon. Had you tried to consider it earlier, you would have found out that it’s not possible. That’s right, they don’t have one!

Did you ever get your dick dirty after fucking her in the ass? See!

The truth is: Women are heartless robots. Oh, wait. That’s not the movie I want to talk about. The movie I want to talk about is one I produced. One that will unfortunately never be exposed to the light of day. Just like the female colon. (Except in porn.)

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Equality is ridiculous

I want to try and express a sentiment that has been preparing inside me for weeks.

For over a year now, I have lived a very isolated life. There are good and bad sides to it. One aspect of the way I chose to live is that I virtually ignored all media. Newspapers, television, it all went by me. I had no friends, nothing, nobody to taint me with any kind of preconception about the world, especially in the last six months.

As I make my way back into society, there is one thing that strikes me: The ridiculousness of equality.

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Who am I: How to find yourself

Who am I? Am I a soul inside a body or am I a body that has a soul? What the fuck. Finding your self can’t be that difficult, can it. I need to know who I am! Wait. Why do I need to know it? When did I start to ask this question and who gave it to me? Is there some divine thing that has cruelly decided to torture me with incomprehensibly complex mazes? If there is a god, wouldn’t he want life for me to be simple enough to be able to live?

I’m slowly getting tired of debunking nonsense. No, it’s not your fault, you didn’t ask for it; it’s just me growing up. Three months ago I was obsessed with all kinds of seemingly deep questions. I thought that if I answer them all, I’ll find peace. Figures that they weren’t even relevant and merely a procrastination of pursuing my goals.

To find my self, to know who I am. One of those questions.

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There is a soul. Or not.

Is there a soul? Well. What is a soul? It’s a word.

You know the fact that you see the world from your perspective. You call it consciousness. You know this perception exists.

Now, if you stop childishly playing with words for a minute and simply call that perception soul, you have your answer. Does it change anything? No. Now move on to something more interesting.