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How to read me

I am the blog author, you are my reader. I impose content upon you, you merely read it. I use fancy words, you are mesmerized.

By being on my blog, you have entered my place. If I read another blog, I enter someone else’s place. By implication you accept my authority by being here.

The problem with this is that if you sympathize with me, it may be subconsciously more important to you to find common ground than to truly grasp and question the concepts behind my words.

I’m not saying that you’re bad because you’re doing this – you are wired that way. Subconsciously, we think in hierarchies.

But neither can we deny that this will hinder you to actually follow my statements with innocent curiosity and critical thought.

Get all the great prophets in the same room and they’ll all agree. Get their disciples in the same room and they’ll do nothing but disagree.

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Likewise, if you are only out to defeat me and prove me wrong, you will have trouble focusing on what I am saying. This is, again, not judgmental – we all want to be the best.

To think independently requires distance and a certain amount of detached arrogance. Thus I propose arrogant thinking.

Arrogant thinking

When you read something I have written and feel something tingling inside your head, do the following:

Imagine a homeless bum whom you happen to meet on the street. He doesn’t stink like shit and takes some care of himself, so you don’t mind spending time with him, but he isn’t the smartest one. He speaks a bit unintelligibly and everything he says sounds like he just heard it somewhere without understanding what it means. He’s a happy and harmless fella and looks up to you. Whatever you say, he will accept as truth.

So you kinda like this guy and want to give him some time. Towards him, you feel this mellow kind of arrogance: The sympathy and open-mindedness towards a stranger who is too far below your status to ever be a rival.

Now I want you to put my words into his mouth. Imagine him looking into the sun and just uttering them and stupidly smiling at you. You are a kind person and relaxedly contemplate whether there might be some truth to what he says. You don’t care much, you are just curious. If the thought seems weird, you just forget about it and go on about the weather.

So now you know how to read me.

Learn how to grasp the concepts behind words and forget their meaning in the social context.

Mike Cernovich also tells you how to read great books. Have a conversation with them.

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  • Wald

    This is an interesting primer on how to read your blog. I’m sure it tends to breed conversation with a certain type of people.


    • I guess. I think it is a bit superfluuous these days. It was an idea that I had back when I lacked any real self-confidence. Am considering to remove it from the menu some day.

      • Wald

        I personally dislike the idea of completely removing parts from my blog. I’d suggest you simply update it. If you can’t stand the sight of the about page – link to a separate page (The Old About Me).

        Or look at my about page.


        • Yes, I like the way you solved it on your blog.

          In older blog posts, I simply used the strike-through formatting on the text that I no longer can identify with.

          • Wald

            That will be interesting for me, as I go through them all.


          • Have not yet reviewed them all. A lot of the older one’s are a bit copycatty. But feel free to roam the wilderness of my digital mind, anyway.

          • Wald

            I shall. So far getting through February. If I don’t go through your dense blog in a single sitting this evening – I should finish it sometimes this weekend or next, depending on real life and motivation.


          • Well of course, Wald. Please do not feel rushed on my behalf. I look forward to your comments.

  • Mack Moore

    “Innocent curiosity and critical thought”–nice! Thank you for illuminating the value of thinking to digest conceptual content as opposed to thinking to establish or maintain social order or connection. I resonate, which is pleasant on occasion. And if I don’t, I’m “arrogant” enough not to care.