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If you wish to send me a private message, this is the way. Do not worry that your message will be publicly displayed in the lower comment section, because it will not. The comment section is separate from this contact form.

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  • Who downvotes a contact form?

    • LittleBBIGWorld

      Boo contact form!

    • Admetus


      Regarding our recent back-and-forth, I was just trying to open up a more intimate line of communication with you than ROK allows, and I forgot that you have a blog. I’ll just contact you through here when I want to shoot the shit.

      As for alphabookclub, I thought it was cool that you had movies on there and I was interested in submitting some movie reviews for your consideration.

      Best regards

      • That is cool. Just drop me a message if you still want that.

        If you want to submit a review, you just have to register on the page and submit it. It works completely without my interference.

        You can find all the movies on the site through the search function, as they are not listed in the overview or categories. If you miss a particular movie, let me know and I will add it.


        • Admetus

          I’ll do that.

  • Dano

    Do you mind if I ask you a question about how you made your blog/page?

    • I use WordPress as the framework and the layout is my own.

      • Dano

        your website is so aesthetically pleasing, I wanted one myself

        • Lol. Yah, I wanted it to “feel” like an extension of myself. I am quite pleased with it. Have you checked the “Leave me Alone” button on top?

          • Dano

            Ya I noticed it the first time I visited your page- I thought it was clever (definitely the first of it’s kind I’d say)
            I’ll try to keep the “extension of myself” part in mind when creating my page- I want this to be the one thing that at least will please myself and not others

          • I was always very possessive of my personally motivated “art”. I would want it to be my way and no other way. Unfortunately I am also rather weak-minded, so when people criticize my work I become unable to access that creativity. So I end up seldom actually using it. Somehow I managed to do it with this site.

          • Dano

            It all goes back to the fact that the “mask” is indeed a part of you- trying to force it off is like breaking a hurt leg to heal it, right? In the end, what is life without surrounding life? What would you be in an isolated, empty world? What are we without others? So it makes sense that since we have been formed by our surroundings, we are influenced and inspired by them as well. So being possessive of “personally motivated art” can be a paradox, right? How can one completely possess something that isn’t completely theirs?

            Why are we hurt by criticism? Is it really because we are weak minded? Another question to ask is why are we even creating “art”? Maybe it’s because deep down, we want someone to understand it. But once they do seemingly “understand”- it’s no longer just yours. Something like that, right?

            sorry- went off a tangent, so I shall delete.

          • Dano

            yup looking at the comments here, a lot of people seem to disagree completely with you

          • Yeah dunno, for some reason I don’t mind that here. Some of the commenters are obvious trolls, tho.

          • Dano

            ^ didn’t know how hard it was to make a page. I had no idea what to put under home and about- but I made something. hopefully it will eventually take shape into what I want it to be

            thanks for your help!

          • Bitch, why do you always delete your best comments? Okay fuck it, not gonna bother responding to it.

          • Dano


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