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“Big Game” praises a father’s disrespect

Some days ago I visited a nearby forest. It was almost dark and when I approached the trees, I heard animals move hastily. I was afraid. As I entered the woods, I was immediately immersed in a feeling I recall from my Ayahuasca ceremony, as I had been running from the others.

Trying to make out shapes in the noisy dusk, I became very alarmed and realized I had no weapon. I intuitively looked around and saw a dry branch that I decided to break away from the tree.

As I went about doing it, this sheep voice entered my mind again.

But that is just a piece of wood. You are naive. You must ask a professional hunter how to do it the right way. You are not even a real warrior.

That was when I realized how profoundly I lacked confidence in my own judgment.

I asked god for love and trust in my reason and my wish was fulfilled. For the first time since I can remember, I trusted my intuition. God’s respect for me accomplished it.

I broke off the branch. It was hard and stiff. I decided it was a good weapon and moved on without further doubt.

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A culture of heroes

Hollywood and our culture is full of proud heroes who overcome anything, proud heroes who always do the right thing, are always superior. Why is it that such a trite and boring caricature appeals to the masses?

Why is it that the masses flock at the feet of narcissists? And why do they hate and throw them down as much as they need them?

Heroes overcome misery. The heroic journey is one of passing hell and reaching the light.

It is a nation of people whose life consists of constant misery without hope. Hope and pride is the one component that they have dissociated from in themselves. Since they are unable to escape their hell, they need the heroes to at least provide them with the feeling of escape. Over and over again.

The narcissists and the masses complete each other, but both are incomplete. The masses lack pride and the narcissists lack humility. The most distinguished heroes attract the most hopelessly lost souls.

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