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How German speaking countries fund gay propaganda

On May 19th, Munich’s region management committee has approved of an urgent request brought forward by the German Green Union Party and Purple List fraction, thus funding the manufacturing and installation of gay traffic lights, the former allegedly costing 10.000 EUR, to accompany the festivities of the Christopher Street Day.

This proposal was inspired by the same kind of traffic lights already installed in Vienna at the cost of 60.000 EUR. The city administration in Austria even accompanied the setup with a study to find out whether these traffic lights increase street safety, rationalizing this feel-good gimmick and further spending tax payer’s money.

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Women don’t fart

I know your blood is already boiling from reading the headline above, but read me out. Have you ever heard a woman fart? (Your mother doesn’t count.)

Consider the following viewpoint that has been concealed from you during your entire life: the female colon. Had you tried to consider it earlier, you would have found out that it’s not possible. That’s right, they don’t have one!

Did you ever get your dick dirty after fucking her in the ass? See!

The truth is: Women are heartless robots. Oh, wait. That’s not the movie I want to talk about. The movie I want to talk about is one I produced. One that will unfortunately never be exposed to the light of day. Just like the female colon. (Except in porn.)

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Poem of home

Sun hides from my view, 
find truths that aren’t new. 
Feel like a child, cold, 
seeking for comfort. 
But the sun’s gone, 
different country. 
Feel the memory of pain, 
of craving love I could not gain. 
The wish is old and rude, 
not my loss is others’ loan. 
Every freedom time’s so frail, 
this is it, the purest mood: 
I just want to be alone. 

Don’t pretend you could’ve saved me, 
I am scared down to my bones.

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Equality is ridiculous

I want to try and express a sentiment that has been preparing inside me for weeks.

For over a year now, I have lived a very isolated life. There are good and bad sides to it. One aspect of the way I chose to live is that I virtually ignored all media. Newspapers, television, it all went by me. I had no friends, nothing, nobody to taint me with any kind of preconception about the world, especially in the last six months.

As I make my way back into society, there is one thing that strikes me: The ridiculousness of equality.

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Fuck your human rights and your guilt, bitch

This guy looks like he’s interested. This is gonna be fun.

“Hey, you wanna support human rights?”
– “Ah, I’m not much of a friend of humans!”
– “You’re not? So you don’t have any human friends?”
– “Oh! Yeah. One.”
– “Do you care for his human rights?”
– “Oh, he has rights alright! He takes what he wants. Just like me.”
– “Oh. Okay, so be it.”

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Fat kid, I am your sweet chocolate, women, I’m your nice guy

Words hurt me because school taught me that those words hurt others. If people say something is dangerous and very damaging, you tend to believe. Especially when they are so fucking grown up and should know, right.

Grown ups. Hey, you fucking grown ups. I am big now and I’m no better. Will you not tell me how to grow up, finally. But you don’t know it yourselves, do you. No one told you how to be grown up, but somebody gave you the right to educate me.

Now I am to be self-responsible for a life full of your mistakes.

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