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Why do most people believe women’s lies?

If we assume women naturally pretend to be victims even when they aren’t to get what they want …

… we must also assume that people notice this every now and then …

… which results in women then not getting help when they actually need it …

… which becomes a “valid” complaint of theirs and furthers their victimhood …

… so they have to exaggerate and perfect their displays of innocence and victimhood further and further to still be convincing.

So in a way … them being manipulators is a slippery slope. They can’t stop manipulating because then they would not get anything at all. So they have to instead rise to the top of the manipulation-foodchain.

A very logical next step is then for women to accuse men of being evil for not believing them or for ignoring them – even if this is a perfectly rational behavior on the parts of men. Which would result in the following situation: The man ends up being forced to believe all her lies to avoid collateral damage – or risk not being there for her when she actually needs it by generally not believing her. In terms of evolution, man has probably evolved to choose the former, for (in terms of survival), the damage done by women’s lies is smaller than the damage of complete distrust in women’s words (even though it is more rational).

Which could, by the way, explain why women lie in the first place: Because they can. They know that their life and health is more important to men than their honesty. Which in turn is an evolutionary reaction to the fact that they lie, ironically. So their lies have evolutionarily sustained themselves.

So you may think women are cunning and smart. But let’s not forget how evolution works here! It works by getting rid of those who don’t procreate, not necessarily of “losers”.

That means, there were probably many cultures or branches of culture where women were generally distrusted. Those were the branches where men did not sacrifice their reason for pathetic sentimentalism. Of course, those cultures died out. But think of the suffering that women in those cultures went through … just because their men did not adapt to believe their bullshit.

So you may say … we are the culture that survived … survived because we are pathetic pussylickers.

In other words: The really strong cultures die out quickly.

Except, the genetic variation still seems to exist. Particularly, let’s consider the psychopath. He may be an example of no-bullshit humans. Little fear, little shame, little guilt, little possibility to manipulate them. We consider them evil – but in a very real sense, they are not the pathetic ones. We are. And they are likely the driving force behind most cultural / technological advancement. For a mind clouded by guilt, shame and fear can’t really think too rationally.

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  • Dano

    Men and woman are not opposites. 2 does not necessarily mean they are on different sides of a spectrum. All humans are cunningly very similar.

    • Smokingjacket

      They are opposites. Even a cursory look at them in a physical sense tells you this. Your statement is an example of pure cultural Marxism that says really we’re all the same- no we’re not.

      • Dano

        “Even a cursory look at them in a physical sense tells you this”
        and exactly what does this mean? If we are talking about the true form of both men and women, they are similar. Of course, reproductive organs are different- but still we look more similar naturally. It’s pretty annoying that it is expected of women to remove upper lip hair- furthermore shape eyebrows – and wear a decent amount of makeup. Why? In order to look “feminine”- but isn’t the definition of a feminine look what society has forced us to believe?

        Now I don’t know much about Marxism, and to tell you the truth- I’m too lazy to look it up. Thanks to Tom, I stopped categorizing myself and my thoughts. Life is easier that way.

        You cannot understand women. Why? because you cannot understand anything outside of yourself. and you are not a woman. And I cannot fully understand men. But… you claim i believe we are all the same. That’s not the case. People are different. Everyone is different. However, people can fall into categories of similar personalities, sensitivity, intelligence, etc. And these categories are not limited to certain genders.

        • Thanks to me … thanks, now I feel like some stupid guru figure.

          • Dano

            sorry, it’s a bad habit resurfacing– I’m not exactly grateful to you- I’m just the type of person that complements people without sincerity. I like your page though.. well only some posts

          • Ye ye whatever

        • Smokingjacket

          All young women should wear make-up all the time. It suits them because they have thinner and more delicate skin than men. It’s a woman’s strongest asset- her look- and it’s what she uses to sell herself to others. Men don’t cause this. Women since the earliest times have always had this drive naturally and most of the pressure comes incidentally from other females.

          • Are you sure? I mean, I do think I’d think worse about a girl without make-up, so ’tis definitely not just women doing the pressure, considering that most men probably feel this way and although it is a “passive” pressure, a girl’s desire to procreate may make it seem to her like an active pressure. You know … why else all those “fat is pretty” campaigns…

            That said, natural beauty will always trump make-up. A 10 on a natural-beauty scale truly does not need nor is rivaled by any make up. Anything more than a slight accent will detract from such beauty.

        • Both men and women SHOULD shave all their bodies apart from hair on their heads, eyebrows and lashes. :)

      • I tend to strongly agree. There may be exceptions, but … yeah. The whole female energy is different from the male one.

        Today someone posted a “kink test” on a Facebook group. Guess what the results were (Surprise Surprise): Overwhelming majority of men classified as some kind of “dominant/hunter/sadist” archetype thingy. Most women as “submissive/prey/masochist” thingy.

        I’m reserving the right to be wrong on this, but it’s as you say … you just need to look at both and see entirely different energies at play. When men act submissive … I dunno, but it doesn’t seem like the same thing to me tbh. It feels forced and not really like they enjoy it – whereas with women it’s their natural state. Again, exceptions notwithstanding and I have to say that some rare trannies can really confuse the mind, but as a general rule I think this is a fair claim.

        Which ties into another (in my eyes) very believable standpoint that when men don’t act like men or women don’t act like women, it’s probably mostly due to some form of trauma/mental illness (not necessarily judging here).

        • Dano

          I refuse to take any Facebook group test unless it involves food- I only want to know whether I’m a loaf of sour bread or a bagel.

          This post kinda stung to be honest. I’m watching this show right now- and its been getting on my nerves lately. Why? Because one of the characters is female and she had a cool personality at the start of the show- she was smart and reliable- and she was able to take care of her own shiz. But later throughout the show- she became pure fan service for the viewers- literally, she was just there to be half naked- and she became dependent on the male characters. I’m the type of person that watches shows wishing I was as strong and courageous as the characters- so when the character i connected to on the level of gender suddenly became pure fan-service- I was very saddened and frustrated.

          Its just a very pure and simple thought. I want the female characters to be cool like the male characters.

          • Yeah, but so-called manosphere guys hate “cool” females. They are not “feminine” enough. I’m not talking about the author of the blog but about this specific kind of men who bitch about women not willing to be mainly wives and mothers (surprisingly, they hate SINGLE mothers :)) and who despise the current trend of empowering women and encouraging them to be strong and independent.
            I am not saying most women are strong and independent. Most are pathetic conformists and cowards. But so are men! Both genders are delusional, emotional, blinded by ideologies and eager to lie to themselves. Still, if we can do something to be wiser and less conformistic, stronger and more resourceful, and LESS victimized – then why not go for it?

        • Dano

          If what you say is true, then I must have some sort of mental illness.

          • Maybe – I dont know you

          • Dano

            Of course you don’t. Hell, I barely know me.
            If you had met me in real life- I would seem like a weak and submissive female full of compliments and sweetness. But do realize this fake character stems out of the rational you just stated above. You’ve already accepted the classification society set up to distinguish the characteristics of men and women. So imagine the sort of treatment you get if you are “mentally ill”- not falling into those classifications- a female that is competitive in sports and competitions- a female that was not submissive- a female that was lazy and unorganized- brash and loud. A female like that made no friends- and in turn, shut herself and conformed into what society expected from her. But then again, perhaps many females found themselves in the same situation- and concealed their inner “manliness” to be accepted into social groups.

          • Maybe – maybe not

            This isn’t about expectations – this is about what I think most men and women naturally are if they do not deviate from it due to shame guilt or fear

        • Men are men, women are women… What does that mean, ffs? If women are so submissive bby nature, then why do they complain about being victims? Sorry, most of these generalizations are fake.

          • Submissive is not necessarily the same thing as insecure/oppressed.

          • So today’s women are still submissive but also feel oppressed and don’t want to? Maybe it’s true. But something tells me we can be as ferocious and power greedy as men.

          • No doubt, but it does not seem to be your typical tendency.

            Plus, your weaker bodies limit your ferociousness, though not your greed.

          • That’s why women are usually cruel to other women.

  • Smokingjacket

    Reality is a hallucinogenic hologram that has the concrete substance of a prison wall which our minds create from society. We hate the wall at first, then we treat it with disdain, then abandonment, then acceptance, and finally we grow to love it more than anything else. That’s “reality” to most people, little creatures doing their routines in their little cells, all day long, every day, until they die, alone with only that self created wall for company..and how they love it so.

  • Neither believing in everything nor not believing in anything is rational. A rational person (either a male or a female) knows the reality is not that simple and wants to find out the truth. Going to extremes is always stupid.

    • In absence of evidence, there is often only a word you can go on. Why else would it be possible for women to succeed with false rape accusations?”

      • You wrote about past cultures, those which survived and those which ceased to exist. Were women in those cultures also falsely accusing men of rape?