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This is a standard poem.
Something with emotions,
something wiith an image
that creates a mental mirage,
a metaphor!
It may talk of bread and wine,
talk of Jesus, it may rhyme,
be religious or political,
honest or, hypocritical.
Surely it must idolize something,
more likely someone.
A maid so fair, you had a fling with,
which is just a fancy way of sayin’
yo, I banged that hoe.
Occasionally it must break the pattern,
not use any rhymes or fixed rhythm, because
that would be too cliched.
It must copy cliched poetry while struggling to appear fresh,
for example, talk of crimson lips would be considered trash.
So, thine is mine heart,
fair maiden,
thy crimson lips I worship
with devotion that is
with meaning laden.
I must go and barf now,
for my vocal chords feel dirty,
and if I keep writing such shitty poems,
I’ll be a virgin still when thirty.
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  • No guy came here to compliment you, so I’ll say: as long as you feel like writing poems – write them. If you write one good poem after a thosand of shitty ones, it’ll be OK.

  • Dano

    but a poem is but that
    a medley of words
    emotional stirs
    patterns unheard

    back in the day
    it was song of the wise
    words idolized
    a romance, a prize

    but today, anyone can be
    grasped within your palm
    all cuz they don’t know of

  • Smokingjacket

    Tom Arrow as the Holderlin for our times. You’re a legend in my soul, brother, your words and thoughts over the years have been more salient and insightful than a million other manifestations by others.

    You are pure quality and originality. One day, I’ll take you hiking in Chile with me like the son I never had.

    • Thanks.

      That honours me. One day, I will feel deserving enough to accept that offer.