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Feminism and gaming: Far Cry 3 writer says the player’s character should have been castrated

Spoiler warning. Don’t read if you don’t want to read about Far Cry 3’s ending.

I remember playing Far Cry 3 and wondering why the fuck I have to be playing hero for some stupid indigenous tribe led by some stupid bitch whom I could not care less about other than that she was kind ahot.

I also remember wondering why I, the hapless and untrained American tourist, am chosen over literally every other male in the game for this task.

Either way, the whole story was kinda weird and the bossfight you actually look forward to is even weirder and rather disappointing.

In the end of the game, you are encouraged to make a choice:

  1. Kill your friends and stay with the stupid but hot bitch who proclaims her love for you.
  2. Save your friends and kill the bitch.

If you choose the first option, the bitch will fuck and then kill you.

Turns out, Far Cry 3 writer Jeffrey Yohalem wanted to make a feminist statement with this, to mock the “princess saving complex”. To punish the man for his “misogyny”, he suggests he actually should have been castrated. Here’s the excerpt from the linked article (Spoilers!):

In one ending, Jason chooses to live out his days with Citra, where he – being the ultimate badass that he is – will continue to protect the island. Only Citra has other plans and decides to murder the oblivious bloke instead.

As it turns out, Citra never really needed to be saved and the whole thing is a commentary on the princess rescuing complex that permeates the medium. “Jason conjures up this whole idea that Citra needs saving and he’s gonna save her, when in reality it was all a ritual she created to find a sperm donor, and she kills him,” Yohalem explained.

“Sex, violence, and the player is killed. Here are the things that satisfy our animal side as men, but they’re subverted because it’s a female doing it.” Yohalem likened the ending to Princess Peach stabbing Mario. “Now that I’m thinking about it, that final scene should have been Citra castrating Jason. Seriously, that’s the point! It is like, ‘You win, motherf*****!’ It’s totally like, ‘F*** you, you misogynist idiot!’”

For reference, here is the original article that this article quotes from on archive.org. Apparently it has been deleted since, but you can find this old version of it, so it’s all cool.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

So let me get this straight …

In the game, the bitch basically keeps recruiting me and shoehorning me into saving her stupid tribe and island … and then, when I actually choose to obey her wishes … I deserve to be castrated? For being a misogynist?

What the actual fuck??!?

What kind of logic is that?

It seems to me that Mr. Yohalem has incorporated his very own Princess Saving complex by punishing the player for being a “misogynist”. Meanwhile ignoring that the player’s behavior was basically encouraged and demanded by the woman he is apparently oppressing with his “misogyny”.

What a bitch!

If you think I’m exaggerating, look at this video:

It should start exactly at the place where Citra asks you to save her captive warriors so that she will grant you the power to defeat Vaas. The only reason the player’s character  comes to her in the first place is in order to get the support of her tribe to save his brother and kill Vaas and Hoyt. You can see the proof of this in the embedded video.

Mr. Strawman and other nonsensitvities

Might I focus on another part of the statement, though? This one:

“Sex, violence, and the player is killed. Here are the things that satisfy our animal side as men, but they’re subverted because it’s a female doing it.”

Thanks for the moral lesson, dude.

So, tell me … when is the last time you played a “triple A” video game where a female is seduced by a man only to then be killed or castrated by the man to teach her that she is a misandrist for wanting to be with him? And then read a news article from the writer of the game who says that this is a good thing and an important and valuable moral value?

I mean, what the fuck?

And nevermind that Citra actually rapes the game’s main character during a ritual after intoxicating him (something that feminism explicitly criticizes in men, wink):

In most popular media, women are already treated like special snowflakes and never harmed unless they did some truly truly hideous stuff, like, say, blow up a city with a nuclear bomb or the likes. (Not a real example, but you catch my drift). Men tend to be rather protective of women.


It takes a certain level of delusion to come up with story twists like this.

I mean, just look at these endings:

So basically, the game keeps telling us a certain story … and then punishes us for believing it … in essence, Mr. Yohalem wants the player to question his own sanity, to question whether what the game is telling him is actually happening?

And all this just to make a silly feminist point in the end and mock “white supremacy” and “male heroism”?

It’s like the game punishes you for believing in a certain interpretation of the story – which is the only interpretation that the game itself offers to you. The game punishes you for believing a delusion – a delusion that the game itself fed you.

Actually, it’s not even just an interpretation. The bitch literally says she wants you to save her tribe in exchange for her help and the game gives no indication that the player’s character is not in possession of his full senses when she says it. So how the fuck is this the character’s “fantasy” that deserves punishment in the form of castration?

What kind of twisted shit is this?

Oh, I get it. If the player was not a misogynist, he would have stopped playing the game after Citra asked for his help, because morally, he can’t live with himself doing such a misogynist thing as thinking that a woman needs his help when she asks for it.

I mean, yeah … if you wanted to make the point that women are liars and just outright crazy and delusional and do random pointless shit like killing you after telling you they love you … fair enough. But as is apparent from this interview, that’s not at all what the writer wanted. Instead, the writer wants to punish you for his own delusions. Stinks like self-hatred to me.

Don’t know about you, but I chose to save my friends when I played the game. Why the fuck would I stay with some stupid bitch on some stupid island for the rest of my life and kill my friends for it?

The only regret I have in hindsight is that it’s the weird guy killing Citra in the “good” ending, not myself. Cause that crazy bitch definitely needs to die, lmao.

Oh, and, might I add, why exactly does the bitch want the sperm of some random American tourist?

We will never know.

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  • It’s totally self hatred. But what you seem to be missing is the obvious female domination fetish. Why else would he mention (his own personal) castration fantasy? Ive never played the game, but I suppose it’s a pretty good allegory for the red pill… You thought you were the good guy? You thought a woman needed your help? You thought there would be some sort of reward for helping? WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD BITCH!

    • Lmao. Yeah, it’s kinda red pilled, in a cucked way. You know, in the classical unintentional way in which the “bad guy” portrayed by the author is actually the good guy.

      If you read the article, he also mentioned that being fucked by a woman in front of a big crowd is a “common trope and fantasy”. Yeah, fetish, hm. I’m not a psychotherapist and my focus was really on the whole twisted conditioning that the writer has prepared for the player, but I think you may have a good point.

  • SnapperTrx

    Do yourself a favor and play Final Fantasy 15. I’m only a few hours into the game and it is overwhelmingly masculine and a real breath of fresh air. The games main theme song is Stand by Me and from the first 10 minutes you will agree that it is the perfect song, as the game itself reflects movies like Stand by Me and The Sandlot, as well as other movies of that type from that era. Unless something changes, it has my vote for best game of the year. The interaction of the four main characters makes me wonder if they had some kind of secret access to my high school camping trips to the river with my buddies. It really is good.

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ll remember it in case I get a console again.

      I also quite liked the new Wolfenstein FPSes. Nevermind GTA 5. Probably not much to do with camping, but definitely masculine and a lot of fun.