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We don’t live in a rape culture – we live in something far worse (?)

Some people say we live in a “rape culture”

Know what we really live in? A SHOCK CULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§”§$%

Modern people get high on shocks in the SHOCK CULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§”§$%

People like to get shocked by what X or Z did or how that person in video Y ACTUALLY DARED to do M and how NOBODY DID ANYTHING about J and how S is so fucking L and how TERRIBLE U was and how OMG THEY CAN’T BELIEVE what happened to K and they like to BE LITERALLY SHAKING FROM THE EVENTS IN G

This is why we live in a SHOCK CULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§”§$%

When we see something with multiple possible explanations we automatically assume the most shocking and terrible one

Why? Because we live in a SHOCK CULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§”§$%

We like the high of getting shocked and we like the anger rage indignation sadness moral superiority righteousness devastation and desire for revenge we can share and wallow in with our fellow “citizens”

And who profits in the end? The ones who promise us to stop all that evil evil!

Which is ironic because we dont really want the evil evil to stop – we are much too addicted to being shocked – if there was nothing to be shocked about wed rather invent something to be shocked about than to not be shocked

That’s because we live in a SHOCK CULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§”§$%

This is why we don’t vote for politicians who propose actual solutions and rational arguments – we don’t really care about solving the problems

We’d much rather have a rockstar up there who validates our feelings of shock – an entertainer who provides us with our fix of shock by being shocked himself and allowing us to be shocked about the shocking shockingness of something shocking happening in this shocking world

We don’t want solutions – we just want to be angry – and we want a leader who lets us wallow in the anger and rage without taking it away from us

And it is ironical that this requires us to live in a constant lie divorced from reality – because if we admitted that we like being shocked we would validate the evil evil and then the evil evil would no longer shock us

So we live in extreme cognitive dissonance basically just trying to trick ourselves into believing that we really care so that we can still be shocked

Because we live in a SHOCK CULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§”§$%

And this addiction requires us to keep our eyes closed – because the moment we would open them we would realize that our desire to be shocked is empty and ridiculous – if we opened our eyes to realize the nature of this addiction the addiction would evaporate – and in a weird twist of human existence an addict’s worst and most secret fear is to no longer be addicted – but again the addict can not be conscious of this contradiction because if he was then the addiction would be destroyed which constitutes the fear in itself

So even more weirdly consciousness in itself becomes the object of fear! Not because consciousness is scary but because consciousness would forcibly resolve a contradiction that we rely upon to get our emotional highs – addicted to shock and pain

And we can see how we defend this addiction to pain for example in toxic relationships where the suggestion to not be so attached to the other person is met with an indignated “But I WANT to care! How cruel would it be to not care!” – and in another weird twist love is thus equated with pain – “If I am not in agony then I am not truly in love” – by manufacturing this suffering we trick ourselves into believing that there is something out there that is magnificent enough to suffer for – worth caring for – and yet this thing eludes us like a phantom because it doesn’t exist and is only a compensatory emotion of magnificence for the extreme suffering – in fact this thing that we imagine is RELIEF – and we like to HOPE that the RELIEF will come – and there is the trouble – we are addicted to HOPE as much as we are addicted to the SHOCK – but in order to HOPE we must suffer because without suffering there can be no hope as there is nothing to hope for – so in a third and final twist we do not even WANT relief – we want the DESIRE FOR RELIEF – and in order to desire we must create suffering because without suffering desire can not exist

We want the ultimate cinematic build-up to the final transcendence of pain – only that there is no transcendence and our entire life consists of the epic build-up in expectation of an overwhelming climax – a climax that never comes – and if we are honest we don’t want it to because we aren’t addicted to the climax but to the build-up and eager expectation – that is – suffering

Indeed one could argue that we only keep imagining and talking about relief and transcendence so that we can justify our suffering – if there was nothing to suffer for we could not justify suffering and thus we could not satisfy our addiction to shock – so we don’t really want relief we really only want some imaginary object to yearn for without ever getting it (ironically we also desperately need to believe that we can’t survive without this thing because else we couldn’t be shocked by its absence – and yet, we live) so that we can continue suffering “in peace” – it is the wanting that we want, not the getting

One may almost ask – is desire and suffering actually the same thing?

But we don’t really care beause we really like to be shocked

Because we live in a SHOCK CULTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§”§$%

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  • Smokingjacket

    On the theological level, perhaps evil was necessary of creation so as to keep idle minds from becoming bored with the world.

    • Not only to keep them from becoming bored: To motivate them to exist in the first place? A challenge?

      • Smokingjacket

        This is where all utopias always fail (like Marxism): they cannot fathom the fact that large groups of human beings, if they’re to truly remain “human” can’t live in such societies without boring themselves to death. The choice is between an imperfect world where bad things occasionally happen and a perfect, sedate, and safe world where nothing, good, bad or indifferent ever occurs.

        • True, but then, the real value is not ‘imperfection through pain’, but really just ‘authenticity through reality being not fake’. An utopia fails because it is a fake ‘everything is super’ while what I have described is actually kind of the polar opposite, a form of manufactured fake evil as opposed to real palpable pain and imperfection. Come think of it, the very craving for ‘utopia’ may create such a strong cognitive dissonance with one’s perception of the real world that one would need just as much manufactured ‘pain’ as a compensation for it.

          Kinda weird, isn’t it? Our politicians speak of the utopia we live in. But what do we see in cinema, the media and video games? Violence, pain, revenge, rage, out-of-control emotions, sadness, devastation, tragedy. WEIRD, isn’t it? If that utopia is so great why don’t we watch movies about the perfect world all the time? Where everybody consents to everything and everybody smiles and everyone is equal etc etc? No one would watch that shit. Sure, the intellectuals would praise it for its ‘braveness’ but no sane person would pay money to see that bullshit.

          I must say I am a little proud that this line of thought is coherent with my article, haha!

          • Smokingjacket

            Well, when you think about it, do human beings have a natural affinity for each other. I’d so No as the default position, sure, we can become friends, lovers, be respectful and admire each other, but, this only occurs after much engagement with a singular person, or a few people over the course of one’s life. Our natural outlook within certain boundaries is probably to meet people on a daily basis somewhere between being polite and guarded to being suspicious and defensive.

            Why our politicians fail to notice this is a mystery, considering that most of them are the least likable and trustworthy of human beings one can care to think about.

          • Yes maybe the politicians know that very well but have established a system in which we are ashamed of that fact and try to act as if it weren’t so. While usually too overt friendliness and agreement is actually less a sign of friendship than of submission, fear and being a sycophant and parasite. And I am kinda guilty of all of those.

            Then again, some people truly do seem to have those intimate bonds. I remember at the psychiatry there was a boy who was from Afghanistan. 3 friends came to visit him. They were all pretty masculine and somber quiet dudes and you would have thought of them as rather reserved, but when his friends visited, they lay on the bed and one of them actually lay in the other one’s arms and you could see they all cared for each other very dearly and needed each other, but all the while it did not appear half as pathetic as you would imagine from this depiction. To imagine such a thing, in our culture, in a non-homosexual context seems close to impossible, in fact I’m struggling with it.

  • I look at it as being that evolved to deal with hardship. Once that hardship is gone, a fundamental part of our psyche goes unfulfilled.

    Or you could just look at it all as entertainment.

  • Bob Smith

    F.E.A.R. = Feed Every Animal Regularly

    • Bob, you’re gonna love this.

      So there’s this movie “I Robot” with Will Smith where an artificial intelligence called “VIKI” tries taking over the world with robots.

      Now… there IS an ACTUAL company out there called iRobot.

      Guess what they produce …

      War robots.

      Yeah, I am NOT kidding you.

      You can read it up.

      You know where?

      On WIKIpedia. :)

      No, it’s not a joke.

      Those people sure know how to play us. Lmao.

      • Bob Smith

        Mr. Arrow, long time no see. You mean art is imitating life, and life is imitating art? Now…that is a coincidence. And don’t look at it any other way, or we will have to force-medicate you…heh.

        • Of course, of course. What else could I mean?

          • Bob Smith

            Now I keep popping by your blog but have not seen a post recently. Did you ever finish that piece on, what was it…some back-door heist thing? I forget. Anyway, I hope you aren’t giving that up.

          • Oh. My bad. It’s kinda not current anymore, so I’ll just give you the short version.

            You remember the embassador or whatever shot in Turkey in an art gallery? So there were many many very stylish photos of him on the internet. That kinda made me suspicious. I mean, who takes the time to make very elaborate great photos of a shooter instead of running away?

            Okay, well, the MSM had an explanation for that. It was a Turkish photographer. They even made a little story about him and how he “felt the professional duty to take those images”. Yeah I mean, fair enough. They even said “Such a great picture deserves the Pulitzer” and blah blah. I mean … yeah. It’s a totally average photograph. The only thing that makes it astonishing is that it shows a shooter “in action” in relatively good quality.

            But hey, why not.

            So anyway, I had scoured all those images from the internet in order to find some that still have the EXIF metadata (containing information about the camera etc). And I found some of the photographer that this was about.

            Now here’s the fun thing.

            I also found 2 or 3 high quality photographs from the other side of the room. Professional cameras made those. One of them was a Nikon D810 if I recall correctly. The other one had no EXIF, BUT it had a resolution of 5184xwhatnot which ONLY Canon EOS cameras have.

            This Canon EOS camera depicted a shot of the corpse with the shooter in the background. It was easily recognizable to my “photographer’s eye” that this was deliberately shot from an angle that made it look dramatic. The photographer had to be on his knees to get that shot, at … let’s say 1 m height. The perspective doesn’t allow any other conclusion.

            This picture contained no EXIF data, but some form of comment that said “Do not redistribute this picture, from unknown source” or whatever. Don’t ask me where I found it.

            So … we know for a fact that on top of that heroic photographer that did the main photos there were either 2 additional photographers on the other side of the room (right hand side from most of the images) or 1 photographer with 2 cameras. Now … what professional photographer runs around with a combination of Nikon D800 and Canon EOS cameras? Doesn’t make fucking sense, because you can’t interchange the lenses … besides, I don’t know any photographer that is not somehow a fanboy of either Nikon or Canon and focuses only on one company.

            So realistically, there were 2 more photographers in that room. One of whom took a picture out of a corner while while everyone else was fleeing and the shooter was waving his pistol around and stuff. Okay, maybe he hoped that he would not be seen or whatever, right? And he was in a bad start position to run away. But then, he took this picture standing or from a tripod (rather high). Why didn’t he go on his knees to try to hide or something? Or lie down?

            And the second photographer was on his knees taking a dramatic shot of the corpse and the shooter. Nicely framed shot, good composition. You know, the kind of picture you take when you aren’t in a hurry. From the perspective, he could have probably run away. Why didn’t he?

            And another interesting part is that NO published picture actually shows that right corner of the room where those two photographers were.

            Yeah so anyway, that was fun researching and made me scratch my brain a little. It may mean nothing, of course, and who gives a fuck anyway, but that’s it. That’s what I wanted to write (although I would have included the photographs in the article).

          • Bob Smith

            Nice work. Sounds staged. Whatever the deal is, it isn’t what is being claimed.

          • Oh yes and there is always the more obvious issue that the guy didn’t show any blood on any of the photos despite having a magazine emptied into him … but that wasn’t so interesting to me, because I’m pretty sure that if he wasn’t really dead, they’d have been smart enough to put some fake blood on him, so it was probably just the jacket that soaked it up. OOOR they realized that they wouldn’t even have to bother putting blood on him because most people would know that if they wanted to, they easily could have … haha.

          • Bob Smith

            I don’t think they even bother anymore with the details of their staged shenanigans. I wouldn’t. Most people figure if it’s in the news it’s gospel. Hell, I’d use puppets, paint little uniforms on them, have little puppet dudes holding fake guns dangling from strings. Etc. Nobody would blink. “I saw it on TV.”

          • Yah.

            Problem is … people think that they are safe from being mind-controlled because they’re smart.

            But being smart actually kinda has nothing to do with it. Or if anything, it’s only half the thing.

            It’s a power game. 1984, the movie, showed it in that scene.

            You can be oh so proud about your intelligence and your ability to realize it’s just 4 fingers.

            The problem is, with enough pressure you will WANT to believe something else. And then there is this tipping point where you decide to throw away your reason and dissociate from it, just to make the pain stop.

            People are not manipulated because they are dumb, but because they are weak. And I am not sure you can be strong enough to withstand everything. It probably ends up being a game … like with lifting … train your mind well enough and it will have more resistance. But no mind is unbreakable.

          • Bob Smith

            Most are easily breakable. Which is why nearly everybody believes everything they see on TV…

          • I know mine is. Or to be more precise, it already is broken. I’m trying to fix it.

            In fact, it seems I live a form of dual existence right now. There’s a part of me that imagines to understand it all. And then there’s the part of me that is a total hopelessly mind-controlled slave. My work is currently bringing those two together and have them fight it out between themselves, haha.

          • Bob Smith

            Let me know who wins…I have a feeling it’s going to be a long fight (heh).

          • Oh I don’t think any win will. They will “listen” to each other’s “arguments” and then they will merge and create something more sophisticated, whole. And I actually don’t think it’ll take too much time. Maybe a year or so. Let’s see. Heh.

          • Bob Smith

            Evolve or involve, eh?

          • What’s the difference?

          • Bob Smith

            Well…while you’re fighting yourself over the other conflict, you might consider this one, too…

          • Huh? Which one is “the other” and “this one”?

  • Dylan

    You’re 13yo wife must be autistic as fuck to marry a moron like you. You’re the biggest idiot alive. She must be really stupid and insecure and not to mention fat and ugly as fuck. I feel sorry for her. Why would she marry a dumbass pedophile? People like you need to die. You don’t deserve to be here. Count your blessings. You’re lucky that you’re still alive. Don’t take it for granted. Lame ass misogynist troll. Now piss off Tom Arrow You’re trash! Period

    • Huh? Lol

      • Jim Johnson

        He is on his period. Stated so at the end.

        • Oooh. Yes I see, thanks for the clarification.

      • bem

        Must be a wrong number…

      • lolknee✓ᴺᶦʰˡᶦˢᵗ

        If you actually read his tirade with the meaning that his literal grammar rather than through your filter for what it is you assume he means it is pretty hilarious

        • Haha. I do find it hilarious – hence my humorous reply.

          I can’t imagine how I have read anything else than you did, but please feel free to translate it into ‘proper English’ as you see it.

      • popi gander

        Yeah- I am pretty sure you have encountered one of our military battalion’s full of low IQ inbred halfwits, rejects, bullies and morons who are being trained to use the internet as a tool of whole population manipulation, aka, mind control via hidden and cowardly trolling. And one of them up there refers to “muz” which is military for muslim-and notes that he is distributing ‘lolis’ to that muz. That seems significant….

        And the nym that references ‘westboro baptist’ is one of the most rabid Southern churches in America-staunchly anti-abortion, and they picket gays, while fucking dogs and kids.

        Look at the writing skills, and the jumble-mouth-“plum near” means “nearly” in the hillbilly dialects of the American South; and marvel at how the American system is designed to ensnare the less-than-working-class baby mama’s children into the military because they are too inbred to do anything else .

        And all of their names and nyms are straight out of trailer trash speak and ghettoese. These types HATE rational thought, and intellect. They are what the founding fathers termed “the tyranny of the masses” who are too stupid to notice that when they undermine your rights, they undermine their own. And this, as they are using the internet to wholesale away free speech and association-we’ve been taken over from the inside out by cowards from the lowest rabble of American culture.

  • CrisstinA

    Plum near fergot.. Da lifa in da RAPe Culture

    AND in Christ’s FAKE $eXmas $eason (born in east Med Summer not Nth Euro winter).

    White BEARDY Saint Nick (not Satan Nick nor $atan $tate Nick-Nick U$
    $teal$ yer dough – DOH!) but Santa Claus claws lil Lolis on his
    knee-jerk-Nick ooops Oh Gawd – CUM agin!!

    Kwote cheeky Chico Marx (not Commie Karl) to proven lawyer/liar, “U
    can’t fool me wi’ this fake contract! My Mama told me just last XMAS –
    there ain’t no such thing as a SANITY CLAUSE!!”

    Meanwhile that nice beardy Muz, A.K. (wiv annoyin’ lil Lolis crawlin’
    all over his BIG bed while he’s tryin to wank) looks kinda like bad
    joke and beardy Beat-alls Brit Starr looks juss like nice beardy Muz, ‘Arry FAT?
    The lusty list could go on and on, Arrow…

  • bem

    Sensationalism! The lifeblood of our extraneous Info-taiment industry.

    • You know what’s sensational? I got a totally low rating on this post. I think it’s even lower than on my ‘All men are rapists’ article. Go figure!

      • bem

        Rating by WHOM?

        • That little rating box on the bottom of the article. :)

  • Westboro Baptist Church

    To deny the existence of God is to deny everything that God has created, and then to go against everything he has established and systematized.

    Faggot Tom Arrow burns in hell

    • Blindly follows the words of other men.

      Calls me a faggot.

      • lolknee✓ᴺᶦʰˡᶦˢᵗ

        Wow you really triggered some people Tom. Well done

        • I really did, didn’t I? About the 4th guy in just about a month who comes here with incoherent accusations. Reminds me of that video about the guy who claimed to be an organizer of those Hillary protesters and said he used mentally ill people to do that shit.

          • lolknee✓ᴺᶦʰˡᶦˢᵗ

            The funny thing is that after re reading the article I’m still not sure what set the trigger. Maybe they just got internet at the Tourettes Wing of the Moron Hospital?

          • Haha! Probably. My guess is that it’s not about this specific article at all and they just picked to comment here because it’s the first one.

    • popi gander

      I seem to remember your founding pedophile, Abraham was snuggling with a six year old or something- and most of you Negev billies fuck goats and little boys, and make babies with your cousins, so, there’s that.

  • Jon


    • Cool, man. I don’t really care if you are a pedo, but feel free to brag about it.

      • Curious

        Well..Is it true that you can not go back to Germany because you molest a 10-year-old girl?

        • Are you retarded or something? I never left Germany.

          • Curious

            Ok, You STILL molest a 10 years-old girl. Confirmed.

          • Lol. Did you read too many police education books on silly interrogation techniques?

  • Thomson

    I love the title of your blog Tom

    • Hey, you’re creative! Good! For! Fucking! You!

  • Tom Evans

    No you don’t actually feel sorry for these raped women. To things like you stories of horrific assaults are just wank material for you. Hell one of your pedophile friends on you site asked a date rape victim to detail her sexual assault. I guess watching kids get raped on Tor doesn’t get him hard anymore. Your Disqus photo is funny, you looks like a mongoloid with red hair. I made sure to spread your profile around to people who are willing to contact you and tell you what you outta do. Which of course is kill yourself. So, buddy Tom Arrow from Germany…..well there’s a few neo-nazi groups and outlaw gangs out there and I’m sure they’d just love to get their hands on you. You’re weak, pale and scrawnier than a hardcore meth-head. I doubt you’d survive whatever is done to you. But isn’t that the plan? Because of people like you I have the job that I have, out of all the hundreds of women I’ve seen only 36 were abused by “normal heterosexual men.” The rest were attacked by pedophiles, pedophiles who caused lasting physical and mental injuries. Injuries so horrific some adults don’t even recover let alone a 3-year old who is repeatedly raped. But to your kind it wasn’t rape it was love. The pedophile that raped her said it was love that made him rip apart a little girl. Pedophiles who drove 15 of these kids to kill themselves, deaths that I personally witnessed. I’ve witnessed countless other suicide attempts by crazed victims who want their nightmares to stop. Because of your kind 15 kids at the hospital I work for are dead. 16 if you count the adoptive sister I lost. She killed herself when she was 10 years old not too long after I walked into an old run down shed after hearing her screaming and crying and telling the two pedophiles raping her to stop. Because of your kind she’s dead. I held her while she died and I will not forget that. I was 15-years old when she died, I still have the clothes I was wearing when she bled out. Her blood is still soaked into them and some days I have to struggle to not break down sobbing at that memory. Your kind is a blight that must be purged. If only Hitler had killed you all, if only he could’ve killed you all, if only he didn’t target Jews and Romanis. I hope someone finds you and kills you and each and every one of your women raping friends too. Your kind is one without remorse or sympathy, you’re incapable of understanding right from wrong or caring about the pain you cause others.
    People like you destroy lives. What makes you think you deserve anything good in life? You deserve death. I’m not a religious man, religion is false. But if Hell is real I hope you burn there, I hope you suffer every imaginable horror and humiliation both known and unknown. The day is coming when we’ll be able to openly kill your kind again. I can’t wait for this to happen.

    • Hey man. How’s it working in a cubicle on stupid psyops like these? Must be fucking boring.

      For the record of the normal readers who come here: I am of course not a pedophile. Duh. Which is why none of these idiots back up their delusions with any kind of source nor disclose their identity (Hint: They are all anonymous trolls.) They are probably part of some group of people who … well, hell if I know.

    • popi gander

      Hi Tom, Popi Gander here. Did this whackjob come out of nowhere with these pedophile accusations or what?

      I am presuming this cowardly dick-nibbling POS above is your ‘guy?’ Yeah- it writes like a schizophrenic pedophile itself, and 90% of whatever it says is total bullshit and propaganda. Sure, kids get hurt and raped, that happens and it’s horrific, and indefensible. And so is murdering kids with depleted uranium (Fallujah) and white phosphorous dust (anywhere you look in Palestine and the ME in general.)

      It is these that are hurting or raping kids.

      This troll is one example of how the baby bombing war machine distracts us all away from the fact that it is bombing, burning, and embalming babies daily in the Middle East. And, that is most often the exact people in power that are raping babies-and that, frequently in military bunkers, in secret cults. Every time there is a case of a pedophile, there’s an 80% chance they work with kids, and are in an official capacity just like this POS describes.

      Note this quote: “Because of your kind 15 kids at the hospital I work for are dead. 16 if you count the adoptive sister I lost”

      I mean- how many dead kids have you seen- and how many were murdered by pedophiles, and made news? In America, this is far more rare than a mother killing a kid by some 1000 to 1 odds-but these cockwads can’t seem to get riled up about that. In fact, most molested, raped, or murdered children encounter that in foster care, not in some dark alley with a creep.

      And where is the scientific proof that anything this piece of shit says is true? It’s all a part of very well oiled online campaign by the “sex trafficking profiteers” to distract us from real issues, like how they are murdering the kids, not you.

      The police and security state depends on shitbags like this person to parrot these gross distortions all over the internet, as a distraction from how complicit this mythology is in increasing distance between people. I fact, this bizarre narrative helps cover u th wel hidden and official, actual pedo networks o judges, doctors, social workers, and others in authority over kids.

      So when it says “there’s a few neo-nazi groups and outlaw gangs out there and I’m sure
      they’d just love to get their hands on you. You’re weak, pale and
      scrawnier than a hardcore meth-head. I doubt you’d survive whatever is
      done to you. But isn’t that the plan? Because of people like you I have
      the job that I have” you can bet you are likely dealing with an informant/rat that gets paid in dime bags of meth to tell lies about people, and then sucking it’s handlers dick for more.

      And, I don’t know the law in your country, but it looks like a death threat to me- call him in to your national security hotline-lock this piece of garbage back up before it kills again.

  • popi gander

    Nice analyses of the photos in the Turkey ambassador incident. Yeah- I have read that the shooter had a Russian handler, and she moved back to Russia just before he carries out the shooting- fleww like a good swallow should, and left the guy swinging.

    You know, there is an interesting phenomenon in these events in the US, as our agencies have gone from law enforcement to law enfarcement agencies with a focus on “intelligence collection”:

    If you study the US shooters, there is a common thread, which is close affiliation with goverment/military/security/police. Also, frequently they have ties to alternative media. Then, there is the fact of the shootings, where we see that a clear pattern has emerged in all of them- long term and nearly constant ‘contact’ with agents and agencies BEFORE they go on a rampage.The examples are too many to count, but you can research it yourself.

    Then- and here is an interesting fact of what we are calling “Israelification” in America, where the militarization of the police via SWAT teams derive a ton of money from these shooter events, but also, and perhaps more importantly, tons of “terrorists are everywhere” manufactured crisis PR. In every shooting, these guys are there, front and center of any photo op.

    And in some- not ALL of these events, we see that these guys are often there JUST AS THE SHOOTING TAKES PLACE, i.e. before the 9/11 call even comes in. (Think about San Bernardino, or the Newton school deal- and especially the original mass shooter event Dylan Kliebold Columbine deal, where an FBI agents son filmed a mock event a year before the real one).

    Then, there is one more interesting fact:I know it is VERBOTTEN in Germany to mention such things but- nearly every US LEO chief is given special training and flown to Israel in privately funded special trips paid for by the ADL where they get “counter-terrorism” training. Israel, according to most reputable sources, has continued mind control programs developed under Hitler.

    Now- most interesting is that many so-called community policing initiatives here in the US utilize police and military personnel within social clubs-most cops firemen etc are members of these clubs. Here in the U.S., we have Masons, and Rotary clubs, and Lions clubs and so on.

    Guess whose companies get funding for staging “active shooter awareness” training at schools? The Rotary Club. Guess who is active in getting MRAP’s for SWAT teams? Rotary clubs- and guess which ‘community club’ has an active world wide liaison and ‘sister’ agreement with the Israeli Mossad, via the ADL? Yup- the Rotary clubs.

    And I won’t even waste time discussing the people who run America’s carefully vetted crisis PR industry or the media, or other social clubs.

    But everywhere you find these shooters, they are already deeply documented in FBI/DHS/ADL databases for years.

    I mean at some point, any sane person has to call bullshit on the mystery money driving the narrative that a shooter is around every corner, and call it what it is: manufactured terrorism, using patsification of vulnerable and compromised ‘targets’ for which there is ample evidence of something that ‘looks like, sounds like, feels like, and that which mirrors’ mind control, but gee, where’s the proof? The badguys are never around to speak for themselves…..