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Women complain about the male ego, but they are the reason it exists

The male ego.

Why do men have greater egos?

Because men are expected to shut up about their pain. When they open up about such things, the typical response is “suck it up crybaby”.

And I guess that’s all cool and shit. But don’t go about complaining men have big egos when they learn from small on to hide their feelings as if they were some dirty secrets.

Men have big egos because that’s what is expected of them. And not just because of patriarchy. At least as big – if not bigger – a component are women who expect men to be strong and impenetrable and take care of them while sacrificing their own needs. They keep throwing shit tests at men who display weakness, and using men to their own advantage when they sense they can do this. Thanks to their ability to “empathize”.

In fact, I dare say every woman even reading this post will feel a repulsion to even such a limited amount of openness and “weakness”. Makes sense, as she is evolved to crave for a protector and shit, right.

But think of it … when even a post like this – or a real life equivalent – can repulse a woman from considering a man attractive or lovable – saying this as a matter of fact, not to cry for sympathy -, or use it as cannon fodder for her manipulations …

Well then don’t fucking complain about the male ego, because that’s basically what you’re asking for.

Matter of fact, I think women dislike the male ego precisely because it makes the man wisely close up towards women about his emotional world. Women crave to know stuff about people so that they can use it against them … so they naturally want men to let their guards down. It gives them power.

So … let’s celebrate the male ego. It is a fine protection against the harpies. And as for being open and honest: That’s what locker room talk is there for.

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  • Smokingjacket

    Men don’t talk about their emotions because it’s self evident to them that their “emotions” don’t need to discussed and dissected by the female mind who cannot understand (how can they due to their biology) the fact that men simply act naturally through their frame or constitution upon the same stuff that they cannot by the virtue that they’re females.

    Discussing your feeling with women is about the most ridiculous and stupid thing a man can do as you’ll never gain any understanding from them, because they cannot through sheer biology have a clue what it means to be male.

    • Yah, I agree with most of that.

      But they’re smart enough to recognize the stuff that makes you hurt and then they have ammunition.

      • Smokingjacket

        Cunning, not smart or intelligent in the male sense.

        • That’s a smart statement.

          Heh, I think I get it.

    • Karolina Nowicka

      That is one of the most stupid things one could ever write.

      People TALK. That’s how they exchange information. If you don’t tell someone how you feel, what you want, what you need, you won’t be able to improve your relationships with others.

      One of the biggest problems with men and women is that they don’t TALK to each other. They don’t know what the opposite sex needs. No wonder there are so many unhappy marriages, so much misunderstanding in relationships and so. Fortunately, it’s not the case in my relationship. I always said to my Beloved One: When something bothers you or you think I should mend my ways – just SAY IT. It works.

      For it would work as well, or at least it would be better than not even trying to communicate. But hey, if you like being failures with girls – be my guest.

      • Smokingjacket

        You sound idiotic. Only a complete fool would read what I stated “literally” but you’re a female, so hey, you prove my point, and besides by getting men to “open up” to the female matrix you start your game of entrapment and manipulation, which all bitches play so well.

        Your “advice” as is like straw in the wind to a man like me. Bitches like you are about as interesting and insightful as reading a telephone book without any names.

        • :D

        • To be fair, my blog tends to attract only the craziest forms of female specimen.

          • Karolina Nowicka

            You gave me the link on returnofkings.com, remember? First I thought you have an issue with single mommies (by the way – if it’s true what others say about them, American s.m. are different than Polish ones). Than understood how wrong I was.

          • True, I gave you the link. I didn’t expect you to stay around, though. I reckon most women don’t particularly like to read what I write, so that’s always my best guess.

          • Karolina Nowicka

            Perhaps I’ll soon get bored with you eternal mourning over you lost childhood. I don’t know. I wish I could help but the truth is no-one can help you but yourself.

          • Lol. I don’t recall asking for help in any of my articles. Maybe I forgot, tho.

          • Karolina Nowicka

            Who the f….k says you did?

        • Karolina Nowicka

          “Discussing your feeling with women is about the most ridiculous and stupid thing a man can do as you’ll never gain any understanding from them, because they cannot through sheer biology have a clue what it means to be male.”

          It seemed so sincere… Now I know you are just the kind of fella that brags on women’s vices on and on. Constantly whining, never improving. Not really a man…

  • Karolina Nowicka

    Between showing weakness all the time and whining CONSTANTLY how badly we were hurt by others AND pretending to be an Alpha male who displays no emotions, no regrets, no empathy – there are many men who can sincerely talk about their feelings without adopting a cry-baby posture. Maybe you would call them betas, I don’t know. I like such men. Crying pussies (those who complain A LOT) and tough guys with a caveman mentality don’t appeal to me.

    By the way – have you ever had a long lasting, healthy relationship with a lady?

    • “Crying pussies (those who complain A LOT) […] don’t appeal to me.”

      Thank you for making my point.

      • Karolina Nowicka

        Nothing better than choosing only the lines that appeal to us.

        • Of course, honey.

          • Karolina Nowicka

            I hug you with all my maternal love. (Brestfeeding needed? ;))

          • Yuck. Shoo, shoo, off, you mad creature.

          • Karolina Nowicka

            All right, I’ll save it for my illegitimate child. ;) But what about my question, huh? Just curious…

          • No, I haven’t.

    • By the way – have you ever had a long lasting, healthy relationship with a lady?

      How is it possible to have a healthy relationship with a dependent, needy leech who’s desperately trying to blind you with (reverse) love? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate women, I love women.

      I’ve just never met one…