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Stop intellectual objectification

Feminism claims it is for … what, equality? Humanity? Whatever. What it is not, is humane. Not humane enough, anyhow.

Feminists are bright vanilla when it comes to being non-judgmental. They think they are on to something big, but they are really just a controlled opposition of the still rampant patriarchy.

They are so vanilla that they aren’t even really vanilla. They are more like water with a homeopathic amount of vanilla flavor and their fragile mental immune systems have a tough time dealing even with that.

29cab9199591170f15873c66a441f519No, my friend. They are blind. They scream “Stop sexism! Judge me by my skills and intellect instead!”

Yes, my friend, you heard that right. They actually think it is okay to judge a human being by her skill or intellect.

Mindlessly, feminists spread extremely intellectistic memes (and more) that advocate to “choose an intelligent woman over a beautiful woman”, for instance because you can “fuck with her mind” or indeed claim that “intelligence makes true beauty”. Slightly off-topic, they sometimes say “personality makes true beauty”; I will talk about this in a separate article about personalityism.

‘Stop judging me by my body. Judge me by my brain!’, they scream.

Not only do they still hold on to patriarchial concepts like “beauty” and, in fact, “desirability”, but they openly and bluntly discriminate against dumb people. Well, dumbness is of course a social construct, as we all know, but still, absolutely unacceptable! This “intellectual girl” fetishism has to stop.

The fostering of intellectual insecurity

Inferiority complex is manufactured by shaming people without a brain or with a small brain. People start comparing brain sizes instead of breast sizes and be insecure about their brain sizes.

Another clear sign: People everywhere also keep pushing “education” as a status symbol. They say it “teaches you to think” and “gives you important knowledge and common sense” and “reinforces morals”  and “roots you in the real world”.

81d829cfb2c9aeb3e126288fa48f8288Daily, people are bombarded with diminishing messages about how important it is to have an intelligent mind that make them feel so inadequate and insecure about their intellect that they will do everything to prove they are “intelligent” and “wise”, always and unrepentingly asking themselves: Am I smart enough? Am I brilliant enough? Am I intelligent enough? I mean, how are they supposed to live up to all those intellect standards? They will read useless philosophy books they don’t really understand and visit school despite having no real interest in doing so, just to be able to, one day, stand in the middle of a social group and, full of faux confidence, be fluent at making thought-provoking and witty and profound statements, to earn the awe and approval of the bystanders. Like little narcissistic cunts. But of course, that’s okay. I am not a narcissistist.

21206a762eb50f85aa40354a5545ec1fWhy in Holy Science’s name would you think you have the right to judge someone by their intellect or the contents of their mind? Turning people into intellectual objects is just as gruesome as turning them into sexual objects. If not worse! Noses and tits can be replaced, but the brain cannot!

You see, just because someone was born retarded (feminist or patriarch) or with a mediocre brain (teachers and McDonalds staff) does not mean they are not worth just as much as anyone else – and I don’t just mean on the slave market!

b91ae83e89a8792c7b92088c3380ecc5No, dear fellow human being, intellectism is rampant in our society and it has to be fought.

Blindly, the masses blindly worship the false idol of intellect and in its name, commit the most atrocious crimes against mankind.

Think of it. What is the cause of all human suffering? What makes people go to war? It is their conviction that their intellect justifies cruelty, arrogance and ruling the dumb. For their so-called own good.

6c657b38cd47af4096c6876169299cc9Every day, hundreds become victims of intellectism. And it hits the smart just as much as the dumb, don’t be mistaken. It is everywhere. Just look at this dumb bitch here who uses her celebrity status to disseminate intellectistic propaganda. She writes that no girl should dumb herself down for a man, and yet she wears all that fake make up to make you buy into her bullshit (and cover up her fugly face), and stands in front of corporation logos like the ideological whore that she is. What’s the twisted message? Don’t dumb yourself down, but making yourself more pretty can’t hurt?

Follow the money. You can see how companies like Boss, with their overexpensive clothes for us little sheeple appeal to intellectual vanity and profit from being associated with this intellectistic whore. Their message is clear: We are elegant. We are sophisticated. If you have taste and intellect, you will buy our clothes, because our logo uses a slick font face.

7c708de0ecbd4312cdb7a0c8fda43268They don’t sell good clothes. They sell values and ideas.

Yes, that is how the intellectistic elite gets you. They make you want to be like them. IntelligentSophisticated.

5cfc7659ae7f84e963c8752d172b5d51And the little average girl thinks: If only I was more intelligent, I would be famous and beautiful and glamorous and desirable just like these beautiful people. And everybody would listen to me talking (about feminism and Edukayshun), because I would be intelligent!

And then, other memes suggest that you need to be intelligent in order to be confident! So unless you get your regular dose of intellectual approval, don’t expect to be confident or beautiful!

Intellectistic subversion techniques & societal memes

Have you ever been the victim of intellectism? Here’s a checklist:

  • Have you ever been called “stupid” or “dumb” or “retarded”?
  • Have you ever been complimented on your intellect, just to be asked for intellectual favors later?
  • Have you ever heard one of these: “I have great expectations in you, you’re a smart kid”, “I thought you were smarter than that…”, “Jesus, you’re a dumb loaf of bread”?
  • Have you ever been suggested or rejected for a job purely based on your intellectual capabilities?
  • Have you ever been asked to “look at this” or “help me with this”, “because you’re so smart and I can’t figure it out”?
  • Have you ever been judged by your level of so-called “education”?

It is overly simplistic to assume that the only victims of intellectism are dumb sheep.

97c4a734f7e4fa9d6e82f0c965e48a94Creepy businessmen and teachers like to groom the brightest kids with their “sophisticated” philosophies to get into their minds and subvert them for their own causes.

Especially insecure smart kids are very susceptible to this kind of manipulation. They get lured with praise of their intellect and before they know it, they become dependent on that praise and will do anything and make themselves believe anything just to “prove they are smart”. Poor kids. They are then groomed and streamlined into intellectual warriors for causes, which they are very good at thanks to their gift, which they unfortunately are rarely able to appreciate themselves.

Destruction in the wake of intellectism

d87f53d73b02fb5fcc943f95122b06d0On the sexual marketplace, intellectism also leads to terrible tragedies. Just think of that stupid young little girl who made herself look very pretty with so much effort and heart for the big ball and she just wants to go home with that one dumb jock. But then some ugly bitch comes along who did not even attempt to look good and she just snatches him away with her intellect. And that poor girl sits there and cries and all her effort was in vain and she wonders if she can ever love again and just sends a wish to the stars: “I wish I was more intelligent”

8f389f7e6afc4286b804f9e7acf4b28cAnd what about the woman who really wants nothing more than to pick a mate and settle down and have a family? No, she can’t. She knows that she must be intelligent and that intelligent women prefer to be single than to choose a wrong mate, so they become insecure about whom to choose, too, becoming overly critical to preserve her intellectistic status.

a560f3496fc1041ea3b2dd28b3a460e8Not only that, she at the same time is made to believe that a true man will never opt for a long-term relationship with her if she is not at level with the intellectistic standards! That with her insufficient intellect and yet pristine body, she will only be good for a night! Can you believe it!

6e45f8439b1810ee168027a4ff4ac431-1She thinks that unless  she has all that intellect, no man will ever want her! And that is, even if she actually has a lot of skills to bring to a relationship. Say, she is beautiful, cooks, caretakes; she may be the dreamgirl of any man and still feel insecure if she has no education stuff!

That’s right! Fuck your personal happiness and deepest longings; get education instead! It may hinder you from getting married or have kids or whatever, but at least you will have the necessary skills to sit in an office 8 hours a day and perform Excel calculations and call customers and pretend you’re interested in talking to them. It’s a career, baby! This will give you … self-respect! You know, the capitalistic type of self-respect that is based on money. Take it from Michelle! She knows what she’s talking about! She also is not a real woman… (that’s why I said take it from her)

2aea85969d53f530ad03e4e51715db8dOf course, we all know that the sexual marketplace is a social construct in the first place, but it’s still relevant, because it’s a crying girl.

And what about that girl who reads that a good man will want her to shine and be her amazing self and happy, intelligent, amazing, powerful? But what if she is neither of those? What if she is neither happy, intelligent, amazing or particularly shining? Must she then despair and be forever alone?


Yeah. Well. I think I made my point.

f64dd0fc36e084f029174f5de1c10d49Oh and one more thing: Feminists, you are not better than others just because you’re smart enough to recognize patriarchy sucks. Don’t judge the dumb bunnies who are too stupid to recognize that they don’t really enjoy being feminine and dominated during sex and all that bi-gender crap!

And for the men: Next time some arrogant snob bitch calls you dumb and crude and unsophisticated for bluntly asking her if she wants to fuck, don’t try to backpedal and do something more sophisticated, more intelligent. Instead, practice dumb acceptance. Say: Yes, I am a dumb male who just wants to fuck. And I am proud of it.

We will sprout a generation of confident and unashamed dumb jocks!

Are you yet tired of all the memes in this article? Well, you should be! The intellectistic bigotism is all-pervasive and sickening. I chose to post a lot of it in this article to make you conscious just how much brainwashing you are actually exposed to daily.

And if your first reaction to this article is that it is dumb, check your intellectual privilege and realize that you only judge me due to the cultural patriarchal intellectistic indoctrination.


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  • This is your best post yet, Tom. I want to say more, but it would undermine the content and flow with which it was written. Thank you.

  • Smokingjacket

    Christ as a son of Munich all you have to do to ignore this pathetic, enfeebled shit is walk in the mountains and listen to Wagner or Schubert! It’s easy, it’s old world, it brings light to you and the world.

    • Oh, I don’t pay attention to much of this in the real world. It’s more the stuff I see on the internet.