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Coining a new red pill term: mommy-whipped

I actually have a pretty cool article in the pipeline – in my eyes, anyway – but I want to try and get it on ROK for fame, shits and giggles. It probably won’t work out, as my writing style is … different. But anyway, since you guys have been missing me so terribly, here is an absolute game changer (or a relative one?).

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the term: mommy-whipped.

To not make it too complicated and convoluted (are those the same?), I’ll just give you a checklist a la DSM aka pseudo-professional mental illness labeling:

You are mommy-whipped if:

  1. You will defend and justify any deed done by a woman towards her children with: She loves you.
  2. You think a mother can not be abusive towards her children emotionally, physically or sexually.
  3. You think a mother is more important to a boy than his father and/or can replace him by putting in hard work and sleepless nights and doing a hell of a job!.
  4. You put your mother or mothers in general above other women. Hint: Read stupid Bible quote below this list.
  5. You put the Mother Archetype above other Archetypes and see her as something like the Ultimate Deity and Creator or whatever.
  6. You view your mother or mothers in general as something pristine, unspoiled, holy.
  7. You think your mother is somehow different from other women, especially regarding typical red pill truths.
  8. You think that your mother has some mystical infathomable thing called a mother’s love to give you that you can never ever obtain anywhere else, especially not in yourself.
  9. You think you need your mother’s blessing to make personal life decisions and/or you feel the need to tell your mother about your life.
  10. You consider it wrong on principle to cut off contact to one’s mother.
  11. You firmly believe that you must honor your mother no matter what.
  12. You worship the mother as the giver of life. Hint: The zinc “spark of life” requires both egg and spermium.
  13. You do not dare to establish boundaries with your mother and let her talk to you about stuff that is none of her business, including psychological stuff, your relationships and other intimate matters.
  14. You think kids are indebted towards their mother for her so-called sacrifice. You feel you owe her your life.
  15. You think a mother always knows what’s best for you. Hint: A typical Western mother will eventually claim this.
  16. You worship the mother for having such a tough job and being strong etc and think she deserves tremendous respect. Hint: Life has equipped her with the ability to be a mother and other people have done great and difficult things as well.
  17. You put your mother’s needs and emotions before your own.
  18. You think you must take care of your mother when she gets old.
  19. You see mothers as some kind of unappreciated martyrs and do everything you can to help when she displays some ‘negative’ emotion like sadness.
  20. You let your mother chastise you for your expressions and talk differently to her than to other people. Aka feminine politeness.
  21. You like to use the phrase: But it’s your mother!
  22. You confuse guilt and shame with love and reason.
  23. You tolerate infantilizing behavior from your mother and accept her saying things like: To me, you will always be my little baby boy.
  24. You think that your mother’s sadness over you establishing boundaries and living your own life is a sign that you are doing something evil and hurtful.
  25. You blindly trust your mother’s judgment of your capabilities, dreams, aspirations, looks, personality.
  26. You think your mother has some kind of magical empathic connection to you that makes her feel whatever you feel and thus know what you feel. Hint: She is not telling you what you feel, but what to feel.
  27. You want to make your momma proud by being a so-called good man.

Stupid bible quote

(Mark 3:31-35; Luke 8:19-21)

While Jesus was still speaking to the crowds, His mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to Him. Someone told Him, “Look, Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to You.”

But Jesus replied, “Who is My mother, and who are My brothers?” Pointing to His disciples, He said, “Here are My mother and My brothers. For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.”

I actually got this from a movie with Willem Dafoe who plays a kind of bad boy Jesus. The movie is called The Last Temptation of Christ. In the relevant scene, his mother comes to him with some bullshit and someone says But she is your mother or something. And Jesus replies: I have no mother. I think he also says something about only having a father in heaven or some bullshit like that, but his mother weeps and is shocked as he marches on to follow his mission. Which is quite damn cool and also harmonizes with other red pill ideas like: A man’s mission must come before the women in his life. And for whom must this be more true than for his mother?

Anyway, this of course does not mean that the mother is not to be loved at all or anything like that.

It just means that mother should not be loved more than anyone else. And after all, Jesus did say something like Life thy next like you love yourself. Which means: Not more, not less, but equally. Although I personally think that love must always start with the self.


Got the idea for this article due to a few African guys who added me on Facebook. One of them actually posted some quote by some bitch who whined about how today, kids no longer obey their mothers despite their mother’s sacrifice. I thought for a second I had accidentally added a girl to my friend list. After pointing out the nonsense, he replied with: Wake up, Tom! It’s the joy of motherhood! Hint: If it is the joy of motherhood, how is it also a sacrifice? Bitch, please!

I think it is the ultimate challenge especially in a modern man’s life to not be mommy-whipped. Or: To become un-mommy-whipped. There are no intitiation rites at an early age that help a boy transition from being devoted to his mother towards having the metaphysical umbilical cord cut off by his father to grant him transition into the world of men. To be his own man, and not his momma’s boy.

And in fact, I think that a man can not truly love his mother unless he is independent of her. What he feels before the transition is not so much love as it is submission and attachment.

Hope I have not missed anything in my list above, but if I have, I will expand. Feel free to point out more signs of being mommy-whipped.

So long, bitchezz.

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  • Deanie Dean

    used to be me…used to be.

    One thing though #point18 , you don’t believe you should look after your mother when she gets old?

    I’m not talking about if you had a shitty relationship with your mother. I’m saying if you had an amazing relationship and she bolstered you forth, equipped for the world as a young man and actually had a strong positive influence on you-then what?

    In the old times, whether it be tribal or caveman or medieval-whatever, old parents where always looked after by their offspring.

    This was the case for thousands of years. Only recently did this old care home thing began to sprout out from the west.

    Personally i would want my kids to look after me instead of rotting to death in a care home. Seems like a really bleak ending to life to be honest.

    • Well, I used the word ‘must’.

      If you’re an independent individual with boundaries who can make a free choice about this, I see no problem with it. I like freedom. Everyone chooses how they want to live their lives and what values to follow. I just reject that it is something you ‘must’ do.

    • rox123

      Huh .. even if I wanted out of my own volition to take care of my aging parents, the second I would get the hint they expect this of me I would feel trapped and bolt.

      • Very good point. I was thinking along these lines, but I suppose I was too chicken to say it that way. Heh.

        • Deanie Dean

          Let me ask YOU Tom- how do YOU want to live as an elderly:

          1) Surrounded by kids and grandkids.
          2) Shitty bleak carehome life.

          • I don’t know. Right now I prefer alone, but it may change at old age.

            Also, it doesn’t have to be just either of those two options and being alone does not need to be ‘shitty’ and ‘bleak’.

          • Deanie Dean

            But it is. Human beings are built to be social ( unless you decide to go the endless meditation route, in which case you’ve ascended the world experience and not really about experiences things in life. Just “being”.

            Otherwise it really is bleak. I’ve seen this myself when i’m jamming away on my laptop for weeks and not talking to people. I feel really shitty afterwards (though it’s rewarding if it’s for me).

            Point is , being alone isn’t fun or fulfilling at all. Maybe some time off to ponder the meaning of life and all that.

            But prolonged definite loneliness till death? Not my peace of cake at all!

          • rox123

            You present these options as if they are on opposing ends of spectrum. Kids can also wait for you to die, not only nurses – and young children can be annoying as hell. Me wanting to live surrounded by grandchildren and children is irrelevant if they don’t agree with my plans, why would I presume on our relationships? What you’re saying is that elderly parents are entitled to want to impose on their children, but children don’t have the moral right to try to evade.

          • Since ‘morals’ is just a word, there’s no thing as a ‘moral right’ anyway. :) There’s really only guilt and shame and that kind of stuff.

          • rox123

            You’re right. Let me rephrase this:
            “What you’re saying is that elderly parents are entitled to want to impose on their children, but children are wrong to try to evade.” I know, there’re no wrong either, but I’m not talking about my kind of wrong.

          • Deanie Dean

            Who said anything about imposing mate? Just saying it’s the most efficient cycle. You look after your parents , your kids look after you and so on. Same with patriarchy-it just works.

            Society has gone on successfully for thousands of years with the nuclear family.

            All this “i don’t care about anyone else but me” created all this generacy;

            *more homosexuality than EVER.
            *more divorces than EVER.
            *more slutty girls than EVER.
            *more broken homes than EVER.

            and so on. I don’t support any of it at all.

      • Deanie Dean

        good point. for argument’s sake, consider this point of view:

        What if you mother gave you all the feminine suppport as a young man.

        Encouraged you to go gym and encouraging you to work hard in your life to get what you want, spills the truth about women to you.

        That you gotta be sexual and confident and sexually escalate if you wanna get in her pants and all other working advise.

        That you gotta go gym and wear masculine and sexy fitting clothes and maximise your looks as much as possible to give you the best chance possible.

        She’d then teach you about the various ways you can make money outside of education ( online , stocks etc ).

        By the time you hit 21 , you are much more confident than your same age friends, have mid 5 figures in the bank already , got many more folds of pussy than the average man will acquire in his entire life, like yourself and your life

        and overall, just much higher up in life- all due to your mother ( let’s be honest you did all the work, but she relentlessly encouraged you down that path.

        As you continue living your life , your mother is growing older and older until one day she says:

        “Son, i’m getting old, i am unable to support myself anymore, i need you to look after me”

        In an authentic and honest manner. What would you do? Yes or no? And WHY?

        • Is that what your mum did? Cause I dare say that this is a rather improbable set of events. That is to say … you’re basically arguing ‘if my mother were able to replace or resemble my father’. That’s a big IF and if you look at what’s more probable, the outcome is less favorable.

          That said, what would I do? I can impossibly tell, as I am not in that situation. I kinda like to decide by gut feeling and I can’t fathom what my gut feeling WOULD be if that situation were real.

          • rox123

            Hi Tom, that was exactly my point above – it sounds improbable!, like a “what if” kind of scenario.

          • Well, I personally find it hard to answer that question. Maybe smarter minds than I can!

          • Deanie Dean

            well no parents don’t age suddenly.

            In this day and age, life altering diseases like parkinson’s and arthritis do come suddenly though.

            Though that’s not the point. You are expecting her to “take care” of herself? In what manner? Financially? Physically? Spiritually? Sexually?

            There’s only so much an old person can do , when suffering from physical setbacks.

            Sure she fund herself a shitty nurse to wipe her arse every hour and shove a spoonful of can food 3 times a day- but is that really a dignified way to live?

            If you don’t mind me asking, what do YOU plan to do when you get old? Want to be surrounded by kids and grandkids playing.

            Or a shitty nurse that caters to your needs but secretly wishes to your death as you rot in your shit and simply wait for the end to come ( sounds like a bleak end to me)

          • ‘Though that’s not the point. You are expecting her to “take care” of herself? In what manner? Financially? Physically? Spiritually? Sexually?’

            Surely you are not suggesting to take care of one’s mother sexually. ;)

            ‘Sure she fund herself a shitty nurse to wipe her arse every hour and shove a spoonful of can food 3 times a day- but is that really a dignified way to live?’

            Is it a dignified way to live to have to wipe your mother’s arse?

          • Deanie Dean


            I actually did laugh at your responses. It can be humbling to be honest ( god this is turning out wrong) .

            In some African cultures it’s considered an honor to look after your old mother , you are seen as a good provided ( and yes that includes wiping her shit!)

            All i’m saying is it’s patriarchy and matriarchy that built this world to the level it is. Fathers usually die first and the mother ends up living with her eldest son.

            She takes a lot of burden off him by playing with his kids , freeing his time to spend on other things including taking “care” of his ways in all ways ;).

            Seems like a good deal to me!

          • Interesting argument, yes. Beneficial for both. That is, IF your mother is someone you want your kids around.

          • African guys seem most mommy-whipped too. Just look how they go about how they ‘respect women for being so tough’ etc. The posts that motivated me to write this article were actually from black African guys.

          • Deanie Dean

            This topic sure is heading towards never-ending topics haha!

            I meant only after they pass the metaphorical aforementioned IF. Nothing to do with being touch and all that jazz mate!

          • Well, as I said, free choice! Nothing speaks against choosing as you suggest. :) I mean, in the end, nothing speaks against being mommy-whipped either. It’s all about how you want to live your life. I think that should settle it.

          • Deanie Dean

            Ah yes, freedom of choice can settle just about any argument :D.

            Btw as i’ve mentioned i was just playing the devil’s advocate , it would only apply to people with great relationships with their mothers ( not me lol )

          • Wanting to impose on a loved one means you don’t love them. In Nature, mammal mothers raise offspring to be independent and unattached. Only human mothers raise broken, dependent children.

            I think getting old – to the point where you can’t take care of yourself – is horrifying, and I will be taking steps to ensure I never end up needing to impose.

          • Deanie Dean

            nope i had quite the shitty relationship with my mother to be blunt.

            But i know guys who’s mothers have literally been the number #1 positive influence on their lives-rare but it does exist.

            For me IF my mother did so much for me, say if i inturn had a wife and kids i would let her move in with me to be honest.

            Kids always love their grannies and she could occupy their time ( which she finds fulfilment in ) , provide them with that same positive force and i would have a lot more free time with my wife and projects!

            All in all seems a fair deal to me! Just saying IF ( lol ) she met those requirements and would actually be considered a positive influence.

          • Well, the thing is, I don’t think you can codify it to terms like ‘fair’ or ‘good relationship’. I mean, if it feels right to you to do it, by all means, it’s your free choice. Just don’t think you have to, ‘because X’.

            I mean, if I trusted outside observers, my mother was the kindest and most well-meaning and sacrificing mother and blah blah. Sometimes the trouble is under the surface and more subtle.

            So I’d say follow your gut!

          • rox123

            I know, right?
            I read so many opinions about adult children not feeling indebted to their mothers because they were shitty mothers while growing up – beating them, verbally abusing and all sorts of crazy behaviors, this invalidated what I felt towards my mother completely. I mean, my mom only slapped me twice and never verbally abused me, fed me, clothed me and sent me to school, even gave me the occasional hug .. and yet I still didn’t want to help my mom when she asked for my help.

          • Deanie Dean

            Brethren , you’ve missed the ballmark completely.

            In the first post i’ve said if she theorhetically gave alot of value to YOU! To YOU!

            Ofcourse you won’t help someone if in your eyes they haven’t given any value to YOU, it’s not about how society perceives them but how YOU perceive them.

          • rox123

            I have missed it … partially. Maybe I can’t filter out my bias because of my experience.

        • rox123

          You know, I haven’t thought that far along. Off the top of my head I know that parents don’t age suddenly and that they can plan ahead if they don’t get struck by a car while crossing the road or get a sudden diagnose of serious illness. I don’t see your scenario as a realistic one, like I said before selfless parents do not want to burden their children and plan ahead. I see this whole cultural “need to help parents in old age” as a seed planted by manipulative parents. The moment you have this thought on your backburner as a son/daughter it means parents/society have already planted this seed in your head and it’s taken roots. Inception style. Why do we talk so much about needing to take care of aging parents? The way I see it it’s because we have been programmed by parents and other people. We don’t brainwash people so much about taking care of their partners*, but with parents, especially mothers, this is almost a mantra! “Take care of your mother”. “Listen to your mother”. I haven’t experienced the same amount of brainwashing when it comes to my partner, even though in a lot of relationships the man is a lot older than the woman and might end up being old and frail before her.
          My mother has done a lot of the things you mentioned there and yet I have always felt she tried to prophilactically guilt me for wanting to grow up and gain some distance from her. I did not like this. With genuinely loving and non-manipulative family members supporting each other is a natural thing – not natural as in naturally mandatory, but naturally willing to help if it is possible – that does not need to be planted by indoctrination.

          *I know western raised people might disagree here, but I am eastern European so I think the relationships between partners are slightly different here of those in the western world – from what I gather from the internet. However I don’t think this is the case of mothers-children relationships, these seem to be universal

  • My last conversation with my mother:

    Her: Hi son, would like to have your address Love you!

    Me: Why?

    Her: I would like to send you a card for your birthday

    Me: Don’t.

    Her: I can’t without your address, so I’ll send my love. Hope it’s a great day!

    Me: It will be like every other day. Mom, you fucked up, and I am a product of your decisions. I will spend the rest of my life being alienated and alone because of you. Please do not reach out to me again. I want nothing to do with you, or anyone else in this tainted bloodline. I am not having kids, or raising a family, because I know it will just continue this cycle. I am ending it here.

    Her: I’m sorry you feel that way son, no matter what my love will never go away. I will always be here for you.

    Me: No.
    You are so delusional it’s sick.
    You don’t, and never have loved me.
    You love yourself, and I am bi-product of you.
    That is it.
    I have time to reach out to you.
    Money to see you.
    I don’t.
    I am the only thing that has come out of your existence that seems okay.
    That is what allows you to sleep at night.
    I get it.

    Her: Your obviously not okay, but as I said I’m here for you.

    Me: I am not.
    Very fucking true.
    Because for the first time in my life, I am being honest with myself.
    Maybe you should try it sometime.

    Her: Wishing you happiness son
    Life is hard for all of us, no one is free from heart ache

    Me: You done? If not, be very aware of this fact. I will never allow you to be a part of my life. If I one day figure out how to fix all the damage, and decide to move on and start a family of my own, you will not be a part of it. Yes, it has to do with the past. But more importantly, it has to do with now. You still think after everything, you are a good person, and you are not. I know I am a monster, and you created me. I can at least see that, and doing what I can to correct it. You cannot, and until you do, which I do not think you ever will, I will continue feeling the way I feel.

    Her: Your right, I am not a monster. I hope one day you’ll have love instead of hatred in your heart. You are the one who is delusional. But you are entitled to your feelings, and I will never deny you those feelings. Weather I am in your life or not my love for you will never die. If you ever do have children one day, you will understand. I can sleep at night. No matter what bad decisions in my life I made. My heart was always in the right place when it came to the most important people in my life, you kids. As it is now. And if you not having me in your life is what you want, so be it. My love is always going to be here.

    Me: You make this so much easier for me.

    Her: As long as we are being honest, it didn’t matter what I say.

    • Damn. Thanks for sharing. I feel like saying how I feel about this, but it’s probably best I keep my own interpretation out of your story. :)

      • Fire away.

        • Well, my feeling is that she imposes all her ‘love’ on you despite you expressing clear interest in having some distance.

          But the interpretation may be tainted by my own relationship with my mother that I impose on everything I see.

    • bem

      did she hit you up for money?

    • It’s fascinating how secure they can be in their own malice. She truly believes she’s a good person, despite you telling her – point blank – that she’s screwed up your life.

      Mothers are the worst…

  • John-W

    Quite some points worth considering in that list, quite a controversial subject. E.g. I might throw in a thought from Hitler where he said: the biggest optimist in the world is a mother, she will find potential in her child no matter what. So does a mother love her child? She may terribly damage the child but there´s a connection that can´t be denied.

    I want to point out a problem of mine in (specifically) the mother – son relation: a man wants to go out and fight, and fight to the death. But: a mother can never accept the death of her child, it´s an insufferable blow. So a man is not allowed to die because he mustn’t impose such pain upon his mother.

    But on the other hand, it is women and particularly women who demand the fight to the death ! Because a woman wants the alpha, wants the alpha more than anything else in her life, and wants nothing but the alpha. But the alpha is the one who won the fight, and I guess it´s more alpha if he killed his adversary.

    So now what? Are fights to the death ok or not?
    I think it should be ok. But can a mother stand it? It will seem to me that this element, the relation of a mother to her child introduces into the world that humanity that leads to the ban of violence; and I guess it also overrides the alpha question. Contradictory, something to consider (but it also points to the significance of the mother-child relation).

    • Heh, very interesting point. Yeah, the feminine wants safety. But it wants safety for the self. Hm.

      I don’t know! Probably one of those universal contradictions of the world. Maybe most easily solved by simply doing what you want: Fight to the death.

      Although I am not sure that’s what I want myself. At least not for some of the typical reasons like ‘protecting the fatherland’. But to die in freedom instead of accepting a life as a slave? Maybe I can one day find the courage for this; I am coming to the conclusion it’s inevitable to adapt this mindset, although I can’t say I like it.

      Maybe a fact of life is simply that there are conflicting interests. And that you eventually have to choose your own. Or not. What do I know.

  • Smokingjacket

    I dislike my mother. She always manipulated me and made me feel guilty. In addition, she’s completely opportunistic and has no fixed or defining values. There’s nothing honest or sincere about her and she bullied and belittled my father. Not a nice person and when she was mad with me for no reason before she said she would have aborted me if she could. How vile can you get.

    • Ouch.

      • Smokingjacket

        Well, it’s the truth. Of course we have our lighter moments, but, I’d never trust her.

  • Joelsuf

    This is sadly accurate. I don’t even think they know the damage they cause. After all, they think their intentions are good, which they are on the surface. But as Milton Friedman says, “there is nothing as bad as a good intention.”

    Its funny, most of the single moms I’ve dated and dealt with would laugh at this and go “holy shit that isn’t a parent, that’s a kid taking care of a kid!” in disgust. But then again they also know the importance of general nurturing, which is lost on most parents these days not just single moms. Most parents aren’t even parents, they are overgrown children who just want to boss someone around. And it isn’t just single mothers its pretty much every parent no matter what gender they want to be.

    I had a single mother and she didn’t do any of this shit. AND she was a member of NOW lol. But when she moved away and I lived with my dad, he did most of this. I’d love for someone to explain that haha.

    Not defending them at large here, just saying that exceptions do exist. Here’s hoping the exceptions (like my mother) stick around.

    • Most parents aren’t even parents, they are overgrown children who just want to boss someone around.

      This is so true. The infantilisation of Society, undertaken with a view to creating boys for war, girls for sale.

  • Joelsuf

    And its no surprise that you got the idea of this from black dudes. Black mothers are some of the most oppressive people around. They even admit that themselves and joke about it.

  • Old Goat

    So I’m not the only one that cut their mother out of their lives because of what an abusive, contradictory, vile human being she is? It’s funny now, looking back on how many years I spent suffering, being in bad relationships, taking it out on myself because I thought I was defective, compared with how much my life has improved since finding Red Pill Truth. A big thank you to everyone that shares their story and writes articles like this.

    • Thank you sir, and thanks for commenting.

  • Dano

    Doesn’t most of these hurtful relationships stem from the fact that the media/movies/books whatever in general try to portray a specific image about mothers? They always seem to be caring, loving, giving, etc. It’s because we have this sort of image in our heads that when our mom does something to hurt us, we flip out- “you aren’t like other mothers! You hurt me! You don’t care about me! YOU ARE ABNORMAL.” So this notion starts to circle throughout our brains that our mother is abnormal (maybe even mentally ill to some extent) And so what would be the first logical thing to do? To cut this poison out of your life. I have been in a somewhat similar situation- except it wasn’t my mom- it was my older sister. But the thing is- It was impossible to cut her off- I had to deal with her every day. It wasn’t my choice. I was hurt for a good 2 years- but I gave in. I decided that I am not going to let myself be hurt by her- so the only thing I had to do was accept her for who she was. Ya, she wasn’t the perfect older sister everyone seems to have- but whatever. Now I love her for her imperfections- and I am much MUCH MUCH happier. But the only reason I am were I am today is because of that force in my life that prevented me from completely cutting her off- And now I am happy? Not because the situation was solved, but because I have learned that this world is not going to go the way you want it to- this is not a fantasy- happiness can stem out of so called “terrible things”.

    • It’s all a game. Things just are what they are. I have a lot of trouble accepting other people and I actually hate most people. I also severely distrust practically all people.

      I cut my mother out of my life and I couldn’t possibly be happier about the choice. Was it the ‘right’ choice? I don’t know. What does ‘right’ mean?

      • Dano

        I definitely don’t have the answer to that. How can you know what is “right” when you don’t even know the outcome of another choice you could have made (also, I don’t believe in the terms right or wrong). This is a poem I wrote a few years ago:

        “It was a gift for man.

        Unraveling the secrecy of the world
        To not observe nor appreciate.
        we unfold to recreate
        To break down and reform.
        And so it began, the new era
        Of screws and hands
        Creating what man may lose or not have.

        Destroying to create a new human nation
        Shedding ethics and morality
        Searching for sanity,
        As if we were all insane…

        What side do you take? I am asked
        A coin has 2 sides. A cube has 6.
        A side? Have humans forgot that they once accused the earth of being flat… when in reality it has no edges.
        The truth is always restricted by human idiocity”

        To be honest, I don’t know what I was thinking for the first part, but the last part is an idea I still explore- can we really label something as “wrong” or “right” ?
        Your decision to cut your mother out of your life was how the world unfolded- that is that- not “right” or “wrong”. Because to your mom and others, it may have been the wrong choice. But to others, it may seem like the right choice. It’s really all up to you- and in the end- your fate is in your hands. What is it that YOU want?
        For me, I decided that if I can overcome this hurdle- I can become a stronger person. To you, strength was independence. To me, strength was acceptance.

        • Yup. Sounds ‘right’. I am not sure if it was strength I was after, or what I gained. Either way, it’s what I wanted and what I chose.

          Destroying to create a new human nation
          Shedding ethics and morality
          Searching for sanity,”

          That part is pretty cool. Nice rhymes and contradictions.

      • Dano

        “I also severely distrust practically all people.” When you trust someone, that means you entrust something to them, right? I don’t trust anyone at all either- I will never let some part of my fate be in the hands of someone else. But I think this is because we trusted too much in the beginning. I don’t hate people because I can’t trust them- I think I’ve accepted the idea that everyone puts themselves first, and that they themselves are their own interests. How should I put it, what our idea of trust i think is pretty stupid. I think a different type of “trust” can be more beneficial in this world. For example, say someone is dealing with a certain situation/problem. And say they tell their friend about this problem- and their friend comes up with a solution for them/ or they put in their input. This step was problematic? Why? Because then the person dealing with the situation starts to rely on their friend- they put their trust into someone else. Say this friend eventually moves out of town or cuts all ties with the person. Then they are left all alone again and hurt. However, if instead of giving their input, this friend just listens to the situation, and tells the person suffering “yo, you’ve got this. I trust you. I have faith in you. You will come out okay. I have faith in you, so have faith in yourself.” Don’t you think this is a pretty nice way to go about things? I feel like this way, you won’t rely on anyone, but instead will learn how to rely on yourself. So what I am trying to conclude, honestly, I’m not really sure. Maybe that we shouldn’t expect others to be our saviors- Maybe we should empower other people to empower themselves- something along that line.

        Unfortunately, I can’t seem to put my thoughts down properly, so I’m sorry for the jumble of words.

        • Yeah … the problem is my head is still full of lies (or are they?) about how you SHOULD trust people. In a way, I don’t hate people as much as I hate myself for wanting to trust them despite knowing that they are vicious.

          I feel the same way about stuff, not relying on others. But it’s another question of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. It depends on the situation, aye? In a way, we are always dependent on somebody or something. And that somebody or something never gives a guarantee. Even if we had a farm that we cared for on our own, we would be dependent on the weather etc. Life is inherently unsafe.

          • Dano

            You partially think this way because of what happened with your mom, correct? Don’t know your story, so I won’t leave my thoughts on it- that will just be insensitive of me. Like I said in a previous comment, I’m starting to cross my boundaries- and step into unfamiliar territory. I can’t dwell much deeper into the subject.

            I think it’s a misconception that people are vicious. Don’t let yourself hate. I think you may be falling into something that is pretty painful. Don’t hate. Don’t love either. Just be.

          • Yeah yeah, just get lost already… lol