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Learn how to pass shit tests from Donald Trump

Look at this interview excerpt from 60 Minutes from 2015. See how the reporter constantly nags him? You would think only bitches do so-called shit tests, but then, men can be bitches, too. How does he handle the shit tests? He doesn’t. He is oblivious to it. Shit tests are not logical tests where you have to give the right answer. They are emotional hacks that only work on insecure people. When you are insecure, a shit test triggers shame, guilt or fear. These emotions compel you to give an answer you think the other person may want to hear. Trump is oblivious to them. Why? Because he says This is a shit test, I need to agree and amplify? Or because he pushes himself up with affirmations like I am the shit, I am always right? No. He doesn’t need to use tricks to pass shit tests, because he is simply not vulnerable to them. He talks to a bitchy moderator and he probably just thinks Well, this guy is bitchy. If even. He probably does not even care. He talks facts and gives straight answers even to obvious passive-aggressive interrogation-type questioning.

What’s the secret? Should you imitate him? Nah. You should fucking heal your shame and guilt and fear issues and then you will not feel the need to justify yourself to someone else just because that other person holds different values. You will just think Oh well, alright, so this person doesn’t like what I do. That’s okay, I can respect that.

Probably, you will not even think about it. You will not need to judge or categorize the other person’s behavior. You will just treat them with respect, even if they are bitchy. Why? Because you are strong enough not to care about whether that makes you look weak or something. It will just be a matter of: Well, I treat everybody the same. Not because of who they are, but because of who I am.

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  • Interesting. I dismiss shit tests like Mr. Trump. I also do not feel shame, guilt, or fear. I have some other shitty feelings, but thankfully none of those. Great article. You hit on a lot of good points in a clear and concise manner.

  • Nice. Yeah I can’t imagine Trump or any successful man sitting there thinking of how to respond rather they just respond from the core of their being and because that core is masculine/powerful/alpha whatever you want to call it, they “pass”. Though pass is the wrong word, that would be like throwing a rock at the great wall of china and when the wall didn’t break saying hey it passed the rock throwing test lol.

    • Haha, nicely said. Good comparison!