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I went to look for the Munich shooter

To spoil the fun in advance, I did not find the shooter, so if you want to read a heroic story, don’t bother reading. This is more of an intelligent rant about stupid sheeple and an infantilizing and incompetent government.

I would not even have noticed anything about the shooter if someone had not asked me about it. It made me curious and I took my bike and drove to the shooting site.

Weird thing is, despite having been there, I had difficulty finding the place. I was almost under the impression that the universe was trying to keep me away from it. Like glitches in the Matrix, I came to all kinds of strange places and a sense of surreality gripped me, surely fueled by the fear I felt. The fear which was the reason why I wanted to go there. That morbid curiosity of mine.

As I came within two kilometers of the place or so, dozens of police cars and vans, special units in black cars and a handful of ambulances drove by with sirens.

I had to ask for the way a few times. Man, those fucking sheep. I would ask them for direction and they would usually tell me reluctantly, pointing out that there were closed down streets by the police. One guy condescendingly called me crazy after I freely admitted that I was curious what was going on. Fuckin cowardly snob. One guy, some type of park guard, even deliberately pointed me in the wrong direction after mustering me. Aside from knowing it was the wrong direction, I could see in his face that he was lying.

Gawd, how I hate people who are assholes out of some bullshit good intent. The most despicable type of arrogance of all.

Add to all this weirdness that the Apple Maps app seemed to stop working the moment I entered the location – the OEZ (Olympic Shopping Center). Really, as if the Matrix wanted to keep me away from there, did not want me to see what was there. I was under the impression the app was trying to make me believe I was going in the opposite direction than I was actually going.

I crossed some bridge and saw a girl chilling in front of a sign. The sign said “closed road”. A bit behind that sign, two police cars and a few policemen were blocking the way.

Now, the funny thing is that these blocks were sometimes in totally random and pointless places. This one was in front of the Olympic village. It was incredibly easy to just take a little detour and I ended up in the village, still not quite sure which direction to go.

Seemingly disorganized police force

Anyhow, I tried to get out on the other side of the village, only to be stopped by two cops with machine guns. I pretended not to know what was going on, so they told me. I asked them which way the site was, so that I could avoid passing it when going home. They pointed into some direction that was a bit in the direction I had come from. Now the moronic thing here was that they were not stopping me from going back in that direction, but stopping me from getting out of the village in the other direction. They advised me to take another little detour and get home quickly.

A group of maybe 30 people was also sitting around there, seemingly bored to death.

Well, and now comes the most terribly moronic thing. I took that detour and guess where I ended up? Behind the cops who were trying to stop me. It was a totally useless blockage. No point in it at all.

That was the moment where I started to feel like something was fishy about the whole thing.

I drove on a little and asked for direction once more. This time I ran into an old lady and some young dude. They were, for a change, very open and friendly. The young dude showed me a smartphone video he had been sent, showing the shooter open fire at people. It was weird. He was basically standing in front of a group of people, lifting his pistol and shooting. People turned around and ran away. But he did not seem to hit anyone. Was he shooting blanks? I could not shake off the impression that it looked fake and acted.

Here is the video in a suboptimal quality:

We chatted a little and I then proceeded to attempt to get there.

The road was unfortunately blocked. But once more, I simply took a muddy side road which was completely free of police. At some point, though, I had to leave behind my bicycle and walk on rail tracks a little.

It was getting dark at that point and it had been a few hours since the shooter had made his debut.

And I was more and more starting to wonder how the fuck they had still not caught him. How the fuck is that possible? When I punched a cop last year, the place was crawling with cops within minutes, but you are telling me that somebody can start shooting people in a well-crowded place and be able to easily get away with it? Strange shit.

I passed a bridge underway which was also closed down. I moved on a little and eventually, I was no more than half a kilometer away from the original shooting site. At this point, I was sneaking through bushes and the woods. I saw a few fireflies on the ground and in the simmering blackness of the forest, the dim little fluorescent light seemed very mystical to me.

I arrived at the edge of that forest where a broad road was frequented by police and special forces cars (black cars with sirens). Now, weirdly, most of the police cars there were heading away from the original shooting site, towards the North. The helicopters were in the North, as well.

Now as I was sitting there, I realized how easy it would be for the shooter to get away. Unless he was really fucking stupid enough to walk around gun-blazing on the broad blocked main roads, it would have been fucking simple to just slip into the woods and get away.

Uncomfortable realizations

No, it would indeed be much simpler. It would suffice to perhaps switch the t-shirt and ditch the gun. And he would be just another sheep. Nobody would be able to tell him from another curious civilian.

And that thought started to make me very uncomfortable. What if some cop saw me sneaking through the woods? How could he possibly know that I am not the shooter? Luckily, none of the dozen of cars noticed me. I even jumped out of the woods for a few seconds to get an overview and then sneaked back in. Nobody noticed. Weird, right?

Anyway, that thought made me realize that I had a better chance getting shot by one of the thousands of cops around than by the shooter himself. A dark fear embraced me and seemed to transform the world, as if I was entering into some dangerous parallel reality. I felt like I was in a warzone where one wrong move could cost me my life.

And that made me think about what a fragile illusion all this purported safety is. How thin the veil of the lie that we deserve a safe live, sheltered from all thoughts about death and danger.

It also made me realize how fucking helpless the police is. Mind you, the area they were searching was maybe a few kilometers in diameter, but even with a force of a few thousand units, there were infinitely many blind spots where one could slip through. When we watch a Hollywood movie about a criminal fleeing, the police always get him. Somehow. Magically. I wonder how that is supposed to work in real life. Maybe it would work if every civilian was a cop and knew exactly what you looked like. But that is so far from being a realistic proposition that it is laughable.

Like it or not, I am now firmly convinced that the police is helpless to prevent things like these. It is close to pointless to even try. You would need a tight police state ruled by intense fear, and even that would likely not prevent it completely. Hell, even if you installed enough CCTVs to monitor every single place, you would need an incredibly huge amount of people to watch the feeds of those monitors. Totally unfeasible.

But the scary thing about this experience was the realization that you just need the tiniest pretense to justify turning the land into a police state. The shooter could very well have been just a fake, some puppet paid to shoot blanks at people. And the feeling I had there, that must have been the feeling you have when living in such a police state. A place where you are afraid of every single step you make out of fear of not being falsely prosecuted, turning everyone into a potential suspect. A societal auto-immune disease. No doubt, half of the terror out there could just be a plot to appeal to people’s emotions and allow more governmental control.

Anyhow, I was getting tired and in the darkness of night, it was very unlikely I would get to see any real action, so I headed back.

Media reporting

At home, I surfed a little on Twitter.

Our financial minister wrote a typical tweet about Our thoughts are with the victims. Now, no assumptions please.

And I thought: Who the fuck cares about what you think, dude? Who needs your thoughts? Who needs you to tell them not to make assumptions?

The Twitter account of Munich’s police force urged people to not publish any photo and video material and send it to them instead.

Well, why the fuck not? I got into a few short debates with people who were blindly trusting in this nonsense. Why would you keep such information away from the people? Why do people not deserve to know? Think they can not handle the truth?

Preventing panic?

One of them seemed to be a policeman himself. He wrote that you need to prevent panic.

Panic? What the fuck? Let me tell you something, dear reader. In the few hours I have been out, no matter how close to the shooting site, I did not see a single person panic. Not a single one.

Most people were just bored to death, and maybe a little curious, waiting for it to be over. I had trouble seeing a single person who was sincerely afraid even. That one old lady who was on her way home did not even seem very afraid. She was simply going away from the danger out of the rational consideration of her life. But she did not seem in any way severly disturbed.

Those who did not wait for it to pass were usually walking around relaxedly and without any apparent worries, even when close to the shooting site. The biggest concern they seemed to have when I told them I was curious was that the police would stop me from entering. They were not scared of the shooter, they were just intimidated by authority.

Here is a few video sequences I did with my smartphone:

Do you see any panic? I do not.

That made me realize what a big fat lie all those sensationalist media articles are.

Munich is in shock!

No, it is not.

Guess what. People are far more mature and emotionally equipped to handle such things. People are not the scared infants that the media wants us to believe they are.

I think people are more mature than all our politicians and police forces, in some ways.

But when we read Munich is in shock!, we think: Oh well, it seems everybody else is afraid, so I should probably be afraid, too. I should respect their feelings.

Know that saying that everybody thinks that everybody else likes the government and blindly believes all the media says? Well, I think that if anything, this is a gross minority. Most people, I think, are not what the infantilizing media makes us believe they are. People are not as powerless as you would be made believe they are. But the mere thought that everyone else is powerless makes you feel powerless yourself.

This big fear in the population does not exist. It is manufactured by the media. And people end up being afraid because they think it is the right thing to be.

Also take a look at this uploaded video of policemen with MP5s walking through the inner city:

Where is the panic? There is none. The only panic seems to come from the screeching policemen who shout Alle weg da!. In bad English: Everybody, move away from there!

Our heroic police force?

And then I read numerous Twitter messages about what an outstandingly great job our police force is doing. Some praised it for the great media work they were doing on Twitter … seriously?

Okay, let’s recapitulate here.

There were some officially confirmed 3.200 police units buzzing around yesterday.

And yet, they could not prevent a single death. They could not catch the shooter. The shooter offed himself eventually and his dead body was found by the police.

So I am wondering: What exactly is the outstandingly great job they did? Yes? I am all ears!

Because having the intent to do something good does not mean you have actually done it. As I see it, the police failed miserably. Supposing the whole story is true!

And think of it. It may seem impressive for hundreds of police cars wailing through the city with their sirens. But how helpful do you think this is to catching a shooter who can hear you miles away against the wind? That is not strategy, that is simply stupidity.

What a brainless fucking gameplan. Who in their right mind would think that this is a smart and effective way of catching the shooter? It once more confirms my conviction that cops are just damn fucking stupid. For all the impressive sirens and special forces cars, they did not even see me hiding in the woods while passing by.

The safety promised by police is a fucking illusion and a scam and people should know that. Police is great at projecting an image of competence, but it is not actually that competent.

If you were really intent on getting the guy, why not send undercover people who look like normal civilians, but are armed? The shooter will not see them coming. He will not suspect them.

Or even better: Let everyone be their own undercover cop:

How could it have been stopped?

Now, people argue against gun rights. Maybe it is time to reconsider. Do you think a single unskilled shooter with a pistol would have gotten away with shooting 9 people and wounding dozens of others over the course of many hours if people were allowed and trained to carry guns? No fucking way!

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. And obviously, even our strict German gun laws did not stop someone who had once been institutionalized (this follows from a video of the shooter having a dialogue with a resident) from getting a gun.

It is not like having a gun automatically turns you into a psychopathic killer. There are people out there who are severely emotionally wounded and thus see no other way than to let off the steam by committing such acts. But unless you are such a person, a gun won’t make you one. Violent video games won’t make you one. It is a belief so irrational and ridiculous, it borders on comicality.

No racism, please!

I don’t consider myself a racist, but the video of the guy having a conversation with a resident clearly shows an Arabic dialect. It is very easy to pick up on when you are German. I grew up in an immigrant area. Each nationality of immigrants have their own quite specific way of pronouncing and speaking. I don’t know whether that is based on their native language or genes. But I know that it is obvious for anyone with a modicum of linguistic ability.

Here is the video of that conversation:

Side note: See how fucking scared the resident is? He shouts at the shooter and insults him for being a fucking asshole. Yeah. We, the people, are so fucking helpless and scared… only cops are courageous and heroic.

It’s one thing to say that all Muslims are terrorists or some nonsense like that. I mean, feel free to believe it, I don’t mind. I just think it is an irrational generalization. But, denying facts does not make you less of a racist. It just makes you stupid. For an analogy, look at the black crime statistics of the US. There are similar statistics for Germany. Cry racist all you want, but aside from generalized interpretations, that is simply a fact.

And it turns out I was right. The guy was of German-Iranian descent. Well, how is it racist to state a simple truth? It is not.

Weird Leaks

Another thing that always boggled me about released leaks of shootings and published videos by the media was the horrible quality. Here is the LiveLeaks account of the original shooting video:


Notice something? It is blurry like hell. How is that possible in an age of HD iPhones?

This is the video that the young dude showed me in the original. The original was crystal clear and sharp. How the fuck do you muddle up a video to look like it does there on LiveLeaks? That must take some special effort.

Is it all a hoax?

What if the shooting never happened? All the time while out, I had this gut feeling as if the whole thing was just a big fraud to show off their so-called police competence. The weird video is just one aspect of it.

Not saying I know the absolute truth, but I am apparently not the only one having suspicions something may be off:

Although it is always wise to question the inner conspiracy theorist.


Our media and government and police force infantilizes us. And aside from the fact that I hate this, it is simply an invalid thing to do.

We are not unable to handle truth. We really are not.

People are not those scared sheep. Where does all the panic come from? Well, it comes from nowhere. It does not exist. It is a fucking myth, spread by policians and authorities who seem to be much more tense and scared than the populace itself.

Are we afraid of terror? No, we are only afraid to speak up and say we are not. Because that would be politically incorrect. The poltically correct sheep must be afraid of terror. Why? Well, because our so-called leaders say so. It is not a real fear. It is a manufactured fear, manufactured through social pressure to conform. Just like a woman’s inherent desire is most usually probably not to have a stupid career, but she thinks she has to want that. In the same way, we are made to believe we have to be afraid.

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  • ten zły

    Interesting article, makes you think.
    Terrorist want to cause terror, police wants it too and media are no different. So who is the enemy?

    Obvious enemy would be the terrorists, and dont get me wrong they are, but who lets tons of uncheck people from third world shithole to europe every fucking year? In their home country things like that are norm. What would make anyone expect difference here?

    It is done on purpose to cause chaos and panic.

    And as for escaping police, i have done that once sucessfuly in my younger days. Easy just go trough few fenses to woods and you are good.

    They just kept driving around roads searching for me and my friend. And hell like we were using roads.

  • Micah Geni

    Automatons are already dead. There is no reason left for them to become scared. They are simply a walking pile of dead meat, that eat, shits and pollutes.

    The possible scenarios, they deny to even consider imaginable. In fact, they, the automatons, would even report you to the police, if you would try to draw another possibility of what really took place. I somehow spent quite a few months in prison resently, after investigating their minds. It is all pretty dead. 9 of 10. They got offended. Tossed me out from pubs. If I questioned the reasons for doing it, since we do have freedom of speech and yadda yadda. Mobile phones, cops were called. And like it was in your case, the cops was freaking fast. They came like 2 minutes or less, after (mostly bouncers) had called them. (They can come quickly, if they really really want to be there, at the scene of the crime, fast)

    So what is there to do ? Well.. Maybe GMO, vaccines and all that crap are feasible and fair ways to return the dead meat back to earth. After all, they buy the products that they want to buy, and if they prefer to pay for their own death, well so be it. These products are yet to be forced upon them, but we are approaching that phase more and more, via plutocracy and oligarchi… Apropos, Bayern just bought Monsanto.. Now I bet GMO’s will become even bigger in Europe, with Bayern in charge.. And in the US, they force “vaccines” on to innocent children. Just look at the US.. 200 vaccines before the age of 10.

    These automatons, have been “produced” by the global elite, for decades. I guess TV, vaccines, electronics have all been usefull tools, but in the end, people have still been able to avoid most of the crap, if they really wanted to avoid it all. And today we do have the internet, where the people who truly desire to learn and to know, “shall find”..”Those that seek”….
    The other, the Automatons, Living Dead Meat Piles, they are decent enough slaves, and they make the rich people even richer. They do not really question what they do either, the automatons. Give them a car and a diamond ring, and life is fine..

    Then we come to this point in time, where even the richies starts to figure out that they are not gonna get away from Earth in the nearest future. They will have to stay on this planet. The robots are coming so they do not really need slaves any longer. They have other tools to do the jobs for them. The robots. Well, I tend to consider the majority as robots, but lazy robots. These new ones, that they are developing, are cheaper and smarter. But what is left of the planet that even the elite will have to live on ?

    The soil is full of crap. Animals are dying. Dead fish, turtles, whales with stomach full of plastic bags. One part of the world demands free surgery to overcome their sufferings from overeating and thus have become extremely fat. The other half starves to death. Clean food is hard to get, even without the use of pesticides. Previous years of use, are still left in the soil. Agenda 21 seems actually pretty “reasonable” the more you think about it. But “we” (Shiva & Eye), dont want to break cosmic-karmic laws. People must be given a chance to “wake up”, to start to think . How can they be given some chances ? Sandy Hook ? Other half-staged accidents ?

    The ones who do wake up, will also discover there are alternatives. The dead ones, will keep doing what they have been doing. Paying for their own early deaths. Fine enough, isnt it ? Are you gonna miss “most of Munich” ? Do you think “God” is gonna miss them ?

    Tom. The psychiatry. I have come to believe.. not 100% sure or anything. But I do believe, that psychiatry is a 2 edged sword. Some heads are chopped opp, but other heads, are actually “redeemed” and given a chance to do what they came here to do, by being given a diagnosis. Psychiatry is a potential “exit Matrix” door.

    Because there cannot be any doubt, that it is the society that really suffers from schizophrenia, as in “being deluded”. The majority. The large majority. Make no mistake, if their ‘long awaited saviour’ would come back, in any random western society, for a second coming, he would be crucified once again, all over the so called modern societies. Asia, may be the exception. Yet these retards, still keep waiting for the poor guy to bother to come back, and to save them from their own evilness, cowardness and psychopathic retardness. I pointed this out to a psychiatrist, when I was in prison and was interviewed to test my sanity (lol.. But the 2 shrinks were really cool and smart guys, so it was pretty good.. Males of course. No materliastic medicine stupid typical woman shrink). He concurred. He was 100% behind me, in the idea that if my “home town”‘s precious saviour they call Jesus, had walked that hellbent shithole of a corrupted city, they would have “crucified” him, by psychiatry or prison. In prison, many “angels”, had spent plenty of time in both institutions.
    It is a complement, to be suspected for “illness” in an insane society. At least the presumed ill ones, have a decent change to actually turn out to be the sane ones.

    I was in solitary confinement, when Munich happened. But I did have a TV, with CNN, so I could see some offical videoes. Good thing your old boss did not see you on your bike, in the area of the crime. He would have called police to rat you as a possible suspect. If so, the cops would have been given a reason to ransake your appartment again. Which might have given your ex boss a big hard on, the imagination of you being harrased by cops. DDR, all over Europe. The majority consider DDR “Utopia, Atlantis II”, I fear

    Blue star kachina:
    “I am the watcher in the sky. I see universes die” (Kai Hansen):

  • Micah Geni

    Symbolically speaking..

    It was a shopping center. An attack against Mater(ialism). According to rumors, the Knights Templar are Pro-Mater. There was 9 + 1 original templars. 1 dead, 9 wounded in this attack. Against Mater.
    Assassins Creed ? Speculations, but quite interesting

    You see, no mat(t)er how much the feminists nag, fact is:

    Europe is and has been for a very long time, a Matriarchy. Individualism is prohitibted. Laziness and slave-importation (immigrants.. food for the bureaucratic vampires) are rewarded. Materialism is all that matter.. Indivdualistic ethnical men, are put to prison for very low and shitty charges. The women, are never there. I was in prison with a guy that 19 year old. He punched a cop that harrased him. 10 months, on charges, with no trial. Then 12 months in total, after psychiatric evalution. He was considere “Low IQ”. All somalians are considered “Low IQ” and let loose quickly after arrest. This boy was an Aryan. So he spent 10 months in prison, closed prison, before trial took place and before psychiatric evaluation was given to him, he had waited like 7 months on that evaluation.. It all could have been boiled down to 1 month, if our society really wanted to…. Closed prison, means that we have solitary confinment if we dont conform. But non-solitary, is still 23 hours in a cell 3 days a week. Then we have common meals, which is 1.5 hours in total. So 24 hours in a cell, minus food and minus 1 hour outdoors. Monday to Thursday, we work and there were twice as much common time. About 2.5 hours, 4 days a week. Still quite a lot alone time in the cell. For those who deny to work for 3 dollars salary each day, they will have to spend time on the cell. They do get the extra common time hour, monday to friday, and food time. But 20 hours in the cell, 7 days a week, for the people who do not attend a slave job. Some few are admitted to take some classes the school offers. Mostly those that never did fulfill their basic school, and are still young enough to get a job. The salary, in total, 1 week, was enough to buy on pack of tobacco. One pack of tobacco is about 35 Euros. A week prison salary + “basic prison income” in Norway ;-).. Basic income in prison, was about 4 Euros earch day. 20 Cigarettes, is about 12 Euros. Aint easy to get rich in prison.

    A women bit a cop. She was sentenced to 17 days. When you bite a cop, you can infect them with HIV and other diseases. She got 17 days. The young kid in prison, got 10 months waiting for a trial. And then he was released 1 months or so, after the trial. Is that really a patriarchy ? Me dont think so.

    It is fucking snow-white’s society and her 7 pissboys. Those 7 pissboys, are the cops of today.