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The braindead sect of so-called truthers

I bet my ass there are many conspiracies out there. But as long as the mindless sect of so-called truthers has it trademarked, it will likely never be revealed. If I didn’t know better – I actually don’t – I would assume that the truthers are in fact a government project with the explicite goal of making everybody who seriously questions things look like an idiot through association with this group.

So I am kinda waking up to a lot of bullshit in this world and a lot of lies, and I see a nice Facebook group called something like Exposing the Matrix of Lies. Sweet! I figure I’d go in there with an open mind and all that.

Lo and behold, to my liking, there are many accounts of police brutality et cetera.

But then, there is an equal amount of utter bullshit. One big example is the flat earth movement.

Bullshit example: The flat earth

Now, as I said, I like to keep an open mind. Maybe the earth is flat. I have never personally been to space and theoretically, all the evidence could be fake, however improbable that is.


However open my mind is, I need to hear convincing arguments. And I just don’t see them. There are a few examples of NASA videos with air bubbles which could indicate that the stuff has been filmed underwater to simulate zero gravity. Fair enough.

But then, one of the most typical arguments you will hear is that if the earth was actually spinning with 1000mph at the equator, we would all fly off. As a comparison, they state gravitrons, which spin with some 50mph at the outer rim and push you outwards very strongly.

It sounds convincing. Until you think about it.

I am sure my readers here will not have trouble following my argument, so I’ll keep it short: If you drive with a car at 50mph in a straight line at constant speed, what do you feel? Exactly, nothing. Now, if you try to drive in a mild curve with the same speed, what do you feel? A slight centrifugal pseudo-force seemingly pushing you outside the curve.

Now, if you drive with 50mph into an almost rectangular curve? What happens? Exactly, you will feel the shit pulling at you like crazy and possibly you will crash.

1000mph seems fast, but you gotta put it into relation to the curvature of the earth, which is very minor.

The centripetal force is, hence, in no direct relation to the travel velocity. Rather, the travel velocity in combination with the degree of curvature is relevant.

Are they really that dumb?

You would think that people who are after truth would have an open mind and accept all kinds of questions and engage in debates with curiosity and ease.

Guess again.

The truthers I conversed with are some of the most arrogant, close-minded and dumb people I ever encountered.

Although the more I think about it, the less I believe they are truly dumb. It does not make sense. Nobody can be honestly that stupid.

Government-financed pseudo-opposition?

Here is a little thought experiment: What would I do if I were the government and wanted to cover up conspiracies? I would need to catch all those fish who try to jump out of the pond of indoctrinated madness. But I can hardly expect them to come to me, can I? So I deliberately instate little groups of truthers everywhere. Those will basically be groups of people who seemingly question me and expose me.

Now, if someone starts to move deeper down the rabbit hole, he will seek for like-minded people and bam, that is where I catch him. He will gravitate towards these little truther groups and when he arrives there, I will pressure and brainwash him into something that seems to be compatible with his discoveries, but is way too illogical to prove anything.

Under the pretense of teaching him individual thought, I will pressure him into accepting all the looney conspiracy theories and moronic arguments.

If he questions the simplified arguments and bullshit, I will tell him that he has to open his mind more, that he is still indoctrinated by the government etc.

Basically, under the pretense of critical thought, I will lure him into relinquishing all critical thought and turn him into a harmless and neutered part of a fake opposition.

Intimidation and indoctrination tactics

Whenever I questioned the proposed conspiracy theories, I was confronted with these reactions:

  • Ad hominems and accusations: Sheep, shill, government pawn, liar, ignorant, blind, indoctrinated, insane, etc.
  • Ridicule: Memes depicting incredulous faces of wise personas like the Dalai Lama, Neo or others that our pop-culture associates with the red pill.
  • Patronizing attempts to help and teach: Memes with profound-sounding stuff like Open your mind! or Open your eyes! or The eyes can’t see when the mind is blind! or Take the red pill!
  • Baseless dismissals: WTF? or Serious? or How can you actually believe that? or Baalshit! (Reference to the devil, curiously)
  • Lame psychology / pseudo self-pity: Why does everybody cry so hard when I tell them the earth is not round? Mind you that I did not cry, merely questioned his arguments…
  • Ironically, rejection of reason: Look, the shill knows better, the shill has math! is what I got when I argued that you could calculate the to-be-expected centripetal force of the earth.
  • Ignoring of arguments.
  • Appearance of superiority: You are just wasting my time here.
  • Appeal to pride: I originally thought you were smarter than that. If you were a real truther, you wouldn’t be here regurgitating the indoctrinated baalshit we were all programmed with.
  • Appeal to common sense: They have indoctrinated us so much that we do not trust our own senses anymore. Which is of course true in a sense, but this is brought up to justify totally bogus arguments.
  • Appeal to fear/shock: You have been lied to!
  • Accusations of being a devil worshipper, heartless, etc.

In hindsight, all these are psychological tricks to make me question my own sanity and thinking and to make me want to qualify myself to them by understanding their so-called truths. To make me feel guilty and ashamed for thinking what I think, for bothering them with my unconscious malintent.

Whenever I brought up – in my opinion – reasonable arguments, they were pretty much ignored. One example of that is the argument above about the earth surface rotation speed. Another example of that was me arguing that it is not illogical for the earth to appear large in comparison to the moon on one photohraphy and small in another:

Luckily, I used to be a photography teacher and this is easily explained with focal length and perspective. The guy said I was talking bullshit, so I promised him to post examples, which I did. I made a rather lengthy post explaining the implications of focal length and perspective. What was his response? A photo of an incredulous monkey-face, a few WTFs, some hashtags called #shilldrenofthemoon and stuff like that. Accusations of me wasting his time etc.

I mean, yeah, seriously? (Pun intended.) You are some random guy on the internet and you think you are actually important enough for me to want to waste your time without reason? Grow the fuck up!

All in all, the tactics they used to make me see truth eerily remind me of this great article on indoctrination I read a while back.

Emotional manipulation

One does not have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that the truthers use other highly manipulative elements in their campaign.

For instance, look at any conspiracy video of your choice. Unless you find an exception, they will be:

  • Dubbed with a mysterious, fearful soundtrack – cause the government is evil and all that.
  • Saturated with words like indoctrinated, sheep, blind, ignorant, the stupid masses.
  • Saturated with references to some elites or wealthy families, symbols and pseudo-evidence that only appears meaningful because of the scary soundtrack and the dramatic voice of the narrator.
  • Jumping from one argument to another, making it impossible for the brain to actually focus on one idea and process it.
  • In general, all these components together increase the stress level until you eventually just feel the need to give in and believe.

If you are so rational, why don’t you leave away the dramatic soundtrack and all your references to the ignorant masses and the evil conspiracy and just present facts and arguments objectively?

I know why. Cause this is not about truth. This is about an agenda. In the best case scenario, this is about you making money from selling books full of bogus ideas, dear truther. Or about group cohesion and a feeling of belonging.

Why else would you keep simplifying? Why else would you refuse to inquire more deeply? Why else would you ignore sound arguments?

Or perhaps at some point in your life, you stopped caring about the truth – and started caring more about exposing lies. Like a drug addict, you need something to expose. Truth only matters to you if somebody lies about it.

Irrational conclusions

Another very typical mode of operation of truthers seems to be:

  1. Take some official truth.
  2. Question this truth.
  3. Don’t even bother actually attempting to answer these questions.
  4. Assume that the fact that you have unanswered questions is proof of a conspiracy.
  5. Assume that the complete opposite of the official truth is true, however ridiculous.

You can pretty much observe this throughout the videos. They bring up many questions and then, instead of coming up with possible answers, the jump to the conclusion that they are being lied to and manipulated et cetera and that everything is bullshit. And curiously, without any evidence, they just believe the complete opposite. Based on what? Common sense!

Truthers warn about the government using fear for indoctrination, but as a matter of fact, their own narrative techniques reek of fearmongery and non sequiturs.


As I said, I think there are many conspiracies out there. Why wouldn’t there be? What’s simpler than to come up with a conspiracy?

That said, I think the truther movement is just a red herring, there to distract from serious and reasonable inquiry. There are things they say that I agree with and I actually like the fact that they challenge things like the round earth – because who else does that? – but their arguments are simply not up to it.

When I look at all the emotional manipulation they engage in, I have to seriously wonder whether the truther movement in itself is not a conspiracy. In the least, it is a sect. And I am fucking glad I have nothing to do with it.

In the end, I got kicked out because I asked one of them why I should care about some pedophile ring he wanted to inform me about. He proceeded to accuse me of being a selfish narcissist and then he said in all self-pitying seriousness: Yea. Fuck me cos I have a caring heart and u are a heartless cunt!

I am a heartless cunt and he has a caring heart. His words. And me he calls a narcissist!

Before kicking me out, they talked to each other like: He looks like a selfie devil worshipper narcissistic cunt! and the other one said: Yea, I think you could be right John. Keep our eye on the cunt;-)

Fine. That’s no pressure at all. Either be a truther or a devil worshipper. No grey area in between, nope, eh-eh.

If you don’t see the world as they do and care about what they care about, you are the devil’s pawn and heartless and whatever. It’s kinda funny, though, that I myself accused people of being devilish during my Ayahuasca ceremony. Big egos die hard!

Fucking morons.

Truth is not about a brand, about a label. Just because you call something red pill or even truth and have an orchestra play while you say it, does not make it true. Truth is fucking boring. There is nothing exciting about truth. Discovering truth does not change the world. It just reveals what was before your eyes all the time anyway.

My tip: Never believe something because someone says it is the truth. Or because someone famous says it is so. Or because there is a movie you like that claims it. Believe the things that make sense to you. If you are attached to linguistic symbols like truth or red pill, you are easily manipulated when you are made believe that somebody represents those things.

Also, whether a theory is true or not, has nothing to do with whether it concerns a conspiracy or not.

Until next time, dear (flat?) earthling, when I will be talking about The Funny Truth About Gaslighting.

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  • Here’s a good podcast about the psychology of conspiracy theories:
    It shows that people prone to believing them hold all sorts of crazy views, but the people who tend not to believe in them more easily accept the cover story for proven conspiracies.

    • Thanks for that. Makes sense to me. I think the problem is ego-attachment. When you have been lied to once, you consider everything a lie etc. You start to care less about the truth than about “exposing lies”.

      I personally am on the rather paranoid end of the spectrum, but I still want convincing arguments. Which is part of the paranoia, I guess. Whenever people come together to celebrate a “truth”, I become sceptical. I am very sceptical of the manosphere, too, for that reason. But at least a lot of the stuff in the manosphere is indeed based on sound arguments.

  • Mikey Mike


    Seems to be from the same tree as those solar worshipping christians that always fight over some minor and utterly non-important issue of the Bible, and therefore separate and create their own religious community. I think we have 10-15 different societies up here. Only thing in common, is that they all care about the New Testament.

    And if you try to explain to them how the NT came alive, they also share the common reaction that you will not be welcome anymore in their “church”.

  • Smokingjacket

    It’s all Victorian certitude gone awry. The truth as an empirical fact that’s transposed into the modern cult of the disenfranchised believers. I don’t necessarily always doubt the veracity of “their truth” but rather its absoluteness.