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There is only one real conspiracy

We always fight about the truth. Which system is the best, which rules are the best, whether this and that really happened and who lied to us and whom we can trust.

But this is not the real fight. Even the conspiracy theorists and smart minds play right into the hands of those who know the real rules of the game.

The real game is not about truth. It is about a commodity of much higher value. Your attention.

The real game is not about whether politicians lie to us, whether we have really been on the moon, whether capitalism is better than socialism, whether feminists are right.

The real game is about keeping you thinking, keeping you wondering, keeping you worrying, keeping you afraid and caught up in epic fantasies of heroism and betrayal.

The real game is about feeding on your attention. They feed on all the energy you invest into trying to take those things apart in your head. Trying to figure out what’s going on.

The worst thing you can do to them, the only way you can win, is to stop thinking about it all. It is the thing they fear most, for if you do not think about them, they lose all their power and all the energy you are sending their way.

Why do you not stop thinking?

But we both know why, don’t we?

Because you believe that it would be cruel not to care. That you would be a cold bastard to be indifferent.

Of course. It is what I would make you believe, too, if I were a game master.

I would invent some terror organization, some threat. Then I would pay some people to spread dramatic doubts about this – the perfect prototype of a conspiracy theorist. Thus I would manipulate people into being unable to reconcile the both ideas.

Then I would tell them that truth is the highest good and that whoever does not know truth is a fool who does not deserve respect.

In order to not feel exiled, they would become agitated to find out truth. Of course, without any chance of success, because the main story itself as well as the doubts are completely manufactured.

And then I would make sure to shame everybody who dares to be indifferent and calm. I would call those people inhumane, antisocial, cold, mentally ill, disillusioned, and so on. I would spread nonsensical automatic conditioned replies to this attitude like: Well, if you think this does not matter, nothing matters and you can just go lie down and die.

Repeat until every last person is desperately lost in thoughts. Until everybody is thinking and nobody is living anymore. Until everybody is agitated and obsessed with exposing lies and finding truth and being right.

And those who dare to question their emotions about this, those I would shame and punish for being irrational, emotional, crybabies, fags, whatever. I would force them into abandoning their body-connection and instincts.

Repeat until nobody trusts their own emotions and instincts.

And when everybody is thinking and nobody is living and feeling anymore, you can do whatever you want to the now helpless distracted people, the people who are caught in a self-perpetuating illusion of their minds.

And since they only operate based on their mind now, I can simply justify every horrible thing I do to them with mere thoughts. It is the lawIt is rationalIt is moral. It is ScienceIt is God.

They may have doubts. Sure. But the important thing is not whether they believe me. The important thing is that they have enough doubts not to stand up for themselves. The important thing is not that they like what I do to them. The important thing is that they are afraid enough not to do anything about it.

This, my friend, is the only real conspiracy. The only real game. It does not matter whether their words are truth or lies. It does not really matter whether you believe a lie or not. What matters is that you keep worrying about it, thinking about it, being angry about it.

Seriously, does it matter whether we were on the moon? Does it matter whether Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter? Does it matter whether we live in a perfect political system? Does it matter? To whom? How would either of those things actually change your life?

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  • Mikey Mike

    It’s a school. Higher dimensions need people who can think from a higher perspective.

    Repeat until nobody trusts their own emotions and instincts.

    On the contrary. Repeat until no one trust the official version and all they have to go with, is what they find within themselves. And if their is not much within them, then recycle them as a pigeon in the next life.

    • Mikey Mike

      I have been jumping and mokeying around a while, on bible meetings and other places, asking religious people, in particular christians since they are in majority:

      Why do you guys think that God created earth for the sake of Mankind and not for his own sake ?

      Psychotically egocentrical as they are, they have never even given the thought a consideration. So I go on now and then:

      If I was God and I have to choose between spending an eternity with you, or a darn nice dog, I would have gone for the dog.

      …and that is when these pretentious motherfuckers can become ugly…hilarious

      • Very good point. Why should God care more about humans than about other species? Answer: Not.

        • Mikey Mike

          On the surface of the earth, as it is, humans have higher potential than most species. For good and bad.

          At the same time, God would have to take a lot of species into consideration, even the earth herself. And the capacity (humans) for destruction, if not stopped, seems infinite for many human beings.

          I guess Gaia will get rid of a lot of those cockroaches by herself, if nothing changes. According to mythologists, it has happened several times before. According to scientism, at least once, with the dinosaurs (although they blame that one on a comet. Probably ordered mail package by mother earth).

          The way the millenium generation have degenerated mankind. Bad upbringing, food, education and a general global “dumb down & poision” agenda, pushed forward by the “global elite”. Anyhow, the result is that Big Monkey is catching up when it comes to potential. I hear the monkeys in amazonas copied an indian. They learned, via the indian, to chase fish by using a speer :-).. How many youngsters today in America, would have been able to copy such a technique by their own initiative.

    • “On the contrary. Repeat until no one trust the official version and all they have to go with, is what they find within themselves.”

      But very few people do that. Even the smart ones on the internet get caught up in ideology searching for safety, no matter how obviously flawed it is.

      • Makes no difference to me if you two choose to build your houses on sand.

        Me? I’ll go for bedrock.

        • Illusions are no bedrock.

          Although I may be misunderstanding you, since you talk in metaphor.

          • Seems to me ya gotta pick SOMETHING to believe in. Otherwise you are just a leaf in the wind.

          • Why? You can make all important choices out of the flow of the moment. For example, you could decide to have kids without “believing in parenthood”. Catch my drift? But feel free to give me a counter-example where a belief is truly important.

  • Smokingjacket

    What’s the escape to then? Peace, quiet, serenity. I wonder and think back when I was younger and when I traveled by myself around the place. The moments of pure contentment I felt on occasions when out walking and hiking. The peace, the sound of the waterfalls, or wind in the pines, just observing the weather changing in the skies, looking at the birds and insects along the way. The smell of really pure river air, lichens and mosses, everyday was like on the first day of creation.

    I know I’d never return to those experiences even though I’m well able to hike, Life has moved on, I’ve become used to living in cities and working in offices now. My mind has become solidified with all the crap you mentioned above…politics, right and wrong, having to be right, my silly little career which the world tells me is so important, the embers and despair of my quiet domesticity. Christ, how some part of me despises myself for making this comprise with the world. Ultimately, some of us want to be alone and are content and fulfilled that way.

    I wonder when I die will images of these memories (almost innocent) flash, like the last fork of lightning in storm, from those younger days of mine cross my mind, for one last time?

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  • Erik Sarmiento

    Dude, it does matter and it does affect your life and everyone’s life.

    Perhaps the points you’ve listed might not have such an impact but there are others that certainly do.

    For example, lets take the most vital aspect of our society, energy…

    If the theories of Tesla’s inventions (also rumoured to have been replicated by the Nazis) are true then the consequences to our lives are huge, it means the whole paradigm/reality when it comes to energy has been incredibly inefficient to profit dynasties with oil interests.

    This would mean your money could have gone far longer than it does now as everything has an “oil” hidden tax attached to it.

    Just that alone makes a huge change in your life and that of those around you as you get to keep more of your money to use on things that would make your life better and things like transportation would be almost free if not completely free.

    Lets take possibly the second most vital aspect of our society, money…

    If the theories of the scam of Fractional Reserve Banking are true then this means all the debt is bullshit and the way society funmctions is nothing but a nefarious product of someone’s sick mind to profit from everyone’s monetary activity.

    We are essentially in debt because we are “renting” paper as our currency from a private bank.

    Now, add that together with the fact that those same banks and oil interests spend billions lobbying Governments to create laws that ultimately benefit them at the expense of us and tell me it “doesnt change your life”

    I think the problem is you cannot imagine what the world would be like without this sabotage of society that has been happening for centuries… we should have evolved past Capitalism decades ago into a more hamonious model away from this false scarcity model all the “isms” use.

    And yes it would change our lives massively for the best, society has not evolved organically to be what it is, it has been massively sabotaged by think tanks, philantropists, secret societies, lobbyists, etc… hell, 96% of TV is owned by 6 corporations… by not showing you a world without them they control your imagination… by not being able to vision it in your third eye how could you know the difference it would make?

    The reason you dont have a dad is likely even linked to this sabotage, why is the divorce rate is so high? why the family unit is being destroyed and so dysfunctional?… is all by design… one of the main reasons for divorces is money and the main 2 points I listed relate to how we are being scammed… “would it make a difference”? Off course it does man.

    Yes, you are 100% right that what they want is our attention but depends what type of attention…

    Think of them as the Elephant in the room….

    is ignoring the elephant going to get rid of it? no…

    is thinking about the elephant and how it got there and why is there and how much it weights, how tall it is, how long is its trunk, how long its tail is…. is any of that going to get rid of it?…. well no, but some answers to those questions might give you an idea on how to get rid of it.

    Will getting rid of it make a difference?

    Well, you get more space for starts… you save tons more money as you dont have to feed it and most importantly…. you dont have to worry about the next time it decides to have another shit to make you give it your attention again ;)

    • Yeah, fair points. I am kinda split about it. I wanna think about the elephant, for the reasons you stated. On the other hand, what use is it when I do so only through the lens of outlets whose sources I can not verify?

      To open my eyes (or trying to do so) to the world that is right in front of my hands and seeing it for what it is, with as little distortion through interpretation and linguification, that seems like the thing to do.

      I mean, I won’t try to justify this article, because a lot of what I write (and this one is rather old) I do in a certain emotional state that is admittedly not extremely rational. Often I just wanna say “Fuck it all”.

      The main reason for me thinking this way is probably because I have rather strong trauma to deal with and everything else … it just distracts me from healing. And besides, it only makes me feel terrible because I realize that even if I see through it all (or not), I can’t change it anyway. At least not in the state I am in now.