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A simple mind hack to deactivate one-itis and other forms of pedestalization

Pedestalization is based on a projection of parts of your self on another person, followed by the craving to reunite with that part of yourself by uniting with the person. I stumbled over a funny little trick to make yourself aware of this process inside yourself.

Visualize the person that you are pedestalizing – be it a woman, a leader, a family member, a god, or whatever.

Now visualize a perfect copy of this person right beside the first person. It must be identical. Same mimics, same behavior, just same. Imagine that they are two separate, yet identical beings who truly exist, in your presence.

Your mind becomes confused as to which one of the two to project something on to and the spell is broken for as long as you keep that visualization.

You become aware of the fact that the things you saw in the person are really yourself.

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  • Raven

    Is this only/mostly good traits?

    • If you mean which parts are projected, I would say it entirely depends on your individual, say, spiritual or psychological set up. That is, which parts you have firmly integrated in your personality and which parts still belong to your Shadow (google C.G. Jung Shadow). I’d say you can project both good and bad parts onto her/him/it. If you pedestalize women and see them as infallible godesses, you are likely projecting your positive traits. If you fear women and think of them as the devil, then you are likely projecting negative traits. Although on a deeper level, I think that the distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ traits vanishes.

  • Deanie Dean

    Awesome article Uncle Tom! Not pedestalizing you btw , just think you give out awesome content :D.

    I needed this lol, been dealing with this hot girl who likes me back. We still in the dealing phase so i’m waiting for time to pass haha!

    Works like a charm , thanks man!

    • Haah! Awesome. Just see how well it works in the long-term. Personally, I think it’s a great meditation to actually resolve it, but it may be difficult and mind-taxing to uphold when you are actually in the presence of the person, because you then also kinda have to focus on her. You know, multitasking being an illusion and all that. :)

      • Deanie Dean

        Yeah exactly , i prefer to focus on her face and tits , simple and less mind-taxing :D.

        On a serious note, this could actually be paradigm shifting in the “manosphere” world , guys need to know about “the cleanse” , simple yet works so effectively!

        Whenever the stirring between the legs intenifies, i’ll simply meditate for a couple of mins and imagine her multiplied and voila! Back in the game!

        Spread “the cleanse” mate , spread it!

        • :)

          Well, it’s here for everyone to try out. If you feel like passing ‘the wisdom’ on to somebody and maybe modifying it with your personal touch, feel free to!

  • Augustus Sotelo

    Basically I fell in love myself. I am no longer blind, thank you…

  • Dano

    Reading this made me remember something I once wrote- but I never dared share with anybody because once I read it after writing it- I realized that I, myself, had no idea what my consciousness was trying to say

    “You will never not be alone.

    This is due to the concept of perception. It’s a phenomena you cannot escape from.

    People may say things like: “The sky is your limit.” / “Shoot for the stars.” / “Think outside the box.” These metaphors are void. Why? Because your limit is actually much smaller and confined.YOU are your limit. There is no area to move around. There is no flexibility. There is no “box” to think out of. Because you are not in a box. The box is you- and you are nothing outside of it. Thinking out of it is like imagining a color you have never seen- impossible.

    Here is some more clarifaction of what I mean by “the box”. What are you outside of yourself? Can you possibly grasp the concept of another being, be it someone you love or a friend. Have you ever noticed that you will be asked questions like “What does so-and-so mean to you?” Emphasis on the words “mean to YOU”. You can never truly know nor understand somebody else. It makes me feel very selfish thinking about it- knowing that two people can never truly be on the “same page”, much less, in the same story. A storybook to each one of us- you’re the narrator in your own- and a side character in a few.

    What an odd phenomena-perception. There is no perception without surroundings, yet there are no surroundings within perception. For example, you think you are touching a box- but perhaps that box doesn’t exist- perhaps your brain is playing a trick on you into thinking a box is under your fingers (NO surroundings within perception) BUT, in order for you to imagine this box, you must know a box (NO perception without surroundings)

    Similarly with your storybook: It will have no content without surroundings and events- yet these same “surroundings/settings/events”, when narrated by you, in your story, hold no truth. Due to the fact that you do not see them for what they truly are, but through your own perception.

    In other words : the world creates that which is dis-attached from it.

    In other words: you are your own limit, yet you are “limitless”.

    And so, I conclude with my original statement. You will never not be alone.

    But of course, this article holds no truth. It is merely perception. “