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Anger. Anger so strong it seems to tear your muscles. Anger so strong it makes you want to throw up. Anger so strong it makes you feel dead. Anger fueled by shame, hatred, fear and time. Anger you can not contain, anger that takes you over and makes you its slave. Anger that makes you think of murder when you see beauty. Anger that burns, anger that freezes. Anger that isolates you, anger that makes you enjoy misery. Anger that violates your senses, anger that radiates, anger that consumes love and spits it out in disgust. Anger without trust. Anger unspoken of, anger not allowed to exist. Anger braking joy, anger breaking toys. Anger that destroys gods. Anger that belongs to a god. Anger in the shadows, anger burning meadows. Anger that does not forgive, anger that is unforgiven. Anger that attacks itself, anger yearning for hell. Anger seeking justice, seeking cause. Anger that is lost. Anger never born, anger full of scorn. Anger spreading terror, anger that is an error.

Anger that is a stranger. Anger that is a friend.

Beloved anger, forever mine, I am forever thine. Goodbye.

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  • Smokingjacket

    Actually, especially when I was younger I came to the conclusion that our real being resides somewhere else. This revelation came through some of the rages and angers I could experience on occasions. The force and power, the physical heat and shearing fire within, could even affect as the pure force of my Will, the outside “real” world in terms causation. I came to believe that anger as a manifestation of my WILL is like a brilliant, vibrant river that flows through all men, however, anger is when you’re controlled by the violent forces of this great river that precedes and succeeds me, yet, will always be a part of me too. Feeling this river’s current through anger taught me that we can either be controlled helplessly by it, like a drowning man, or, we can ride it out through that boat we make through the experience of time and thought.

    I like what Beethoven said about anger “That it’s Divine”.

    • I like the river analogy. But for that it has to flow. In me, it has traditionally been more of a dam that is about to break.