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A phenotypical explanation of fear of women

Recently, I used to have dreams in which my mother ridiculed and humiliated me. I wanted to strike her, but something kept me from it, I felt paralyzed. There was also this one time where my mother threw a nice skull I owned out of the window. I wanted to punch her, but I felt a similar kind of fearful resistance.

Now, I have been thinking. Does it make sense to be afraid of women purely for reasons of shaming tactics or to avoid rejection? It does not quite add up.

Some time ago, a commenter remarked about a picture of me and my mother and my grandmother that it is obvious that they must be afraid of me physically. It is a thought that never entered my head and it is true that I am much stronger and taller than my mother and other women, for whatever it’s worth.

Some time later, during my meditations, I was reminded of the fact that my mother used to beat me when I was still too young to defend myself. Got me thinking.

What if fear of women is – partly – just a residual fear leftover from days when women were still ones physical superiors?

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  • Monad

    Maybe it is the psychological hold women have over men post puberty, surreptitious, manipulative, covertly influential, sexual wiles, eyelash fluttering etc, rather than the memory of being a physically vulnerable child in comparison to mothers who are massively influential in such early years. Perhaps the former is more a consequence to your emotional reaction to women than the latter as opposed to the other way round??

    • I find it hard to understand what you are writing. Mind rephrasing?

      • Micah Geni

        He is insinuating that you were raised by females and thus had to adapt to one type of ‘feminine’ domination. Then later as a hormone boy/man, you came in touch with another type of domination. It takes a shield to deflect the emotional manipulation, which your father did not have any chance to teach you. Therefore you would be more vurnerable to the typical tricks they play, with growing frustration as the outcome. My 2 cents

        • I did not blow shit up back then. Do I believe in reasonable punishment? I don’t, as I have no kids, so I do not hold any ideas about it.