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I watched a duck attack another duck

I was sitting on a park bench. Then I heard some loud quacking and turned my head to the little lake next to the park bench. I saw a duck that was trying to get away while another duck had firmly buried its beak in its tail feathers. The superbiter was dragged along for a while until the victim finally got away. A few big loose ruffled feathers landed in the water; a guy on a nearby park bench, who was there with his girlfriend, looked at me and laughed out loud and I laughed back. What a funny moment.

What can you learn from this?

The attacking duck had a dominant mindset and was alpha. The attacked duck had a victim mindset and was beta or even gamma.

Be alpha. Be strong. Be dominant. Be a duck. To fuck.

Yes, indeed, that is the only thing that happened to me in the past month that I found worthy of writing about.

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  • Micah Geni

    For 20 years I’ve told these fanatic “christians”:

    If Jesus had reincarnated today, he would have been labeled Schizophrenic.
    Too emotional..
    ..and you guys, would have thought it was an appropriate label !


    1 000 -> I OOO -> I Am.

    I am what ?
    I LVE -> 1=A -> A lve


  • Ducks are cunts. They’ll kill each other’s babies if they get a chance. Mallard ducks have been observed engaging in homosexual necrophilia. They taste alright but.

  • Dan

    An article about ducks. Damn, some people just lead such fascinating lives.