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On the nature of the male and the female

In a recent article, I noted that in pictures of couples, the man often seems to lose himself in the moment and is simply happy, while the girl always keeps a kind of attentiveness in her gaze that may betray a hint of contempt. This stands as a representative of a general difference between the sexes that I observe.

Today, I watched three nigger kids around the age of 8 play – two girls and a boy.

The boy had this kind of happy and innocent curiosity and a relaxed smile on his face. Once he decided to stand in the middle of the walkway and imitate a policeman on a crossing. He extended his arms and whenever somebody came by, he playfully turned 90 degrees and let that person pass. He was likable and made people smile.

The girls were a little older than him and had this same attentive – actually controlling – gaze I described earlier. They were arrogant and unabashed. Intuitively, I would say that their way to interact with the world in that moment was control and manipulation. Their main interest, if my empathy allows so much insight, was to look at people and coldly analyze them for emotional anchors they could use and then do just that – not so much for their personal benefit perhaps as for the sheer joy of having power. Once, one of the girls sat down on a chair, spread her legs very far and loudly proclaimed something in African sounding language to get attention. And again, it did not seem like she really needed the attention as much as she wanted to try out the effect her behavior would have on others. In short, they were plain annoying and even at this young age: Bitches.

I always thought they behaved like bitches because I was doing something wrong. But it is just who they are.

The female like a luring tigress and the male like a loyal joyous dog.

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  • Micah Geni

    Seems to be an inborn tendency of Machiavellianism among female. Could be related to less physical strength. Could be related to the governmental breeding policy, which rewards manipulative irresponsibility, could be related to less inborn soul and more pure materia, and could be a bit of everything.

    What “we” can do something about, is the governmental side. Sadly, it has just been developing into a larger and larger degree of madness and irresponsiblity. We have a group of fat, lazy professional victims, who import free cocks from Africa, and who sue them afterwards, claiming rape, to get the economical compensation given to them by court (huge up her. Minimum starts at 20K Euro). Yet after all that “tragic” happening, they still choose to have the baby and let the welfare system (us decent men), pay for raising another statistically speaking, lunatic. What you breed is probably half of what you will get.

    It is as fucked up that I will just advice everyone to never take “them”, all the invovled, seriously. Pretend you do, so you can avoid having your legs strapped in a police car, but only pretend. Dont let the shit affect you and your self. Just take is for the evidence it is

  • Smokingjacket

    “The female like a luring tigress and the male like a loyal joyous dog” That´s where perhaps homosexual men break this natural circuit, they can tell women to “fuck off” with their tricks, so in a sense they´ve much more freedom than the rest of us.

    • May be something to it.

      • Smokingjacket

        Well, depends on how you define freedom? That’s what puzzles me a little about some red pill stuff, because if your masculinity is defined by your sexual prowess then surely there’s no distinction between promiscuous gays bedding different guys every night and straight dudes gaming with chicks every night too. Besides, how can you be free if you’re totally subjugated to your dick anyway?

        But, perhaps the question is what you do with it? If it’s a portal to increasing your self esteem and prowess then it’s good, but, if it’s like a drug addict’s hit well then its bad? Yet, even this doesn’t quite work, does it? If your self-esteem is built on such ephemeral conquests and the failure to score undermines this then you have to ask how strong, independent and masculine a man you were in the first place.

        Perhaps, the answer is love? But what is this, you may ask? Pain, joy, commitment, endurance etc…all tough stuff, but, perhaps worthy of a masculine man who knows he can’t do it alone? And that’s the rub, isn’t it, we’re conditioned as men to be alone, we can after all still play the field and fuck freely with a smile on our face until, until, until….. we realize the futilely of it all. Christ it’s hard to be a man sometimes!

    • I have made the assessment that homosexuality is not so much an inherent thing as it is a learned behavior. Essentially, gay men have given up on women. Still not sure what to think about it.

      • I know at least one person who admitted to this, but I do not think it is an easy thing to make a general assessment. What made you come to your conclusion?

        • This is from data accumulated over the years, through personal experience or otherwise.

          The first thing, and I think the most telling, are casual slips from the mouths of gay men. Words have power, and things are sometimes said which are barely notice that reveal hidden truths about certain things. Any conversation I have had with any gay men in reference to women, will inevitably end in something like, “How are you not gay yet.” Even a man as good at this game as me, it is work. But I have long accepted the work it takes. They simply cannot fathom that, when all you have to do to get any is be around other gay men.

          Another thing stems from the fact that I have fucked out right lesbians. I think this happened because in a world so completely devoid of masculinity, they give up on finding that, and go for a safer alternative, other women. Women, while they may not make the tingles that a strong man can give, will at least know the mechanics of pleasing a woman because they have the same intimate knowledge of their parts. What that tells me is sexuality is more fluid than initially perceived.

          Last but not least, it is the homosexual lifestyle. While there are a few who live normal (I use that term loosely) lives, many of them are freeloading party animals. Hard work, perseverance, sacrifice, etc… do not mean anything to them. All they care about is now, and pleasure. Which is totally fine. I envy their ability to be present. I think I have it more or less mastered, but they take it to a whole other level.

          The bottom line is, humans love pleasure. Whatever we think gives us that pleasure, is what determines what we pursue. Homosexuals have simply decided that the same sex is what will give them that pleasure. In the case of gay men, it seems to me that there is a strong chance they are not simply “born that way” but adapted in the best way they know how. Case and point. If you were gay, imagine how much easier your life would be?