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Fighting the system – Part 1: Fistfight with a cop

I walk the street towards the supermarket as I notice an elderly woman arguing with a policeman. She is pissed, because the cop’s colleague is prolonging the process by having parked the police car on a bus stop. Intrigued and amused, I approach.

I join the woman and the policeman and mockingly ask her what kind of horrible crime she has committed. She seems open about my inquiry, but the cop is not. He tells me to go away. The authoritative tone of voice triggers anger in me. I am reminded of all the occasions where I just let those fuckers walk over me.

I tell him that he has no business telling me where to go.

He utters some official slang for banning me off the place. Just words, I reply.

His colleague approaches and commands md to go away. I say that I am wherever I want to be.

The first cop, one and a half heads taller than me and – as later turns out – 3 years my junior pushes me back.

I do not hesitate. I push him back against a car and hit him with a fist into his face.

I am thrown to the ground while the white papers of busy reprimanding dance in the wind to join me at the bottom. Just where those official documents belong – in the mud of the street.

I am held down by both guys on top of me. They violently and tad desperately shout Stop moving! Again and again. Just words. I say Activate Kundalini to myself, but the god is not yet my ally. I twist around and manage to hit the second guy in his face two or three times.

A group of bystanders starts commenting: Yeah, yeah, two against one. Fucking cowards. To provoke, I shout Fucking Nazis! Another bystander remarks: I know that type; let him stand up and he will continue the fight!

I likely would.

I keep twisting around on the hard concrete with the weight of two guys rubbing my naked fat stomach against the street. One keeps hysterically yelling Stop moving! He has an annoying voice. I shout back: Stop talking, idiot, your voice is annoying!

Eventually, they manage to handcuff me. A lot of those fuckers has gathered by now. Like a dozen. Where from?

My purse falls to the ground and I tell them to pick it up. They do.

Now I go sit inside the police car. A youngling fondles with my handcuffs. Hurry on, I say, can not be that hard, can it?

The car starts moving. A guy sits next to me. I smile, as I ask him whether I at least hit his colleague well enough. He tells me to watch my words. I tell him that I say whatever I want. He says I am not making myself any friends. I say I do not need that kind of friends.

One asks my name.

I say my name is Johann Sebastian Bach.

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  • Micah Geni

    Cannot say I believe your story, but I think it is a common thought these days.

    The system is crashing and some big deal is likely to know it. It’s change or it is a flush down, likely into a black hole permanently.

    Those dumb cops at the street level, they know shite nothing. They don’t even know who they are at 10% level, apart from their robotic wannabe-side. I guess there is a time for everything. Right now, I think that maybe, What the allstars feel, is the real deal


    • Story is true. How I ended up in psychiatry.

      • Micah Geni

        energy needs wisdom You’ll be fine. In fact, cut the drugs shit and your better off than ever.


        There is no escaping me ! :)

        There are reasons why some people cannot be hypnotized, cannot be indoctrinated, cannot become sheeple. And those reasons do not belong to Gaia

        The police shit is just a test. Your meeting your old narcissistic self in the front door, to observe how stupid the concept was. How far off your head was, from the deeper purpose:


        We the skythians :)

      • Micah Geni

        3rd eye Tom. 3rd eye

  • Micah Geni

    There was (maybe still is) a band called Megadeth. Some of their first and biggest album were:
    1. Killing is my business… and business is good !
    2. Peace sells… But whos buying ??

    Check out this hilarious site I found. The leader of the band, was a Metallica on the Kill em all album. Dave Mustaine:

    Archangel Azazel is also named Azrael. Check out this site and the video I link below. It does become biblical in a way :). Some Thing seems to be cooking :


    • Great song, that Crimson Glory Azrael.

      Not yet my Kundalini. Still in the middle of all that. I used it to screw open cans of cooked fruits though!

  • FlorianUlrich

    Where is the title photo from?

    I remember listening to “Switched on Bach” when I grew up. My mother loved it.

    • I created that one with my Samsung Galaxy Tab and an app called Long Time Exposure or similar.

      It is cool.

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  • Awesome story. I was wondering how this all came about. Now I know.

    I see this type of behavior from a lot of people in America, and they get killed in the process. When this happens, all I can think is “idiots deserved it.” Whatever I think or do not think about cops, I still live in a society dictated by rules. Yes, some cops are douches, but that is life. I do my best to avoid situations with them, and when they still inevitably occur, I am all smiles and respect. It is not because I think they deserve it, but it is my best interest to do so. They have guns and power, I have neither.

    I actually feel sorry for them in a way. Imagine a job where you only deal with people who refuse to play nice? Again, I am not a big fan of rules, but they are there, so I follow them. I do not go around punching people I do not like, driving drunk, and being overtly disruptive. I am not a sheep either. But I know better than to stand and fight on every occurrence. To take it a step further, think about the kind of guys who become cops. They are often power hungry losers who take up the badge because all that power is just given to them, and there is little to nothing they have to do for it. I am glad I am not them.

    Besides, this idea of a police state is not as real as everyone thinks it is. I can still do pretty much whatever the fuck I want. It is not like I am sitting in my house, and a cop can just come into my place ruining my life for no reason. I have a theory on people who wind up on the wrong end of the justice system. 99.9% of them are either guilty, or stupid. Either way they are not completely innocent.

    Yes, you had every right to be there, but you should not have been. You were looking for a fight, and found it. In fact, you were being a total fucking douche, and now you are paying for it.

    I had the same kind of suppressed rage, but thankfully I got it out when I was not an adult. I only got slaps on the wrist for what I did, and I did much more damage than a couple of shots to a cops face. One dude got 20K of reconstructive facial surgery for being caught up in my madness. But as I was only 14, there was not much they could do. I still do not repress my anger, but the amount of it that builds up is much less. Yes, there are times I find it in my best interest to swallow it, such as when dealing with cops. But I let it loose at other times.

    Funny story about rage and cops. I was at a bar standing next to the jukebox, talking with the girl about which songs to pick. It was casual, and non-threatening. This dude comes up and says, “Is there a problem here?” I was immediately enraged and said, “No, but we can make it one if you want you fucking dick.” Turns out this chick is his girlfriend, and he was getting territorial. He immediately replies, “You know I am a cop right?” WTF?! I then said in a fairly calm voice, “Fine, but guess what? I can bite your fucking jugular out of your neck before you have a chance before you have a chance to take advantage of that fact.” He looked at me pretty blankly. In the silence that followed, his GF got pissed at him for being a douche, and he apologized to me. I was not about to back down to this chump, and I knew I was in the right, in that instance. Now, had he had a uniform on, my actions would have been different.

    You should read a book called “Tai-Pan.” The lead character Dirk Straun is the fucking man, but he is crafty in how he navigates life. It is not always about direct confrontation.

    I am sorry to hear you are in the loonie bin (still). But I think this was a pivotal turning point in your life. Not only did you let loose in a way I think you have not done in the past, therefore alleviating a lot of built up angst. But you have learned a valuable lesson, we live in a cause and effect society. Learn how to navigate it. Sometimes that requires standing your ground, sometimes it requires some forward thinking, sometimes it requires some grovelling and submitting.

    • Nothing to add. Aside from the rest of the story when I find the energy to write it down.

  • Smokingjacket

    “One keeps hysterically yelling Stop moving” It’s interesting he had this female reaction? As if the power he nominally has as a policeman bears no relation to his masculinity.

    • Yeah, it made me laugh. Probably contributed to their impression I am mad.

  • Wald

    This post of yours is one of my favorites. For your sake, though, I’m glad you don’t live in the US.

    Cops probably would have made up some stupid reason to shoot you.