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Anti-indoctrination indoctrination

This is a tough nut cookie to crack and subversive. You are trying to open up to something new, but then your subconscious picks up on some pattern and triggers your defenses. For example, you may want to partake in a healing ritual, but then you recognize that there is a shaman and that the whole thing is demonic and evil, which closes you up to it.

Ironically, to protect someone from indoctrination, you have to make him aware of the ways in which he will be indoctrinated. But that is indoctrination in and of itself and ultimately only a safeguard for loyalty to possible bullshit.

Those weed smoking hippies are brainless and no good.

Those occult witchmasters will steal your soul.

Those conspiracy theorists are all morons who just want to see what is not there.

You learn these ideas in a friendly environment that you trust.

Another one: Men are evil, vile and selfish. The assholes will try to take you away from my safe and good teachings and that will be your downfall.

In principle, you describe human behavior typical for a belief group and then shame it or associate it with fear. If these successfully predict a pattern of behavior that would naturally challenge your beliefs, the safeguard knocks in.

Call the lion a lion to shame it. Oh, you are just being a lion here, shame on you!

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  • FlorianUlrich

    It’s the question of giving in to your ego or not. Will you die that there is an evil shaman? Even if there is none, an evil shaman might have written the book from which you learn!
    It is indeed a difficult nut to crack. I have given up to care in these cases, because if I always look out for someone behaving shamefully, I would not be able to move. All men are sinners in one form or another, you can just shrug your shoulders and move on.
    And that is one way to let go of ego as well. Your ego defines itself by NOT being amongst those that are shamed. But again, it’s impossible to cultivate a “pure” ego, so might as well just go ahead and do whatever you want.
    It requires constant work on yourself though. Some insight materializes only after years or even decades.

    Keep on writing these philosophical topics, it’s great to see all aspects of a problem and really challenge oneself!

    • Interesting definition of the ego.

      Thanks, I will.

  • Smokingjacket

    The first step is to know that you’re awake and they’re asleep. You should comprehend and understand the fact that 99.9% of people are completely and utterly asleep, including myself most of the time. Our minds on average block out 90% of the world’s sensory stimuli that’s constantly around us. Even when our minds manage to tune into even 1% of this other 90%, the majority of people can’t attune it to themselves because they’ve so much noise on the inside. The usual mild worry drivel nonsense that constitutes the majority of folks conscious lives (Will I get a bonus? Will I get promoted? Will I get my rocks off this weekend? My hair is going grey? Am I fat? I hate that smart cunt who I see every day……….). With this type of “SELF INDOCTRINATION” going on day in- day out- most people you interact with on a daily basis are in state of coma consciousness- they are not even dreamers of their own dreams.

    Remember, when we talk about the sub-conscious- what we mean are all aspects of consciousness which are not conscious in peoples daily lives. It doesn’t mean that it’s just a domain of repressed sub-conscious memories from our childhood- it also clearly implies that there are states of consciousness that can be accessed and are way beyond our normal conscious experiences of the world. But, why do people find this strange, odd and uncanny?Surely of one appreciates the fact that normal consciousness is really nothing more than an INDOCTRINATED SET OF PATTERNS AND BELIEFS we’re told are correct simply because others before said so…ad infintium…then surely the notion that most of us are experiencing the world in an almost comatose state of consciousness shouldn’t surprise us, should it?

    Once you realize this, even ever so slightly, that you’re the one who’s a little bit more awake than 99.99% of the population, then you’ll become more powerful than any politician or king of old, your ESP and precognition powers also increase, and coincidences become second nature. Why should the awakened man find these things odd, when they’re entirely natural to the other realms of consciousness that the whole system conspires to prevent people from accessing?

    • I am not really that much awake, I think. But thanks for the compliment.