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What do you mean by ‘disorganized thought’?

A few commenters have remarked that in my comments on various sites I show disorganized thought. They did not go into deeper details, so this article is really just the question: What did they mean? I want to understand and learn.

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  • I think its mostly a language barrier. In your posts you use strange phrasings and word choice that is so far outside the norm that it appears somewhat incoherent to native english speakers. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

    • Really? Have an example?

      • Original – “Since my latest meditations, there has developed a strong distaste in me towards a component of manosphere articles.”

        More common English grammar -“Since my latest meditations, there has developed in me a strong distaste towards a component of manosphere articles.”

        How I would have said it – “Since my latest meditations, I have developed a strong distaste for a certain theme in manosphere articles.”

        • True, your wording sounds better.

  • Micah Geni

    Might as well post my second part of that last comment, which I put in your last article.

    To avoid complications, as medications and tantos other matters of this world, we must seriously establish: What Is…

    So we observe.. and observe.. mostly from the sideline.. As an INTP, stay in charge of your shadow, the ESTP (most psychopaths are rumoured to be of this type)..

    And I conclude. The world is either-or. In a good country, I’d reckon that still around 90% of the population will belong to either-or. Id or Ego.

    For the “rationals”, Ego seems to be jerked up by the Collective Rational (which isnt really rational at all. Mostly closer to variations of political correctness)..

    So I established What Is… Then comes my personal preferences into play. Can I take it ? Do I enjoy it ?..

    If I cannot, how should I “communicate” ? What “language” do they speak ? By communication I mean corporal. Verbal and non-verbal..

    They speak the language of “you do & you don’t”s.. Some things are totally and completely understandable on both emotional and rational level, yet if they belong to the box of “you don’ts”, these primitive organism ruling the planet earth, will still never get it.

    They do not even want to understand it, because they have placed so much value and time into their Egos, and to understand what I sometimes mean, would force them to lower their own ego-esteem. Which they are not prepared for, nor willing to do..

    So among these “you don’t”s, belong “You don’t disobey order, in particularly not from the public sector, and by all means never from the police. No matter how wrong they are!!”.

    Great isn’t it….

    So if you still wish to do it. No matter what the motivator is, constructive destruction, destruction for desctruction’s sake.., you must play the game cleverly.

    They don’t really care how You feel. I was “lucky enough” to discover that neither my mom, nor child office didn’t give 1 cent, as a child. As a very young child. I thought my narc-psychopathic mom was the exception, which she is. But her chores and norms, were more cultural conditioned than I really could imagine.. It is a non-empathic part of the globe. Not violent, yet non-empathic. Ego-based. Los Maquinas. And machines, dont care about much more than their task. If your feelings were included in that task, they would try to get you, but 9 of 10 would still be clueless.

    So just behave :) among some groups. And respect their laws as best as you can. Injustified or not. They do not care about justification apart from using it as a propaganda for hidden agenda.

    • Micah Geni

      On a sociologically deeper level, the schizoid society is a product of fear of feelings and overvaluation of “rationality & stability”.

      When we were kids, even the most pretentious grown ups of today, had their emotional moments. Someone punished them for it, while at the same time rewarding the stable structure (boredom tolerance) and the collective razionale..

      Instead of being a bit bipolar, they end up constantly below, yet still a little above, what we call depressed.. Constantly non-peaceful and busy-bees. A permanent increase of the stress level, that outwardly appear as stoicism, because it is not enough to motivate, but still enough to demotivate and “stay calm”.

      The perfect amount of depression, to demotivate them from taking a closer inspection of their current status in life. “you know its bad, but it aint that bad…”-level..
      So to avoid “isolating factors”, which tend to make a person introspective, they actually prefer being busy and occupied, labeling it as An Achievement.. Expressed in normal language: They prefer to go to work, instead of meditating.

      Which is excellent for business and leaders.

      Why do they prefer such a punishment ?

      They already know they are jailed, and they see no escape. In addition, not all, fewer and fewer, have enough spirituality left within them, to get any value out of the meditation.