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Two cool rock songs against the stupid system

Here’s two songs against the system. Yeah, I know: What the hell is the system? Who cares. There may be no absolute freedom in the real world, but there is still the notion of wanting it.

Absurdists do the same, right? You can not have real purpose, but you can not give up wanting it.

So why not indulge a little? Here you go.

Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back by Meat Loaf

I Want Out by Helloween

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  • Smokingjacket

    I love meatloaf. The whole of Bat out of Hell is epic….makes me drive my car way too fast!

  • Micah Geni

    As I kid, “The count of Monte Christo”, made an everlasting impression.

    He got out.. In the end.

    In a way, I did too. And you too.

    Many do, but then simply leave the rest behind. “Because they deserve it” ?, L’oreal and the more feministic approach..
    Who deserve it ? They probably think both groups deserves what they get. But do they ? A matter concerning “the system”. The exploitation matrix

    I cruise around the disinfo sites on the web (think inverse reality), and a lot of people seem to have had their overdose of the current flow of governmental “stuff”.

    I often wonder if it isn’t also painful for the billionaires. To pass by all the “losers” and homeless that roams, if the person desire to see a bit of the real world, by taking a walk. The “wild side” is larger. It must take a spiritual antiseptic, to be able to enjoy passively their fortunes. Must become boring in their narrow and safe gardens.