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We always atttract what we really want

A slut parade marcher attracts rapusts, somewhat. In short, a slutty dress for the freedom of expression attracts rape.

I got into a fistfight with a cop because I wanted to freely express myself and disobey his bullying. And they put me in a mental hospital with body restraints.

In a way, the less you try to impose your magnificence on others out of protest – the lesser your fear of unfreedom – and the more you let it flow, the greater effective freedom you gain in every single moment of your lived experience.

Fuck this weird world, right?

My spelling mistake will attract somebody who will correct it – unless perhaps, he reads this sentence.

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  • Micah Geni

    Are you ok ?

    Cannot really argue with cops. They are machines following orders, satisfied with that viewpoint of morality. These days, the mess europe has become, and america, they are in addition such a strange thing as a robocop with bad nerves/tension… “Paranoia Psychopaths”.

    Any memories from a past life, when viewing this video ?:

    • Micah Geni

      Extract the lessons from those fucky experiences. They will learn you a lot about what society is, how it reacts and what it shouldn’t be.

      Will be very useful later in life.

    • Smokingjacket

      Are you asking yourself? If Tom, I think he’s alright. Probably mediating for a while. He’s not communicating at the moment from what I can see.

      • I am at the mental hospital and meditate or eat most of the time, too medicated to care to write much. Other than that, quite okay.

        • BlueEyedDevil

          Glad you’re OK. Feel better and get home soon, brother.

        • Smokingjacket

          Take care.

        • Micah Geni

          Ah.. Just a spiritual test.. Ive heard about that happening before. An aquaintance spent 3 weeks there some months back. It will pass by itself, with no medication, but meditation and physical exercise. Buy a fat-bike. They are cool and get you around in nature… It sounded as if it was a test of holyness. I think he believed so.. Sounded as some cool DMT experiences before that episode. Interesting thing was that he never had tried DMT :) .. 3rd eye probably.


  • Micah Geni

    back to the headliner. I disagree..

    I think some people are supposed to be extremely lucky. Almost beyond karma, type of bad luck. For a long time. It can seems as some people are supposed to become more educated, and bad luck often goes on till “lesson” is learned. The lesson is the wisdom one can drag out of much of the bad stuff

  • What? Fighting the cops and getting sectioned requires a longer blog post than that.

    • I will write more about it after I live at home again.

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