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The fallacy of common virtues

Since my latest meditations, there has developed a strong distaste in me towards a component of manosphere articles. It is the discussion of common virtues and morals and ways for a society to be. I will try to put my revulsion into words.

First off, my single greatest argument from a more solid and confident personality perspective is: Why the fuck do you care how anybody else lives? Why do you not simply live your life the way you want it while leaving alone the people you dislike?

You men in the manosphere often state that nobody owes you anything. Fine. Then why are you still discussing politics? Why are you still discussing matters that concern anybody’s life but your own? You are hypocrites. You use the phrase nobody owes you anything to justify pushing your own demands down other people’s throats and silencing their protest. If they protest, they are being difficult and throwing temper tantrums. But how about applying that mindset to yourself? Nobody owes you anything. That is right: You can make no demands on anybody, ever; neither can you have any expectations towards anybody. The logical and universal consequence of this belief; anything else must cause severe cognitive dissonance.


Now, the second important point is individuality.

To make it clear, I despise the SJW policing just as much. But I would seriously not mind people being gay, bi, colored hair, fat, whatever, as long as I can express my disgust towards them and do not have to fund their bullshit. I am completely fine with letting them live their lifes, as long as they do not demand me to live mine by their rules.

Simple enough, right?

I am also completely fine letting some gentlemen live their patriarchal Christian dream – even if it is not my own. As long as they keep their fingers out of my life and I am free to express my contempt for that uniformity.

A commenter on Return of Kings said that most writers there are likely reincarnated monks and philosophers. There is something to it, if you believe in past lives. They are usually intelligent, well articulated men focused on a small set of core interests and most of them share a taste for girls – who does not.

It is logical that these men will value intelligence and wisdom and all that shit in others as well. Yeah. That is all fine. But that misses an important point: People are different. Everybody contributes in their own way.

Take some Robbie Williams. That guy is a great singer. That is it. Do you think he would be a great construction worker? Do you think he values hard work and all that? Well, maybe he does, who knows. But the main point is that he is living the life that his individual qualities enabled him to live: Life as a singer.

His virtues are not wisdom, intelligence, patience, big muscles or whatever. He has a good voice which he confidently uses.

Now, imagine Robbie would have had a father who would have beaten him up if he played around with his voice. Beaten him up so that he would sound like a man and shout Yes, Sir with a rough tone of voice, terrified of playing around with and discovering his talents.

Some people are great thinkers. Others think like shit. Some people contribute to the human experience with literature. Others with music. Other simply through their pleasant personalities. Others through being killers without a conscience. Others by seducing women. Others by being a bum and seeing life from the street. Others by being fighters.

What makes a virtue? It is something we see in somebody and we like it. Somebody loves his job and builds up his company which sells little smartphones. Cool shit. But no, we can not just accept that this was one individual who excelled at this because this is what he had to contribute.

No. We need to abstract the principles of his persona and put them into rules that can be followed. We need to create the abstract successful persona that everybody can just adapt and become.

We need to look at the life that Steve Jobs led and abstract it into a list of virtues that need to be followed. To become a nice good copy of Steve Jobs. Completely missing that Steve Jobs likely never thought about this shit too much. It was just in his genes to do this. There is no reason for anybody to be like Steve Jobs, because Steve Jobs is already being Steve Jobs.

But one can easily see where this copying and adapting and following comes from:


We live in a world where we feel that we are only valid if we fit into the grand scheme. The ideal.

We feel we have to fucking put everything we are to the public vote and only when the public vote is in our favor, are we allowed to live that particular trait of our persona that has been voted on.

Yes, there must be the ideal man. The one standard by which every man must abide. And how do you reach it? Well, of course, through public votes. You take the average of all people and then you have statistically accomodated the majority in the best way.

You want to be gay? Fucking vote for the right to be gay! Vote for gay is the new normal!

You want to be fat? Fucking vote for making fatness the new ideal.

Yes. Indeed. How stupid.

But the social pressure and the wish to adapt to the ideal is so strong – the identification with the collective so all-pervasive – that the only way you can hope to live out your personality is to argue that your personality is right and virtuous and should be the ideal. Only when you know that the way you live your life is right, can you sleep in peace. What a fucking nightmare!

Yes, there are great athletes. Yes, there are great fighters. Yes, there are great philosophers.

But no, there is absolutely no need to strive to be like them. What for? They already exist. There is no need for another copy of them to exist. That would be a pointless redundancy.

Your role in this life is inscribed as a unique signature on your soul. You do not even need to put it into words. All you need to do to fulfill your purpose in life is to follow your gut. It may lead you to be an adventurer and bum. It may lead you to be an athlete. A famous musician. It may only lead you to simply be the guy that everyone enjoys being around.

I have met men whom you could call beta males. They had no girls. They did not care. They were following their own soul. Their personality truly was not predisposed to whoring around.

And that is not sad. It just means that each of us feels fulfilled in a different way. No, I am not saying that perhaps, you really do not want girls or muscles – although that is a possibility. I am saying that there are people who truly do not give a fuck as much as you do. Why should they be forced to live life just like you do only to validate your own lifestyle?

A girl likes a dick up her ass and vag. She likes to suck cock. It fulfills her. And yet a man would feel absolutely horrible about any of those things.

I like to be impolite and rude. I like to bump into people on the street. My dad visited me and was shocked. He told me: What if everyone behaved like you do?

And that is a ridiculous question. I asked my dad: Do you see anybody else doing it? Clearly, I am the only one who even wants to live this kind of life.

Yeah, what if everyone behaved like you do? Would that not destroy society? What if everyone was a cool casanova like Racer X?

See, and that is where this whole thing of the ideal man falls apart.

Not every man cares about being that.

What if everybody wanted to be a doctor? Well, then everybody would be a doctor and no one would clean the toilets and no one would be a farmer.

What makes one man a farmer and another a doctor? Pure chance? Luck? Which of the two is ideal? Well, none. Both are necessary. Both contribute in their own way. Both are most likely vastly different personalities. They are both unique souls. And each farmer in himself is not really just a farmer, but has an individual twist on it, his own story, his own location, his own family, his own personality and struggles.

What if everyone was a Muay Thai fighter? What if everyone was rude? What if everyone was gay? What if everyone was living a traditional family?

Do you see how absurd this is?

Why do we need to agree upon what a good man is? If you learn to follow your gut, you will experience absolute fulfillment in everything you do in your life. And then, why the fuck will you care what others do? Why will you care if somebody is virtuous by your own standards? They are your standards, not anybody else’s.

Everybody just fucking wants to be some kind of meta-personality. A bad boy. A player. An American. A soldier. A man. An artist.

An artist? Yeah, those dudes are fucking lazy and unproductive most of the time. Then, in one blast of a moment, they create one big epic thing. Where did it come from? Who knows. Was it achieved by pushing for success and working hard? Maybe for some. Not for others. So is that template of an artist even valid? Is every artist the ideal artist? Or is that just another name for a collective of unique personalities and ideas?

Public school needs to teach the truth. Everybody must believe absolutely the same thing, dream of absolutely the same stuff, define success in exactly the same way. We all need to fucking agree all the fucking time.

And thus we need to argue over what schools teach and who they reach it to. What a radical idea would it be to simply stop regulating and federally funding that shit and letting people find together without rules to learn from each other? People sharing skills with others when they want to and learning when they want to and not give a fuck when they do not want to?

But no, you need to teach people the right way to protect them from the wicked and evil ones. And the right way is of course your way. The whole nation needs to be fighting over the souls of our children, to make them conform to the right ways. Because we are all entitled to dictate what our children think and what they must not think. Who they sympathize and are friends with and whom they despise. Because, meh, because right. And if public school drifts towards an ideal that opposes you, it feels like society is doomed. At least for all those who are like you. Because it is not okay to be like you unless everybody is like you. And it pisses you off that your tax money is used to pay for something you do not approve of – and it should piss you off, but in a public school system, someone will necessarily always be pissed.

It is obvious that in a nation of federalized uniformed education, a war must be waged over the contents of that uniformed education. It is obvious that you have to be fighting to convince others of your own ideas all the time, because if you do not convince everybody that you are right, your individuality is washed away by millions of streamlined minds.

It is obvious that in a nation of uniformed education, every single person and every single minority and every single individual must desperately fight to see himself represented in the uniformed teachings. And when education is federalized, one can of course not simply find together with the teachers with whom one harmonizes. No. The teachers are public property. So one has to fight and cry and shout and bite to get a piece of them. And then one has to fight so that those teachers teach exactlyand only that which is valid for your own personality.

And whenever we disagree, we start discussing which one of us is more valid and true, instead of simply acknowledging that we are different. Each single argument becomes an existential threat to us. If somebody convinces us that we are not right, we and our vision practically cease existing.

Is a soldier better than an artist because he is efficient and productive and strong? But does an artist even need those virtues? What for? Is the soldier a better human being because his list of publically acknowledged and state-funded virtues is longer than that of the lazy artist? And then, is one artist a better artist than another because he is more successfulwell-known and famous, generally liked or abides by the natural law of beauty? Many great artists of today were not very well off when they died. Sure, that does not mean that every poor artist of today is the Van Gogh of tomorrow. But then again, why would he need to be? Maybe one’s particular achievement was simply to provide for some cheap nice landscapes in the homes of a few old grannies. And why the fuck not!

If the stuff that our mind produces is not rightsanecorrectgoodvirtuousreasonablecommendable, productiverespectable or whatever, we must deny its existence, as the only personality we are allowed to have is the averaged-out meta-personality of society or of the sub-culture we vainly identify with. The most individuality you are allowed to have is to be an averaged-out hipsterfag or neo-masculine man. Unless there is a movement for the thing you want to be, it is not a valid thing to be! Oh, and which of those movements is the best? The most productive one? The most humane one? The most successful one? Which virtue is better than another? Yes, and why? Which one of them serves the collective in the best way? The topic for heated discussions! How interesting!

Greg Swann brings this aspect of the history of Western thought nicely to a point. I do not want to spoil the fun by telling you before you see it, so take a look:

Nobody wants to be themselves. No wonder everybody is having an identity crisis. They are fucking selfless sheep. And that serves one party: Politicians.

Political nonsense-talk

Now, these intelligent men like to identify with other intelligent men, which I again despise. One commenter named LittleGoomba wrote this to me in response to me calling Jesus a stupid bitch – yeah, I know I am not very polite:

I will leave you with the following words from a man who is far above of what you and me could ever hope to be. “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports… in vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens”. <—{George Washington}. So please do not say things like that, you come off as an animal, and someone whom the father of this country would not welcome.

What is this? Just great sounding words stacked upon each other. Georgie, so far above what I could ever dream to achieve. Why exactly? Because millions love him? Who gives a damn?

And then there comes your storm of impressive political vocabulary: Prosperity, religion, morality, tribute of patriotism, subvert these great pillars of human happiness, duties of men and citizens.

And then he makes an appeal to me needing to be more than an animal. And a judgment about what the long dead father of his country would think of me. Who gives a damn what he thinks?

My response was:

You sound like an obedient moron sucking George’s dick.

What is this bullshit? What did I just read there? I read an arrangement of words that create an interesting emotional rollercoaster but leave my mind boggled about what exactly he even said. Take away the positive emotions that are associated with those words and the quote goes like:

In order to pointlessly dominate, impress and rule the world, I need you – the citizens – to follow my rules and worship the demon Jesus so that you may be afraid of hell if you ever consider speaking up against my authority. God and the divine need you to be my servants – it is your duty.

Right. But what does a word like duty mean? It means: Do what I say or I will beat you up, you little punk.

People like LittleGoomba get drunk on the meaningful sound of words they do not even understand the true implications of. These words just fill them with a sort of bliss and clarity and off they go with all their reason towards heaven.

But an important point here is that politicians never speak to the individual. They speak to the collective. To the greatness of civilization, society, the fatherland and other undefinable figments of imagination. Blah blah.

But yeah, why am I so pissed about those words like society? Because they mean nothing. A society is no valid entity. A society is the name for a collective of many many individuals. A society has no feelings, no greatness, nothing.

A society is just a big bunch of individual people. So you basically sacrifice your self for … the greater good? For the fatherland? No. It does not exist. You sacrifice yourself for a multitude of other selves. And why exactly should you care about the selves of others more than about your own? Because they are more? But each single one of them is not more valid than your own self. Does it not piss you off that you are not able to live out your personality simply because it is not the personality of most people? Why should the selves of other people be more important to you than your own self?

And if you think that a society consists of anything but a multitude of selfs, you are clearly deluded. What else is there? Some phantom that spans the whole geographical country? Mr. Society? Gaia? Can you summon Mr. Society? Talk to him? Make him happy? Make him sad? Disappoint him?

Oh, but the great people! The forefathers! The fathers, for fuck’s sake! Yeah, why listen to the fathers? Why listen to the self of your father rather than your own? I will tell you: Because daddy did not love you unconditionally. And when he did not love you unconditionally, he told you that nobody owes you anything. Right. And why do you owe it then to your daddy to be his little puppet and do everything as he says?

Why can I not say I fucking hate paying taxes without justifying it through an appeal to publically accepted morals to explain why I am right to hate paying them?

Do I have a right to hate that shit? Is it right that I hate it? Is it just? Is it good for society? Who gives a damn! I hate paying taxes. End of story. You can all kiss my ass and think what you want.

And you can say that a civilized man must make compromises. And I say: Maybe he must. But that is not who I am. I must do absolutely nothing. Zero. And you can work yourself into a rage and throw a little temper tantrum yourself about how uncivilized I am. How much of an animal I am. I do not give a fuck. Why? Because I protest? No. Because I rest in my self. I do not even see it as a conflict between the two of us. I just see it as a personal decision. It does not have anything to do with you or Mr. Society.


Commenter Cuckservatism on Return of Kings posted the following video:

It starts out with a fair question: Who are you? No, not your job or occupation.

Ah! He is surely interested in you. You as an individual.

But then the bullshit starts: Who are you? You find yourself in the eyes of your grandfather and your kid. You find yourself in this and that place. In other people. In places. In memories.

Blah blah. Do you realize the trick this fuck plays on your mind already on a language level?

Where do you find yourself?

Where do you find your self?

Well? Well? What a difficult question! Where do you find your self? Well, of course! How stupid of me! You find your self in the selves of other people, of course! That is, of course, the only logical answer!

You find yourself in culture! In tradition! In your forefathers! In your history!

So many places to find the self, yippie! It is weird, though, that he never suggests to seek the self … in the self. But maybe I am just weird.

So to know who I am … I must look at my grandfather and my kids and my country and its manipulative politicians and pointless wars and fill my mind with words like glory and greatness and all that blah blah. And suddenly I know who I am. Really? I know who am by looking at other people around me? What kind of nonsense is that?

And this is precisely why everybody is having an identity crisis. They seek the self anywhere but where it is. And as a logical consequence, they need to force others – in whom they see their self – to be conformists and uniformed representants of a culture they can identify with.

The manosphere rejects egalitarianism and yet it proposes one norm for everybody, because it shares the same cultural mental illness: Selflessness.

A selfless person has lost the self.

It is logical that a selfless person who seeks the self in other people and in the culture desperately needs to shape other people and the culture in his own image.

The president seeks to transform the country in his image. The father wants the son to live his own dreams.

And then men lose themselves in the strong sense of identity many women seem to have and blame them for their irrational confidence. Well, you should want it too!

Seriously. You do not want to be bullied by SJWs to accept gays. But you want to be bullied by traditionalists into preserving some moronic culture in which you play your firm predetermined part without a say in it? I doubt you would really enjoy that.

So SJWs try to bully you into social justice. And the only thing you can think of to stop them is to bully them into patriarchy. Why not just stop bullying? Why not fucking stop seeking our self in others? Why keep caring about other people’s lives? Because they are part of your nation? Who made it your nation? And as I said, a nation is a phantom. So you are not saying this is my nation. You are saying that every individual’s self in that nation belongs to you. What a fucking burden!

Be yourself / your self

Open your eyes. The only reason why you are trying to convince others of your view is because you have bought into democracy. Bought into the idea that your ideas are only valid if everybody in your collective agrees on them. You have bought into the principle of the SJWs, generalized thought. You lost your frame in the moment you started arguing about what is the right way. But yeah, how would you expect your mind to perform any better and more independently after you have grown up in a civilization of mindless religious obedience and Jesus-worship?

Well, of course you need to be bullying them. If they do not live the life you wish for yourself, you lose your sense of identity and become a lost soul.

But see this as a chance. A lost soul is a soul who is aware that it is lost at least. It is a chance to find its self where it really is. Inside. In your dreams. In your thoughts. In your feelings. In your visions. In your ideas. In the stuff you love to do. In your preferences for other people. In your particular tastes, fetishes and desires.

Stop fucking putting your personality to a vote. It is pitiful and pathetic. Be an asshole or be a nice guy. Just be who you are. Be what fully resonates with you. And if you are not absolutely certain about what it is or if you are anxious about that topic, take some time to find out – nothing shameful about it.

Live your own virtues

Do not copy the virtues of other people. Live your own. Somebody else may be born with a virtue, you may not be. If you are not, that means you do not need it in your life. If a virtue does not seem intuitive to you, why bother with it?

Somebody says you are lazy? Well, maybe you are – from his perspective. Maybe he is a fucking workhorse. Maybe that is who he truly, with his full being, is. Not your business, not your choice. But is that truly who you are? Is disciplined work your virtue?

Or is – in the end – discipline nothing but the zest that ensues and captures the mind of somebody who does what he loves? If that is true, why bother copying it? Why bother being disciplined about something you hate? You are basically faking to be something you really are not.

I bet I am right. I bet the first disciplined man on earth was the one who simply followed his passion. He had no reason to stop. But then others envied him for his success and started copying him and that is when all the bullshit started. None of those people understood what they were doing or why they were doing. But wait. They did. They did it for the fatherland.

But disciplined work is good, right? But what does the word good denote? It connects with an emotion of parental approval in us. With great art. And then with all the associations that we are taught. What school tells us is good. But realize what good really is. Good is a sound. An utterance. Something you express in a certain context, when you approve of something. It is a node in a database of emotions and ideas and memories. Good is an utterance connected with many nodes of emotions and ideas, some of which resonate with you, some of which do not. But in general, when the word good is used in the context of a thing, it brings up all those emotions of approval and bliss and suddenly a boring pointless thing seems interesting, because it irrationally reminds you of something else in your life that you liked. When something is good, it means that people approve of it. But who cares what people approve of? It is their selves that approve of it, not necessarily your own.

But is it not natural? Is man not simply a miserable herd-animal? A social being? Do we not need all that agreement and self-denial? Is it not simply our nature? Well, go on. Go on generalizing your pathology. Call on to evolution, Darwin, the natural order, the Lord, Jesus, science, psychology, call them all to help to explain why your misery is really just the way people are. Cause it feels better if you are not the only selfless idiot. It feels better if it is right to be an idiot.

Stop convincing others. Stop being good or right or rational. Just be your self. And if that sentence makes you angry, it is likely because you have never really been that.

Peace, brother.

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  • Smokingjacket

    Tom. That’s an excellent and timely appraisal of the manosphere, especially the return of the kings site which I’m finding with a few notable exceptions doesn’t allow you to engage and converse in a proper dialogue with other men. I like having dialogues with intelligent, “rounded” people who see the world differently, because, it’s precisely through this process whereby I often discover new insights about myself and world. It allows me to say to myself “yeah, I see what he means” or “never thought of it that way”.

    The problem with the ROK site is that the moment you start to question the “group think” opinions there in reply to someone’s comment, say about religion, making the point that Christianity encouraged a degree of weakness historically in men by making a virtue out of pity, you’ll get a comment for some dude telling you your nothing be a fag for attacking the patriarchy of Christ. Nota Bene: You cannot have a dialogue with a person whose mind is saturated by the certainty of belief and it doesn’t matter what the beliefs are- Jesus is the only savoir – All women are sluts- Every left wing idea is evil. These people want to make and clone you as themselves- that’s their control mechanism- be as I am or be no more. I will only love you as you are me.

    The more you examine this mind set- you begin to realize that it’s a serious pathological condition as it’s akin to the insanity of normality. You said to me before in relation to a dialogue we had on language, and, it was an excellent comment, “how do I not know that society in fact is not really mad”. I made a response that I didn’t think this was the case based on matters from a linguistics point of view, but, your article above and my recent experiences on ROK bring into sharp focus the idea of conformity-reaction-belief dissonance, which is perhaps a pathological mental syndrome where certain types of personalities feel its their “natural right” to be able “to rule” other human beings, who they have no relationship or organic knowledge about. If you look at this notion in any objective manner, doesn’t it seem like a pathological condition? It would be like myself deciding in the morning to make a law about how a tribe in the amazon behaves, despite the fact I’ve never met any of them or have no organic knowledge about their culture or ideas.

    As a general rule, if you cannot have a dialogue or a conversation with another human being in which they’re willing to change their views based on the insight or knowledge of another, then you’re wasting your time and energy with them. You’re not talking with a real human being, but, with a pathological mental syndrome or worse a form of mechanical consciousness. I think the ROK site is becoming like that and I think the articles deliberately manipulate this condition by attracting people that react the same way in an echo chamber. Perhaps its intentionally done by the site owners to attract more visitors, I don’t know.

    Anyway, I think, I’ll give that site a break for a while. Loved the article. By the way, would you never say what you’ve said here on that site in an article?

    • What an excellent comment, my friend.

      I fully agree. There are few commenters on ROK that are what you could call rounded people and yes, I think that the wish to rule other people is a pathological condition of the mind.

      Is that something that is consciously encouraged by the authors? I would say no, because they likely are very convinced of their ideas, as I used to be, too. It is only my recent meditations that have led me to see these unhealthy patterns.

      That said, I do not necessarily condemn them. I do not want to force them to wake up or anything, as that is a wish to rule others as well. Whatever they are doing there on ROK is exactly the experience they need to be making and I profited a lot from it myself, so I would say there is a place for that site in the world. I would not want to miss it and even as it is, sometimes a good dialogue ensues. Besides, I came to know you through the site, and I appreciate our dialogues a lot.

      Are they seducing visitors? No, I do not like to think that way. This is because for a seducer to be successful, you always need someone who wants and seeks to be seduced. To be seduced is a concept that abdicates responsibility and that is, by the way, one big criticism I have about Christianity.

      As for the explanation of that mental condition you talk about, I can only speak for myself. I would say that it comes from conditioning and projection. You see, my own conditioning led me to be a piece of shit that eventually broke down and had to question everything. Some of the men on ROK, on the other hand, they seem to be quite successful in many areas of life, like fucking girls. I respect that, but I also see that the success they generally have makes it easy for them to look past occasional minor cognitive dissonances and problems in their lives – as my own average success in life until two years ago allowed me to reasonably convince myself I am normal as well.

      The only thing that really bothers me is the idea that those people may be successful and reinforce patriarchy in a very strict manner. I fucking hate people controlling my life. But luckily, I have come to believe in the law of attraction. I think that if I can lose the fear of this, I will also lose the resonance to it and I will – in the universes I will enter – never be confronted with such a situation. Actually, the last time I was outside among many people, I noticed how suddenly, all the people around me seemed to be very stable and confident people. This intimidated me at first, but it also made a lot of sense. I simply do not attract insecurities and weaknesses that much anymore.

      By the way, I have joined a Facebook group called Absurdism. They have some great funny posts in there and the people are generally quite intelligent so far. Maybe you care to join. I even had two covert feminist girls trying to bully me out, but I openly admitted that I am sexist and told them to go fuck themselves. They appealed to the admin, because he had liked one of my comments. But the men in there were smart enough – despite unrelated to the manosphere – to recognize their tactics and, despite disapproving of my sexism, just letting me be who I am, as they valued individuality. What a great experience so far.

      • Smokingjacket

        “I simply do not attract insecurities and weaknesses that much anymore” I remember a stage in my life where I did briefly seem to attract people who had issues or patterns of behavior that they thought resonated with my own vibe. Most of them were good, but severely broken by traumas of different types and man got sucked into addictions they then couldn’t escape.

        Awful to state, but, sometimes you have to be ruthless with yourself, and sever all connections, physical and emotion with such people and when I look back, even though I feel guilty sometimes, it was this capacity which perhaps helped me the most to move on and not get stuck into one of their “morphic fields”. In essence, I knew I wasn’t the same as them, and that I’d never really got caught in one of their spiraling vortex fields as the need to be an individual who masters his own ship has always been one of my defining characteristics. When your young like you- it can make you seem like an arrogant, detached, know all to others- but so be it- but when you mature it’s strange how your earlier detractors (especially if they’re men) often then respect you immensely for staying true to your individuality unlike them.

        Hey, I glad also to see you’re having a bit of “knock about” with the two bullying feminists on the Aburdism group, these people need to be shook out of their adolescent and juvenile shaming tactics. If they’ve nothing to say, apart from mouthing slogans that can’t even argue for, well, then they need to shown up for the charlatans they are. I think they’ve meet their match with you Tom!

        • Yes, good point. I have grown quite talented in cutting off people, I think. I also know the guilt you speak of. Many of them, in hindsight, probably were not too bad. But then, it was more about me needing solitude than about a real sensible judgment of their characters. I doubt that I will ever get too attached to anybody to be able to sever the bond.

          Now that I am revisiting all that stuff, I figure that the guilt is really not necessary. As much as it is a cliche, you do not owe yourself to anybody.

    • I forgot to answer your last question. I did try to put this into words before, in comments, but this article has around 3000 words and I feel they are necessary to convey my idea well enough.

  • Oliver Maerk


    Life living
    according to “common vitrues” usually means to betray yourself. Such a life is
    not worth living. You have to live by your own standars, by you own values –
    that alone will add true value to your life.

  • Micah Geni

    Awesome ! Brilliant one you wrote here.

    Need to be some base-system, because people develop differently and also in different pace. The running one is sadly all-system. it prohibits the majority to continue their personal development, and when many end up with frustration and even anger, the proponents of the pyramid take it as evidence. “You see, we need an even stricter control system. People shall not roam freely”.. in other words. We need aunts to do the work we dont like to do ourselves.. :p

    • Thanks!

      Indeed, it is just as you say and that is very frustrating.

  • Sam

    Awesome post Tom!.
    And well timed since I just got banned from ROK no doubt for an excessively cheeky day challenging absurdity, by defending the evil communist bbc and implying the star wars debate was click bait. I was not a quality contributor, I do not have your way with words and am a blunt sod at times, but I dont belong there anyway. Its just a gateway site!

    So I popped over to wish you a happy xmas and lots of luck with your plans,
    Your place is nice and tidy, I may hang out here from time to time, respectfully, if thats OK with you.

    • Hey Sam, thanks.

      That comment got you banned? I think I liked it. Oh well.

      I do not mean to snatch people away from ROK in any way. But I find that – as you write – it is no longer a place I feel really comfortable at. It had its purpose in my life and I am grateful for that, but it is time to move on.

      You are of course welcome here, as long as my posts appeal to you. Or until some policemen shut me down for being too offensive. Site actually went down today, for about 30 minutes. No explanation. I guess the lesson is that everything is ephemeral. Not good to get too attached to stuff.

      Happy Christmas to you as well and may you attract whatever you desire.

    • We are all fallen.

      It’s actually a badge of honor to be banned by ROK.. You did well

  • Al Mahmud Taha

    That’s the coolest shit, I’ve ever read. I needed to know i’m not the only one who thinks this way. I’ve been reading this blog for sometime and it’s become my Bible. Tom,you are really an inspiration for me as i turn 18 and learn to live my life

    • Heh. Thanks man. I don’t mean it to be a bible by any means, though, it’s just my thoughts.