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How to do a frog poison hunter ritual

A year ago Peter Gorman explained to me how to do a frog poison hunter ritual. It sharpens the senses and cleanses your blood vessels, that is what he said. I will share this with you, along with a few explanatory images. This particular kind of frog venom is called Kambo or Sapo. It is not psychedelic, it is just good old-fashioned pain.

Peter Gorman is an old and tough guy with a calm deep voice and the only weakness I could find in him was his confession that he listens to women, because he likes to kiss them. Indeed, a girl was the reason why he broke his plans to become celibate. This guy is a character. He is an author, too, and I seemed to be the only one who had not heard of him. He wrote a book about Ayahuasca. I guess I was generally somewhat out of place down there in Peru, apart from the angry atmosphere. The only guy interested in an Ayahusca ritual who was pretty much a non-spiritual super-rational (read: dumb) atheist and not all mesmerized by the spirituality and shit.

The reason I tell you of Peter is because people give relevance and credence to information. Stories become powerful. This guy is an adventurer. He has a foot half eaten up by flesh-eating bacteria, a big gaping wound that is open and wet at all times. I think he said he fought a crocodile once. He hunted wild boars, too. Beat them to death with a club. I have no doubt he is speaking the truth. He arranges Ayahusca rituals, trips to the deep jungle, has shrooms, frog poison and more. A day before I met him, someone had stolen his tablet and a little boy had brought him a little note with instructions how to regain it. Wild world down there. Here is his website.

Anyway, he offered to do a frog poison ritual with me and a few others and that is what we did. Instructions are not so easy to find and when you find them, who knows if they are believable? Many are afraid of legal repercussions. Fuck that. If you sue me, you are a fucking idiot. The ritual is really simple and if you do it wrong, you must be a moron.

Anyway, here goes. I will tell you how to do it in clear steps and what to expect from it. I am a novice in this, but it is really simple and I think that this is a great initiation rite for men. A friend of mine whom I met on the trip also did it at hine with his son and said it was great – he also contributed an article. A test of character. I cried when I did it the second time. I always vomited.

How to do it

Kambo stickOrder Kambo sticks. I ordered them here and they reached me within a month. Nina from Shamanic Snuff sent me some basic instructions and precautions like health warnings. You want to read these, as I am not covering them here. Basically, it is about allergy, pregnancy, heart conditions and other stuff that does not apply to most people. Nina there does not sell this stuff with the intent to use it. I guess it is all a matter of legal shit in this fucked up world. Nobody can take self-responsibility and inform himself, of course. The picture on the left here shows the Kambo stick wrapped in some stuff and a little stick meant for the application and preparation of the venom. This is not the incense stick for burning your skin.

Since there is enough information about the risks out there, but little on how to do it, that is what I offer you. So here goes:


First, find some good spot on your skin for the ritual. It should be somewhere where the skin is thin and soft and not rugged. Typically, the soft stuff on the sides of the shoulder is used. Where you get injections as a kid. Beware, though, that this shit does not heal perfectly due to the toxins or whatever and leaves little scars for at least a while. There was an old hag in Peru who had them arranged like a Christian cross. It looked ridiculous and only made her more ugly. This is why I suggest you – especially as a girl, which you should not be – just use your thighs. If you are hairy like me, use a razor blade to make enough place for three spots.


Second, open the wrapping of the Kambo stick and take it out. One side will look very resiny and waxy. This is the dried secretion of the frog. The poison. You can use water or you do it like me and Peter: Spit. So you spit on it, then you take some little stick and kinda mix up the spit with the dried secretion by rubbing it over it for a while. I think this is not a very precise art. Just spit on it and rub that stuff.


Here is how mine looked. You want to use more spit than on this picture. You want a good surface covering. I took this picture after I had applied it to my skin already, so it was rather empty.


Third, light one of the incense sticks that Shamanic Snuff ships with the Kambo Sticks. Note that the little stick that you use for applying and mixing the poison with your spit is not the same as the incense stick, which you use to burn your skin. If you order elsewhere, make sure you get incense sticks, too. They look a bit like perfume sticks, but never worry, they will not make your place smell like a voodoo shop. Use a lighter to ignite the front of the incense stick. Let it burn for a little while. Mine had black smoke come of it.


When it is hot enough after a few seconds – it must smolder afterwards – blow out the fire and you are left with a little red glow.


Fourth, use the smoldering end of the incense stick to burn off the top layers of your skin on three spots. You can increase the amount with experience, but three is a safe first. If you are anxious, use just two. Again, this burning off is not too precise an art I guess. I figure that two seconds of good contact should suffice, but if it is not enough, you can just touch the same spot again to improve. It hurts a little, but nothing too bad.


DSC_1471You will have a little ash over the skin that has turned a little white and dead from the heat. The goal is to get that thin sheet of skin to cauterize (if that is the right word) so that you can easily peel it off with your fingers and expose the capillaries underneath. The thickness of that layer should be an estimated half millimeter, not more. Maybe even a bit less. So that you can see the wet underskin that is just very slightly marbled with very thin red blood vessels. You are not meant to burn through to your flesh or even really bleed or anything. If you are bleeding, you are likely too deep and better avoid putting the poison there, as the effect may become dangerous then. I think Peter said that it is the capillaries – extremely thin blood vessels – in the top of the skin that guarantee a safe ritual. But I guess you would not die, either way. I hope.

DSC_1476Fifth, take the frog poison mixed with spit and apply it. Ideally, you have put two good spittings on the Kambo stick so that it is enough to be able to cover the whole spot where you burned off your skin with a thin sheet of poisoned spit. The spots should burn and you should start to feel a slowly increasing warm sensation spreading in your body. The photograph on the left was my first try and it was too little. Use a bit more.

Sixth, put away the Kambo equipment and be near a toilet. What awaits you is about 15 minutes of extreme pain and nausea. My acquaintances and Peter claimed that it feels like your whole body is hurting the worst way possible. For me, it seems to be mostly nausea and pain in my head along with a weird look in my face. I guess it is different for everyone. It is definitely never pleasant, though. Anyway. These 15 minutes may feel like dying and it keeps getting worse. But do not worry, it will definitely stop. You will want it to stop earlier than it will, at least I usually do. If you do not want to puke, do not eat much for 12 hours before the ritual. Also, after some 10 minutes, you can wipe away the poison without fear of destroying the ritual. The reason is that you do not want this to get into your eyes or something accidentally.

These are pictures of how I looked before, throughout and after the ritual. Normal tired, blood pumping into my skin, pale waxy seasick-like and revitalized and aware. You can click on the single images to enlarge them. In the second image, for instance, you will see how the blood vessels in my eyes are visible quite intensely – I literally felt the poison wash through my face and my tensions. Looks a bit like an angry baby threatening his daddy with holding his breath forever. In the third image, my skin just looks dead and feverish; like a green zombie or alien. Fascinating stuff.

Seventh, you are through. You will feel relief and over the course of an hour, you should feel an intense sense of clarity, vitality and exhaustion. Definitely peace. The typical observed effect seems to be that your vision becomes very detailed and you can see more nuanced colors. Loss of appetite, too. All these things are why hunters do this before going on hunting trips. This is the opposite of a normal drug. A normal drug makes you feel great and shit afterwards. Frog poison makes you feel shit and great afterwards. Shamanic Snuff recommends to shower to cleanse energetically and physically afterwards. It should feel like a weight being lifted off your shoulders and skin. Hah, I bet you feel too ashamed to consider it anything but a bullshit placebo.

Peter Gorman says that when you do this ritual twice, you sweat out everything you have and afterwards, animals can no longer smell you. I half believe him. I would need to see it in real to believe it.

DSC_1499Eighth, the wound will not dry and heal quickly due to the toxins or whatever. Just let it exposed to air. It will sting. It should build a crust within two or three days. Note that you should not use the same spots twice. Which is one more reason not to do this shit on places that are easily visible. You do not want to look like that old hag with ugly scarry spots all over her arm. If you are a man, it matters less, but anyway. Peter Gorman has those all over his body. He said he once did 6 spots or even more. I forgot, sorry. The fun thing about this is that although you feel absolutely shit while doing it, you want to do it again, because it feels so great afterwards for hours. Peter says that this shit cleanses your blood vessels and flushes all toxins out of your system. The picture on the left is what your skin may look like an hour after the ritual, including the swelling.

Anyway, enjoy. This is the kind of shit that men have been doing as initiation rites for thousand of years, deep in the jungle. You absolutely need this experience.

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  • Micah Geni

    your still at the physical/body level in referance to emotions.

    • Emotions are somatic. How do you feel yours?

      • Micah Geni

        somatic + mental satisfaction. Sometimes they start at th etop, mental, for instance if someone depressed, was cheered up by me. Both ways.

        • You may be referring to hope and fantasy.

          • Micah Geni

            Hard to explain. An inner satisfaction, that spread down the system and relaxes the body and mind. A bit like a moment of Eureka. It doesnt always happen. I dont even always bother to try to go for it. Depends on the interaction, which means “the other person”. Some are basically too much waste of time, to be engaged. “Professional victims” do not really want help, but attention. So why bother ? Give them help-to-self-help, which is to give them no attention.

          • Well, where does it spread from? Head? Chest? Hope and fantasy comes from the head and kind reaches down the spine and fills one with this weird bodyless angel-like sensation. Dissociation. What do you mean?

          • Micah Geni

            Its not hope and fantasy. Its more like you got a divine order, and succeeded. Like Eureka I told. Suddenly you see an associaton. But is it really “you” who spots it, or is it your spirit that were given the energy to connect the dots, there and then. Look at my last post now. About the chi-rho cross or something. Never seen it before. But “bang” some assosciations just came to me, when I was looking at it for the first time. “Eureka”. No one may read. Doesnt matter. It was still satisfying to connect the similarities. THAT type of satisfaction. It starts in the brain. And now i can relax and have a nap. “Satisfied”. Why ? I dont know. It just is like that.

          • Interesting, your associations.

            Hope and fantasy does feel divine. You know, heaven and angels. Jesus. Floating up there with them.

          • Micah Geni

            If it gives you a good internal vibe, I guess one could say it is related to the divine nature.

          • The question here is whether it lasts or whether it is just ‘spiritual escapism’. Do you actually help people change permanently? Or do you just make them feel good about themselves?

            And outside of that, would you say that you bring them more into the moment or do you rather bring their mind to ‘good places’? Because the real way to wisdom and happiness actually goes through self-consciousness. And the things we push away the most are usually painful things. This means that when somebody who is rather miserable, suddenly feels good, it is likely not an expression of their self, but rather some part of you they latch on to.

          • Micah Geni

            Don’t know. Not the point. The spirit or “rush” or “instinct” gave me an idea about something. I acted intuitively on it. The reward was on doing that, in itself.

            But you know. When people start to “hang around” you, even when you dont want them around, something is working in a way. It did have some effect on them. How ? Dont know. Dont care that much either. I know it wasnt bad. And that is good enough. I did it mostly for myself. To feel the spiritual satisfaction. But there is also an element of interaction there.

            Sometimes I get the same feeling from “grounding” a high flying super narc a little. So it isnt related to a universal behavior law. But more to a unversial spiritual law. Never gave it that much thought before, right now. But interesting.

            Check out this one Druid Boy:

          • Yeah. I used to like to ‘help’ people, too. Made me feel great. But it was also a desire for power. If someone else was in need of me, I felt needed and thus useful and worthy. It felt RIGHT. But it was escapism for me as well as for the other person.

            But what you describe about hanging around you, that sounds good man. I am becoming totally relaxed these days. An hour ago, I was at the store. I looked at this girl who was working there and there was this connection between us. This desire. I could see it in her eyes. Unashamed and open. I still have issues to deal with, so I do not want it right now (in fact, I feel a pull away from it just for that reason), but I so look forward to these intimacies.

            I do not quite understand your post, but I can see you are in your element there. Maybe I would have to read your old article to understand. Kinda like it. I may look into it again, later. I very much like the celtic cross. Looks great. Phallic and mighty. A bit cold perhaps.

            The blog was a good idea for you, my friend. Right medium for your ideas. One thing, though: Your homepage is your about page. It would be better if the homepage was an overview of your articles chronologically, as it is normally. Then the first thing you see would be the newest article.

          • Micah Geni

            I thnk I explained it better in that post than now is found “above”.

            Ok. Ill try to change it. I think youre right. I just ended up that way.

          • Micah Geni

            I head a big head, as a kiddo.. Thats Headfuck-Musen.. Haha.. I guess I must have damaged mother.. :D

          • Micah Geni

            Ok. A short explanatory scenario:

            You get an Eureka moment. “Aha… Yes !”.. That is your Mind.. Builds up Energy in your Body… Then you think abit how to express it, and your spirits navigates around in your brain, to the nodes of “language, symbols” and such.. Your Intellect, the Head…
            Then you write as a fuck, and hit the “Post” button… Your body starts to relax and you feel “fulfilled”, satisfied. Calm. “Hm.. Arbeit can macht frei, now and then”, you may think

            Later, you see that people read it. That may also feel good, because you would like to share the “solution” or your moment. You want other people to experience the same. But even if no one read it at all. You still had that moment of satisfaction when you wrote it. So will still write another one. Because you grow from it, personally. So you are mainly doing it for yourself, yet it can still be a pro-social act.

            Egoism —> Altruism.

            And all the three parts of “being Tom Arrow”, is used. Like they tried to describe a little in that “Being John Malcovich” movie. Another czech ? “..ich”.

          • I never felt really fulfilled after writing an article. I was too much thinking about it, too ashamed of not making it perfect. I envy you a little for getting it all out there in that way. You are more in tune with yourself. I think I know what you mean, though. Getting there.

          • Ah, yet another angle: Do they just feel better? Or do they actually start to be more AWARE of how they feel?

            It is plausible that a confident man can make other men feel good in his presence. But those men will still need to do a lot of personal work to get confident themselves. It is just borrowed.

  • Micah Geni

    Druid Boy. What do you think about my interpretation of the Celtic Cross:

  • Micah Geni

    copying something from Steiner. What is your tought about it intuitively: Go to the vast
    majority of people and you will find a very strange but
    fairly common view of the relation between intellect,
    feelings and passion in men and women. Then, in contrast
    look at Nietzsche’s view. He says that the intellect
    belongs primarily to women, and feelings and passion to
    men. Compare this with the common view. It is the exact
    opposite. Thus we could say a great deal and, on the one
    side, could list all the views which ascribe to women all
    the passive, the weak qualities, and on the other side
    all those which maintain the opposite. But certainty
    comes somewhat to a standstill when so many different
    views are possible.

    • Micah Geni

      I do have a thought or two on the subject; Nietzsche Vs “Common opinion”.

  • Smokingjacket

    I remember being told a story about a man who wished to become adept in the ways of yoga. Early in the process (after a few months) he was going through his exercises and meditations when one day he suddenly went into the state of complete masculine divine energy- this state was an adsorbing bliss and ecstasy where virility, strength, confidence, creativity, wisdom and youth where all combined in perfect alignment. It was the divine state par excellence- a realm inimical to the darkness and inertness of the “reproduced world”.

    You’d imagine that this would have been a positive experience for him. However it was the opposite, as the man in question was not clearly ready for it and his own accounts it seemed to happen to him by accident. The result was that he suffered with serve depression and mental health problems for years after this event. The morale in this tale could be that as men in the truest sense and by the more we practice mediation for example, we come to know that our natures are immortal and that after their sojourn here they’ll return to the perfected state of divine masculinity after we “loose our mortal coil”.

    The other issue in this tale relates to the manner in which we understand people, especially men who have mental health problems. Is it not possible to think that those men with the highest or most sensitive degree of masculinity in the divine sense will always suffer the greatest privations and unhappiness in this world, until they learn how to “attune” their divine nature to the darkness in this created realm? Instead, of accepting this as a possibility, we fill young men’s heads up with medications that prevent them from reaching a natural harmonious relationship between their natures and our world. This shortsightedness and lack of comprehension in psychiatry is I believe a tragic and terrible indictment of our modern medical system.

    • Interesting. I think I am on my way to reach quite that state. Although I believe that masculinity is just a part of it, not the thing itself. Why? I believe in multiple lives, but I believe that the soul knows no sex. That implies that our sex – maleness or femininity – is a gift to us given through our male or female existence in this life, but not a part of our soul.

      As for that conflict, I wonder if there is much to it. I guess there is. But the outside world is just a representation of our inner world in many respects. Maybe that man became so drunk with this divinity that he was unable to accept that darkness in him anymore? Which is quite prideful. The ego was big in him. He could only anymore crave that absolute euphoria, but not love the more trivial aspects of existence.

      Just to point out what I mean by the world being a representation of our inner self: Since I have worked through many issues, I actually see the world as lighter. It still amazes me. For instance when I leave my flat, I am still again and again surprised by the brightness of the lights in the house. At first I was convinced someone had switched them out with brighter ones. But the world generally seems more transparent and open now. The sun shines brighter. There is a calmness and peace to everything. I am sometimes so much in peace that I actually very pristinely hear the impact of blood rushing out of my head when I stand up and then slowly come back. That very quiet noise of existence, how it fades away and comes back – clearly audible now, but in the past obstructed by a backdrop of mental noise and voices in the head. Worries and emotions that no longer disquieten me.

      • Smokingjacket

        Good to hear that things are becoming lighter. The world is as “you dream it” that’s what the Indians in Peru once said to you in your dream. They were right.

  • Bob

    You made the dots wrong sir :) I am a practitioner and they are basically little snot balls, you create them by putting drops of water (not saliva, because its unsanitary) then take a sharp knife with a good tip, scrap gently sideways until little balls of mucus form, then take these mucus balls and place them over the burns using the knife… the stick you were using to umm mix it up is ACTUALLY what the shaman/natives use to apply the burns… yes that’s right… 3mm burns take a real man… LOL so I use bamboo skewers.. because they are cheap, burn consistently and get good and hot so they cauterize the first layer or two so you can scrape it off with your fingernail. (my avg dot size is 2-3mm)

    you fail to mention that this is a fire/water medicine, so you have to drink 3-4 bottles of water (2000ml) or else you will be dry heaving for twenty minutes =D GOOD FUN there! OH BOY. Also when the medicine gets purged into your intestines without enough water to flush it all the way out the toxins from the Kambo may stick around in your intestines longer and make you feel miserable.. So you want to flush that stuff out… or you will be lethargic/sluggish the rest of the day.

    So yes, 80% of your article is accurate, but the main reason you do not apply Kambo to blood is that the Deltorphin (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC297583/) can cause a serious overdose which can kill you, and most likely will if you have a burn mark down to the flesh… If this happens to you, wipe it off immediately with a wet cloth and drink lots of water…. until you throw up.. it’ll help flush the venom from your system.

    Also while the venom is safe for applying to a burn, the reason why it is applied like this is so you don’t get a rare flesh eating bacterial disease that is only infectious if you snort powder, or do other really dumb shit with it… its meant to be applied via burns… period.. no other options. I can’t find any pictures of the flesh eating disease because people generally don’t live long enough to take pictures of them before they die.

    I use Kambo to control and suppress an autoimmune disease, so I apply dots monthly around 10-23 dots seems to be by avg, I am remission from an incurable autoimmune disease because of Kambo.

    If you see the picture of the guys neck, those dots are a little “light” meaning there isn’t much medicine in those dots, they should be chunkier looking.

    People also apply water to keep the dots wet after application so the peptides make their way into your endocrine system which is how the medicine travels around (supposedly) which is also why it’s not applied to the venous system.

    Side effects, extremely rapid heart rate to the point where you think your going to die, but you don’t (so don’t use if your heart is weak… or you eat a lot of sodium, or blood pressure meds.) This fades within 5-20minutes. Deep meditation is a very good practice to use while doing Kambo as it helps control pain, and allows you to relax so the medicine works its way around your body better. Trance music is also helpful as it helps you forget about the pain from the medicine.

    Another side effect is that it makes you less angry, and of course gives you scars.. which of course give you character… I am making an Ayahuasca snake on my left arm using dots 5 wide by 200+ dots long so far… So lots of character… yes it looks ugly atm but once the burns fade a bit it will be a neat design.

    a beneficial effect which I’ve noticed which can actually treat wrinkles is the classic “frog face” seen in the picture of the oriental woman, your face may swell up and you will literally be froggy faced for about 30minutes to 1 hour… roughly. It stretches out the skin a little and makes some wrinkles less visible.. I’m only 38 years old, however I did notice a reduction in smile lines near my eyes. So this may be an effect women would be interested in, or people who care about Vanity LOL, but don’t freak out.. you will be fine after a hour or so.

    Another side effect you fail to mention is that the medicine can make you purge from both ends at the SAME time… LOL.. so if you feel gurgling in your gut… get to a toilet or do the third world squat somewhere behind a bush.. Keep your bucket handy, because you will most likely vomit while shitting yourself…

    You get the most benefit from leaving the medicine on until it no longer burns… I usually keep it wet or flip the dot over using the small side of a knife wet the dot, and flip the dot to the other side and you will get a nice burn like before for around the same duration as before… make sure you drink more water or else you will be dry heaving :D

    Don’t forget if you feel like your dying and you wimp out just take a wet paper towel and wipe the dots off and you will feel better almost as quickly as you felt the Kambo pain… Also avoid drinking water for awhile after ceremony as it will contribute to diarrhea or vomiting for at least an hour after ceremony. After that feel free to eat drink, but avoid alcohol for at least the rest of the day..

    good luck, viva Kambo!

    • Cool! Thanks for this elaborate comment, Bob. Glad it helps you deal with your disease, that’s fantastic. I featured your comment so others can see your suggestions and details right away. I did not know about the two way purge, never happened to me. Take care!

      • Bob

        Glad to help, the two way purge happens after you reach a certain dot count that is different for each person, usually around 8 to 13 dots. Some people never double purge, just means you have a clean body. It rarely happens to me, maybe 1 in 20 ceremonies.. but I use high dot counts which most people shouldn’t do until you build up a immunity to the venom.

        • I see. I never went above 3 dots yet.