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Google FAQ: Answers to your weirdest search terms

Welcome aboard, rapists and plunderers, daddy issuers and mother fuckers, sickos and health freaks, dicks and cunts, assholes and douche bags, sailors and porn addicts, smart asses and dumb cunts.

You have chosen this site, because I talk about the stuff that everybody else only dares to whine about.

Well, alright. I am not your savior. I am not a seducer nor a great businessman. What am I exactly? I am a man without a father.

But more than that, I have Google Analytics. And it tells me about all your desires that you seek, but do not dare to ask about. Well, here I am with answers.

Unfortunately, I do not know everything. So I will just answer the problems I can and then leave the rest of your questions stand for themselves for amusement.

See above.

Your search term My answer to your problem
big father fucking
fucking boy
men think women arrogant want to rape Arrogant women want to be raped. No? I thought they want to. Sorry.
my own mother is asking me for sex Disgusting. Shudder. Gosh. On the other hand, whatever gets you off, mate. But be careful not to confuse anguish with desire.
nice guy narcissist Yes. Read something about covert narcissism, being a nice guy or just general hardships of not showing your personality to anybody. No, this is not a circle jerk to the sadness of life. If it hurts you, work on that shit. If you are just here to denounce, go fuck yourself.
showing weakness Showing weakness. Here, I wrote about it. About bitches telling you to show your weakness. But nowadays I am more open about who I am and was. So I guess: Let them say what they want.
fuck her please Sure, why not. Send her over.
fuk my mother Disgusting. Well, unless she is really pretty. My mother is fat and disgusting. I am not sure if I would feel attracted if she was pretty. I guess not.
my million Yes?
covert narcissism self help Here you go.
love is selfishness? yes or not They are not the same, but love is selfish. A mother’s love, for instance.
oh no i nofuck dad xnxx This is above me.
father fucking I think they do. Not sure. Ask one.
mom can i fuck you please Ask your mom. But you are still a disgusting pig.
show your weakness to man That is cool, you can do that. We love to hurt you when you do. Nothing is such a pleasure to spoil as innocence.
rules to live by for men Ah, I think I wrote down some stuff. Try these: One, two, three.
shy narcissist traits
i hate sjws And they hate you. SJWs are all about how things should be, not how they are. Think of it, the manosphere also fights for their ideals. But they are smarter about it. And calmer. There is some difference, but I have to ponder about it.
fuck real mother No man, that is scary. Who talked you into that shit? Do you really feel comfortable about that? Not entirely? Then fuck that shit. That is your soul protesting.
reach perfection If you define it.
seliping girl fuck me father Mmh, sexy. Not sure what a real dad would think.
no father status Sure, you can post that on Facebook.
men are rapists Indeed.
mind of a lion God, can you dudes stop with that awkward symbolism? You are not a lion.
alion An alien lion? Cool. But if you had never seen a lion, would it not seem quite alien?
human fuck Yes, the good old human fuck.
one day i will fuck you If you are a dude, forget about it. Unless you are rich and have a magic wand to make me forget about it.
patriarchy is Nonexistent.
swallow the leader Tasty, bitch? Yes, thought so.
women fuck man It happens.
fuckings machine How many fuckings does it give?
gym bound Good idea.
how to understand a narcissist Read a book. Become one.
fucking the bitch Yippie.
me as a dad part 4 I do not host porn.
stomach fucking Damn, why is that such a prominent theme? I imagined fucking a woman into her navel. Pretty weird, huh.
not a real man What the hell is a real man?
i think someone has put a curse on me Tough shit, buddy.
what to do when bored at home alone at night Buy a petroleum lamp, light it and read a good book in the flickering light.
not rational bags Sorry, I am not following.
fat ass fucking Try penis enhancement.
dirty words fuck cunt whore bitch ass. Not very good at this, really.
ass from the past Have at it.
ugly blond women Happens.
realelders.com Damn, this is one bitter red pill.
sex allmen You can try.
the ugly guy Here you go.
devil chicks This?
woman fart on man The weird thing about scat is that most of it seems to be women shitting on men. Are there no other sadists around?
how to not look ugly for guys Be cute. Wear a little dress that can be ripped off you. Be feminine, positive and touchy. A feminine character can make all the difference sometimes.
do as i say and i will be your slave What?
what to do when you hate your mother Tell me about it in a comment.
i want to fuck my own mother Disgusting. Unless you are a hot girl and your mother is hot.
how to tell a guy that you like him Try this one: I like you.
feels like butterflies in my chest Here you go.
how to make a girl your slave I am not good at this, unfortunately.
how to fuck a girl with a fat ass See above. Try penis enhancement.
dawn man I do not follow.
how to make a guy want you Ask a girl.
humiliation fantasies Yes.
man and man fucking Shudder.
man bitch fuck Happens.
crazy train lesson Hm.
crazy chemical reactions Not my field of expertise.
a girl and boy fucking That sounds okay.
man rules list Here.
german for gay Schwul.
this guy keeps looking at me Deal with it.
how to be a man without a father Not sure myself. Tell me.
when people disrespect you You beat them.
fucked after work Aye, sounds like fun.
fenix power peru What is that? Tooth paste?
women are nothing but trouble And holes.
did you really want No.
black dicks in black chicks Black chicks are annoying.
selfish father The best.
exit only my ass Ah. What?
goodbye mama Here.
achy asshole Sounds like a country song.
if all men are the same Then?
man without balls Cancer?
yesallmen Eat shit.
fetal consciousness I read fecal consciousness.
mother is my slave That sucks. I always thought my mother was my slave. I guess it was the other way around.
how to be happy without a man Impossible. You need a man. Unless you are a man, then you have yourself.
how to rape a sleeping girl You would think it is pretty straight-forward, but I guess there are some intricacies involved.
how do you get a guy to like you Beg him to like you. Nah. Ask a girl.
fuck human rights Yes, fuck those.
butterflies fucking Animals are disgusting and immoral.
so you think you can fuck No.
hopeless part 1 Damn, that is my childhood.
i fucked my real mum Shudder.
necrophilia fuck Here.
man fucking ass Female ass, I hope.
where can i meet a nice guy Every-fucking-where. They are a plague.
mama man My favorite action hero.
devil chicks I think this is a duplicate.
nice fat women They better be.
why women dont fart Because it is politically incorrect.
how to talk to a guy you like Use your mouth. Oh, yes.
bitch human The best.
i hate beautiful women Yeah, buddy, me too. Life is just a fucking tease.
guilt fuck That would be cool, I would like some revenge for my own guilt trips.
me as a dad part 4 No, thanks.
the truth about man Ask Kubrick.
what to talk about with a guy you like Just be yourself. Rofl.
i despise my mother I bet she is despicable.
necrophilia girls I think we had this.
how to make a guy want you I think we had this, too.
sleep dominance fantasy Somewhere, I read that the psychopath’s brain is similar to a sleeping person. But frankly, it sounds like bullshit.
this guy keeps looking at me Definitely duplicate.
needily definition Adverb for needy. To do something in a needy way.
german gay Duplicate, more or less. You want to read this.
dirty words Duplicate.
boy ass fuck No, thanks.
a girl and boy fucking Happens.
how to fuck a sleeping girl As complicated as life gets.
im a fat kid Yeah, that sucks.
dirrty 4 just the way you like it Cool.
fenix power peru What the fuck?
women that fart Do not exist.
fucked after work Duplicate.
pretty face fucked Nice.
make her ass scream louder bitch Hm.
man fucking machine You surely mean Ex Machina.
fuck yeah guy Sounds like a chill dude.
crazy fucked up shit Try this. Or this. Or this.
yes the basic 2015 Yes?
pill movie Not sure what you mean.
please fuck my mom Is she being a bitch?
how to tell a guy that you like him Duplicate.
fart female Duplicate, kinda. Does not happen.
how to make a woman happy Presuming that you will profit from her being happy. Frankly, it is easy. Just be nice. But do not expect to fuck her if making her happy is your primary goal. And for how long will you make her happy, anyway? Forever? Any moment?
hard pill movie Sounds strange.
man with pussy fucking Yeah, we kinda had this one.
i want to be your slave I do not want to be your master. Unless you are pretty and female.
bitch fucking Duplicate, kinda.
man without a country poem No, but I have this.
categories of fear Depends on who you ask. Excitement, Fear, Anxiety, Terror?
did he like me No. I bet not.
necrophilia rape porn Do not have any. They are not real, anyway.
face fuckers part Sounds weird.
crazy fucking machine Yeah, see above. Ex Machina.
exit only my ass Strangely, I think we already had this one.
dont fart on me Why not?
i want to fuck my mother Again? Dude.
human fuck Nice.
kapatari It is spelled Kapitari.
passive perception I do not follow.
cause everybody wants and everybody needs Sounds like a country song.
scream at the devil Yes, I did.
your confidence is your weakness Sounds like something a bitch would say.
fucking problem medical tast photo Whatever.
fucking without man or woman The lonely fuck that nobody gives. Tragic.
oh no i nofuck dad xnxx Right.
sick of it all I know that feeling.
christian nice guy Christina Grey is such a nice guy.
the truth about men We had this one already, for fucks sake. Who made this list?
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  • thordaddy

    It’s funny how “we” demand the laws of physics so as to render our acts so infinitesimally meaningless for the sole purpose of total transgression.

    • And that does relate to this article how?

      • thordaddy

        Do you revel in toxifying the universe for all time with your transgressive “contributions?”

        • But of course. The thing you miss is that I will never succeed. My contributions are a part of the whole picture, not the picture itself.

          My father likes to say ‘What if everyone behaved like you?’

          But that is nonsense. Not everybody is like me. There is a balance. Not everybody even wants to be like me. It is me who wants to be like me.

          • thordaddy

            First, your bald assertions are in constant clash so as of now you lack the discipline to be taken at any extreme or to be taken at all extremes, simultaneously. You are a radical autonomist (anti-white Supremacist) and knowingly acknowledges peddling public transgression. The question is whether you are prepared to be annihilated for that very particular ethos? I think not? I think you hadn’t much even considered. What about JUSTIFIABLY annihilated SUCH THAT your very words here are the plea to be justifiably annihilated as a prideful public transgressive?

          • You can get annihilated for being funny?

            Seriously, there are much worse comedians out there.

          • thordaddy

            One can be annihilated for being transgressive per the laws of physics…

            So in playing what amounts to a “game of chicken” with said orderly laws, one then shows himself to be of suicidal tendencies.

          • You know what. I meditated a bit and I think I have been dishonest. I was lured by the promise of love, yes, but I never acknowledged my pain and fear quite properly. Maybe even now I have not done that.

            I would rather live in hell and eternal darkness than feel that loss of control and pain again. I would rather live without love than once more falling into the black hole of trying to earn it desperately, losing all my dignity and self-respect.

            Tom here will hold on and wash through the darkness. Because maybe, in that place most devoid of love, he will find it for himself.

            So yeah, I guess you are right. I am a radical autonomist. Because I would rather live in hell than give even a little finger to those assholes that hurt me. It is a fear so profound that I wonder if it is not indeed absolute.

            I want no friends, no lovers, I want nothing. Which is, as you say, exactly what I am aiming at.

            A little thought at the side of this: I had an idea about why people reject beauty. When they grow up and learn that beauty is a disguise for terror, they then make the logical conclusion that terror is in reality a disguise for beauty. Hence the attempt to find love in the black hole. Makes sense, right?

          • thordaddy

            But now that you’ve touched one “extreme,” practically in hand is its antithesis. Perfection. Holy Wholeness, Radman! With this RAW DESIRE… What do make of it?

          • Right. Just tell me: What is in it for me? What is the point? I do not see any light in the dark, brother. I see darkness on one side and I see the pretense of light on the other side. Darkness is more honest, at least.

            I see bitter reality on one side and a comforting lie on the other side. Bitter reality is more honest.

            Maybe the source of my unhappiness is chasing a fairy tale. Maybe I ought to stop that. It feels embarassing to chase fairy tales.

            Seriously. What can Perfection offer me? Just what?

          • thordaddy

            But “see” how your radical autonomy has you shuck science at your convenience as though you have not observed all of reality through the blessing of real LIGHT. And even in “darkness” is still total energy, ie., light to which your viewing is still voluntarily limited. And in fact, all the universe is lit and you merely observe darkness due suboptimal mechanics.

            Are you not seeking a “model of action?” Are you not seeking a “mode of being?” Are you not considering taking the most efficacious next step? How are all these NOTIONS not rooted in Perfection AS ANTITHESIS to your desire for “hell on earth?”

            I am only showing you the paradigm that you help COLLECTIVELY bring to REALITY. Must I also tell you how to operate within it?

          • thordaddy

            What’s in for you to embrace Perfection as your operating parading???

            Escape from radical autonomy and inevitable self-annihilation…

            Can you really “see” a beautiful painting without its canvass?

          • Painting? Canvas?

            I can see nothing, man. All I see is either misery or deception. Deception meant to lure me into hope, only to ridicule me if I dare to believe.

          • thordaddy

            Yes… This is MUTUALLY understood… What has not been settled is whether you now own your certainty outright. It seems as though you don’t AND THIS makes no sense “in light” of other claims made to seek a reassuring certainty. Is there no such thing within grasp SOMEHOW contrary to raw physics? Again, why not own it all? Final Liberation?

          • What do you mean? Whether I am absolutely certain that life is shit? I am not. But it is the most convincing idea I have.

          • What is final liberation? Suicide?

          • thordaddy

            And you are correct… The only place where one can “experience” genuine radical autonomy is HELL…

            There is no absolute freedom IN THIS WORLD…

            The best one has is the Gift of God-ordained free will…

            But some DESIRE “Hell on Earth “and logically reject the Gift of God-ordained free will…

            The ensuing global chaos IS THE LATTER ATTEMPTING TO FORCEFULLY “integrate” the former.

          • Besides, I am not anti-white. Whiteness is awesome. I actually tried to think in that manner a few times now. Everytime I see a black dude, I think to myself: Haha. I am so glad I am not black. I am awesome. That dude is a poor bastard for not being white. He should envy me.

            Funny how that changes your perception.

          • thordaddy

            Lol… Just imagine the corrupted mind still with this nugget of health… Absolutely verboten thinking… Totally “transgressive.”

          • Light in the daaaaaargh.

  • Deanie Dean

    HAHAHAHAHH!!!! Hilarious mate! Guess normal people are creepy as hell man

    • And I haven’t even updated this in the past 7 months!