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What if your body is your soul?

Imagine a spirit world. How does it look? How does it feel? How does it sound? Can you imagine these things by any other means than the perceptions you know? If you expect the spirit world to feel – in some aspect – like the real world -, then how can the spirit world – in any sense – be fundamentally different from the world you live in?

And if you accept that, how could you possibly distinguish between the two?

Feel anxiety in your chest? Science tells us that it is a lack of blood due to fight or flight. The root of our emotions and perceptions is physical. So how could we feel or perceive anything without physicality? And if we accept physicality in the spirit realm, how can we then expect anything but the exact same physicality there, with all its consequences? For any anomaly or abberation is bound to upset the functioning of your physical body and thus your emotions.

Clarity, happiness, reason, values, they are all functions of your physical self.

Why do we keep searching for our soul anywhere but in the obvious place? Right in the place where god put it for us to find: Right in front of our eyes.

Fear and dissociation

What do we imagine a soul to be like if not like a body? What do we imagine the realm of spirits to be like if not like reality?

Which of our or reality’s traits do we seek to lose? Possibly our soul/body itself? But what would remain?

Should a soul be immortal? Why? For obvious reasons: So that you do not have to carry the burden of taking good care of it. So that you can say the pain is not yours. So that you can procrastinate your obligation to your own happiness, until after death.

How horrendous the proposition that your body is your soul. Woe, the consequences of that idea. Woe, the responsibilities. Woe, the work.

What if, to have a good soul, you need to read good books and work out?

What if paradise is nothing but a billionaire’s poolside, girls, adventure and the power to defend your soul and keep it healthy?

What if heaven and hell are but mere versions of reality, one viewed through hope, courage and love, the other through despair, fear and hatred?

What if the afterlife is merely the afterwork? The place you reach after earning yourself something by making the best of your soul?

Should the existence of a soul be painfree? But how can the physical sensation of pleasure exist without its counterpart, pain? How can you design a body that has all the feelgood hormones, but none of the bad? What would happen to such a body? Would it not go numb? Would it not cease to work, by design?

Right in front of your eyes

God created the world in which your soul lives.

He created physicality, structure and logic.

And he gave us absolutely everything we need to take care of and heal our souls.

God gave us other people to ask for advice and debate, reason to be able to analyze and change everything.

God gave us gyms to lift weights, streets to run on, trees to climb.

He gave us mountains to conquer, beasts to slay, women to lay.

He gave us medicine, science, the universe. He gave us LSD, testosterone and the ability to make new children.

He simply gave us all the tools we could possibly need to attend to our soul.

And he gave us the choice not to use them if we do not want to. He gave us the choice to reject our own needs. He gave us the choice to be our own worst enemies.

And his greatest gift? He based it on physical reality and evolution. He made the system self-sufficient, without need or capacity for his intervention. So that we would not have to blindly listen to advice or obey him and instead can indeed understand it. So that we could not accuse him of his design and instead be forced to realize: It could not be any other way.

You can not disobey god. God lives through the laws of physics. You can not disobey physical laws.

The only way to rebelliously challenge god is to wish for a reality distinct from the reality we live in. To live in a fantasy world. To shout and complain about the gift that was given. But a reality that is not bound by the physical laws is a world in which you can not exist. Your very desires and fantasies are part of this reality, built upon its physicality. To deny a reality that frustrates your desires is to deny reality itself.

Why then

Why then, do we keep searching for the soul in all the weirdest places and fantasy worlds? Why, if there is one apparent place? Here.

As I wrote. To give up responsibility.

If we can succeed in living happily in a fantasy world, there is no more need to be bound by physicality. No more reason to feel and listen to our real soul. No more reason to make the right choice. Justification to keep making the wrong ones. Because our fantasy soul is invincible and almighty. But it is only a fantasy.

If your soul is not physical, how could you possible spoil it? By what mechanics if not psychology, chemistry and biology? If your soul is a pure immutable essence, nothing can spoil it. But if it is immutable, it can not have emotions, perceptions or memory, because these exist through physicality, through chemical reactions. And chemical reactions are the polar opposite of an immutable state.

If time suddenly stood still, would you see a frozen image of the current state? No, because the creation of an image and emotions are continous electronic and chemical processes. Halt them and all your perceptions vanish.

Do you think the spiritual world should be magical? Guided by invisible forces?

But can you see gravity? Can you see electromagnetic waves and magnetic forces? Can you see the data that your computer sends wirelessly? What is magic, if not unstudied forces, imperceivable forces? Is magic something that can not be studied? If so, is the hallmark of the spiritual world unpredictability? Because studying something does nothing but observe patterns.

Do you crave unpredictability so that you do not have to be responsible for your choices, because then they do not matter anyway? Do you wish to convince yourself that life can and must not be understood? That the attempt is futile?

The goal of mysticism is to relinquish responsibility and understanding. Mysticism can not possibly worship god, because mysticism does not attempt to understand god. You can not mistify a woman and love her at the same time, because love requires understanding. Likewise, you can not love god if you mistify him and reject the concrete reality through which he manifests himself.

But of course, as long as you mistify women, you can halt your self-development on basis of the assumption that women are unpredictable. Do you fear predictability? Women’s? Your own? As long as nothing is predictable, the choice of your actions and thoughts is irrelevant. There is a reward for believing in unpredictability: Comfort. Comfort in pity, helplessly exposed to the volatile and unpredictable forces of the universe. The forces of god.

The altruistic soul

I have long felt that Christianity is a plight on the face of this planet. It uses the oldest trick in manipulation: Mix the truth with lies.

By telling you many truths, Christianity makes you assume all they say is true. But whenever they are done speaking to something real in you, they tell you how this reality is to be used. Christianity is a slave master of all souls. A big, dark and merciless soul eater that promotes misery at its service, twisting obedience to reality into obedience to authority. And all this done through the competent appeal to awe, beauty and glory, to be experienced in church. And who are your shepards? Child rapists. The only release their slavery allows them, in debilitating shame.

Christianity proposes silly daydreams of pain-free paradise with clouds and cherubs, as that is the exact opposite of what it offers.

God gave you a soul. And you come crawling at your knees, begging god to free you of it. Yet you instinctively know of its value and refuse to end it yourself. God gave you a soul and you insult him by calling its nature miserable. You call that prayer. You are pathetic and deserve god’s contempt. But he loves you nonetheless.

Should you serve others, leave behind a legacy? But what is the use if you do not live to enjoy the fruits of your efforts? And if everybody serves, who is left to enjoy at all?

God does not want you to serve others. He gave you this soul to take care of it. For it to be your playground. Others take care of their souls.


Searching for a soul outside or apart from your body is the futile attempt to escape the inevitability and undeniable reality of the one thing that gives life meaning and the urge of the finite: Death.

Futile, because fantasy is bound by the physicality of your brain, like everything else.

Wanting a spiritual, non-physical life is akin to envy of a stronger or more bedded man. It is the wish to escape your soul and have another. It is the result of self-hatred and dissociation. It is ingratitude in its absolute form.

Tell me, if you had to devise a soul, in what kind of world would it reside? What kind of physicality would govern that world? What kind of pleasures would that physicality allow? What form would your soul have and how would it sustain itself? Would it have eyes to see and fingers to feel? Would everybody get what they want? But what if one wants something another wants to prevent? Do you have a solution for that problem? God has one. Physical reality, as we know it.

As I write this, and when I walked through the streets with this idea, I felt more connected with my body and god than ever before. And extremely present. Everything I feel and everything I think is to be loved and not avoided. For it could not be any diferent. For life could not exist in this way if it did not adhere strictly to physical laws – which makes any other me impossible.

Determinism is a gift. And the ability to understand your own predictability is an even greater one.

Treat your soul well and it will be beautiful and strong. Treat it bad and ignore its needs, and it will become fat and ugly.

You already are in heaven. Or hell. You just have to choose to see it.

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  • Micah Geni

    You already are in heaven. Or hell. You just have to choose to see it.

    Probably. Free will thing

    • Perspective thing. I have lived through moments that were hell-like as well as moments that were pretty awesome. LSD also has that quality of showing you both sides of it.

      • Micah Geni

        You know what. In a dematerialized world, which I suspect we are forced to head towards, LSD may become something big.

        1 trip, and one is mentally enteratined with the new perspective, at least for a week. ;-). Less CO2, less alcohol-related problems and costs, and a deeper view of things.. Yeah.. UN is considering very much to legalize drugs these days. They are debating a global recommendation. We might even get more innovative technology as a side-effect of the LSD tripping

        • What is a dematerialized world?

          Not sure what exactly you are trying to say, but let me suggest that the one week after the first trip is likely going to be an existential crisis for any ‘normal’ male of today.

          • Micah Geni

            non-consumptionistic world.

            Self-entertainment. Hallucinogens reborn :)

          • Interestingly, I did not once take acid for entertainment or enjoyment. It does not appeal to me. I see it as a tool.

            But I do want to have that much praised experience of sex on acid some day.

          • Micah Geni

            I dont think you get what I was refering to.
            Entertainment doesnt have to be “fun”. Psychoanalysis is a process that isn’t fueled by oil/pollution. It is a “green alternative”. In contrast to most entertainment product of today.

            Some even become writers, after some thinking kickstarted by tripping. Such a person sit in the house, and write on his pc several hours per day. Very “green”. Good for the climate. It may even change one’s view of what is “entertaining”. What is to be desired out of life.

            The less superficial people become, the less they tend to pollute and exhauste the globe.

            Say the globe prohibited private cars from tomorrow. Some would go “mad” anyway, by that, so why not hand them a trip :) for free

            If you didn’t notice. We seem to be at a global turning point. Two major forces pulling for different solution. Global-environmentalists and global-capitalists. The latter would like to conisder overpopulation as the major problem, so one could for instance set out a virus. It won’t help. Because the pollution would not go away. And they would still continue to overeat. The prolbem is a mental thing, first and foremost.

            Making fossile fuel agreements and very expensive, will change the investment profiles. But hey, who wants to give away privilieges ? too few. Instead some capitalism-forces opt for solution that brings the more totalitarian regime aspect into play. Hunger games and “survival of the slickest”. “Steal what you can, before it is to late..”. Top-down legilislation. As EU and Merkel. And it is hard to tell what is behind it. Are they global-environmentalists og global-capitalists ? Probably are both types involved in that process. And tracking the bullshit, making people understand it, may be important.

            There are “curiousity psychopaths” and there are “paranoia psychopaths”. In the climate matters, both sides accuse each other for suffering from the latter. The “truth” is outside of our windows. The weather. Some of us are old enough, to have witness a lot of different weather through our years.

            Why are they so full of psychopathic bullshit ? Because they have not taken the medicine they actually need. And that is LSD :) “They are afraid that they actually might learn something”.

          • A bit confusing to me, what you write. But yeah, LSD is cool.

  • Wald

    I’ve little experience with drugs or Christianity.

    What I know is that I was raised a Catholic and slowly find myself coming back to it.

    More on that, here:


    That said – I think I disagree with you that Christianity is the enemy or a slave master of souls. It’s hard to explain because I don’t fully understand the concept myself, but the basic idea I’m entertaining is that A) Christianity was foisted on non-semitic peoples to control them or B) Christianity is a creation of the very same – but it has been hijacked – insidious untruth has been injected into it to turn a previously rejuvenating elixir for the ennui of human existence into a poison that magnifies and prolongs the pain of it.

    There are a few websites out there talk about both sides and they are not the only sides to the story either.