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Death, my old friend

Stones on the ground do await my defeat,
slowly riling young traces of wounds on my feet
’cause the mounds of the mountain want them to retreat;
want more space for themselves as it’s all that they need.

Kinless fire is burning my body and soul
from inside with learned patience while claiming control;
turning flames inflict pain that is plain as my own
and complete the kinetics of vision and goal.

Dismal forces of summer that autumn has seized
leave the course of my path with no sun and I freeze
and no part of the nature is eager to please;
lets the fire that hurts know it will be released.

Hear the movement of death played on strings of my life,
here will wither my knowledge of things that I strive;
steal the wings of my spirit, unable to fly,
seal the contract, inherit the truths I deny.

Giving in to the pleasure of vice resignation,
regarding the price that’s unearned with temptation;
sit down and rest calmly, enjoy hesitation
and follow the dreams in my imagination.

The surfaceless death wish is slit by a shard
from the burst fervid breath that has swallowed my heart;
coldest wisdom joins body with fire on par,
old as age and the strife for a strength as reward.

Mute resistance exempts me from feeling the effort,
exerts cragged chain links in loose tune and deaf
to play concert with fibres and carcass and snath
forthwith hoarsely disjoining from comforting wrath.

Fortified is my suffering, hardened my face,
I look past wanted remedy, carve out my space,
free my vast nous from kindness, remorse, inept blaze;
I stand up and continue my way through the haze.

Silent stones on the ground bear the pleasure deserved,
they don’t want me so I’ll never be fair a serf
and the rocks of the mountain won’t worship or starve;
they will quietly await the next man come this far.

If there is any good speaker with a microphone out there, please contact me. I asked a guy on Fiverr to record this for me, but the result was horrible and had no vibe.

Update: Andrian from The Quintessential Man created an awesome recording of the piece. He has a slightly annoying accent, but I love the vibe and tempo. It has something mythical about it and I like the poem even more now that I have heard it spoken this way. I feel very honored, thanks a lot! Here it is:

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