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Should you go on a rampage? – Part 2: Motivation & Hypocrisy

What need is it that you seek to fulfill by going on a rampage? I think, it is just one fucking big scream of something that needs to be heard. Something that is never said, never acknowledged.

You may talk to an acquaintance and tell him that you have weird thoughts. He will give you some superficial tips and say I hope it will be alright! You will feel obliged to say Yeah, thanks. And there it was, your little window of opportunity to open up. And you did so, meekly. You only hinted at what you are really thinking. And then the conversation is over and you are supposed to work.

These thoughts, they are dangerous to society. People do not want you to have them. Ironically, by keeping them in, they only grow.

Let us have a few honest words.

Fuck the hypocrisy

Look at this dude’s attempt to convince himself that he is okay, a good sheep, a useful citizen. You find him when you Google the title of this article.

He gives us a glimpse at his mind, but he is a coward. He does not dare to utter one word without immediately excusing himself for it. He writes an article only to sneer at those who may really be struggling with the answer. He creates the pretense of a certainty that can not exist.

His whole fucking post is just one big fucking lie to convince himself and others that he is not really considering this. That he could, but he will not, because he is good. Well, brother, maybe your fucking need to be good is what is driving you into it.

This dude is not writing his post to help you, but to distance himself from you. And from himself and his thoughts.

I mean, come on. What bullshit reason is It is just plain wrong. Nobody is buying it, dude. You have kids? That did not stop this guy.

The truth is: No matter how many fancy and moralizing words you use, you can not change the reality. The reality that you want to kill. The reality that you would have no reason not to do it, if not for prosecution and punishment. The reality that you really do not give a fuck if that next person lives or not. That it would feel immensely satisfying to help a little.

Why is killing bad?

They tell you that murder is bad. That we are all equal. Yet they go to war and if need be, come to your house and take your stuff. They all kill. They all kill, with joy. Look at this video of the US military shooting civiliansGood shot, buddy.

Yeah, I know. I use the same word the sheep do, civilians.

Fuck that. They run around and kill. Civilian or not, it is just a word.

They shoot people if people transgress their law, but if you consider doing it, you are shamed for it. And yet the whole world is in war. And we love to watch gory war movies, too. How can you deny it?

Stop telling us the fairy tale of the good citizen, of the patriot, of the high ideals. Of equality.

Fact is: People like war. People like to dominate others. People like to win. People like to conquer and submit others. Why else do men want women?

Your wish to kill is just a normal part of your human existence. A result of the natural aggression that arises – for instance – when you do not have a particularly high status in your social circle.

All your gory fantasies, you are not alone with them, my friend. Media is full of it. Look at some Japanese gore movies. How can it be such a big fucking industry and how can you at the same time feel ashamed of watching and enjoying it?

But it is always just sold as fantasy. The disclaimer always has to be Of course I would never do that in real life.

Oh, you fucking hypocrites.

I knew an older dude who lived back in the Soviet-invaded Czech Republic. The guys liked Rock ‘n’ Roll, but they were not allowed to play American music. So they made a concert as a parody to Rock ‘n’ Roll.

People loved it, anyway. People always find some way to indulge in their desires by some weird workaround that is not shameful. That is: That is not wished by the masters.

Hello, Mr. Breivik

Look at the story of Mr. Breivik.

He saw himself as a political activist – well, at least he claims so.

He fought for something he wanted.

They said he was insane. Then they said he was not.

If he was deemed sane and then sentenced to prison, how can you claim that rampage has anything to do with insanity? Who invented the word sanity? What does it mean but to describe a mindset that is suited for the sheep you are supposed to be?

He felt insulted to be put in a psychiatric ward. We, the sheep, look at him and our conditioned mind says: My god, he is out there. Totally lost case.

Really? Then how do you explain Napoleon? Hitler? Stalin? Obama? All lost cases? And yet people love them. Okay, at least Napoleon.

Human history is full of war and conquest and power struggles, mass murder and oppression. And they tell us peace is good? Come on. Peace is good, but it is meaningless without conflict. Just bitches, bitches who understand nothing of violence, bitches who were the mothers of today’s men. They kept saying peace, peace, peace. And gave it meaning through pussy.

What exactly is sanity? It is that which seems familiar, calculable.

Look at the lies in mass media. No, really, just take a day or two to research this stuff. Or ask somebody who worked there. All those fucking lies. All those norms and judgments and the narcissism: Am I better than X? Am I better than Y? Morally or however-the-fuck.

My old boss used to say that media is there to reflect and reinforce normalcy. Yeah? If that shit is normal, why the fuck do we need to reinforce it?

And look at other countries. Look at this Chinese dude. It is a bit more honest here. He was sentenced to death for counterrevolutionary activities. It has a taste of: Well, he tried to take over. He failed. That is life.

Wake up

Yeah, I know. Whom am I telling?

Dude, you want to kill. It is fucking okay. I understand.

What will I tell you? That there is a magical way to guarantee you will never do it? That I found the one magical mindset that kept me from thinking these weird things? That you can now go back to work and fit in among the sheep without feeling out of place?

Nope. I can not even tell you that I will never do it. How could I? What hubris would I have to possess to guarantee that I will never come into a situation where I will see no better choice?

Even as I write this, I do not think that I have many illusions left about the world. They keep peeling off.

The decision is not a moral one. It is not a decision that can be reached through shaming away the thing you do not want it to be.


There is one thing I want to highlight and upon which I will expand in the next article.

If you want to rampage, be honest about it. Do not claim to do it for some cause. I mean, you can do it for a cause, but do you really want the end of your life to stand under the same kind of some idiotic slogan that your life was defined by? Fighting for some stupid cause?

If – for instance – you really think it is all about white supremacy for you, then why do you want to die for it? Why not build a little army instead? I mean it is futile. Whom are you fooling?

To build an army and overtake a country, that is fucking cool.

But rampage is something more impulsive, more urgent, more final. More desperate. There is a reason why you have no army, no? You are likely alone. A reject. Socially incompatible. Or just a fucking pretender. Winning some battle would change nothing about it, so that is dishonest. If you are the new Napoleon, where is your army of loyal followers?

If you want to rampage because of your own pain, do not mud your integrity by doing it for some cause. Do it for yourself. Do not do it for approval of some group of people.

I mean, come on. You likely have been living life as a faker, as someone who seeks approval from people he does not even like. Or you did not and simply were the outsider. And even if that is not true, there simply is some reason for why you feel a rage towards other people. If you want to die in the name of your rage, stand by yourself.

Have the courage to open yourself and show your pain to the world, not the pain of some irrelevant group. Do not make it about some societal issue or ideology or start moralizing and justifying why you had to do it. Just do it for yourself. I know, cliche.

I assume you are a he, by the way. If you are a bitch, get lost. Nothing personal, I just do not like your sex.

Does society deserve a rampage?

Closely related to this point is: Does society deserve your violence?

To which my answer is: Be more selfish. Do not think about what society or other people deserve. Think about what you want.

Fuck society. Fuck others. Why do you care?

Is society psychopathic? Evil? Uncaring? Feminized? Just stupid commerce? Yeah, sure, all of that is true a bit, depending on your definition.

Indeed, Breivik was very concerned with feminism and cultural marxism, just like the author of this book.

Interesting stuff indeed. But is that what your life is about? Serving others, if only by giving them the violence they deserve? Why do you have to die to bring justice to them? It makes you a slave.

Why is that rage there?

Why is the rage there?

For me, because I was living a life of pretense in the first place.

A part of my rage is simply the protest against all the stupid morals I do not understand. Against the voices in my head. A big violent Fuck you. A seizure of control. A piece of clarity in your head, to shy the voices away. To have your own voice.

You do not need another asshole to tell you to play by the rules. That is not why you are here. You can get that anywhere else. If you want societal norm reinforcement, go talk to a shrink, policeman, your nice colleague, your mother, whoeverthefuck. They will all give you the it is okay to be angry, but do not even think about blah blah. Their calendar wisdoms, their slogans, their memes. Fuck them.

You are not here to have me play the good cop routine. The good cop who secretly thinks you are nuts.

If anything, I am here to put the choice into the hands of the person it belongs to: Yours.

Think of it. No thing I can say will change anything about what you feel or choose to do in the end. Now, if you do it, will I feel guilty towards society for having written this? No. I do not give a single damn fuck. Your life, your business. If you do it, let me know and I will chuckle. But send a fucking timed message or something, for fucks sake. I do not want to be held responsible for not going to the police. And I do not want to be going to the police and waste my time.

Until next

Anyway. Now, it is your choice. In another post, I will suggest some alternatives.

Next time, I will explore the possible outcomes of what rampage – or similar things – could get you. Well, apart from the suicide you will likely commit. A part of that is mental clarity. Disappointment. And death.

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  • thordaddy

    I really started thinking about killing after my first child was born… It has only intensified with each additional child. No one wants to kill for “nothing.” That mofo won’t even recognize your sacrifice.

  • Micah Geni

    If I’d wrote a book, I’d probably sell some copies. Some likes. If anybody wrote a book, same scenario would been executed.

    Why ? There must be some common denominators among human, or at least within sub-groups/cultures.
    Somethting Collective

    The difference between good stories and lessons for life, given no marketing hype, is a lot about appealing and exploring of the collective consciousness vs the unconsciousness. One is knowledge, the other is visdom

    How to know what is collective ? By exploring your own. One or both types.

    You, Tom, are exploring parts of your personal unsciousness. Which again is the same as exploring parts of the collective unsciousness. You’re a evolving into a Guru, hehe :)

    I enjoy the trip ! Well written

  • thordaddy

    I’m not dying for white Supremacy… One dies for radical liberation via the self-annihilating mechanisms of “tolerance” and “nondiscrimination,” ie., all-accepting indiscriminancy… The suicidal “equality” pact. White Supremacy is life affirming and pro-creative. White Supremaciy is an origin and destination and not the lack tthereof equal to radical liberation. White Supremacy is a state of being and not an ideological mandate. White Supremacy is, for the “white” male, the general solution to a Final Liberation.