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How can you keep denying?

Humanity and the good surface.

Makes you wonder. If we are all so good, why is the porn industry so big? Why do I get all those visitors on my page who seek for the most weird shit?

Why are there scat sites, masochists, et cetera? Why do people go on rampages?

Can you really just say that these are the outliers, the abberations, the damaged ones? Is it not much more probable that the civilized and the perverse ones are two faces of the same people?

Can you really keep denying these things as inhuman, no matter all the evidence to the contrary, no matter our love for gory and scary Hollywood movies and war, for metal and screaming and fighting and rough sex? Can you really keep denying that this is part of our nature? Can you really keep up the immaculate surface? Can you really keep distinguishing between the things you accept as human and the things you do not?

How is that logical?

Violent roots

Can you really keep denying our violent roots when women side with criminals? Can you really keep denying who you are when your dark side creeps up in your mind? Can you really convince yourself that it is just an abberation, a random visit of an alien force, a devil to be resisted? Can you really? But why do these thoughts never stop?

Because it is a lie.

I am not saying that people are purely savages. That there is no love and clarity and reason. No. but these things contrast each other and combine into a complete animal. A realistic animal. A dangerous animal.

Love is for yours. Hatred is for the others’. You see it in the media, in war, in politics, on social media. You see a girl throw puppies into the river and feel the urge to rape and murder her. Have you not secretly been waiting for her to allow you to express that notion without shame? How can you keep denying its reality?

You talk about how women really are and yet you fail to integrate the insight with your daily life. With yourself. You fail to see yourself as the thing you are. The dangerous thing. The ugly thing. The thing you fear at night. You fail to acknowledge the reality of Hide at the side of Jekyll.

Look in the mirror. You are half the man you were born as. you have been tricked into believing that a part of you is not a part of you. How is that logical?

If that urge to hurt, to destroy, to violate is there, how can you say it is not? How can you say it is just there because you are bad? Because you are guilty? Of what exactly? Of eating a fucking apple in God’s little allotment? Do you need to say some prayers and punish yourself to make it go away? But it never does. Why? Tell me, why? Because you are bad? What does that even mean?

No, it simply is there.

Life can be as horribly nauseating as it can be glorious. They are two sides of a medal. Terror and greatness. Dominance and defeat.

The eagle and the mouse. One to devour, the other to be devoured. Both are part of this thing called life. The wolf and the sheep. And look at the wolf hunting. Do you see him tremor with guilt? No, it is an innocent joy to him.

‘These birds of prey are evil; and whoever is least like a bird of prey and most like its opposite, a lamb, – is good, isn’t he?’, then there is no reason to raise objections to this setting-up of an ideal beyond the fact that the birds of prey will view it somewhat derisively, and will perhaps say: ‘We don’t bear any grudge at all towards these good lambs, in fact we love them, nothing is tastier than a tender lamb.’

Genealogy of Morals, Nietzsche

You see it in the animal kingdom. You see it on the discovery channel. And yet you fail to acknowledge it. Why?

Why do you fail to acknowledge that you are a predator as much as you are a sheep? That you can induce the most terrible of suffering and enjoy it. While others can do the same to you?

Moral decline, or: Decline through morals

Why do you fail to see that those you hate are not any less human than you. Why do you fail to see that you only hate to see others win against you, not winning itself?

Why do you fail to see that all the slogans – communism or capitalism – are just arbitrary concepts to distinguish yourself from the outside? Because there needs to be an enemy.

Why do you fail to reach any but two conclusions:

  1. Men are good and civilized.
  2. Men are bad and savages.

Why can there not be this: Men are good and savages.

Because good is a fantastical norm that is imposed on you to work like a good little cog in civilized society. Why do you worship the word civilization? It sounds imposing, but is it all you are?

Why do you fail to acknowledge the mass murders of history as inherently human and worry less? Do you think the people back then were less human than you are? How is that logical?

There is no reason to be ashamed of the truth, no matter how painful it is to see.

Human. Savage. Look into the mirror and tell me who you see. Look in the mirror and tell me: How familiar does this sight look to you? Do you seem alien to yourself?

The man in the mirror

Wake up. The person in the mirror is you. You can not deny his existence. You can not articulate or shame him away.

Wake up. The person in the mirror is real. Real with all his dark secrets, real as the street you walk on and real as the air you breathe.

And if that person is real, if all his thoughts and desires are real, how can you claim or expect anything else from others, overtly or covertly?

How can you keep denying?

No matter how painful, just answer me one question: Is it real? Are the thoughts real? The fears? The wicked ideas? Are they?

Because if they are not, why do they keep popping up in your head? Because you are bad and choose to let them? Could you choose not to? Really? But you do not want to? But if they are wrong and bad, why would want to keep thinking them?

And if they are not part of you, where did they come from in the first place? Why do they resonate with you? What is it in your brain that they attach to?

Your will to have these things, to surrender to them alone in the dark, where does it come from? From your evilness? Or just from your biological wiring, from your savage nature?

A savage is not the opposite of a loving and fulfilled person. It is one and the same person. The loving and fulfilled person is the one on top, the one in power.

Love is as oppressive as it gets. It is a privilege granted to those deemed lovable and like a death sentence for those who are not. Love is a mighty weapon, not a fairy tale.

Does everybody love you? Did they ever? No? Why not? Because you are bad? But who made you bad? Did you choose to be? How?

Does everybody love you? No. Is that a real observation? Answer that question, honestly. Just tell me whether it is real.

It is.

And if it is real, how can you keep denying it and moralizing? How can you keep justifying that you somehow are inherently not good enough to deserve love by any other proof than the one that you did not get a lot yet? By what logic?

You treat women like property and they respond with love. How can you keep denying? How can you keep moralizing?

Wake up. Look in the mirror. That person in the mirror, he is real. He is you. Yes, he really is. Everything you want to be, it is right in front of you. Why? Because that person in the mirror fantasizes about it, wants to do it. And that person in the mirror is real. He is you.

Can you ignore all these things?

You see how people mistreat you. You see how a girl’s and even a mother’s love can easily fail you. And yet you fail to accept it, fail to see it as a part of reality. A voice inside your head keeps saying: No, that is just coincidence. You did not really see that. That is not really true. It is too cruel to think that.

And you listen to that voice, because it sounds so loving and threatening at the same time. And all the pain that arises in you when you think of it? Well, you must be bad for feeling bad. You must be guilty of refusing to accept and understand the gifts you are given.

You hear of pastors raping little children. Of gang violence. Of drug wars. Of people who are gutted. Of people whose penises are cut or bitten off, of people who are massacred. No, that is not true. That is not part of the life you know. It is too cruel to think that.

You hear of fathers raping their daughters and sons. Or friends doing something like that. You hear of all kinds of things. But that is not part of the life you know. It is too cruel to think that.

Too cruel to accuse everybody of being capable of the same. Too cruel to think that somebody could love and hurt you at the same time, because love is such an untouchable emotion. Such a calming one.

You hear of non-existing parental love, abusive parents, beating parents, cheating parents, smothering parents. Love is a lottery. But morals make it look like these are all abberations from the ideal, the ideal of a monogamous family with father and mother who love you unconditionally and bring you up just the right way or whatever other ideal. As if you could create that reality simply by wishing for it, they make you crave for a life that could have been perfect, normal, correct. And shame everything that does not fit into it. But that normal life does not exist, it is an illusion. The reality is that life kinda sucks for everybody but a few lucky ones. Love is a lottery. Has life dealt you the right traits to be loved by those you want love from? To be liked and respected by those you crave respect and friendship from? And does the kind of love and respect you crave even exist or is it a fairy tale? But it is too cruel to think that.

Love is like money. Those who have it thrive in it. those who do not are oppressed by the love of others. Friends become fierce enemies. People become loners and rejects for nothing but their character. But it is too cruel to think that.

People are born ugly or beautiful, disfigured or fit, smart or horribly stupid, retarded or otherwise damaged, meek or brutal. A stupid gene can make you desire men for sex, shudder. Just some stupid random chemical reaction. Life is a lottery. People die in accidents and fights. People die innocent. Children die. Babies are raped and filmed. Others masturbate to it. Psychopaths – nothing against you, if you are one – murder dozens of women, cut off their heads to fuck them, then girls fall in love with them on TV. But your brain filter filters it all out. You do not even see it. It is too cruel to think that.

Are you one of those bad people, some of which happened to be exposed? So you better hide? But how come that those evil people find themselves together in groups? How can gang rape happen, if evilness is such an outlier? How can anyone propose it without being shamed and discarded? Is it not much more probable that we all have it in us? But it is too cruel to think that.

Who said it is too cruel?

Is it too cruel? You would not want to be cruel to those you love. To the big fucking family of the state. To those who act as friends. But as soon as someone attacks that bubble, you become cruel yourself. Suddenly there is a justification. And you can suddenly claim that that evilness is not a part of you, but originated in the other person. How is it anything but a friend / foe distinction?

Is it too cruel? Maybe. But tell me: Is it real? No? Then why do you keep seeing it? Why do you keep thinking and feeling it? Because you are bad? Because you have not thought about it enough? Because you do not understand?

But who ever said it was too cruel? Was it your mother? Because she knew that if she can make you stop saying it, you may stop believing it? Or was it some other bitch? A mangina?

No one taught us how to talk to ourselves. It happened through osmosis. We silently repeated the same speaking patterns, words and phrases to ourselves that others had spoken to us out loud.

– Mike Cernovich, Gorilla Mindset

Reality is shamed away so that you can fit in. And suffer.

Wake up. Wake up to a life of predator and prey, of deceiving beauty and pits of agony. Of glorious ecstasy alongside misery and death. Of reason and enlightenment alongside oppressive howling madness. Of happiness alongside depression and suicide. Life as a twerking organism that wants to twist in joy and jerk in pain, cum and orgasm, dominate and submit, experience glory, die, wants to rape and be raped, fluids and neurons that desperately want to follow the physical laws, want to follow gravity, electromagnetism and whatever other forces God invented.

How can you keep denying? How can you keep believing that the world will be pure and innocent if you just want it to? More, how can you keep believing that innocence is but a word?

Wake up to the heart wrenching contrast of opposites that are equally parts of human existence.

How can you keep denying?

Wake up.

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