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Misogyny: Why you should hate single mothers of boys

First of all, let me tell you something about hatred. You think that hatred is equal with calling a woman a silly bitch? No, that is just banter, with a cup of grains of truth. It is humorous. Well, friend, hatred is nothing like that.

Hatred is poison. Do you know how death feels? Have you ever experienced sheer terror while running for your life and sanity? Have you ever caught a big moth with your bare hand and squeezed the life out of it? Did you ever take a walk through a museum of modern art and open yourself up to the works of the most miserable losers of life?

Have you taken your time to study the underbelly of human life, confronted darkness with nobody at your side?

Have you suffered quite enough, I wonder, to understand the deep and intense nature of hatred?

Maybe you have

Indeed, who am I to take pride in hatred, as if it made me special? Is hatred a value in my life? Everybody can hate. You may hate, too, and feel it arrogant of me to claim ownership of hatred with my eloquence. Maybe you hate more than me, I do not know.

I have already pondered, in the past, what hatred is. Why would you hate? Hate speech is a term today, making it sound like a crime.

Is rational hatred not only the feral instinct to protect that which you love? Or to destroy a source of harsh pain in your life?

I bet you that the Jews hated Hitler for farting them to death in ugly chambers. Was their hatred justified?

The primary object of my hatred is my mother, who brought me up alone. What crime was she guilty of? Let me tell you.

Hatred can be just

Today, I read an old article from Danger & Play. It was about the life a boy deserves. As I read it, I had tears in my eyes:

Right now my relatives back home are working on cars that they are going to drive in a demolition derby. Their women will have a meal ready when they get home from goofing off with their man friends. When it’s time to “get out that male aggression,” men will smash cars into each other. Their women will be cheering them on. They’ll get drunk at a pig roast and then have wild, drunken, Paleo style sex.

My whole childhood was Paleo. We just didn’t call it that. We called it growing up in the country.

We didn’t have the helicopter parents that city slickers had. We rode our bikes until it was dark outside, got into fights, climbed trees, jumped off of roofs (when mom and dad weren’t around, we climbed out of our bedroom window to get on top of the roof), played baseball, went to creeks, tore up corn fields, and generally raised hell. We would lift up trees to find snakes and use our hatchets to chop the heads of snakes off. We shot stray cats and birds with BB guns.

The first thing that came to my mind was an overwhelming desire to live that life. It feels right. So right to live those masculine things, that I would probably not even care about women so much. They would just be a part of it. But as I live today, women may be the only possible way for me to feel like a man at all. If feminists do not manage to drown any masculine notion of sex.

But that desire for such a life is a lie. What I desire is having lived that life. I am now 26 and that would have been the life necessary to shape me into a confident man. It is gone now, of course. There is no place for child stuff in an adult’s life. I have to mourn and let go.

Sure, that article is about living in the country. I am a city rat.

But it is also about male influence in one’s life and about adventure. It is not only the desire of having lived it that I have to bury, it is also the man that I would be now, had I had that kind of past. My single mother was not able to fill that role.

What can I do today? I can learn to imitate. I can walk straight, hold eye contact, bump into people in the streets so that everybody fears me. That feels good. But it is mechanic, there is no play to it. I can grin at another man and it will look like we have something in common. But while he thinks back of times of raising hell, it is an empty gesture for me, there to be exposed for the lie it is.

And it is usually apparent. I meet men who had that past. Sometimes I just write with them. And they know. It is like a stink that is on me that I can never really shake off. I can become strong and stand by it and beat up everyone who does not like it, but I can not lose the stink. It will always be apparent that there is something off about me, if just through the way I have learned to think.

Am I whining about it? I am not sure I am. My intent is to express pain, not necessarily to ask for pity. I know that whining will not change anything, but this article is not about changing. This article is about hatred.

Just hatred

I hate my mother for the fact that she failed. I hate her for her incompetence. Is that fair? Is it her fault? Is she not just a woman? Ah. So I hate women?

So fucking what. I just bumped into a girl on the street who did not go out of my way. She asked me whether I was crazy. I turned around, flipped the bird at her and yelled at her to fuck herself.

It is never nobody’s fault. You fucking leftists do not get it. Of course everybody always has their reasons. You can have compassion with a murderer.

But hatred is not about understanding. Hatred is about identifying the source of your pain and destroying it. All the masculine love and joy I could have had in life was destroyed by the choice of my mother. Did she mean evil? No, she was full of love. Naturally, women are always full of it.

But the intent does not fucking matter. What matters is what somebody or something did to your life.

My mother’s choice to bring me up alone did irreparable and desastrous damage to my life.

She never meant evil. That makes it even fucking worse! Women will just stand before the mess they made and act like innocent children: Oh, but I did not mean it. Fuck you! Wrap your good intent and your positive emotions around a dildo and stick it up your ass.

I not only hate my mother. I hate single mothers. Because they are an abstraction of the thing that did so much damage to me.

Every time I see a single mother proudly proclaiming how hard she tries and how she must be valued for it, I feel the hatred take control of me. My hands start to shake and my voice becomes brittle. I see her rationalize away her inherent feminine inability and unsuitedness for the task just in order for her to get a chance to try and prove it to herself and I see pure evil in front of me.

My life was sacrificed because my mother needed to be a heroine and needed to indulge in her instinct to nurture.

On the internet, I read articles from single mothers who actually portray themselves as victims of those who stigmatize them. Female guilt trip. For them, custody is about their right to enjoy having a child. Winning its affection against the father. They once more attack patriarchy. Why, it can not be females unable to bring up a boy! It must be poverty, caused by the gender pay gap! Well, my mother received more than enough money for a more than worthless job, bitch!

Hating single mothers is misogynistic? Fucking A it is. And that hatred hits just the right target. What will you do?

When a person says “my mother played the role of mother AND father” they are not just being trendy. They are speaking an authentic truth about their experience.

– Why Complaining about Single Mothers on Father’s Day is Misogynistic by Some Black Bitch

No, and fucking no. You may convince yourself and even your kid that you are doing that, but you are not. You can not. It is not your fault that you can not, but it does not change the fact. 

You women want to prove that you are equal and can do anything a man can? Why? You are not men. My mother eventually gave up and gave me away to the state, because she could not handle me. Fucking great! But is that so much worse than a mother who can not even admit that it is too much on her?

Those fucking whores destroy millions of lives without a care in the world and make you feel guilty for it. They wreak havoc and do not take the slightest amount of responsibility. They do not care about the effects of their decision, but about the unfairness of the way society treats them for it.

Put me in one room with such a person, guarantee me that I will not be prosecuted and I will not hesitate to take a bayonet and hack her to pieces until her brain and intestines are all over the floor. I will utter a desperate primal scream and spit on the corpse. Piss on it, until it mingles with the blood and shit and all the disgusting stuff and make it absolutely improbable that she will stand back up again. Only then will I feel calm and safe from this monstrosity called mother’s love and the big betrayal it is.

That is hatred.

Single mothers are monsters

I did a film project with a kid and his single mother and a man who played the father. The boy, around 11 years old, was supposed to bug the father about wanting to eat something. He was too shy to do it. He literally did not manage to raise his voice, shyly laughing. His mother found it cute.

I know a dating coach here in Munich. He too grew up without a father and eventually figured that it was hard for him to get girls, so he did some pick up and became a coach. He is also a somewhat successful actor. He is also insecure, meek and uncomfortable to be around.

I know a guy who grew up without a dad, but with a rather harsh mother. He is good with girls after having learned pickup, but the slightest things hurt him, which he compensates with control. His girl on the phone tells him she feels bad and he becomes totally obsessed with it and cannot accept that she does not want to talk about it. He goes to cinema with me and I tell him that I will go there by bike, but he wants to go there by train, so I say that he wanted it and can hopefully make a compromise. To which he says: If you think you are doing this for me, we better not do it at all. Fucking weakling.

I know a bunch of brothers who grew up with a nice, simpy dad. They are all shy and have social issues which they partly are able to break out of. Two of them have become mindless Scientology drones. Not to say that Scientology does not have some cool ideas, but these two guys see it as the solution to everything and dare not even question it. Zealots.

I talked with a mother of a boy who lives with his father. She said that she likes that he has a father to bring him up. I told her that I was glad that she was thinking of her boy in this matter. She said that this was not the reason and that the boy merely lived with his father for financial reasons. She said she would not have given him away. I clenched my fists.

Single mothers will point at their kid and say: Look, I mean, it is not that bad. And I will always love him. Well, of course you will always love him, bitch. Like an artist loves his own inept strokes on the canvas, unwilling to admit his own incompetence.

Single mothers will destroy a boy’s life at the tip of their emotions. They will feel that idiotic love and feel their idiotic need to nurture and leave all reason behind. If it feels good, it must be good. Boy, you should respect me and love me back, because nobody will ever laaaaav you like I do.

They separate a boy from his father if the father is a violent man, oblivious to the fact that men are violent in nature. Then they are helpless when faced with problems of a boy’s life and give useless advice from a female perspective, like being nice to girls. When confronted with their ineptitude, their feelings are hurt. Their feelings. A single mother’s boy will be left in agony, alone with his problems, his mother being unable to empathize with him. But it is all about her. And after she fails, she wants a medal for trying.

But, muh, misogyny. Misogyny! Like apes they will utter the same stupid word until they silence everybody who steps on their hurt ego; the female ego that tells them they are good persons.

And of course she hurts and suffers. How would she not, after taking up a task that is totally beyond her limits. But stupidity has to be punished, not rewarded.

Single mothers are reckless, irresponsible and blind to the damage they do. The only thing they think of is their desire to have a kid for themselves. It is irrelevant whether they mean well or whether this condition of their thinking facility is their fault. They must be stopped and they deserve your hatred, because they destroy lives.

Hatred is a weapon

Hatred is directed pain. An outlet. More than that, it is the power your organism grants you to prevent further harm, based on harm you have experienced. Anger is a milder form of it.

Hatred can not possibly be wrong, because Jews are allowed to hate Nazis. SJWs are allowed to hate misogynists. Their passion is all but cold and serene. And there is nothing inherently wrong with hatred.

The truth is, though, that hatred really is blind in and of itself, like any emotion. Your organism directs it at whatever is identified as source of a pain you have. Finding out the source is the rational task that is on you.

It took me a while to go from a naive Elliot Rodger-like hatred of women who do not want to sleep with me to a hatred of the concept that caused me to be unmanly in the first place. Every time I was rejected, I felt reminded of some horrible pain inside me. But the rejection in itself was not the big issue, turns out. It is a life of suppressing who I am, with the noble intent of pleasing women – pardon, my mother. But getting punished for it along the way.

The point is, hatred can be directed through reason and conviction. Identify some kind of source of your pain and isolate it and you have an outlet. If that source happens to actually be a negative social force like single motherhood, the better. You can use hatred for good. Your hatred gives you a source of energy you would otherwise not possess.

What else does the manosphere do, in the end?

Hate single mothers with boys. The offspring they produce is useless and miserable. Hate their guts. Shame them. Make it so fucking intolerable for them to be single mothers that no woman will ever risk it.

Women are just women. You can not really blame them for not being able to raise boys. But neither must you allow them to try.

So hate the guts out of those who do.

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  • Omega Man

    When you read the statistics of how many incarcerated men were raised by single mothers, it will make you weep.

    I was lucky as I had a father who was a veteran of the Eastern Front, i.e. German Army. He was at Voronezh, north of Stalingrad and it too was surrounded by the Russian Army. Fortunately for my existence, his unit managed to break out, thanks to the machine gunners’ expert use of the MG42. I grew up listening to war stories and despite the horrors he described, he encouraged me in my desire to become a soldier as well. I learned how to use a rifle at age 12, and was a pretty good shot. When it was time for marriage and children of my own, I also bought my son his own rifle when he was 14. My leftist friends were horrified at the thought of a child owning his own weapon, but in my mind it was the best thing for a young boy on his journey into manhood. I took him hunting and fishing, but it was the hunt camps that he loved most. He was a young boy in the company of men and he thrived in that environment.

    Perhaps, it was a throwback to our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer past, but when he had shot his first deer, my son was so proud of the fact that he was able to bring home meat for the family. When I saw how he had reacted, I knew that everything would be alright and that I would not need to fear for my grandsons.

    • Damn, that is a good story. Thanks for sharing. Makes me sad, too, because I did not have it, but there is a part in me that can simply be happy for you guys.

      As for the prison thing. Can not speak for others, but me personally, I feel like – once I completely break out of being momma’s boy – I just want to challenge every fucking person in the world. Just to demistify them. I fantasize about conquering this stupid democracy and making my own world. Or have a crime empire to protest against authority and idiotic morals. That is just fantasy, sure, but others with more balls and skills than me would act on that and if their background is similar, I can see where it comes from.

      I think that if you grow up with a father, you just have a lot of respect for the values of the person that taught you how to be a man. Me, I feel like a reject. I see a real man – and maybe I am just seeing my hypothetical father – and I am angry. I want to scream: Fuck you. What the hell did I do to not deserve your company, your love and your guidance when I was young? What am I being punished for? I do not understand it.

      So there is a kind of ‘If you do not want to be my friends, I will be your enemy’ kind of thing going on in me.

      But I think the cool thing about it is that you really have no illusions about values. You may say morals are rational, but I have – for instance – yet to meet a Christian man who can explain to me what his morals have to offer me. It is just a fucking slogan.

      • Varsana Baum

        “Free sex” and porn is what made your father less likely to commit. Women are to blame for this “free sex” and men are to blame for walking away cause of “free sex” and the devaluation of it

    • Micah Geni

      As a young boy, those experiences are essential.

  • Oliver Maerk

    Hate can be used in a very powerful way – it can give you all the energy you need to persue your goals. Many great works, pieces of art included, are the result of strong hate which the creator possessed. But to keep hate aive for it’s own sake is counterproductive. Your observation about single mothers is true – many mothers are like that. Many of them are irresponsible and have no clue how to raise Boys. It’s take a male role model, not necessarily a father, and male guidance to help boys to become men. Women are unfit for that job. Our ancestors knew about this fact, but nowadays such knowledge seems to be forgotten.

    • Ah look, another grinmouth. Do I see a hint of winter fat on your cheekbones?

      Interesting. Well, I sure like myself some ‘Lamb of God’ metal. Although the – on first glance – slightly elitist and conservative style of your website makes me assume that you are referring to rather classical art like paintings or possibly orchestral compositions. Or am I making false assumptions here?

      I recently visited the museum of modern art on LSD. It was just the kind of painful experience I was looking for. For instance, there was a small exhibition of Nazi deranged art. It is very disgusting and while the exhibition also shows actual Nazi art with the intent to discredit it for its blandness, I found it much more appealing. On the other hand, I may have been a bit dishonest. The ‘deranged art’ is disgusting and a pain to look at. But it does resonate with me.

      I feel the hatred is a protection for me. Like a strong magnetic field that will repulse all things with the wrong polarity. I am considering letting go of it, but then again that is just something of a phrase. How exactly do you let go? I am not sure.

      Yes, I guess what you say about male role models has truth in it. But it is only a part of truth, I reckon. Only a father or another person with authority over you can actually impose on you some discipline when you are young. For me, though, role models are all I have. I am a bit torn apart between wishing for some mystical kind of initiation – like the Ayahuasca ceremony I took part in – into manhood and simply going straight by reason and method to achieve what I want. The first makes me manipulatable and prone to be deceived by slogans and superficial symbolism. The latter bears the danger to be too cold and distanced from reality. But I guess I am being too abstract. In the end, it is usually method and reason that brings about quite the profound experiences and transformations I seek. Like reading a good book that actually solves an important problem of mine.

      Thanks for commenting.

  • Micah Geni

    Woman on sidewalk was a narc bitch expecting the world to walk her line.. Fuck her.

    Secondly, women dont think, they rationalize. Basically they think how the can find a livable excuse for their actions resulting from their egotistical emotions.

    Every sane person, should easily know that 2 parents, one of each, is preferable. They even rationalize themselves as heroes or as victims, as you mention, when turning single moms. Despite being fed and paid by the governemnt and the father of the child, for doing basically shit nothing.

    Thing is. You cannot escape that frustration, because your right. It is what it is. Every now and then, you come across some woman, that is slightly more “normal”,. Appreciate it. Just talk with a lot women, if you find them interesting at first sight. Get used to being discarded. If you can manage that, you’ll also automatically will get used to being handed phone numbers. Check them out, and see how it goes. Dont expect to much. And focus primarly on your work, interests and hobbies. Another stupid thing with a lot of women, less you care, more they care (dump those who act like that. It is not about respect, but about self-gratification, for them. About “winning”. Psycho-lights)

    This radical feminism, is messing up the “white world” (Never see muslim women raise their voices. ). I suspect someone has sponsored the whole shit, just to break up the family bond. Because that makes the “state” more important for women, and the “work” more important for men. They gotta pay for their exes. Now single moms, plus earn enough to attract a new “woman”… As a bonus, it does decrease “overpopulation”. As a setback, it does also raise pollution.. A car for each and everyone..

    Said it before.. Dr. Hare’s PCL is basically describing a woman in a man’s body. But when the norm is psychpathic, it does become easy to understand why they always end up as “borderline p.d.”.

    • Well, in the end everything is a rationalization. I am coming to the conclusion that morals and right/wrong are just there for people to gain followers and agreeers to their nonetheless selfish goals. It is all bullshit and slogans, empty words. Somebody who is ‘famous’ says something, then a million people share a profound looking image with his words in a font that was designed by an experienced typographer and everybody who reads it starts walking around with these sentences in his head.

      I was like that all my life. It was just fucking voices of other people in my head. I thought it was ‘thinking’, but it was not. I was just trying to find the right ‘truth’ that fits me the best, that best justifies what I want anyway, that lessens the shame of not being socially agreeable. Fuck that shit. Being a selfish bastard is all that you are left with as an honest person. Either that or pretending.

      Muslim woman are awesome. Recently, there was a bunch of them down my window with their burkhas. I somewhat annoyedly and curiosly observed them and they looked back at me with some submissive and innocent curiosity. I do not remember the last time a western girl gave me such a look. It was an aphorodisiac.

      Do not really know anything about Hare’s PCL. Maybe you are right, maybe it is just another slogan. Do not care about the categorization. The more I see women not through the lens of ‘they are like me’, the more I am frightened by their alien nature, though. Being a psychopath would be kinda cool, heh, but you do not get to choose.

      As for feminism breaking up the family, pose this question: Who benefits? Look outside the country itself, look at the whole picture. All the countries who want to assimilate and overrun you, they would be smart to talk you into self-destruction. Like when you are in prison and some dude wants to fuck your ass and you are struggling whether to defend yourself, he will tell you to just let it be, to weaken your defenses. Feminism can not be anything that is really beneficial for anybody in the country itself.

      Thanks for the tips about talking to women, I am more open to that nowadays.

      • Donna Christine

        This is ridiculous! Blaming any single parent because the other parent walked out it ridiculous. The fact is the the dead beat parents were never held accountable for not being a parent and then to turn around and blame the child rearing parent. Sounds like a narcissist to me.

        • Oh no, she called me a narcissist. I’m shivering…

  • Micah Geni

    You know why so many women are pro-immigration ? Again they rationalize (me so empathetic and that crap)

    They are lazy. They need new working ants. So that they dont have to do the shitty stuff themselves. But they do need the govermental payouts. So they need someone to pay taxes. And of course.. They deserve it.. After such a hard job working full time as a single parent, raising a kid or two.

    Fak it all.

    (The migration will press down minimum wages in Europe. To such an extent that factories will be able to compete agian, with China, maybe within a decade. Think women will desire being the preferred applicant for those jobs ? hippocrates, liars, drunks and sychophants.)

    • Damn fucking A.

      A whole section of the whole fucking manosphere seems to want nothing more than back to status quo, back to being just that work ant, that stud, that convenient idiot for some slave master woman. They call it the good old days, but we know better, eh. Deluded idiots.

    • Varsana Baum

      Hmmm idiot. The us census says that 75% of single mothers are full time employed. SHUT YOUR MYSOGNYST ASS U.P!!

  • Micah Geni

    My life was sacrificed because my mother needed to be a heroine and needed to indulge in her instinct to nurture.

    Wrong. Unconsciously this one:
    She needed your enslavement. She needed you to take care of her the rest of her life. She needed you to become a co-dependent, a Stockholm Syndome sufferer.

    If she wanted to nurture you, she would have used her mind and found you a decent step-daddy. Women get easily off the hook. They are rarely forced to introspection. The result is that they hardly ever really know, nor wanna know, why they act as they do. As a man, you would risk being labeled “anti-social/psycho”. That danger and those things, they force introspection. They force a person to wonder why ? Even among some long time prisoners.

    Your a victim of your mother, but who really believes you ? And even if they did, who really cares ? White man.. Nothing to complain about…. same story.. The comforting advice people will give you.. Their sympathy, will basically be: Take it as a man and start paying taxes… btw.. Welcome to the matrix

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  • noname

    “Hate single mothers with boys. The offspring they produce is useless and miserable.” Got it.
    Now, given this, what course of action would you propose to rectify the situation if:
    1) A father abandoned his family and wants nothing to do with raising the boy
    2) A father was killed/died in an accident after the boy was born
    3) A father was mentally and physically abusive to the boy who now lives alone with his mother

    1) Give up the boy for adoption/abandon him/drown him like kitten litter/bring in another man even if an abusive one (abusive to him because who cares about the fucking woman)
    2) Stone the mother to death/forcibly sterilize her/…?

    • I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

    • Remo

      1) you are a whore for spreading your legs to a man not interested in having children or he left because you suck at being a wife.
      2) This happens so rarely that the question itself is comedic nonsense – rather like asking what happens if a clown drowns him in a toilet
      3) Abusive as defined by the female really means “How can I use the family courts to separate the man apart from everything he has – hmmm… allege abuse!” and its usually a lie 99% of the time

    • guestico

      3) the ooh so violent husband was the mothers choice. She chose not wisely usually because she is damaged herself. solution: seek professional help.
      2) whole different story. usually the social and family system are intact such that the kid can deal with the loss and can look for substitution on his own. alternatively the mother gets remarried.
      1) see 3. solution: seek professional help.

      The core problem with single mothers is that they consume their child. Like a puppy. In the situations you mentioned instead of just going out and seeking help (which is well established in the western world) certain “damaged” individuals isolate the child and themselves to build “a new family”. If you read the articles here, you get the idea. Many single mothers are so by choice. They prefer staying single and do not even try to find a suitable partner which socially is quite awkward to begin with. People (m/f) who cannot maintain a healthy and stable relationship romantically or otherwise should not procreate as they would would only recreate their misery, ignorance and (social) incompetence.

      • Varsana Baum

        So that means “the violent mans behavior is okay” ? I’m sorry?

    • Anonymous

      In the Muslims countries, if a woman divorces or has children out of wedlock, both parents are stoned to death

  • guestico

    If so many convicts, substance and sex addicts, socially awkward people, low income people and other social cases suffer father absence – and we are talking tens of millions just in the US – then surely single mothers are indead at least as responsible as the absent father. According to the theory of this blog I had to think about the fact that no war, no disease and no catastrophy ever in human history put away as many people as divorce and single mothers who in their ignorance “do their best” but wreak havoc instead.

    • Hm. I’m not good in history. Maybe.

      I’m sure there is a handful of ‘good’ single mothers out there. But I bet that even the kids of those prodigies miss something in life.

  • awwhellno

    I only like single mothers with daughters (and daughters with a smaller window in age to the mother) because then when the mother gets too old you can move onto the daughter and impregnate her too. That is the silver lining of the single mom storm cloud. Single mothers with boys are only good for pump and dumps. I think that’s the instinct of many, many men and why single mothers with boys are often ostracized or damaged by single men (dating ostracism is the only ostracism that truly counts in the industrialized modern world.) This leads to the development of pathology in both the mother and the illegitimate sons.

    • Anonymous

      Daughters of single moms usually end up as single moms themselves. The boys of single moms usually end up as thugs or omegas. Single moms are failures as parents because they fail their kids.


    Not one female has weighed in so what a waste of a factual article. Men, sorry but the damage has long since been accomplished … family life has been destroyed during a mere 5 decades. What will happen in ALL western nations soon enough is this > they will be taken over by non-white immigrants who are having far more children therefore, will control the votes ate the booth. What then, will the devil (white feminists) do when their beloved Careers are taken over?

  • Rubifen Errex

    Single mother + chaotic behavior + passive aggresive abuse (and physical/verbal abuse) =


    Watch the movie Maniac, its 100% based on this fact.

  • Rubifen Errex

    Here is one thing that women never say or admit to:
    They have intuition. Its a fucking powerful thing.

    Women KNOW if a man is honest or dishonest from the get go.
    Women who divorced sleaze bags knew he was one from the start.

    I would have preferred to have my drunken father with me, than a stupid, chaotic, loveless mother.

    If you’re a woman and you read this: the time will come when, after an economic collapse, you will reap the fruits of your stupidity and fickleness.

    Millions of men, from single mothers, will not give a FUCK about women when the SHTF. Pay for your own shit when hyperinflation comes or get a cuck to support and protect you because you WILL be sucking hairy dick when you run out of options.

    Feminism is dead and so is socialism, together with money worshiping cronies.

    Soon…very soon. I’ll be smiling from my log cabin, watching society burn, with you in it.

  • edchic

    OMG you are a whiny pathetic pussy who hides behind his arrogance and anger to convince testosterone laden readers that you actually are anything more than a glob of shivering bullshit. Mommy didn’t buy you the big boy pants you wanted and now you’re complaining because you aren’t responsible or adult enough to go out and buy your own. And of course it’s everyone else’s fault.

    If this all wasn’t so goddamn funny it would be sad. Hahaha.

    I came upon this website by accident. I’m leaving on purpose.

    • Okay, bye.

    • Varsana Baum


  • Renske de jonge

    I understand you hate single moms who steal the kids from their dad. In my case it was the other way around, but I was just super nice to him to get them back half the time and just took the blame on me. I’m glad he does his part but its still hard sometimes. Tried to kill myself but thatd have been even worse for them. I was googling this cause I hate men except my ex cause they never want to help you with those kids and i know its bad for them at times with only me and if i let them with dad that day they dont wanna go and i feel sorry cause he doesnt wanna do anything fun w em and they have to be inside and quiet and hes very severe. Some dads are complete jerks. They leave their own kids and mom gets the blame. If shes the one who doesnt let em near him though you’re right. One single mom was complaining and I told her she was a jerk for not letting her kids see their own dad regularly, even if he’s not very interested, do some effort. She just moved with them to another country, away from their dad. That’s evil.

  • John Alexandre

    as someone with degrees in psychology and gender studies, this was physically painful to read. you sound like the backstory to a criminal minds episode. not to sound insensitive — i know as a man that growing up in a western society that pushes that men aren’t shit unless they’re tearing raw meat off the bones of animals, toting guns and sticking their dicks into anything that breathes by the time they hit puberty — but seriously, see a therapist.

    • You sound like the backstory of a typical leftist. Congrats. Guess we’re not gonna be friends. Too bad.

  • Maria Koureli

    I was left speechless literally….shocked i would say…i grew with a loving family mother and father never divorced love each other a lot. I fell in love got married for years to a man older than me. we had a son . My husband left me and our 8 year old for a 22 year old waitress. We got divorced and he never had anything to do with his son…..i am sure you can quess why…..So i was forced to raise him now by my sefl a divorced woman….i never wanded that…i tried hard to be the best wife to give also my ex every chance to be in the kids life….i would have done anything to forgive him and be like before. So what was my crime? why is my fault? what should i have done left my son too? he was 8 years old….he did not understand why daddy left….he did not understand he found another woman…so should i had died? should my son hate me for raising him up alone? what could i have done? i was aready married and had him and was with his father until he was 8-9 years old.. About the only thing i have never imagined for my life was that i would raise a child alone….for me it was unthinkable and shamefull. But i did the best i could and he grew up a good man…of cource i never got married again or dated or care at all about my life..as long as he would have everything. I am Greek we do not believe in divorce you know so do not be suprized of my life. NOW YOU SAY THAT MY SON AND ALL OTHERS SHOULD HATE ME? for what? So much hate in you it is a shame….. if someone is to blame sir is men that leave their wifes and kids alone and never look behind…not mothers that work everyday to raise them….do you think women want to raise children without a family? they want to be alone? they want to stop being women and only be mothers? then you are crazy no woman wants that….. they want their husbunds there to help them to raise them together…it is terrible to be a single mother just terible….and we have to be hated too? BECAUSE OF WHAT? i should have left my son alone where? to who? do like his father did maybee? It is a mans word out there and any one that does not understand it is just a foul …think about what i said and if you still hate me so be it…..

    • Varsana Baum

      There is a truth listen: it will all make sense if your smart enough. The more “free sex is available” yes, that’s sex without the effort, or the market value of a quick shag is lower than a wife, there will be less wives.

  • Earth

    The most retarded article in pussy history! If all it took for you to be a man was to hate women in general, then, you’re a natural faggot!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel sorry for any of these women at all (with the exception of widows).

    I grew up with a single mom, & let me tell you: I don’t approve of single nor same-sex parenthood! They are BROKEN families by default, & not healthy for a productive society.

    Single moms are terrible decision makers! They’re usually the sluts from high school & college that sucked the D from every jock on the football team. They are usually the kinds of chicks who ignored & make fun of the good guys when they were young. Then when they start to “hit the wall” they look for a beta simp provider or a Captain Save-A-Hoe. They are terrible decision makers & failures.

    If anything, single moms deserve to be HATED! I feel so sorry for the children that have to be raised by these sluts.

    • Varsana Baum

      Yup! And the anther to these single mothers are ANGELS

  • Anonymous

    Single moms are damaged goods. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!

    • Varsana Baum

      Yup! And the fathers to these single mothers?! They’re ANGELS ;) LOL