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Men with fathers are weaklings

Yo, this is to all haters out there, to all those who call me weak, fag or loser or frustrated. Or a weak frustrated faggy loser. You think you had it great growing up with a father, but you just do not know what you have been missing out on.

Sorry to bust your illusory card house, but reality just hurts sometimes.

Why I am better than you

You think you had it good when daddy told you stories of great adventures and of honor. Well, my momma told me stories about real life: About the sorrow of being left alone by all those you love.

You went hunting with your daddy? That is nothing. I came to visit my momma at the mental hospital and saw her courageously fight against the demons in her head.

Your daddy taught you how to get what you want? Well, I learned to take pride in being dissatisfied with what others gave me for free.

Your daddy taught you to connect with your masculinity? My momma taught me to suppress it and canalize it into a noble self-contempt.

Your daddy taught you respectMy momma taught me a much needed dose of misanthropy and a seasonable paranoia.

Your daddy helped you connect with your peers? Boring. I learned to understand that life is cruel and did not care about bland popularity; instead, I got to know interesting people who – like me – contemplated rampage.

Your daddy taught you to express your anger? My momma taught me to retain it and forge it into white rage.

Your daddy gave you direction? see the world without restraints and marvel in my aimlessness.

Your daddy taught you to stand on your own feet? Well, I pity you. My momma did not force the hardships of this world upon me; she gave me everything I wanted because she understood that I – as a human being – am deserving of it.

Your daddy played sports with you? That is nothing against the joy of seeing my momma fall on her ass during her meek attempt to sledge, then watching her hobble hurtedly to the car.

Your daddy taught you how to be a good loser? My mother would be exhausted before I even began to compete. Haha, life is beautiful.

Your daddy taught you how to debate? My mother was honest enough to show me how much discussions hurt her, so I learned to be emotionally correct and docile.

You learned to protest against injustice and call out bad behavior, even putting yourself at risk of conflict? I learned to pretend to like my mother to get stuff I wanted.

Your daddy forged you into a righteous man? I was never forced to entertain illusions of morality.

You earned the respect of your father? I got all the love of my mother for free.

As you can see

Clearly you are the loser in life.

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  • thordaddy

    Are your readers able to separate truth from hyperbole? Are they even inclined to do such? Or, do you purposely feed them this bittersweet bowl of hyperbolic truth to “move” them in some predefined direction?

    • This is one of the rare articles in which I use hyperbole. In case of the rampage article, that is just me being the ass I am, so to speak.

      If someone can not understand that this article is hyperbole, frankly, I do not want him as a reader.

      • thordaddy

        Come on, man? Aren’t some of your readers “you” only 10-12 years ago? Aren’t you trying to help them in some sort of way?

        • I am not sure they are. I am not sure if I could.

    • As for moving them, I am not that manipulative, at least not consciously. It would be a great skill for a writer, but I do not have it. What I write is simply what I want to write.