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You are not a lion

You are not a lion underneath who just needs to somehow release his power and fight through all that is stopping him.

It is a frustrating belief, because you assume that you already are the winner, but the forces of the universe have conspired to keep you down. This creates an expectation in you. To wait for the moment when you break through the barrier and it is not hard work anymore.

When you finally become yourself.

You live a double life with your fantasy you and your real you. You despise the real you, because it is bound by real world restrictions. Your mind – your inner hero – is above that.

You are often frustrated because you see pain as a force that holds you down from finally becoming yourself.

The fight wears you down.

The only moments when you feel like yourself are those of victory, superiority and triumph over your emotions.

You watch motivational stuff and get pumped up. Then you go to the gym and the power leaves you after five minutes. And you wonder what is wrong. Where is that magical willpower that promised to carry you through it like a feather in a hurricane?

Stop the pretense

It is frustrating to put up with a body and mind that is limited by reality. You despise it’s weakness. Its conditioned behaviors and irrational beliefs drive you crazy. This stupid body and mind of yours do not let you think clearly just because you have seen a hot woman or because that guy on the street gave you a very strange look. Who cares, right? You are above that. Do not bother me with that shit.

Yet when you see another weak person, you assume they have a weak mind. You do not see their inner hero. Because for other people, you and your inner hero are one and the same person. It is only you who makes a distinction.

You feel defeated. No, you do not. A hero would not feel defeated. Your lowly body must obey your rational mind. You must willpower through it.

Yet you fail again and again.

You do not accept that something challenges you immensely. You just had a bad day, were not yourself.

Your body and mind is like a child that has to be coerced into doing everything you want it to do. You despise this rebellious child.

Yet you are bound to it

Look at yourself in the mirror and realize that although you make a distinction between your ideal you – which you always see – and the real you – which others see -, you are bound to this weakly representation of yourself in reality.

You are bound to this fucking weak child that is your body and mind.

And the only way to success is to work with it. To train it. To caress it sometimes. To have compassion with it, but also discipline.

Yes, that is the gift of the rational mind. To see ourselves separate from our body and mind.

Yet we intrinsically were put into this world with a responsibility for this body and mind.

Your body and mind have their own demands. Command them without taking care of them and they will deny their services. Command your mind without having compassion with it and it will be sad and lifeless. You will be sad and lifeless, to your annoyance.

Kill the body-me dichotomy

Look in the mirror.

Although this machine is so limited and overly sensitive, it is all you have.

This machine is not rational. It has whims. It gets hurt. It wants to be loved. It is pathetic.

Yet it is yours. And nothing can change that.

Take responsibility of it.

Have compassion with it. Learn how to treat it, appease it and persuade it in order to serve you the way you want it to serve you.

Train it and make it stronger so that it will lessen its demands. Give it just enough for it to work and then give a little less next time. But do not simply give nothing suddenly. This stupid child will not understand your noble intention.

Sometimes you need to barter with it, listen to its idiotic beliefs to finally convince it of your goals. You need to persuade this child – which just wants the easy way – that it will be rewarded highly if it goes to the gym. You need to convince it of your good intentions, so that it will not give up on your demands. You need to convince yourself.

Take responsibility of it. It is you.

Yes, you are tired from hearing that bullshit about loving yourself. You do not need to be loved. No, but your mind and body do. Remember, they are pathetic. They cannot help themselves.

Have you thought that to dominate someone means to just command them without compassion? Well. It does not work on you, does it?

Have you thought that to make someone happy, you can just tell them it all does not matter? Well. It does not work on you, does it?

Maybe you even had concluded something was wrong with you, so you started giving your stupid tips to others, considering yourself a helper. Yet it did not work on them either, so you concluded they were stupid for not following your advice, too. You were a useless helper, perhaps. Help yourself – the child you are bound to – first. If it does not work for you, why would you expect it to work for others?

See your body and mind as a children. Learn to dominate them in a way that actually works. In a way they will accept. Show them your compassion and they will be eager to fulfill your wishes.

And once you have mastered that, you will have learned to master a human mind and body. To get from them all you want by giving them all they need.

And since your biology is not that much different from others, you will then also know how to dominate others. And not be naive enough to just expect them to work. Or to think you can just appease them to death.

Learn to truly become a master of your biology and neurology.

Is it the task you would choose for yourself in this life? No. It is a task that life has chosen for you. Because unless you can command mind and body, you can not affect any kind of change in this world.

Unless you can effectively command yourself and others, you will only grow frustrated over those useless and annoying social skills and how it is all about people liking each other.

Nobody can expect you to take responsibility of your frail real you. But it is the only option you have.

Love yourself. Not because it feelz good or because it is intuitive or because it is moral. No. I do not buy into that bullshit. I love pain and struggle. I relish feeling like a fighting hero.

No. Love yourself because it works. Because it is the smart thing to do. Love as an emotion per se is irrelevant. Feeling love does not make you a better person. But it is fuel for that pathetic wimp that is your body and mind.

Simple as that.

Become the lion you are not

And when you do take responsibility, that is, when you finally abolish the dichotomy between your inner hero and the guy in the mirror, you will start to recognize that the pain you feel is simply a consequence of your weakness. And the weakness a consequence of your past laziness. And the pain in all reality weakness leaving your body.

Because: How could you actually be weaker after training than before? Answer: Only if you assumed and expected that you are really stronger underneath anyway. That you had lost a fight against that oppressive pain, once more, instead of overcoming it.

It hurts to not be more than your real you. But it also kills false expectations that hinder you. It eliminates the conflict between ideal self and real self. And it makes you finally feel the improvements you are making, as they are no more overshadowed by how much more you need to be at every moment.

Take responsibility of your pathetic you. Love it, but also punish it. Have compassion with it without becoming sentimental.

Because that is just the way this stupid human body machine works. You can cut yourself into pieces out of frustration and it will change nothing about that fact.

So next time you want to prove something, do not try to show your inner hero and have a good day. Instead, mold your real body and mind into a representation of that which is to be proved. Train it so that you do not need a good day.

Yes, it speaks for your taste if you have an ideal. But you will only convince others if your ideal is livable by a human body and mind. More than that, you will only convince yourself that way.

Be thankful for the services your body provides for you. Congratulate it, then ask for a little more. And a little more. And before you know it, you will have fun becoming a lion.

Love your body and mind and they will feel loved. You will feel loved.

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