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How could you prove equality?

The manosphere lured me with it’s contempt for women. Yet I was lazy. That contempt stems from knowledge I didn’t have; I want to despise women in a healthy dose, but that privilege has to be earned. To surpass the pretense of contempt, the judgment has to become my own and it has to be one of conviction, not one of wishful thinking. In other words: To be confident, I need to despise the actually despicable, not those I want to despise. Reality must not be faked.

And to harden a belief, you actually have to challenge it. To strengthen conviction, you must let it go.

Are women stupid? Inferior? Different? Are gender roles social constructs? If so, what consequences does that have?

Patriarchy is a lie

The idea is simple. Go out to the street and observe gender differences. Search for proof that women are equal.

It is a curious experience indeed. What do I see when I truly open my eyes?

Since all I can see from afar is body language, my approach can only gauge the confidence I see in men and women.

Having taken away any expectations, my conclusion is eerily surprising to the point it frightens me.

If there is any patriarchy, I do not see it.

I see cheeky and arrogant females with protruded chests. I see weary men. Sometimes a beta schlub following a girl. Sometimes a beta schlub leading a girl by going in front of her, but keenly looking back and observing the direction she is taking. Sometimes men who have all the looks and clothes of an alpha male, but crouched shoulders as they follow their girl – granted, they walk with swag to make it look like they are in control, but they are just marionettes. Other men have those gentlemanly manners all over them and become charming monkeys when women are around; they actually think that women are stupid and cute little things, but you just have to open your eyes to see that this isn’t true.

Two edgy hot chicks brashly and proudly stride beside each other. The hotter one has to strongly move out of my way – I rarely stray from my path. From what I can hear, her momentum makes her stumble into something and I can hear a loud What the Fuck?! from her. I feel a light urge to turn around and show her that I would not hesitate to brush her off the street like a leaf. But why bother.

The same beastie will act cute and harmless next time she needs something. And some idiot will really think he gets something out of getting this spoiled princess what she wants.

I see proud and self-absorbed women and I see obedient men.

Patriarchy is a lie.

What is the question?

Yes, there are a few confident men. And a few men who are confident even when a hot woman is around.

But they are a minority. Women feel attracted to them, yet they also don’t like the power they have. That’s why they call them assholes.

You win a cake if you see an interesting pattern.

A related observation: While men usually go out of my way on the street just like women do, the small number of times when somebody does not, it is usually a man. Subjectively, I would say that while women generally have a higher display of confidence from appearance, it is only men who ever act confidently in a direct confrontation. Women let their aggressions out through gossip, meaningless protest and manipulation.

There are various angles on this. There are exceptions to every rule.

After making a handful of these observations, I concluded that I needed some sort of methodology to answer my question of equality.

Luckily, I had the privilege of enjoying basic instruction in the scientific method.

This means that I can not get a clear answer unless I pose a clear question.

Yes, and what exactly is the question being asked?

Are we equal? Are men superior? In what regard?

It is a nonsensical question and can not be answered. It is vague and abstract.

The first thing that must expose the stupidity of the question is a simple look at the street: There is such a great amount of intra-gender variation – meaning f.e. variation among women – that differences between genders are a thing that can only be measured empirically.

So yeah, what exactly is it that is being claimed so that it can be verified? That women are equally capable of everything men can do? Okay, what women? All women? But that’s nonsense, because not even all men can do what the best of men do. Most women? What is most? And what is everything a man can do?

What is the fucking question?

And if there is no real question, thus no real answer, how is it that politicians make decisions that can only be based on … well, nothing?

Cancer is an abnormal growth

Hell, and if it were that women were theoretically able to perform at the level of a man in a certain aspect, that still wouldn’t mean that there is any necessity for it. There is no reason why anyone would explicitly need, say, a female engineer or car mechanic, even if a woman were qualified just as much.

If most women choose not to be car mechanics, then there simply are not many female car mechanics. Who cares?

What’s the problem? There is no problem.


The outlier may be the monster here.

Imagine yourself a female body, with your mind. Imagine that men treat you like a dummy. Imagine you start acting like a dummy and hate it. Imagine you are not trusted with a job because you have a female body.

How frustrating.

Imagine now that you make the most intuitive assumption of all: That everybody is like you on the inside. That in fact, all women are highly intelligent things living in a prison, kept down by men. By themselves, even!

I feel like an outlier, different. Hell, I write that all men are rapists and I stare down people at the restaurant. Not your normal citizen.

So I can empathize with being held to the standards of a group I am perceived to be a part of.

But when I was younger, I thought that everybody was like me. And I perceived myself as the only honest version. Everybody else seemed fake when seen from that perspective. Everybody is the same, yeah, so if I am me and honest, then everybody who is different surely must be fake.

Would I not be a hero if I freed those who are faking? Told them: You do not have to hide who you are. Why are you wearing those masks?

How selfless and noble.

And such a motivated lie validates your own aberrations. Prohibits honest disappointment and sadness.

That noble a cause even justifies making sacrifices. Instead of pursuing your own interests – a career? – you pursue a cause. You become a martyr.

But, funnily, while you see yourself as a hero helping those who do not even yet know they need to be helped, you become a tyrant in everyone’s eyes. And everyone wonders what the fuck is wrong with you.

Like the socialist who empathizes with the capitalist’s blind struggle. Like the girl who tells her man to show weakness.

It is the outlier who here managed to force the majority to live up to her expectations. It is the arrogant smart female outlier who despises other women for not being the way she is.

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  • thordaddy

    By falsifying Perfection… By manufacturing a mass consensus in universal redundancy… By obscuring, denigrating, doubting and just plain rejecting the existence of The Singularity and all subsequent singularities… By destroying the Hierarchy of Man… By forcefully imposing an “infinite regress” on a critical mass…

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  • popi gander

    Women let their aggressions out through gossip, meaningless protest and manipulation.”

    Yeah-that gossip is how wars are started. Israel has been activating to get a piece of Syria’s ass- and then Iran.

    And it all depends on making women afraid. Challenging or merely not upholding female privilege puts you between a rock and a harder place: in order to “be a man” you must pedastalize women, but call it “equality.”

    You must be careful to adhere to the social narrative that men are all rapists while overlooking what women are doing to chimdren here.

    And you must firever be on guard that you don’t get on thecwrong side if women’s gosdip, or the police state structures that feed directly off of that narrative.

    And, we now gave a great example of the direct effects of these structural white lies: womens gossip eventually leads to other men potentially harming you, as they run your name around as a “bad guy” to other men whose sense of being a good guy is bombing other mens children abroad as men here- bad men- refuse to pick up arms to defend such a structure, and are thus not “strong” men.

    My favorite recent example of womens b.s. was when I read that Benito Mussolini’s fascist speeches were written by his Jewish mistress!

    Yup. The whole ” maternal” myth falls apart when we see how deeply involved women from ” matrialineal” cultures lead men into ” manliness.”

    • popi gander

      BTW- did you manage to look up Nancy Chodorow? She’s the “psychologist” that ” nurtured” this generation and the lasts women- by yrging that women sexualize their daughters and ‘ make womens fantasies about sexuality’ a reality via their daughters.

      Then there’s the big bizness of the legal system rubber stamping these kinds of perverse narratives: Ostergren, McKinninon- Dworkin, Millet and more.

      They essentially wrote the narrative that by repressing/ oppressing ‘local’ men, internatiinal men would bid higher prives for ‘ liberated’ i.e. sexualized female commodities.

      Hence the prison industry that finances Hillary Clintons campaign- or the blackmail that Obama’s NSA has over Angela Merckel.

      For now, womens sexual baggage hasn’t been dragged into the same arena as mens- hence these odd, privileged narratives of mythical equality.

      • Not sure I understand what you are writing. I think it is a problem of reading comprehension. Mind rephrasing more succintly?

    • Good points, although I do not understand all you write.

      You mention war a few times. What is your opinion on war?

      Leading men into ‘manliness’. Yeah. That is it. And men buy into it. They think they have to earn being called ‘men’ by obeying standards that women and other men put up. So even all those real alphas out there are really brainwashed and shame you into being ‘the best man a woman could want’. Fuck that. How do I know I am a man? I look into the mirror and see my dick. That is how I know. Genetics made me a man. God made me a man. I am not reliant on having anybody acknowledge my manhood, because it is indisputable.

      • popi gander

        My opinion of war? Its the way certain people and their tribes make a living.

        My job is to try to avoid those people at all costs.

        But violence by these people is inevitable. So I am prepared to flee them, and if necessary, dig in when I must, and fight.

        That time isn’t now, for me yet.

        And I am man enough for it. I don’t need a rubber stamp, and I certainly pity the people thar our people are perpetually bombing.

        And, I think few things are more brave than resistance, and writing about it. Objectivity takes courage, but even monkeys kill.

        Thinking itself is under attack by these ‘warriors’ and their baby baskets.