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Patriarchy is a lie

I went out today and looked around, observed people. A crude, yet interesting idea formed in my mind.

There is 1% of alpha males who have power. Then there is 49% men and 50% women. The 49% men don’t really get a lot from the 50% women; they want the women more than the women want them, thus the women in the majority of the population are in a superior power position.

Now each of those men could realize that they want to be like the 1% of alpha males – the only logical conclusion. But women are fantastic manipulators. They lead the 49% of men to believe in patriarchy. They lead 49% of men to believe they already are in power and that they only wish themselves a nice guy. They call the 1% of alpha males assholes.

While 49% of men are far from being alpha males, they feel guilty for that 1%. They think they are special because they are not like that 1%. They are led to believe that the 1% alpha males are assholes and their enemies. They are led to believe that the assholes are holding them back from getting women.

The key actor here are women.

Women have theoretically no power over the top 1% of men. It drives them mad.

Yet they have all the power over the thirsty 49% who think that sex and female comfort is the pinnacle of life.

And since they have all the power over the 49%, they also have a power over the top 1%. They are their mob, their worshippers.

Patriarchy is a lie.

Women are today’s goddesses and the 1% of self-respecting men out there are held in check through the 49% women’s slaves.

The tactic is fantastic: Vilify greatness and people will rather kill themselves than being great. The church condemns greatness, too.

Yes, I know, it would be foolish to infer intent from observed effect. To confront your everyday girl with this – she would laugh and have no clue what you mean.

She probably really wouldn’t. Some things just play out in funny ways. Masters don’t even know they are masters. How did we end up here? Food for thought. Maybe it was the Jews.

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  • FacingReality

    It was so totally the Jews. The big noses, greed and lack of faith in Christ were dead giveaways. Hitler was just a misunderstood visionary.

    • Indeed. He had an idea and he fought to make it true. Unfortunately, it was not that good an idea.

  • Brett

    The church is another method of control. Each of us is capable of our own connection with the divine. My theory is that in order to prevent us lowly serfs from surrendering our allegiance to a power higher than the empire, religious institutions were created to control the narrative. Now they’ve succeeded in killing all notions of god. The 49% worship women for fuck sake. It’s the perfect crime.

    This is just my opinion dude. Obviously it won’t resonate with everyone. Great observations on your part.

    • Nothing to add to that, Brett.

      But is it a bad thing? Is society or even civilization capable of existing in reasonable harmony without an irrational moral code bound to the divine?

      The smart minds will always find their own way. And the rest is possibly better guided by church than by mass media.

      Edit: I misread you, you were basically stating the same thing. Agreed.

  • thordaddy

    “Vilify greatness” = anti-white Supremacy. But even the super-majority of “white alphas” would, in no-time knee-jerk fashion, vehemently deny being white Supremacists. So you must tweak your analysis. Patriarchy is not a lie, but dormant due a total lack of existing Patriarchs. But this does not automatically manifest a matriarchy, although, evidence of matriarchy is crawling out from all the cracks.