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Disrespect your elders – politics of fear

If you were born into a strong tribe, what is it that you would expect from your elders? What would you expect from your father? Demands, of course. Demands of virtue, of courage, of strength. Challenges and a way into manhood, following your instincts. Pure joy of life.

When I met my father, that is what I got. Adventure, exploration. It spoke to me on a deep level and immensely satisfied me. Yet I felt about it as a bit of a guilty pleasure, as if my dad and me were doing something forbidden, wrong, childish, unreasonable. These were the kind of things my mother had not fostered, had feared. No, I don’t hate her for it. These were the things that politicians and older people told me were unreasonable to do. Too dangerous, reckless, unnecessary – yet the things that make me feel alive.

Who the fuck are these people to tell me? My genes tell me that they are my elders, that they should know. I naturally want to listen to them.

Yet I am not part of a strong tribe. The people who are my elders today are weaklings and leaders of weaklings. Priests who tell me that life is miserable and that god will liberate me. Leftists who moan about the unfairness of life and can’t think about anything besides suffering. People who stand still in front of a red light despite of no imminent danger. Teachers who want me to be careful about my words because they might hurt the weak.

These are my elders? My genes tell me that they are wise. But they are fags, so fuck them.

Discovering the lies

Something tells me that elders know better. I want to learn, of course. But who to listen to? Some may see a unified world of equal people, but I see a confusing blend of scattered micro-groups with conflicting views, morals and ideals. The only wisdom old people seem to have is their entitlement to my seat in the metro.

Fuck you, grandpa. What makes you so important? Being old? Being weak? Prove your worth to me or get out of my sight.

How do I know that you are not some old sucker who stayed a virgin his whole life, always was a pain in the ass of everybody and now feels like he has some wisdom to share due to the pain he endured? What is your wisdom? How to be an obedient slave? How to fail at life and be satisfied with that? Why should I listen to you?

Why should I listen to someone who tells me that I am not to live the life I want to live, the life that is in my genes and tells me to conquer the world?

Yeah, and who should I listen to?

Nothing makes you lose respect for a person or group as quickly as to unfold their lies. Just look at this fascinating article about Jewish intellectualism. Ye ye, poor old Jews, said my teachers in Germany. And suddenly a group crystallizes out of the mass of seemingly uniform elders which is different.

If everybody were equal, every elder would of course be equally wise, equally valid to receive information from. Yet when people cease to seem equal, you recognize individuals. Groups. And with those, you recognize all kinds of various motivations, qualities. No, not everybody is on your side. Not everybody is part of your tribe.

Matter of fact: You have no tribe. You have no elders. Not in this place.

Listening to cowardice

Respect for the state? Ye ye, they know what they are doing. They build all their ministries and agencies to make it seem like they understand something about everything.

Today I see a nice little video about a guy at my gym. I have been there for a few months now and I love the atmosphere, the pain, my trainer. Martial arts heightens your tolerance for pain. A bruise becomes something normal and you realize how much the body and mind can adapt until even quite a graphic wound seems unimportant. You become calmer and things don’t faze you so much anymore.

Yet therein the video you see the government representative stating how dangerous it is. Look at that fat old slob. Can you imagine him fighting? Can you imagine him being good with girls? He looks like a fucking soulless sheep. Seeing him talk about something he obviously doesn’t know makes me wonder: Who is this guy? What does he have to do with me? Why did I ever listen to such people?

I realized that martial arts is not bad. It’s just another thing to do. It makes me strong, calm, happy. It’s fun, it’s exhausting. The danger makes it exciting and I wouldn’t trade the demanding shouting of my trainer for all the cheese cake in the world. It’s not a dark or underbelly-of-the-society thing to do. The bitter taste I had at the beginning totally fell off of me and it’s pure joy now.

Yet there this guy stands, claiming it’s dangerous. Some German institutes have unanimously decided not to accept MMA as sport. I laugh. Is it dangerous? Yes, it is. Is that any kind of argument? Of course not. Life is full of dangers.

Yet there this guy stands and I realize that some time ago, his words may have been enough to keep me from starting that journey.

Simple words. Aren’t people gullible?

And why did this person speak them?

Does he want me to be strong? No, of course not.

Not my elder

But if he was my elder and he was in my tribe, he would want me to be strong. He would want me to be able to protect him and conquer the world with our tribe.

Who the hell is this person?

Do you fear MMA? Whose words made you fear it?

Whose words made you fear girls? Whose defeatist statements made you consider life not worth risking?

Now imagine a father. Or a real elder. Imagine how he laughs joyfully, boxes your shoulder and says: Boy, now we’re going out there to get you a girl. And when you get rejected, he will still be as joyful and box you again and say: Come on, now, don’t be a wuss. It’s just a girl. And tomorrow, I’ll show you how to fight. Oh, you think you’re too weak? Too bad, then I’ll kick your ass.

Noooo, we’d want to be reasonable, wouldn’t we?

Real elders will pour venom into my eyes to sharpen my instincts. Real elders will force me to stand up for myself and fight for my tribe. Real elders will expect me to be self-reliant and a man. Because someone has to be the leader after them.

Old people who want you to be respectful and weak are not your elders. They are just some people along the way and have done nothing to earn your respect but demand it.

So what will you do next time an old guy expects you to be polite simply because?

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  • Mikey Mike

    The narcissist is only as safe as the person standing next to him, is without capacity… In particular the inverse version… They are a humoungous load of fear, which they rationalize.. There is also the economic side of it.. Martial Arts increases the hospital bills in a society, just as a sport.. Someone gotta pay for that.. But one never see the same people complain a lot about those issues, when they send you off to a meaningless war..

    Weird World.

    My last thought Tom.. Extreme leftist Inverse Narcissists
    Extreme rightist Classical Narcissists

    Any thoughts ?

    • Your obsession with the terminology of the narcissist amuses me, but I think you have some valid points there. Some people are in power only as long as no one realizes they have none, e.g. through status symbols. Take that little fat suit wearing monkey out of the pompous government building and all that is left is a little piece of shit.

      Hospital bills would probably not be a consideration at this point. It is too rational a concept to be considered in democracy. I say this because even if the state’s expenses were heightened through medical bills – and I don’t think this would be significant – hardly anyone would be held responsible for this. It would take a disciplined mind to think that way, but such a mind may well come to the conclusion that state-funded medicine is the problem in the first place. Let everyone pay for themselves and the problem is gone.

      War, yes, interesting analogy. But really, I do not think anyone really cares nowadays. The economic cost is a rationalization at most. This will become interesting if pure socialism takes over, because then you will have to force people to work and actually control the economy. Right now, it is good enough to mooch off of it.

      Yes, sounds plausible. Sam Vaknin writes quite a lot of articles in favor of capitalism.