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Equality is ridiculous

I want to try and express a sentiment that has been preparing inside me for weeks.

For over a year now, I have lived a very isolated life. There are good and bad sides to it. One aspect of the way I chose to live is that I virtually ignored all media. Newspapers, television, it all went by me. I had no friends, nothing, nobody to taint me with any kind of preconception about the world, especially in the last six months.

As I make my way back into society, there is one thing that strikes me: The ridiculousness of equality.

I hadn’t lost a thought about it for months, as I had merely been perceiving my own little world. Now, as I come back, it seems unreal to me that anybody actually takes it seriously.

When I first started to frequent manosphere sites some time back, it struck me as weird that they were concerned with SJWs. To me, it was something of a past life, something I had left behind as a childish notion, not to be considered again.

One doesn’t really argue with a child.

How can anyone think this is true?

I do not remember where the thought of equality once came from for me. It is so far away from my consciousness in this moment that I can not even find a way to connect with the idea as something meaningful. It is just nonsense.

Pure nonsense.

It is like saying an apple is a banana.

I don’t know how to argue against it, because I can’t understand how it could make sense in the first place. How it could be a statement?

When I walk the street, I see people of all shapes and sizes, beautiful, ugly, confident, shy; some disgust me, some frighten me, some enlighten me. But not one is like the other. If they are equal, what is equality supposed to mean?

I took an intelligence test. I tried to climb a harsh mountain. I started training Muay Thai. All these things showed me that there are limits imposed on me by nature that may not be imposed on others.

Me, I am a nutcase in some aspects, an outcast. I am as different from most people in my vicinity as I can imagine.

If I am vastly different from other men and other men are vastly different from each other, how could then a man and a woman – by any kind of general rule – be equal?

Is there some hidden truth I don’t see?

It takes me as little as one glance to see that a woman has breasts and a vagina. That she is beautiful. She makes me feel ways that men never make me feel – sexually excited, aroused, joyful. That is a woman.

Men don’t have breasts and vaginas.

Couldn’t the truth be that simple? Couldn’t thinking feel so … right?

How can you look at a man and a woman and say they are the same? You would have to wear a blindfold. You would have not to see anybody’s features to claim that everybody’s features are identical. Not see, not hear, not smell, not feel. Not live or think at all.

When I touch a turd, it feels different from touching a breast. It’s not equal.

I am not kidding you about my intellectual innocence. I do not even know how to continue this article. How can I show to you how insubstantial I find equality? Can I really say anything more than that I find the thought alien and weirdly ungraspable?

Maybe the reason I am writing this is my memory of once being concerned about it, too.

And now, it’s nothing more than a word with literally no meaning. It doesn’t upset, strain or move me, it merely mildly confuses me. Why is that? What is this pure innocence of perception and wonder that has me?

I want to share it with you, because it feels so relaxed, so simple, just being. But I don’t know how.

Is equality another word like god that people attribute meaning to? That arouses feelings of reverence for no apparent reason?

People speak it as if it had meaning, but it doesn’t to me. They say But what about equality? And I can’t but wonder but think What do you mean? Please help me understand you. You are uttering sentences, but I do not know what you are trying to communicate. I want you to help me understand. Can you?

Why, yes how, would I argue against equality? What complex argument could I unfold against the assertion that 2+2=5? It is simply not true. Why? Because mathematics is a system with a purpose. So is language. If words can mean anything, what reason is there to communicate? What big refutation do I need?

Do you get it?

What is equality?

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  • Mikey Mike

    Why is it wrong to divide by zero ?

    If i have 1 apple and share with no one. How many apples do I then have ? An empty amount ? Nope. I have still 1 apple…

    The world has a few of those “crazy and well accepted” ideas. As you know, we are not supposed to ask questions about it :)

  • thordaddy

    First, de-euphemize “equality” into anti-(white) Supremacy. Now, the call for “equality” is the call to annihilate (white) Supremacists, ie., those that repudiate “equality.” Inherent to the idea of a total annihilation of (white) Supremacy is a mass of redundancy (a mass of sheepwalkers). Redundancy is the mark of imperfection. The call for “equality” is the “elevation” and “exaltation” of imperfection through a total redundancy.

    • You talk about God / Perfection. But I can not help but feel like you say God while pointing at an ideology. Feel that you do not mean the God I mean. That is cool, maybe it feels different for you. But I think you are wrong. To discuss white supremacy is fine with me, but the talk about perfection, god, redundancy in relation to it, it seems like pseudo-intellectual bullshit. It does not make sense at all.

      • thordaddy

        Of course… But, your entire “educational” paradigm was a parallel process that included both coerced rejection of “white supremacy” and subtle dissuasion from Christianity ALL enveloped by a guilt-by-association milieu.

        The fundamental premise is thus (assuming you are modern “white” male):

        white Christian = white Supremacist…

        In other words, you must become a genuine white Supremacist or it is perpetual “identity crisis,” ie., a process of self-annihilation.

        Now, if you accept the original paradigm, recognize that you have been immersed in a manufactured identity crisis from birth and embrace the simple equation above then you really must put your mind on Perfection, ie., anti-Equality/objective Supremacy, IN ORDER TO FIND A SOLUTION to your identity crisis.

        There is no ideology here. NONE, whatsoever.

        If you want “power,” but then grossly UNDER-define “it,” what you have is worse than nothing. It’s destructive.

        Omnipotence = he who wills all right?

        Or, he who wills anything?

        Modern “white” male is meta-physically stunted because he can only conceive of a “power” for ill.

        • While I do not reject god, I reject Christianity. It is a plight in my eyes. Mystic bullshit.

          Most of what you say does not make any sense to me.

          For instance, what does that mathematical equation sign mean in your premise? What follows from that? I can only speculate.

          What is your argument for white supremacy? What do you base it on? Where does that value come from?

          It sounds like ideology because ideology is very apt in providing identity. That is why Scientology is so popular. And Objectivism. And Christianity, possibly. It gives you a sense of belonging.

          Your writing seems very confused and only consisting of deliberate associations without any objective. Are you sure that you are not having a schizophrenic episode or something like that?

          • thordaddy

            Lol… No man… No breakdowns here. Christians worship The Perfect Man. The Christian Assertion is that The Perfect Man walked earth as empirical fact. You reject both the assertion and the worship and this is the root of your identity crisis AS A modern “white” male.

            You say that you cannot fathom the Equalists and their call for “equality.” But you certainly can acknowledge that the anti-Supremacist/Equallist wields false equations to his tremendous benefit. One such recklessly wielded equation is:

            white Supremacist = white degenerate…

            So add in my true equation:

            white Supremacist = white Christian…

            As the white Christian believes in and therefore rationally worships, objective Supremacy, ie., Perfection.

            And now the modern “white” male’s falsely-held equation as you have intimated above is:

            white Christian = white Supremacist = white degenerate…

            I would assert that you agree to veracity of the above equation and therefore show yourself to be an Equalist/anti-Supremacist thus signaling an intimate relationship with “equality.”

            The question for you AS a modern “white” male mired in an identity crisis IS WHY do you “see” white Christian = white Supremacist as false, but then “see” white Supremacist = white degenerate as true? This IS THE ROOT of your identity crisis. You reject the veracity of an axiomatic equaton while embracing a diabolically false one.

          • Interesting. I can see how that value shift (taking away the degenerate) would make me more in tune with white supremacist thought. But it is really something of a mind play. That way, I can see anything in a simplified light of glory.

            How about this:

            White Supremacist != White Christian
            White Christian = White Degenerate
            White Supremacist != White Degenerate

            Why is being white so relevant, by the way? What is the proof of objective supremacy?

          • thordaddy


            white Supremacist = white degenerate = white Christian = white Supremacist = white degenerate = white Christian…

            This is the FUNDAMENTAL belief of the “Equalist…” Er, the anti-white Supremacist and anti-white Christian.

            “White” is relevant because deracination is pathological. “White” is relevant because it’s the best proxy for unbridled attack. “White” is also relevant because it is an indication of origin. Knowing one’s origin is a self-evident solution to decreasing the severity of identity crisis. “White” is relevant because it STILL elicits fear and respect even within our anti-white milieu.

            Proof of objective Supremacy. First. “It” is necessary to even operate. “It” is a given. Empirical evidence for objective Supremacy would be The Perfect Man. One could also infer objective Supremacy in perceiving a hierarchy of man.

          • thordaddy

            But the real mind play is having convinced the mass of “white” males that it is degenerate to seek to be perfect white men AND EVIL to do such a thing as a voluntary collective of “white Supremacy.”

            This strategy of mind war against high IQ “white” males must be destroyed.

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  • Anonymous

    No such thing as equality. Nothing in life is “equal”
    The Left is believes in a fairy tale