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So you don’t feel like manipulating girls

So. You don’t want to manipulate girls. It’s not fair, after all. They are such powerless creatures that need to be protected. That need to be loved. That need to be respected. They have been oppressed and harassed and offended so many times.

They are victims and need a hero.

You don’t want to manipulate them.

Yet when they walk past you in the streets with their shining black leggings, you almost lose your mind. You may fail to walk straight, as you feel – if you are aware enough to know it – an excruciating urge to take them, yet feel guilty at the same time and think you must protect and love them because of their beautiful innocenceyes, even from yourself. When you see them in distress, you must be a hero, you just must. These powerless creatures.

And you don’t want to manipulate them, you fool.

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