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Yes, all men are rapists.

I am tired of arguing within a woman’s frame.

I am an individual and I am an egoist. I do what I want if I can do what I want.

Let’s stop sugar-coating today.

Yes, all men are rapists.

“No, we men also want respectful relationships and equality and we want you to be happy. And while you may not admit it, you also enjoy rough sex.”

What is this focus on what the woman wants? How is want even defined? Is it an emotion or a decision? The whole argument is silly and it’s bound to be won by the person who is being argued about: the woman.

What is that but the basic frame of today’s gender discussions: One day, you will make a woman happy.

Well, dear women, know this: We men are not alive to make you happy. We are the same egoistical bastards that you are. If you don’t give us what we want, we take it.

All men are rapists.

Yes, it’s true. Why hide it? If all women on earth were to withdraw from sex, something nasty would happen.

Yes, women, men are rapists. We are strong enough and ready to rape you if everything else fails. History and crime statistics prove it.

Women, you are weaker than us and you rely on your control over our minds and emotions.

Your basic premise that we want to make you happy is your weapon. If we do not accept that tenet, who will protect you? If we men don’t care about rape, why would we stop individual rapists?

Yes, we are rapists.

We are forceful and we are many. The survival of the fittest in it’s totality leaves you with no cozy escapist feminism. It’s the false reality bubble that we allow to exist. That’s why you are so easy to shake to your very foundations.

Feminism is not your force over us. It is your arrogance that we allow to endure.

Yes, my opinion is amoral. But that doesn’t help you, does it? All men are rapists. Why would they care about your moral accusations? They want to have you and they will.

These birds of prey are evil; and whoever is least like a bird of prey and most like its opposite, a lamb, – is good, isn’t he?’, then there is no reason to raise objections to this setting-up of an ideal beyond the fact that the birds of prey will view it somewhat derisively, and will perhaps say: ‘We don’t bear any grudge at all towards these good lambs, in fact we love them, nothing is tastier than a tender lamb.’

– Nietzsche

So what kind of game are you playing, women? It’s a game we men allow you to play. You imagine to thrive in the illusion of a power you can never have: the strength to force your will on others. Even in your biggest success in history, your power is borrowed from men who help you get what you want.

Think forward, women. We men are rapists. But we have a kind heart: If you submit to us, we won’t have to force you. Do you now understand, dear women, how you came to be submissive? How you came to be beautiful? We chose the ones who enjoyed submission, the ones we liked and discarded the others.

There is no way out, women. You are the weak gender. You can submit or live in the illusion of power.

You can feel offended all you want. And you need to be offended, because you can not have the unshakable confidence of a strong individual – because you are not. Your masquerade is merely allowed by us, men. You live on borrowed time and you live in necessary panic of being exposed, of losing the grip over our minds. A grip that is owned to the gullibility of men who don’t know about the nature of their inherent strength and feel that they need to hide it.

Remember that nice guy you didn’t want to fuck? The one in the restaurant who was all sweet and shy when he tried to kiss you and you refused? Yes, he is a rapist. All men are rapists. He just didn’t know it.

You accuse us of being rapists in the hope that we will deny it and accept your judgment. We don’t deny it and we don’t accept your judgment. Not anymore.

We men are rapists. What will you do?

Will you cut off our penises?

For what gain? We will kill you for it. Yes, it’s easy to claim you will die for your cause, but you won’t. You want to live and you want peace, that’s what we reared you to want. That’s the reason you don’t stand up for yourselves even today and expect men to stand up for you.

We men are rapists. What will you do?

Yes, you will scream and you will argue and you will throw words at us; like you’re doing it now. But it’s a non-weapon. Words cannot stop the physical force of a trained body. Your resistance is nothing but amusement to us rapists.

All men are rapists. You keep yelling it, hoping that we won’t hear the undeniable truth in your words. That we will miss the forest for the trees.

We men are rapists. Your card house is falling apart. What will you do?

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  • TS77RP1

    haha fucking idiot. nice fap fantasy.

  • Deborah Kerr


  • LittleBBIGWorld

    Only short-sighted men are rapists. I like your pride and attempted ownership of the concept but you’re missing the forest for the trees also. You’ve carried your egoism into rape culture…ok, that’s new to me and kind of amusing. I’m also an egoist. Women also rear men, we select for the ones who appreciate a mother’s soft voice and a daughter’s trusting smile. We select for the ones that have an eye toward the future, who build and plan. Rape is an act that shows no planning or care of a future. The first time you have sex w someone it will most often be awkward, maybe great, but still awkward. The fortieth time you have sex with that person is an expression of everything that you’ve learned about each other’s bodies and proclivities….it’s Earth shattering. Why rape when patience, care, and maybe the occasional night out dancing brings you to Earth shattering sex?

    • That’s a surprising comment from a woman. Surely some of your own past pain made you more acceptant of my words.

      Yet I want to encourage you to think a bit more out-of-the-box. The short-sighted rapists are those you see in prison today. Those without options. Yet for a free man, rape would not preclude the experience you describe. Firstly, because he could choose to have both with different women, to live out different aspects of his personality. Secondly, because if a man made a woman his through force, I think she would eventually adapt to the situation and become his willing lover anyway – if he was attractive enough as a man. See Stockholm syndrome.

      Your point about the selection amuses me. Selection is only possible when you have options to select from. But I’ll let you have that, because you can see the idea behind my article working right in your argument: Claim to be innocent and you will be accused of evil intent. Claim to be a monster – and mean it – and the smarter people will relativize your evilness, because that’s the only logical thing left to do. Why, after all, would you just let me have the pride of being the absolute monster?

      • LittleBBIGWorld

        My past pain….quite honestly I don’t know that I’ve felt emotional pain from being sexually assaulted, raped…I adapted early. I don’t emotionally connect during sex, I find the thought of mixing love and sex repulsive…my adaptation to the world presented to me. I’m probably more open to your ideas, and ways of communicating them, because honesty draws me in. People aren’t honest, those who speak clearly and unapologetically are rare and I love knowing them. They have a certain power. That occasionally means that I befriend psychopaths, sociopaths, and antisocial personalities. …not always a bad thing.
        Stockholm syndrome is definitely applicable but our society penalizes men who don’t cherish the gifts in their lives (women also). That kind of scenario can only exist in the absence of community. Catholic women (devoted practitioners anyway) believe that God told them to submit to their husband in all ways. I’ve known several that lived their whole lives laying on their backs and spreading their thighs when the urge struck their husband regardless of whether they wanted sex. Not one of them had ever orgasmed, those men shot themselves in the foot by smothering their women’s sexuality with force. A value system like that will fall to a ten dollar vibrator or a really giving female friend.
        Artificial and natural selection play a huge part in the women who exist today and the men we create. Two types of women survive artificial selection (the type sexually practiced): the first is docile and fecund, her genes survive because she puts her head down and does what needs to be done to nurture her offspring. The second is the type of woman who plays the long game, if her mate is big and strong and cruel she seduces his friends or raises his sons to protect and love her. My mother was in an abusive relationship w my father, she raised 8 sons. It took only long enough for one to grow bigger than my father for him to be taught to respect and love a good woman.
        Are men physically able to dominate and take from women what they want? Hell yes, and they quite frequently do but they lose too much to gain that mediocre orgasm.

        • Yes, I believe that rape is economically not a good game to play nowadays. It is something that warriors can indulge in; peace inside the tribe and wrath to all outsiders.

          Your father’s fate sounds cruel; one more reason to stay a free man. I have never really appreciated my mother’s kindness anyway. The only reason I want to be with women is lust; the thing that keeps me from pursuing this is the fear from becoming unhealthily obsessed with it. A woman with high consciousness like you is rare – or maybe most smart women are too smart to be so open about their ideas, who knows. It is an aphrodisiac for me. Then again, most smart women who are drawn to that sort of “dark side” are not very attractive. Those who are – such a grace to see it, like watching a masterful predator. And your wish for the pride of having them, their weapon. Seeing the biggest and meanest men melt like butter and imagining that you wouldn’t. Amusing indeed.

          • LittleBBIGWorld

            My father is revered by his excessive progeny, he’s just unable to behave in an abusive manner now. I spoil him, we all do, he’s a techie.
            You should appreciate your mother’s kindness. If she is a mother of any value she would die for you. She would rip the world to shreds w her bare hands to remake it to your liking. Mothers are warriors for their sons, that kind of loyalty is without equal in our world.
            I’m smart enough to know how amazingly ignorant even a genius is, and beautiful enough to have caused myself nothing but trouble with men. I don’t think like a woman, I think the way men should.

          • Tempting, but I’m not buying.

          • LittleBBIGWorld

            Lol, that’s ok, I’m not selling.

          • I wouldn’t expect a different answer.

          • If mothers were willing to die for their young, there could be no war. War is the inevitable byproduct of mothers valuing their own lives at the expense of their young. Children don’t need to love their mothers, in Nature all offspring are raised by mammal mothers to be independent and unattached.

            Only human mothers need to raise dependents who need to kill and die (and rape) for their mother’s lies.

      • LittleBBIGWorld

        Oh and enjoy being an absolute monster, the world needs them as much as it needs saints. They have their value, and honestly, cheering for the skillful bad guy is one of life’s great pleasures.

        • I like how you play my pride; you inspire me to write an article someday in the future. Stay tuned.

          • LittleBBIGWorld

            Message me when you post it, I’m sure it’ll be amusing.

          • Drop me a mail through the contact form or subscribe to the newsletter.

  • Laramie Duke

    At first I thought this was anti-men. I kept reading and now I find it to be anti-everyone-except-chosen-few. If all women withdrew from sex all men wouldn’t suddenly become rapists. Gay men would have no effect whatsoever. Most would just stick to their hand. Lesbians would try to rape each other. And the small percentage of men who did rape are monsters. By the end I could only think, “What kind of sick dastard would write this?”

    • i didn’t know the word dastard existed. thanks for enriching my vocabulary.

    • LittleBBIGWorld

      Wow, you have a strange understanding of lesbians, they generally band together rather than attack their own ranks. Men are statistically (see the UCR – ANY YEAR, ANY AREA) more likely to rape each other and women. Criminologists blame that on a variety of factors but it’s common knowledge.

      • Jason Skywalker

        Your stats have no credibility to them, especially if you’re not gonna provide any citations to back them up. Men would not become sexual predators, and believing that is only a weak factless opinion.

        • The Boss

          How about ever prison EVER as a stat?

      • Feli Aslan

        As far as I know, Lesbian Couples have a higher abuse rate than gay or heterosexual couples. You are more likely to be abused by a lesbian lover than by a man.

  • docmelonhead

    Two words:

    Bill Cosby.

    • popi gander

      I fail to find the Bill Cosby thing to be heinous- because its Hollywood, And Gloria Allred is a very clever pimp. Those girls are her stable.

      I am pro-prodtitution, and yet I fail to see how Hollywood hookers who tried to climb to the top using a known pervert is anything but goose and gander.

      Anywhere else, such a lack of consent is heinous, despicable behavior.

      Maybe, we could agree Bill just did one( or 50) for team of mankind- to balance the outtageous feminist rape hoaxes like Duke, and Sarah Rubin Erdely’s deliberately deceptive rape story in Rolling Stone.

      Do you see a pattern in the data? A bunch of nasty looking, sour- cunted cosmopolitan Jewish women, profiting from “other girls” alleged trauma.

      Pimps do the same- surely you are sware of the stereotype of the hooker turning a trick- and then the pimp bursts through the door and says” what are you doing with my GITLFRIEND??!!”

      Then, he goes for a payoff shakedown.

      Pre-war Germany was full of such rapeocaust crying women. False rape accusations are a major way these rapeologists get into the pockets of others.

      Like porn, false rape accusations are a cosmopolitan Jewish industry.

  • MajorStyles

    Do you drink before receiving a dildo sodomization? Or, do you prefer a sober approach?

    • Sorry, I am not gay. But thanks for the interest, I appreciate your honesty.

      • MajorStyles

        Sorry. I missed the satire.

        • I was half serious. The point is: Better own your worst sides absolutely than deny them in the least.

      • popi gander


        No, they’re not. They are primarily Onanists, and opportunists after that, with a minority being so dependent upon vagina because their mothers made it so, that yeah- those guys are often rapists.

        It is well known that women entrap local mens sexual opportunities through sicial force and coercion in order to ‘ narcissistically’ recreate themselves.

        That mothers localize their sons in order to subserviate that son to the mothers choice of locality, i.e. matrilocal societies ( which wage constant war, BTW.).

        Otherwise, a boy turned man nust might abandon the strict licality enforcement and go where there is pussy aplenty- anywhere but where dear old mom and her band of bonobos coerce males into tribal structures.

        Have you read Richard Wranghams Rape Switch hypothesis? He says what you say- but neglects the opposite truth: that females have all kinds of sex with their kids; your kids- anyones kids.

        • popi gander

          So- if women withholding sex leads to the end of war, as the article I linked suggests- what does that say about our societies today- dropping bombs and depleted uranium into the wombs of other tribes women?

          Apparently, ample sex and free porn are good for western women- because we are constantly at war .

          So- who “causes war” again?

          • I do not understand your assertion, please rephrase.

          • popi gander

            Well- it’s not my assertion, but feminists often claim that when women withhold sex from men, war goes away.

            And so then, the opposite must be true: that women create war by making sex available.

            The link is on example, but there are more.

            It’s the Lysistrata theory, and its pure hyperbole, because women love war- if they can manipulate men to make it.

          • That seems like a faulty premise. A->B does not automatically guarantee !A->!B. That is, A may lead to more B, but a lack of A does not necessarily lead to a lack of B. If you get my point.

          • popi gander

            Well- it is about as logically correct as your initial assertion that “all” men are rapists.

            And that is precisely my point. Feminist logic is a black/ white dualist narrative.

            So in that logic, if A, then also its mirror opposite, B.

          • Haha, fair enough. I just used the hyperbole to stop their bullshit accusations. You know, if every man thpught like this, what could they possibly do?

          • popi gander

            Yes- I see. Well, if all men did this, it validates their false accusations.

            But I get it. A guy will say or do just about anything to get away from the hyena pack.

          • No, no. I mean: You validate their accusations. And then you show them that despite their accusations being true, there is nothing they can do. Thus they can just as well stop accusing, because why spout an obvious truth all the time?

        • Hm. Interesting.

  • Milita bitch

    Touch me, and you’ll go home in a body bag, you insufferable faggot.

    • Get over your daddy issues, seriously.

  • Windy

    I believe you, no questions asked. Men have usually been rapists in history, since consensuality matters more to women, unless men are threatened with homosexual rape. You should consider that, it would open your perspective. Unfortunately, many women who kill themselves or their children have been abused. You should not make jokes on that, because some women really do not want to live, it just takes them time to self-destruct. You would call them insane and weak, because you have a weak masculine identity yourself, that you need to protect. So, you hate your mother and discovered your masculinity after living on Hawaii with your father for a month? Was this the male identity that your father thought you? You may want to consider why your father was not living with his family, or why your mother seems like a monster to you. She was probably trying to protect you from developing the sense of masculinity that is ruining so many men. Perhaps you hate her, because she wouldn’t let you be boyish enough. But too many women have an experience of male sexuality as destructive. They would like the next generation to be different. Wonder why? Also, I am sure that no matter what crimes you commit, you will always attract some self-destructive woman who believes that love can save people. No, it cannot. People like yourself are beyond saving. You are not simply depressed, you have a harmful mentality. Many men are incapable of loving like many women can, because love demands some self-sacrifice, while men want to win and possess. This makes masculinity a threat to other people’s happiness, unless you can redefine it in a positive manner, to mean protection and gentle discipline (of yourself, to begin with), not viciousness. You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Sooner or later, your lovely girlfriend will have to choose between staying with you, or saving your son from his father. That is not a positive experience of masculinity, it means that you are weak and threatening. So, you will have re-created the dynamics of your original family, including the behaviour of the mother that you hate. Congratulations! Also, thank you, for putting up photos. Now we know whom to avoid, when we choose the winners of the reproductive game.

    • Ola, Anna. Tralala dumdum.

    • Now we know whom to avoid, when we choose the winners of the reproductive game.

      Imagining that your illegitimate needy dependency is a reward for winners is where women all go wrong. If women loved themselves, they would be free — to love their offspring. But women reduced by Polite Society’s acid sprayed over every girl cannot love themselves so they need love from men, and horribly, from their children.

      Men who ‘win’ the right to be blinded by and enslaved by you are not the winners of the reproductive game, they’re the losers. Their children will be losers as well.


      • Windy

        Wrong! I do not NEED any of you. Love is mutual sacrifice and cooperation. Any form of non-consensuality undermines and destroys love. You cannot understand what I am talking about, because you view people as pounds of flesh to be evaluated, discarded and toyed with. No wonder that so many women hate men these days. And men seem to hate each other too. Capitalism benefits men more than women (every society usually does). So all these MRA`s are having a problem with other men, who are more successful than them. But you do not have the courage to pick on Bill Gates, or Donald Trump or some hotshot Economist coverboy. You would loose against them. Women make easy targets, because you have been indoctrinated with the NEED to dominate, create authority and destroy the opposition. Women are easy targets, since they are less powerful, usually have less economic means, and are less hierarchically organized, since we are by nature more cooperative. But hierarchies are more successful in winning a social game. You are essentially loosers in a male hierarchy, were a minority of women have moved forward. They make a perfect scapegoat. And when you have no other “tools” for winning against other men, then you will use sexual violence, debasement and humiliation and ultimately de-evaluation by putting a monetary prize on women, to gain some kind of victory. All because you are WEAK in the game of other MEN. Try to learn what love, equality and cooperation really means, and you will find some happiness without having to become a CEO or President (most of those are probably psychopaths anyway).

  • Milita

    I can swear on my life a middle class, heterosexual (as opposed to bisexual) white American male wrote this “article “. This is just more evidence in the case that SWM (straight white males) have it easy, because no other group has enough time to consistently and repeatedly spread their buttocks and shit all on the Internet.

    Big, smeary, raging green horse turd.

  • Jason Skywalker

    All I got from this is your fucked up definition of consent, which has no middle ground. There is no sexual harassment, there is no gray area, it’s either black, or white. And then you spent the rest of the article talking about how men control women because we all rape them. This is by far the most idiotic thing I’ve ever put myself through, and I think I should stay far away from feminism to keep my brain intact.

    • Wait, what do I have to do with feminism?

      • Jason Skywalker

        Sorry if I assumed that this article is just some shit a feminist would say, but this is some shit a feminist would say, so I automatically assumed you;re a feminist.

        • I wrote it to mock feminism, but I see how you could assume it was written by a feminist trying to mock men.

          • Jason Skywalker

            Oh, sorry, I had no idea it was satire.

          • No problem.

    • Raven

      The blog owner is a covert narcissist and an anti-feminist. This post would indicate the worst of a covert narcissist’s thoughts, while some other blogs would indicate better of them. In this particular man’s case I think this is a truthful post for his ideas and views in general, however some other covert narcissists, even in these comments here, disagree, and most posts (both by him and by hypothetical others) that have similarly “severe thoughts” would be thoughts that they only have when they are in angry modes and sometimes don’t have at all and would specifically oppose (even to themselves) while in “normal” or “calm” mode.

  • calabasa

    I unfortunately tend to agree that the capacity to rape is in many men (this is mainly due to experience), and it’s provoked by a certain quality of vulnerability in a potential victim. However, the capacity to rape and murder is possible in all of us (men and women)–I mean, most of us have never been in a situation where it was kill or be killed, or we were urged to kill, or urged to rape, as men are in wartime. I think we can choose to be better people. And your analysis is, frankly, anti-love. We do far better as a cooperative species than as a competitive one. Consent is always better than lack thereof; but if a woman doesn’t want to sleep with you she is not attracted to you (move on), or, if you are in a relationship, she is not interested in that moment (respect that decision) or, if it is a constant issue, there is either a problem in the relationship (talk about it) or you have fundamentally different sex drives/she has lost her attraction to you (move on). These are simple enough concepts. Believe it or not, a woman sleeping with you because she wants to and because she loves you–and loving someone, respecting them, and seeing them as an equal human being–is far more rewarding than intimidating half the population into sleeping with men out of fear of being raped (this is basically a protection racket; “I will protect you from other men if you have sex with me and consent to being my sole property”). She should consent because she wants to–because she is an autonomous individual who has made the choice to be with you–not because patriarchal society has “groomed” her to be submissive and fulfill your wants. Mutuality and cooperation are always more emotionally, psychologically rewarding–but a person with your sociopathic belief system might actually not be capable of understanding that.

    • Well, well. Good comment, although you didn’t have the guts to hold in the judgment in the last sentence.

      You should read my newer articles, they are tendentially more positive.

      Out of curiosity, are you a gal or guy?

    • Everything you say is idealistically true, but women are not willing to meet men halfway. Not once they’ve been sprayed with Polite Society’s religious acid (shame of biology, lies about what a “good girl” does, etc). The need to rape is imagined, understandably so, by men who’ve been forced to suffer to please from a young age only to be ‘rewarded’ with exclusion.

      Women’s fierce determination to hold onto their male marital and filial slaves produced a world where every girl is doomed from birth. This is much less of a Patriarchal society than a (horribly corrupted) Matriarchal one. Mothers control first access to 100% of humanity, we live in a world of horror created by their (illegitimate) need.

      • Windy

        Dear Lord! Are these the thoughts of real people? Do you REALLY think that rape victims “only” suffer from shame of biology, and not from the more basic human NEED for dignity, respect, love and personal boundaries? As for “good girl” stuff: men have a strong whore/madonna complex, which I no longer believe can be rooted out of you. You choose which woman is socially worth pursuing and lifting up into marriage (which means semi-automatic protection for her and her children from other men). And you choose which woman is worthless enough to only be treated as a fuckhole, to be used, humiliated, bought and sold. The idea that over-used women wil or even can get the same amount of love and respect is sex industry ideology – they wish to normalize abuse and women`s dependence on men. And pornography is portraying a completely false view of female sexuality. So, it is no wonder that so many men are utterly confused, including you.

        Then there is the general deterioration of family life in the Western world, connected to socio-economic processes that actually have nothing to do with feminism. Feminism was born as an answer to the dismantling of family life caused by industrialization.

        These processes cannot be turned back to medieval standards, no matter how you view medieval family values. The only people winning in this society, is the 1) capitalist industries, which sell us a consumerist lifestyle, where family values undermines consumption, and 2) the sex industry, which treats human beings as simultaneously consumer goods and consumers.
        There is no room for moral thinking in this scenario.

        You do not reallize that the women who listen to or read braindead female magazines and “girl power” pop stars are as much victims to this as you are.
        And both men and women will be less and less able to have a decent conversation, since pornography has completely scewered our understanding of the other sex.
        I am not sure if this “trend” can even be turned back.
        We may be facing bigger disasters here than what either feminists or masculinists are currently complaining about in their little sectarian trenches.

        I blame psychology too, for pushing vicious ideas about female sexuality and pathologizing women`s pain after abuse.
        For starters, “rape fantasies” have been mis-nomed. I asked a (male) sexologist about this, and he agreed.
        Most women have “domination fantasies” about consensual sex with a strong man, who takes charge, but feels safe.
        But (male) psychologists have been interpreting these as “rape fantasies” since the 19th century.
        We should begin with the question of why that happened.

        For the record: trash books life 50 shades do not reflect an actual desire for rape or painful sex. It reflects women`s desire for safe, strong, reliable men, who are scarcer and scarcer. It`s not that their taken. The problem is that they are almost non-existent at this point!
        Hence the exaggeratedly domineering figure of Christian Grey, who is presented as a BDSM dom, because that makes him culturally more acceptable.
        Again, we must ask how our culture got to eliminate a positive sense of masculinity.
        Psychology, sexual liberation ideology and the pathologization of female psychological reactions have a strong hand at this too.

        I know this is too much for you to take in. They teach none of this in schools. Instead, certain political forces have tried to push a curriculum for elementary school that normalizes BDSM and the sexualization of children. It was recently stopped in the UN. For now.

        You ask mothers to love their offspring.”Someone” behind the scenes is making it hard! Paul Elam and Angry Harry will never solve this mystery, because they are damaged men themselves. So is Tom Arrow.
        At least Tom Arrow was not aborted by his mother.
        That`s another epidemic that is pushed on us, and “someone” does not want you to know how damaging it can be for female physical and mental health. They have made a law in France that punishes those who would create web pages that are critical of abortion,

        But we are not allowed to be critical of porn, prostitution, rape culture or psychiatry, are we?
        Feminism and masculinism can exist, because people suffer the consequences of all this liberalization, and do not know whom to point a finger at, while their lives fall apart.

        • Raven

          Actually none of those things are true, in the first or second paragraph. A “personal boundary” does not cause nightmares or PTSD for the rest of one’s life (if infringed once), and no one will ever feel “shame” merely because they were assaulted/raped unless they are very, very stupid as in shallow. A “personal boundary” is irrelevant here but have you bothered to consider THE FACT THAT THEY WERENT IN LOVE WITH THE PERSON? Far more important in this matter then “shame” or whatever other minor infraction you have been referring to. There is nothing to do with “personal boundaries”, how about the fact that most sacred, loving, and connection-act has been mercilessly destroyed for no reason? And this is the blog of a narcissist, so yes, obviously narcissists have uncaring thoughts and extremely-obviously-untrue judgements about others, though this particular blogger is usually more intelligent in his asset stations of the world then he is in this blog. Their reaction to you saying “holy fuck what the fuck are these real thoughts” will be to think that it is because you are a “stupid woman”. Because they are narcissists. It is the fact that MALES do not think this way if they are not disgusting, that is important. For that matter there are plenty and plenty of females who think so disgustingly, probably minus the rape part. There are literally people who are perfectly willing to become prostitutes, and even more relevant then that, there are female sluts. So the idea that “only” males could have such disgusting thoughts is also wrong.

    • Raven

      It is not possible to be “urged to rape” you fucking idiot. There is no time ever, because it is literally physically impossible, a situation where someone will die or be otherwised physiogically harmed merely because he does not have sex, and if it were possible to have such a situation, a great many people would prefer the death rather then such a horiffic act of having sex with someone who is not their girlfriend.

      • calabasa

        You’re too dumb for me to feel anything much but sorry for you.

        Prefer death rather then [sic] such a horiffic [sic] act of having sex with someone who is not their girlfriend?

        First of all, we are talking about rape, not sex. Sex is not a horrific act.
        Second, plenty of men (and women) cheat. This may be unkind to their partners, but is also not a horrific act.
        Third, some men are married, gay, bisexual, asexual or (gasp!) single.
        Fourth, “urged to rape” means men being pressured by other men or even by their commanding officers to rape, such as in situations of gang rape or wartime rape. This is a well-known phenomenon.

        I am not sure why I am even responding to such an idiotic comment, though. You clearly suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect…can you understand what I am saying? (Unlikely).

        • Raven

          Then fact that you are dumb is not a valid excuse to put a reply here, and yes the idea of sex with someone who isn’t even your girlfriend is obviously extremely horrific if you are someone who is capable of Love and is not a rapist or a slut.

          • calabasa

            Wow…either you’re a troll or you really are just extremely stupid. So stupid I can’t believe you’d be able to understand the internet or basic thought forms, so I must conclude you’re a troll. I’ll stop feeding you.

  • Unreal

    Too bad. Maybe if you’d had a father you wouldn’t be a sociopath.

    • Misogynistic? A little. Define sociopath, tho.

      • Unreal

        You can’t find yourself a dictionary?

        • “a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviour”

          Fit what you were trying to say?

          It may fit me a little. But so do astrology prophecies.

          • Unreal

            As does the definition of douchebag, I’m sure

          • You must be a girl.

          • Unreal

            You wouldn’t know the difference anyway

          • No man ever called me a douchebag. It’s what girls call me when they are in love.

          • Unreal

            Then you woke up?

          • Gee, you’re so sweet. I am bored of online flings, though.

          • Raven

            Sociopaths are currently known as “ASPD” in the obviously-unreliable DSM. They are the ones who become serial killers occasionally due to complete lack of human emotion (not only they don’t love, but they don’t think or claim to love either unless they are directly and purposefully lying). They like to “play with people” psychiatrically because they literally, actually enjoy human suffering – from anyone, not just from someone who they think has “wronged them”. Not every sociopath enjoys this – some don’t care one way or something for another human being, and if they do any political action for homeless or something like that, it would be purely based on logic and not for any actual caring for the homeless people – nor for the “feels caring” type of thing that covert narcissists would do. The sociopaths themselves will tell you this (everything I’ve written so far) if you find them in an anonymous forum such as SociopathWorld or Reddit. Sociopaths are however much better people then overt narcissists – except for perhaps the serial killers, whether those are better or worse could be an opinion either way. An example of a non-killer sociopath is Sherlock Holmes in most tellings including the current or recent BBC version, and an example of a killer sociopath is Hannibal Lecter, although of course being a cannibal would not be related to sociopathy I assume.

          • I could respond to this by engaging in a pointless debate about definitions of craziness and by pointing out the fact that your examples are fictional characters, but … oops.

            Anyway, lighten up:

    • Raven

      He’s not a sociopath dumbass he’s a covert narcissist. Do you English/Do you title?

      • Unreal

        Do you see only darkness with your head so far up your ass?

        And do you do anything with your life except post fake comments in an attempt to make it look like anyone actually reads your poor excuse for a blog?

        • Lmao wtf is happening here

          • Raven

            An overt narcissist!!…. They tend to be quite stupid in their delusions of what any reader or conversational “partner” could possibly believe, hm?

          • Sounds more like paranoia – a trait I share. If he thinks you are me, that is naturally very amusing to me because I know it isn’t true – but I can understand the mindset of suspecting it.

          • Raven

            I was combining that with the tone of voice and the other comments he argued with you in this post or another. I thought it was actually the same thread but it isn’t.

          • Darling, it sounds like you got too much spare time.

          • Unreal

            Yeah I know, hard to see anything from your perch up your own anal canal. FOAD sicko

  • Hailee

    This is funny!

  • tbone

    read the bible. you can’t fuck other men’s wives.
    other MEN will punish you.
    if you ever fucked my wife, i’ll shoot you in the head with my 357 magnum.

  • max

    >doesn’t know gender is a spook
    ya blew it

  • Raven

    Why we would be “offended”? Unless someone somehow randomly found this post first, we know we are reading the blog of a narcissist. Your post here does not “prove” or “enlightenment” shit. This post has nothing to do with the asset station “all men are rapist”. Instead, it’s just a post written by a rapist. You know that girl you saw on the street the other day that you didn’t want to fuck? No, YOU, personally, don’t know of that, because YOU, personally, are a rapist. Most other men, however, are not, and would find another girl or no girl at all, because they are human beings and are actually aware of the fact that they have hands. Even moreso then that, many of these men, and women, are actually decent human beings and therefore would have zero interest whatsoever in ever “fuck”ing anybody, nor having any other kind of six with a complete stranger who one can’t possibly be in love with because one has never even spoken to them let alone have sex with them. Yes, it is true that if all women were decent hitman beings instead of sluts or whores, then tape may become more prevalent. That is because SOME males are rapists and SOME males have absolutely no interest whatsoever in actually properly honoring the most sacred, cherished, important act one can possibly do, sex, and instead are willing to merely “fuck” people. It is extremely EXTREMELY obvious that none of the men who are not sluts, whores, or rapists, however, would NOT suddenly start attacking and destroying the most special, most-important-thing-not-to-be-destroyed merely because some of the disgusting people who were previously “fuck”ing have stopped. Those men would continue to have real, actual, sacred, untainted six with their girlfriends, or no sex at all, just like they want to, and just like they currently do. They would not suddenly dedicate themselves in disgusting, ubfathomable, lifelong-nightmare-inducing ways such as “fucking” just because 600,000,000 random strangers stopped doing the thing that will give them the lifelong nightmares.

  • Rees Welsh