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You were a hero before you were a victim

A victim is angry. A victim fights against that which oppresses him.

A hero accepts whatever unfairness he encounters. He cries out in pain and his soul is prone to be shattered. He sobs at the sight of the damage life has done to him. But he never allows himself to wish for revenge. He never allows himself to hate that which life has not allowed him to gain.

His eyes are bright and look towards a place of light, a place where he wants to be. A place from which no wish for revenge must distract him.

For think about it: If any attack is strong enough to make you fight back, to let you stray from your original path, then your strength and amount of won fights won’t matter anymore, for you will never reach the place you were headed to originally. And this place has always been predefined for you, since you were a child: Happiness. Even if you lost decades of your life to darkness: Give up on engaging it in a fight. Remember that once you had set out into the light. Remember that the dark had tried to distract you for your whole life. And it had managed to. But now you remember. Now you know who you are again. Now you remember that you are not the darkness you were fighting in vain for so long. You are light.

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  • Mikke Musen

    :) Isn’t there also freedom in having been treated badly, by most measures, like emotional and logical.. Freedom of guilt, even when you pursue what only pleasures you. If a person has treated you like a dog, or a rat, a group has done it or whoever, why should you worry about hurting their “feelings” or “ideals” or “norms”, as a byproduct of following your own path and “leaving winter behind” ?( excellent Bluetech tune)… Just don’t break the law.. Once in a while, I think such an outrage, is basically their victory more than your “relief or release”..
    “I always told you that the boy was up to no good. I did my best, I put all my efforts into correcting him to the right path (I even got tendonis issues from all that beating the shit out of him to correct him). It was for no good. I am such a victim by this hopeless psychopatic kid of mine”… Neh.. Better to behave.