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How to reach perfection

Are you never satisfied? Do you keep working at projects until everybody praises you, yet still feel inadequate and frustrated by the imperfection of your work? Does your restlessness rob your sleep? Does your pedantic obsession over small details piss off everybody around you? Worry not longer, friend. If you follow my 27 Steps to Perfection in 27 Days, you will finally reach perfection.

In your dreams.

Yeah, I know. What would normally follow is a sermon about how unimportant perfection is, written by some unidentified moron on the internet who tries to convince himself that he doesn’t really care so much about perfection. If enough people like his article “How to Stop Being Perfectionistic”, maybe he can believe his own bullshit. It’s the perfect getaway, anyway.

To be blunt, troubled perfectionists are idiots. They are the ones who write these articles. They oscillate between untouchable arrogance when they reach and nauseating humility when they give up their aspirations. Heh-heh, I’m one of them. Pardon, used to be.

When I gave the following advice on Facebook some time ago, one such guy commented that perfection cannot be reached. To which I replied: I just told you how it can.

Where am I?

You seek perfection in everything. Eat the perfect meal, fuckedy-fuck the perfect girl – with a perfect intercourse, create the perfect piece of work.

Yet that fucking satisfucktion never sets in. Why not?

Because you don’t know where you are.

Are you at the beginning? Near the end? Have you already surpassed yourself? How are you to know. How are you to move on?

You don’t know where you are. That’s why all your projects are either overworked or unfinished. Without a way to tell which one of the two.

What are the standards and who sets them?

There are none unless. You do.

What’s the picture?

What do you see when you think of perfection?

Do you see a perfectly thought out piece of work? Do you see the masses cheering? Both?

You may have an idea of how the perfect thing is supposed to be. But do you really? Or do you rather see yourself in front of that thing and feel the awe of perfection? Try to focus away from that awe. Focus on what is before you. What is it? Can you even focus? Is it a real thing? Or is it something vague or blurry, undefined or nonexistent? Look closer.

You have to know. Because this is the thing you have to compare your aspirations against. If the picture isn’t clear, what option remains but to compare your feeling of awe against the feeling you have when you look at the current state of your work, without any idea in which direction to go? Quite possibly you will be too frustrated in your attempts to ever reach the state of awe.

I remember my talk to two young Australians on my Ayahuasca retreat, both in their 20s. They were both successful businessmen in charge of multi-million dollar companies and were having a talk about the stock market while relaxing in the jungle pond. One of them I asked if there was some kind of basic advice if I wanted to be successful in business. He didn’t have to think long and said yes, have a goal. Learn judgment from the best.

You need to know what you want. Not your reaction to getting it.

Have a goal

The one most basic advice that was given to me by multi-million guys who never fell asleep without a girl: Have a goal.

I haven’t thought about it for months, but I realize that it is a goldmine. To have met them, fate. Just kidding.

Without a goal, you not only cannot judge when you have reached your goal or failed. You don’t even have a direction. You see something in front of you and it’s not right. You know you want it to feel right, but you don’t know what to do. You can play around at best and hope to get somewhere. Sometimes it works.

Also, fantasy can be deceiving, because it is uncritical. In your fantasy, contradicting things can exists at the same time. In your fantasy, you could photograph a celebrity in an uncomfortable situation and have them be jolly about it.

Know what you want. Precisely.


I am a photographer. I want to take a perfect photograph of somebody. One with which I will be satisfied completely.

Well, I know how I want to feel. But I don’t know what exactly is before my inner eye.

And as I try to imagine it, I realize that there is a thousand questions that arise: What should the mood be like? What gesture do I want the person to show? What mimics? Do I want to snap from below to imply arrogance or from the top to portray smallness? From what angle will I shoot? Will the person look into the camera or somewhere else?

Visualizing is tricky.

There can be a myriad of various aspects on how to decide in this case.

That’s not my point, though.

My point is: You have to decide. It doesn’t matter for what you decide. But you have to decide.

If you don’t decide, perfection is impossible.

Perfection is the satisfaction of getting exactly what you want. So know what you want.

Another off-hand example: Morals. Don’t try to be a good person – by that you are merely defining the satisfaction of looking at yourself. Define what kind of person you want to be. There is no right or wrong – before you define it.


There remains one open question: How to decide?

Know the purpose. Good and bad are value judgments that relate to purposes. You have to choose a purpose based on which you will judge.

Know that no one can take away the decision from you. Even if you decide to let other people decide, you have already decided that your purpose is to satisfy other people’s arbitrary standards. Good luck with the outstanding market research.

Try to avoid having multiple purposes – they may create conflicting value systems. For example: Be a successful investigative journalist may be in conflict with be a law-abiding citizen. Of course, you may still want to define what successful means. No. You must define it.

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  • Interesting approach to perfection.

    I am one of the “perfection is unattainable” guys. I cannot help but laugh when I think about the possibility of me being “they oscillate between untouchable arrogance when they reach and nauseating humility when they give up their aspirations.”

    With working out, writing, and every other thing I pursue, I do not have a finite goal in mind. I workout to be in the best shape I can be, whatever that is. I write because I enjoy it, and want to be a great writer, but I do not know what that is. I have a book in the works, and I do not know what the end state of it will be. I just keep moving forward and making progress. I have never given up, and I never will.

    On the other side, I am completely satisfied with my life. This satisfaction stems from the knowledge that I am making continual progress. I like concept of progress not perfection.

    Maybe I am delusional. I have had others say such. Reading this has given me something to think about. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mikke Musen

      “On the other side, I am completely satisfied with my life. This satisfaction stems from the knowledge that I am making continual progress. I like concept of progress not perfection.”

      I very much concur with this. Life is The process. And if one doesn’t strive a bit forward and upward (defined by oneself), the process dies. Enjoying the process, with less care about the end result, has been my best therapy. I try to improve in most of what I do. It isn’t about some outer goal. It is about being able to sit back and say “you did your best and you enjoyed working on it”. Sometimes my best is pretty darn good, but that is mostly just an additional bonus

    • Interesting addition.

      A spontaneous question pops into my head: If you don’t have defined perfection, how do you know you’re moving towards it? Or more generally speaking, in the right direction? What is a good shape? Good shape for what? Lifting weights, running, looking good, jumping, marathon?

      It might have come over as if I advocated putting one’s life in the shadow of a big goal, but it doesn’t have to be just long-term. Even visualizing the next day and the things that have to be accomplished is a great reward. And the better one becomes at it – that is, seeing exactly what you want, the more confident you are about achieving your set goals.

      May I ask if you are self-employed? I have not yet written about it, but one of the biggest mistakes in my lately life was to start a project for a customer and not being precise enough about what they will get. Things go slowly, ignorance breeds unforeseen problems, people bitch, money becomes an issue and bitterness sets in. After one year, I ended up creating a 70-page booklet about all the details and how to judge if the project was finished. From there on, I had peace of mind.

      It was the “oh, the vague idea will do” approach that got me into trouble. When you work on your own project, you may not even notice all these small problems, especially if you’re not trying to make money of it. I can appreciate such a process – I do that with music. But I never make a lot of profound progress in these areas. The “kick in the ass” is missing.

      On the other hand, there’s no reason to change anything if you’re fully satisfied. I’m not.

      • I guess I do have a lot of short term goals. When I lift, I shoot for more reps or more weight each week. Even if it is only one extra rep, I consider it a win. But that is the progress I am aiming for. For music, I make it a point to get through 4 songs without screwing up. But yes, in the long run, I do not have much vision. I just keep going until I get to a point where I am satisfied with that one particular thing and looking to pursue something else.

        From a professional standpoint, I have a much different view. There is an idea of perfection that I am looking to achieve. I am not self-employed. What jobs I did have though did give me a lot of latitude to set standards for myself. I am not sure why it is different in my personal life than it is in my professional life.

        Good luck on your quest to satisfaction.

  • thordaddy

    Perfection is attainable in the relational sense, but not duplicable in the absolute sense, ie., one cannot become Perfection himself as the redundancy would be a refutation. Ergo, two entities cannot both be Perfection. But certainly a less than perfect entity can seek Perfection and establish that relationship absolutely.

    • That does not sound coherent. Why exactly is that such a natural law in your eyes?

      • thordaddy

        What EXACTLY does not “sound” coherent?

        First Law of Perfection… Nonduplicable. Non-redundant. Non-replicable.

        Only these “characteristics” can provide “us” an absolute orientation. So if Perfect is here AND over there then the uncertainty in direction “to take” is actually an uncertain orientation.

        • Well, it kinda sounds smart, but I do not see your point. You are defining perfection as something you want or need it to be and then, from that need, assume that it exists.

          I guess you are a religious nut. Am I correct?

          • thordaddy

            Is not the essence of this blog the revealing of a profound identity crisis? And is this identity crisis not rooted in an uncertain orientation/origin? And is this uncertainty in orientation/origin stems from a conscious or subconscious rejection of Perfection in both the absolute sense and its many relations to man?

            Can a perfect ending spring forth from an unknown beginning?

          • thordaddy

            ^^^ And [does] this uncertainty in orientation/origin [not] [stem] from a conscious or subconscious rejection of Perfection in both the absolute sense and its many relations to man?

          • Yes, that is true in a sense; this blog is the revelation of an identity crisis. But you are still being abstract. If you have something wise to say, say it. Be profound instead of appearing so.

          • thordaddy

            I thought the connection between the rejection of an absolute Perfection and one’s identity crisis was made clear? All “white” males in the West reject Perfection in the absolute sense, but nonetheless, talk about “it” in the strictly relativistic sense and yet never recognize this cognitive dissonance as the root of their identity crisis.

            So here “we” are posting on a topic concerning “perfection” while some simultaneously reject Perfection as a real thing. How is this accomplished?

            How do *you* write about “perfection” when you do not believe in Perfection?

            I say *you* do it with the most self-annihilating results.

          • Perfection is just a word.

            The etymology of perfection (Google ‘etymology perfection’) traces the word back to the latin word perficere. ‘to complete’.

            The suffix -ficere seems to stem from the word facere, which means ‘to act, take action’. Per means ‘through, thoroughly’.

            So the root of the word implies ‘to act through / thoroughly’ as in ‘all the way through’.

            I reckon my definition is a lot more logical and thus superior to yours.

            – Google

          • thordaddy

            I don’t have my definition for Perfection.

            Perfection just is He who wills all right.

            So when a white male seeks Perfection, he is seeking He who wills all right. This seems very straightforward and logical. But because this is seemingly missing in your “calculations” — there is no He who wills all right — then you are back to the root of your identity crisis. You desire perfection, but Perfection does not exist and yet you still tangle with “it,” nonetheless? How can this be? HOW CAN you do this?

          • Is your Perfection equal to God?

            I do not reject God. At least not as fiercely as I did earlier.

            Say I accept Perfection. What will be the next step? To come asking you for interpretation of the same? Become your little sheep? I do not like that idea.

          • thordaddy

            If you do not reject God then you are at least with a spiritual and perhaps intellectual “father.” But how much effort do you put into the relationship? It seems that if you accept Perfection then you have accepted that He has put everything forward? But what of you? Can you not, AT LEAST, attempt to match Him EVEN for your own sake? You’ve already conceded the desire, but seem reluctant to fully embrace “it.” Perhaps an “identity crisis” is desired for the benefits it can provide to those able to wield an unpredictable persona at the world?

            I suggested BE a white Supremacist… I gather this gives you ample room to free your will with no expectation of sheepish disposition.

          • Perhaps an “identity crisis” is desired for the benefits it can provide to those able to wield an unpredictable persona at the world?

            That is a smart observation. Abstract, but still intriguing. It may be true in one or another interpretation.

            In my understanding, God is not a person. To me, god is physicality. The laws of nature. Gravity, electromagnetics and all the other discovered and not yet discovered laws. To match god would mean to become like the universe. It seems nonsensical.

            Frankly, I am something of a white supremacist in his beginnings. More than that, I think – if I am honest enough – I am a Czech nationalist. If that is the correct word. I do not feel at home in Germany or with the German people, although they are white, too. The more I think of it, the more I think that racial conflict is inevitable and natural.

          • thordaddy

            Even if you want to conceive the universe as perfectly fine tuned, you must still be perfectly integrated within that conception. You cannot ultimately be an “untuned” element within a perfectly fine tuned system. So then the origin of identity crisis comes to the fore once again. Desire or imposition? It looks more like desire GIVEN your meta-conceptions.

          • Desire for what, the identity crisis? I suppose it is more of a necessity. But your writing confuses me. I am not sure what you are trying to say.

          • thordaddy

            Is your identity crisis fundamentally rooted to the inability to define yourself OR define the “god” that you “worship?” Many moderns worship an undefinable “god” for the very purpose of wielding their “identity crisis” in powerfully unpredictable ways. Your concession to a belief in some “god” is a tacit admission that you were never COMPLETELY fatherless. How does this recognition then contribute to a solution to your identity crisis?

            “I was NEVER really, COMPLETELY, fatherless!”

            How does this “new” truth which is still an old truth change your perception of your identity crisis?

          • I am not sure if your use of the word identity crisis is quite fitting.

            That belief is calming. Like having an inner peace and guidance and no longer having to desperately demand it from others.

          • thordaddy

            There is a lot more of you for me to read, but I grabbed some overarching themes very quickly that mesh very well with my own analysis.

            Base assumption:

            High IQ “white” male and thus subject to a total immersion in anti-white Supremacy… Anti-perfect white men.

            Strong signals:

            Fatherless, incomprehensible relation to Equality, flirtations with Perfection and very explicit self-annihilating thoughts and ideas. These are very specific ingredients for generally perceived “identity crisis.”

          • thordaddy

            In the meta-scheme, you are a profiler for the (global) State whether you recognize it or not? You induce other high IQ “white” males to put their thoughts in “concrete” form to be collected and analyzed. A perpetuated identity crisis serves this end whether you ultimately benefit or not? You might be ignorantly facilitating the process?

          • Interesting, but irrelevant. Everybody can use a proxy these days.

            The benefit of reading work that resonates with you outweighs that paranoid fear.

          • thordaddy

            I write freely. I’m simply stating the nature of the paradigm that high IQ modern “white” male inhabits. Your words and my words elicit emotional responses WITH FELLOW “white” males and this data is collected and analyzed for what I imagine you’ve already considered. You are not writing about “rampage” for nothing! So the relevancy is in the inducement of an identity crisis in your most “white” male readers. YOU ARE self-admittingly, mired in an identity crisis. But from my perspective, as a white Supremacist in search of high IQ “white” males mired in identity crisis and in need of conversion, I must consider everything. I cannot just take you at face value ESPECIALLY now since you’ve made your knowledge of proxies known and attempted to impose a “paranoia” not present.

            Are you a modern “white” male?

            Why are you not a white Supremacist?

          • Well, how could I possibly induce an identity crisis in a secure individual? If anything, my writing will develop an existing latent crisis. Although I am starting to not like the word. Think of it, your use of the word implies that there is one simple core to all my problems manifesting in what you call identity crisis. If you have a simple solution that applies to everybody with your fantastical diagnosis, does that not imply redundancy?

            I am a web developer, so I naturally know of proxies. I do not use them myself. If you want to know who I am, just look up the Whois data of this domain. Although I am considering to use privacy protection in the future.

            Not sure what you mean by not being able to take me at face value. To you, I am just words, anyway.

            What is a modern white male?

          • thordaddy

            There are clearly degrees in severity as it concerns identity crisis. I reject equality, absolutely, in so far as I reject redundancy over Perfection. You may be inducing increases in severity or decreases in severity, although you seem to imply that you write with a sort of neutrality in mind? Either way, you facilitate in the profiling of high IQ “whites” males with overly active minds and unpredictable thoughts and ideas. No true neutrality exists. Ergo, you are an automatic red flag to both TPTB (if real) and genuine white Supremacists (if part of the anti-white Supremacist global police state) . This you already understand, I believe. You also understand that you can BE almost anything EXCEPT a white Supremacist. Why is that? Does the world around you REALLY want you to be a “good boy?” And if they want you to be a “bad boy,” why not provoke you to be a white Supremacist instead of dissuading with relentless “equality” propaganda?

            If your mother fell into deep distress on the day that you declared yourself a white Supremacist… A white man who believes in objective Supremacy… A white man that rejects The Universal Equality… A white man that elevates Perfection over total redundancy… Why are you still waiting to so disappoint your mother in the most truthful way that you NOW know?

          • I am not a white supremacist because I do not care about being part of any cause than my own life.

          • thordaddy

            White Supremacy is NOT a “cause.” It Is the only viable reaction of the modern “white” male to his perpetuating self-annihilation.

          • As for the self-annihilating results, this is again somewhat abstract. If you want to propose a concrete solution to one or many of my problems, feel free to do it. If it involves the divine, fine. Just make it sound plausible and actionable.

            Also, remember that this article is a few months old. These days, I find myself more attracted to Andrew Wayne’s views above.

          • thordaddy

            What better starting point in curing an identity crisis than rejecting ALL temptation to self-annihilate?

          • Define self-annihilation. Do you mean death?

          • thordaddy

            No, not exactly… But rather, the ideologically-induced process of annihilating the self (individual mechanisms: tolerance and nondiscrimination… Collective mechanism: Equality/anti-(white) Supremacy) that inevitably leads to a Final Liberation, ie., a total annihilation. From the standpoint of the “elite,” a critical mass of self-annihilating “white” males is equal to a “default elite” status.

          • My blog is tolerant, non-discriminating, for equality or against white supremacy? That is a surprising observation. Please tell me how you came to that conclusion.

          • thordaddy

            No… I haven’t made that assessment. You show BOTH bouts with self-annihilation, ie., identity crisis, AND desire for white Supremacy.

          • thordaddy

            “A man without a father,” I assume, encompasses all levels? One has no spiritual Father (a god), no intellectual “father” (a mentor) and no physical father (a real world loving father). All these fatherless scenarios must be reckoned with and only mother can really be rightfully chastised for the last one.

          • Yes, it is fair to say that this is a universal pattern in my life.