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Fat kid, I am your sweet chocolate, women, I’m your nice guy

Words hurt me because school taught me that those words hurt others. If people say something is dangerous and very damaging, you tend to believe. Especially when they are so fucking grown up and should know, right.

Grown ups. Hey, you fucking grown ups. I am big now and I’m no better. Will you not tell me how to grow up, finally. But you don’t know it yourselves, do you. No one told you how to be grown up, but somebody gave you the right to educate me.

Now I am to be self-responsible for a life full of your mistakes.

You failed me. You fucking faggots failed me. You are failures just like I am one now, are you proud? Did you want to prove you were good enough to make a man? Now see what you have made. You had the chance to create the man you wanted to have. And now, now you have realized that it takes more to create a piece of art than it takes to admire it. Am I not right?

I was your try. I didn’t work out. It is of no consequence. You, you are the fat spoiled child who would not be able to appreciate the art of making a good bitter chocolate. You are the fat spoiled child who would take away the bitterness and make the chocolate sweet, endlessly sweet with sugar. But as the chocolate became sweet, you likewise became bored of it. You are a fat kid, never satisfied and always hungry, but don’t know what is good for you. You, you do not know what you want. You can only think as far as to create something that, in your mind, will satisfy your most immediate needs.

And here I am, fat kid, I am your sweet chocolate. Why don’t you want me?

But worry not, there are still one or two men who will satisfy your needs. And after all, you can still improve. Maybe, one day, you will create the perfect male for yourself.

But for now, let me be discarded; a worthy canvas ruined by the inept strokes of an ugly amateur who had no perfection in mind but the simplest: to create art that appeals.

I will stand proof to you that no sweet chocolate may ever persist. Look, see and comprehend: I grew bitter in the end.

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