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Euphoria and the illusion of knowledge

He wakes up after unimaginable torment and exclaims with profundity: Wow. All my problems are so small and unimportant. His thoughts are clear and his eyes are bright. His perspective on life has changed. What happened?

The title of the article implies a kind of knowledge that is not real. But I am being deceptive. Just like the devious knowledge of euphoria.

I bet you feel like you’re on the brink of an epic discovery already. One that will change the way you look at life. Oh, that’s not why you’re here?

Epic discoveries

Remember your last epic discovery? What was it about?

Why was it epic?

Did you walk through the streets and see everything in a new light? Was everything … more real? Did you feel elated, as if you had woken up from a long sleep and finally lost the fog before your eyes? Did all your worries suddenly seem relative?

Did you recognize that women are just people? Did you imagine to see that we are all made out of atoms and did you sense the movement of every single muscle in your body? Did you think: Wow, I have reached a new level of conscience?

Did you write a Facebook status about your realization how wonderful the world is and laugh at people who worry too much? Did you look down on people who got lost in their emotions and tell them that they are just tiny specks in the universe and shouldn’t obsess?

The next time

And some days later, when you again felt the desire to make a change in your life, again lost in your own emotions, did you berate yourself?

Did you recall all the epic realizations about the universe in the attempt to detach from your emotions and once more reach the state of euphoria and clearheadedness? Did you fail? Did you then get lost in thoughts and wonder why you care so much?

Did you spend hours talking to yourself after getting rejected by a girl? Did the talk go like: I must be above this. It doesn’t really matter. One day I’ll die and just be one with the universe.

Did you call this process thinking?

But the pain didn’t go away, did it?

The nature of knowledge

The mistake is a naive one.

Of course we are just dust in the wind. You know it, I know it. If we die, no crow will cry in sorrow. Our emotions are just hormones and we don’t really die when we lose a loved one.

But what is knowledge there for? Knowledge is there to solve problems.

If we find ourselves confronted with the task of say, getting a girl, how does it help to know that it’s just hormones? It doesn’t.

She’s just a bunch of chemicals. She isn’t really that beautiful. I can see the depth in her eyes and the texture of her skin.

This is useless knowledge. Can you pass a math test by knowing that the assignments are only black tint on paper? It’s ludicrous.

What use is relativization?


In the long run, I become a junkie to the state of euphoria. I hunt for realizations. I crave memes and articles that give me a new perspective on everything. I call that motivation.

Sometimes I will self-induce euphoria through the mere stress of not being in it.

The crave for euphoria is utilized by industries and cults.

What’s the trouble?

The trouble is simple.

For all the time of my deep insights, I didn’t manage to achieve success in any of the fields I was philosophizing about. I imagined to know everything about women and had not kissed a girl. I knew about the depravity of society and was an outsider. I was filled with irrelevant knowledge that seemed right because it was remembered to be acquired in or leading to a state of euphoria and felt great at the time.

The rationalization hamster greets. Whatever feels great is deemed right.

You could say but so what, you feel great. Yeah, you feel great in a state of euphoria. If you could be in it all the time, it would be awesome. In fact, truth would lose it’s meaning.

But reality always creeps back in. In between euphoric states I suffered terribly from all my real-world shortcomings. I thought I simply hadn’t found absolute truth yet.

Keep surfing the internet. Find the truth about women. Feel smart and elated, on top of the world. Just to find out, after months of smartness, that you have achieved zero success.

The more complex and smart the truth seems, the more special you feel by understanding it. Simple solutions are for simpletons.

I look back at years of realizations and realize that they are completely useless. They have brought me nowhere. In arguments, I always was aggressive and needed to convince other people of my insights by insisting. Can’t they see the obvious?

Are you such an intellectual?


But how do you stop?


Euphoria is an emotional state.

Have objective and measurable goals that have nothing to do with emotions.

Yes, it is logical to merely think about things when all you want is the state of euphoria. It is logical to simply masturbate when you want the high of fucking a girl.

Therefore, make goals independent of emotions. Don’t wish to experience the pleasure of fucking a girl. Plan to actually fuck a girl. Don’t wish for the grandiosity of being a leader; plan to actually be one.

Be content with the way you feel at any given time and go for challenges.

Suddenly, the whole underlying usefulness of knowledge will change. Instead of serving to achieve a state of euphoria, your knowledge will become pragmatical, concerned with producing results and solving problems.

That’s what men call rationality.

Killer instinct.

Real knowledge is boring. You will see the truth and feel nothing special about it.

It can be a very freeing process.

Though, it may be painful to realize how little you know.

On the other hand, if you don’t need euphoria, you don’t really need that much knowledge, do you? You just need a direction.

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