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One day, you will make a woman very happy

Oh, that’s wonderful. One day, a girl will love me just the way I am. Wait, what? What the fuck do you mean, one day I will make a woman happy? Fuck you. What do you think I live for, wanton witch? You make me happy, girl, or you leave.

I am to search for the woman that I will make happy? Hell, no. Why did I hate women? Because every time I see them, I feel the need to prove how great I am. My mother brought me up to make a girl very happy. She and the other old hags, her friends, would say what a great man I had become. Hell, I was proud of that.

What the fuck? Of course, now all the lost souls at PUA seminars make sense. Why do they want to improve themselves? Why do they have an empty gaze in their eyes? Because they are fucking drones! They have been enslaved and robbed of their own will through the idea that one day, a woman will accept them and love them. It’s their mission. And not theirs at all. They sit at their computers in trance and study what women will like about them, they feel panic at the idea of rejection. They want to have a script to entertain women. Why? Because something evil has been done to them.

When is the last time they thought about what a girl could do for them? What they would like in a girl?

Luckily for them, it’s only their own blindness – maybe yours, dear reader – that keeps them in slavery, in a never ending quest to please women and get some little affection in return.

Why …

… the fuck would I care if a woman loves me? Either I love her or she goes.

But sure, that’s what I grew up to hope for. My mother told me I would make a great man. Fuck, that’s so wrong. I won’t make a great man. I will find a great woman for myself, if anything.

Is it not completely plausible that you would hate women when you subconsciously see them as slave masters? Untouchable innocent beauties, to be tainted by your guilty desires? Completely plausible to hate yourself for needing their affection, crawling at their feet? How could you possibly love them?

Next time you walk the street and look into their eyes, be honest. Do you see people on par with you? Or do you see slave masters? Do you feel guilty when they deny you their affection? For having taken seconds of their time? Why, my friend?

Girls say the same: I don’t want a boyfriend now, but some girl will like you one day. Just be who you are.

Don’t you see? What amount of unreflected arrogance does it take to utter such a sentence? What magnitude of implicit superiority lies in that statement? And you actually accept it as a consolation, thankful, a slave of girls’ judgment.

Why is it you that tries to prove something to girls? Why is it not the other way? Why do you even care? Because of sex? Really?

Why do you need to spin plates to be able to take a rejection?

Free yourself

I don’t say free yourself from your sexual desire. That’s impossible. You also can’t free yourself from the disappointment of not getting a girl.

But that’s not what’s stopping you, my friend. You know it. Have you been on the street, talking to girls? Been rejected? What hurt you more, not having a warm vagina for your dick or the guilt of not being good enough for them?

You need to free yourself. Free yourself from the guilt.

But you don’t know how, do you? You read this and you understand rationally that women are not greater than you. But your emotions tell otherwise. You can’t even tell what it is, women just have this power, don’t they.

But they don’t have it over some naturals, do they? You envy them. Rightfully! They have a freedom you only dream about.

You are angry. Angry at the girls for the power they have over you. You want to rule them, dominate them, denigrate them, have all of them. It’s the only form of revenge that can make up for the injustice of your enslavement. This desire is so great that it takes away your ability to think clearly.

You hate equality. It’s the guise under which they dominated you. Now you need redemption. Confident girls frighten you. You find reasons and ways to destroy their self-esteem. Because you see a slave master in every one of them.

Lose guilt

Well, I’m not judging. I am somewhat amoral myself and there is a certain lure to the concept of domination.

But I’m going to say something that will disgust you.

You know that you don’t owe women anything. You know there’s no reason to feel guilty.

Do you know what stops you? The fact that your slave masters know your body and the emotional structure of your mind better than yourself. Well, you need to stop resisting and start using their weapons against them.

You need to accept the guilt.

Yes, I said it. It’s already inside you. The fact that you are fighting it is the proof.

You need to put aside your rational mind and let that ugly bitch of a feeling flood you. It’s almost a masochistic act you need to perform. Think of your past rejections. One situation after another, feel that guilt for not being good enough, for having supposedly hurt or annoyed her. Yeah, it’s irrational, it feels unfair. Why would you have to be the one who has to bathe in this shit? But do it anyway. Do it with all situations you can think of until you are able to see girl and guilt separately. Go back to your childhood, do it with the relationship with your mother.

Maybe the guilt isn’t even directed at those girls? Who do you see in those girls?

After you solve this, you should have the best sleep of your life. You should wake up and wonder why you ever cared to please girls. You should go out and actually see girls as people and start being really interested in them. You should see their entitlement and laugh – not angrily, but fascinated that this ever fazed you. You should see their arrogance and feel the loving wish to look underneath. You should see them as separate from you. You should not hate them anymore.

And you don’t need to sleep with a single girl to achieve this state of mind. You will still want to do that, of course – actually, the wish will become more visceral, joyful and real.

But don’t think that guilt doesn’t creep back in. You need to regularly flood your conscience; your desire to please is still ingrained in it, for the time being. You may also encounter girls that remind you of situations or even movie scenes that you have forgotten and still feel inferior to them; just follow the same steps. Find the ultimate source of guilt, feel it and question it.


FIY, Scientology uses a similar technique for their auditing. They call these emotionally laden memories engrams. I know this because two former friends of mine are part of their church now. I partook in one auditing session and ended it due to my conviction that I was confabulating – they give you the idea that everything that your mind creates is real, hence all those memories of past lives. The method works, but it doesn’t work for the reasons they say it does. They also give you the suggestion that it is dangerous to do this alone – guess why.

Final thoughts

Resistance against your slave masters is almost the same as submission. This should be written down in some kind of slavery 101. Think. They don’t want the nice guy your upbringing molded you into, so you try to mold yourself into something that they will like. You suck up to them by ignoring them, hoping they will like you for it – while still feeling the need to prove something. You visit communities where you fight a pointless war against feminists. You fight against a feeling that they have implanted in you. You try to become a caricature of a man.

You think that this is power. But who is really in power? The man who spends years to become desirable or the woman who gave him the urge to please women and be deemed attractive in the first place? The woman who told him that one day, he will make a woman happy? The woman who managed to create in the man an anger that would direct all his efforts to dominate her and even take her responsibility away for it? For her enjoyment? Your dominance needs her submission, anyway, so you stay a slave to her judgment.

Yeah, on the surface you may be screening. But what’s going on underneath?

Sure, you can be angry about that implant of guilt. That’s what they want, it’s fun to them. Or you can be smart, forget about their petty feminism and social justice (who cares about mosquito bites, anyway?) and enjoy life. Yeah, without the need to denigrate women – because that wish was only the protest against the opposite. And what kind of free will is it to want the opposite of what they want?

Update: Sorry, I was lying. I did not have the solution, I just fantasized about what could be the solution. I could not distinguish theory from reality. There may be some truth in it, but it is not enough. You will have to search on. Maybe my newer articles will have solutions.

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